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  1. OK folks the title, again, was a kind of joke as i used to do. I'd like to know why in SB thermal sight reticles are white? In reality they are light green (at least for Abrams and LAV-25).
  2. Even a lot worse. They will become not the recce vehicles but immune tactical smoke generators that can hide entire convoy from LRF and day sights! I was forced to shoot down one MEDEVAC vehicle because it was making a smokescreen and hiding a convoy.
  3. Looking forward to see turkeys in SB PRO PE. Finally this tank punt gun (CAN ammo for Abrams) would make some sense And yes its happy turkey day. If those turkeys would encounter M1A2 with this huge shotgun punt gun thing they would not be so happy.
  4. And that's good. Nobody wants to get teamkilled by friendly arty just because some brainless (literally brainless) bots called up arty just above your head.
  5. He probably heard the legends (somewhere on this forum) about autoloader that loads gunner's hands into breech. That's the reason why he looks at the autoloader with hes scared face when autoloader works
  6. And just to let you know i voted for AMOS, but i'd also like to vote for some howitzers. Howitzer with working interior, ballistic computer, and ofc some kind of GPS for a spotter team. There is a DAGR in ArmA sries ACE mode. Its rudimentary (has only basic functions). But it helps a lot when creating fire mission. Also there is a Vector laser rangefinder simulation, that supports displaying data for fire corrections! So why not include such complete artillery simulation for SB? I think that following "modules" or rather features could be added to SB: -Mortars (with fully working sights, powder charge simulation (change powder charges), fuse simulation (change between different fuses including timed, proximity, delayed and impact). -MBC for mortars. -Some SPH with working interior and fire control system. Also with multiple fuse settings, different powder charges, possibility and ammunition for self defence direct fire in emergencies. -Some serious rangefinder simulation (including all functions of real device and link to DAGR or other GPS device). -GPS receiver for a spotter team (like DAGR). -And again, guided munitions. I can't wait for a Copperhead! It can do more "magical" things than Copperfield do (AFAIK copperfield never made the tank "disappear" ). And would be nice to have some radio simulation. As this is really missing part when it comes to multiplayer. Something like ACRE for ArmA3 would be really cool and so useful. Also some MBC supports datalink via radio (probably its connected to data socket for radio) but i am not sure how it works.
  7. I am confused, some people tells that Abrams has them and some tells that it has not. I am not sure if this picture really shows spall liners in Abrams, or maybe its from other tank? As you can see the black mat is on the picture while the interior of Abrams is white. And i don't know it. I also don't understand the reason why don't you simply tell me. So just tell me if the Abrams has them and all will be happy. Lock this, yes, but first i'd like to know if there are spall liners in Abrams, and then thread can be locked
  8. Have the M1A2 SEP tanks spall liners in SB? Some ppl saying that SEP Abramses has them IRL and some that they have not. http://www.sadistic.pl/ruskie-tankisty-zazywaja-inchalacji-vt190334.htm Here is a photo (scroll down a bit), guys says that one of the photos are showing spall liners in M1A2 SEP. But in SBwiki they says that LEO has a spall liners but they do not say anything about Abrams. So has the Abrams spall liner or not?
  9. I wonder if there are any serious chances to get playable T-72 with working missiles. Something like T-72B series. As the export M had no such cool things. Also some B variants has ERA, it would make it at least a bit less ducky. Maybe even SOSNA-U sight? Or a PT-91 with new thermal, ERA, LWS and much more? I see a lot of guys (including me) enjoying T-72M1 not because its good (well it is not), but because its... ...Completely different. Giving us B variant would make this shitty tank even more enjoyable
  10. Before making MLRS please remove map size limit to do not force anybody to place them outside of map in order to use its huge range advantage. I think that MLRS is something with too long range for current state of SB PRO PE. I think that some kinds of howitzers and mortars would be good. Or some old MLRS launchers like BM-21 could also be included as their range is not as big. I'd really like to see some guided artillery rounds. Especially Copperhead laser guided one. Also BONUS could be very useful. I think that making mortar ballistic computer and working mortar sight would be a great thing. Here is one for ArmA 2:
  11. For /30 you don't even have to damage turret. Even with functional turret bug appears when you use joystick.
  12. I think they could make playable BMP-1 or 2 without too much work just like they did in T-62. Those relatively simple vehicles do not really need 3D interior (even when 3D interior would be nice). I think it would be a good idea to make some quick and dirty BMPs. So this way they could make it without putting a lot of time or money in it. I am not a big fan of those vehicles but they make a lot of sense here as a very common enemy. And they have those stupid ATGM!!! Yes!!! :wink:
  13. I know that IFVs job is not fighting tanks. But we have lot of playable IFVs without ATGM so i think its a time for something with ATGM. On the world there are many IFVs with ATGM while in SB only one is playable. And you must remember that making new vehicle takes more time for than improving already existing. Especially when we talk about things like 3D models. I personally hate ATGM launchers operated from exterior and 20mm guns so Marder is not my choice, its something that i would personally put at the end of the list. But its only my opinion. M2A3 is something we will probably see in future just like we got upgraded Abrams. I think there are real chance that this will appear in SB. Unfortunately there are very small chances for a BMP-3. I personally enjoy CV-90/30, Pizzaro and Ulan. They are very nice, but they don't have ATGM. If you fight against things that can be penetrated by 30mm its all good. Soviet BMP series are not well armored, maybe BMP-3 has some armor while others (especially BMD series) are easy to kill. And placing things outside of map not really makes sense as they probably become immune, and this is unrealistic!
  14. You can also get a big payload on target shooting many rounds from conventional arty. At least you don't have to waste a lot of space for a giant rocket motors that are really useful only when you shooting at large distance. And its much easier to carry rounds for conventional arty than carry rockets for MLRS! Yes they can fire them quickly but they will need a relatively long and complicated reload when compared to conventional arty. Look at the containers in M270, they are huge, they need a special equipment to reload and transport them. For conventional arty any kind of truck would be good. You can even try to use a bear: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wojtek_%28bear%29 And MLRS can be deployed in any place that is far enough from FLOT to be safe and close enough to target to be able to put the rockets on it. Remember that MLRS used to be more fragile (less armored) than howitzers and MLRS launchers cannot defend themselves unlike some types of howitzers that can do direct fire in emergency.
  15. I think there is no need for MLRS in SB at all. Because we cannot use its advantages as long as we have limited map size. For current map sizes howitzers are enough, or maybe sometimes even a bit more than enough as they can cover whole map (at least some of them can do it, especially the ones with range 30km+). They do not have such a big minimum range restrictions. So basically mortars and howitzers are OK in SB PRO PE, they are useful. But it makes no sense at all to implement MLRS here as we will not be able to use it the way it should be used.
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