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  1. Hi all I have recently acquired a fixation with modern Armour :eek2: Hence i need you're help to satisfy my cravings :Green Beret: Would appreciate any recommendations on Modern Armour Movies/Documentaries Tiberius
  2. A big thank you to UK Armour and LTCOL Gibsonm for allowing me to join the training exercise on Sunday eve. It was a great learning experience for me and I look forward to joining you all on further ops. Regards Tiberius
  3. Nice one, Updated and ready to go
  4. Cheers for the link but I still cant see Version 2.654? I downloded the version at the top of the page ( 2.640 ).
  5. Cheers for the info I am still unable to find update 2.654, could anyone please give me a direct link. T
  6. Ok, I must be losing my head lol. I contacted Sean via mail as instructed by website, so i am guessing it is Sean that has loaned me the license. Many thanks Sean for giving me the chance to try out the software
  7. Hi all Many thanks for the welcome Just to clarify, I have the latest version of the game (2,640) downloaded from the SB website. So I believe from what you guys have said that i have the current version of the software. I have no idea who the license is borrowed from but would like to find out. I am currently playing through the tutorials trying to pick up as much Intel on controls etc as I can in order that I can at least have basic control of my vehicle,. I have a funny feeling its not something you pick up over night lol I would very much like to take you up on the offer of joining UK Arm
  8. Hi all, The detail within SBPE looks astounding. I have watched many multiplayer battles on YouTube and other sites and have to admit the level of realism is amazing. I have played a number of Sims including: Arma II Silent hunter Series Janes Fleet Command Dangerous Waters IL2 Sturmovik Etc etc.. I have yet to come across an Armour sim that does justice to armored warfare, well that is up until now. I am ex UK Forces, But was infantry based. I have training in anti tank warfare but have always been jealous of the tank jockeys and would like to to sample what SBPE has to offer. I am mainly in
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