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  1. I was wondering after getting pounded relentlessly if the hasty defense single player scenario is winnable. It's the one that starts out with the 4 Bradley screening units with the Soviet helicopters then hordes of tanks and APCs. I usually end up chasing down the main body with one or two beat up tanks. Any tips would help.
  2. Thanks for the tips guys and the wiki link was very helpful.
  3. I was playing the guard the lake scenario and had a Bradley covering a road when three T-72s come rolling along. I selected the home key and pushed the space bar and nothing... What are some reasons that might have kept it from firing? I have seen where they might not fire on a slope etc, but this was flat terrain-is there a minimum firing envelope? I have also had issues with Marders not firing at things right in front of them. Thanks for any tips- Merry Christmas and Happy Festuvis everyone!
  4. To me the fight is what it's about. I like being an underdog and would rather fight a good battle and lose than mop up a weaker force and win. Besides, does anyone really win in war?
  5. I am looking at all the great add on scenarios and would like to take a shot at downloading them. I have limited computer skills and would like a step by step on the process of accessing them. Between this and the port forwarding hoops this is a very daunting game for an old dude. Thanks in advance for any links/tips.
  6. There is also a staged event on youtube where a guys does the same thing to a Syrian army T-72.
  7. Darn I was looking forward to using the German MG. Thanks for the info.
  8. I can't seem to find the button to man the 50 cal or MG42 on top of the tanks-Help! I'm being overrun by trucks!

    Game manual

    Where can I find the game manual for SB? Thanks, Mark
  10. Thanks, I will give all of this a try.
  11. I posted earlier on not being able to order units on the tac map and it was suggested I had a mouse virus. Since then I have also noticed shots falling far away from the cross hairs and the black cross veering away from the sight, does this confirm that problem and if so how do I get rid of the problem. I ran a full system scan and noting showed up. Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. I will double check the mouse settings. Gibson I was playing a preloaded scenario and not using neighboring units. I did download the Navmesh from esim site, it is above the downloads for the game, says click here to install. Thanks guys.
  13. I have been unable to click on a unit and give it waypoints, orders ect, once I click on the unit they right click to bring up menu, it puts me into the unit itself. I am going back and re-installing the game-would the Navmesh download help that issue, I didn't download it. Thanks in advance for any help. Mark
  14. I have done all of htis several times and when I save the ports it says that the changes have been made, but when I click back to the ports the name does not show up. It just doesn't seem to be allowing me to open these. I habve tried it with anti virus turned off everything. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mark
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