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  1. So what is the Centauro? As in what class does it fall under, is it a light tank, a main battle tank, tank destroyer. Or is it like the American Stryker system that is multi platform and what we have in steel beast is just one of the variants
  2. as Ssnake says lot of us live under rocks and dark bridges and only scuttle out when the bright shinny glint of updates attracts our attention, also as a lot of the guys/gals on here tend to be big military simers? simmers? sim people? and a lot of military sims have had quite a few updates recently, they are off scratching those particular itches as well, The game still lives tho and I see a few attendees on the friday night games, I also think a lot of us live by the rule especial in these forums, that if we read posts about people asking for help and things, and we don't know the answer, we don't say anything and let the grizzled pros posts shine through. as for the bug you are reporting i cant/wont comment as i dont suffer from it, but i will defend E-sim on there quality of work, as they do run by the rule that if it isnt right or as dam near perfect, then it does not get released, yes it is annoying and some times painful to hear, and Ssnake dose his best to quell the swath of people brandishing flaming torches and pitch forks, but its a rule that i wish alot of big game/sim developers lived by. thats my 20 pence worth, i will scuttle back under my rock now.
  3. Hhhhhmmmm a quick question and thought popped in my mind, and yes it did hurt a lot "Crowd Funding". As a steel beast occasion community member, i was thinking E-sim bend over backwards for us, and it is much appreciated by us all, and the fact that this list is drawn upon by E-sim to help fill their simulation, would probably be a wet dream to most other simulator/game communities. But I was wondering as we are often thrown the line of "Military contractors/customers come first-and we don't have much spare time afterwards" which i can totally understand and respect, but i was thinking that if we got a list vehicles that we wanted could we fund the projects our self's by a crowd funding campaign, and then by that way we become a customers in that production queue. now i know it isn't that simple but i thought that i would throw a idea stick into the pond and see what ripples come back.
  4. I was going to post a new topic about this but thought i might as well stick it here instead, and you guys are probbly already aware of this. I was watching a AAR video and noticed that the HE rounds when impacting the ground when the player was engaging troops looked like he was hitting them with 120mm motar rounds ans was taking out default BMP-2 infantry squad with 1-2 rounds i would try and replicate this but i haven't been able to upgrade to 4.0 yet because life and bills keep getting in the way, well mainly bills, just though you guys should know
  5. the batteries make a great fizzy poppy bang tho when the car goes up in flames
  6. my old back garden will try and find a the pictures of them
  7. are there any insurgents with 1980's style man united shirts? as every one know it not an insurgent/guerrilla army with out at least one guy with a Ak variant and a 1980's style man-united shirt.
  8. If you guys break the internet when the list is posted i wont be happy only just been able to get a solid connection for ages
  9. Oh how i love update season, and watching the forums set a light with whats if's and heres how you do x y and z, and the never ending questions of is it ready yet, and watching ssnakes fuse slowly burning down like a patient mother trying to control a 3 year old after being fed a bag of sugar with a side dish of sugar, and a big tall glass of sugar, And it's why i love you guys it always put a smile on my face anyways i am going to crawl back under my rock someone throw a stick at me when it's released please cheers all DS
  10. best birthday/christmas present ever cheers guys and gals from Esim :luxhello:
  11. My case is lack of time or Internet connection and when i do get time or internet connection it usually falls on a night where i have to be up early, in the morning , and I can also kinda speak for the introvert shy side of the community where most probably feel either inadequate with their skill level or about performing in the hole bigger team situation, and also talking to new people to start off with. good job I fell in with a good group of guys to start off with (here's looking at you UK armour :luxhello: ) . And sometime it comes across like that you have to "BE" a member of a VU to be able to join a MP match, there's no sort of notice to say "HEY GUYS/GALS THERE'S A TGIF MATCH ON SUCH AND SUCH A DATE EVERYONE IS WELCOME" (that last part is not meant to be an attack on any of the host/organisers of these events just what come across from my own personal view when i look through the forums) DS
  12. whatever happened to the CR-2E3 wasn't that going to be a smooth bore barrel with a totally unique hunter killer system? I think they need to upgrade the kettle on it aswell
  13. what is it about combat trousers that makes female, areses look great. oh yeah a shame about the tank
  14. square bashing is a term used for repeated drill, on the drill square ie marching in formation ect, but I think they have mistranslated the translation there
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