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  1. Check out some of the games by HPS www.hpssims.com They have been around for quite some time. I haven't played a board game in over 30 years, but I have kept my collection of Avalon Hill games. The company closed up 20+ years ago, but if you can find one of their games with all the pieces, charts, etc. It might be worth buying if the price isn't too high. A few of the better known AH games were Panzerblitz, Panzer Leader, Kriegspiel, The Rise and Decline of the Third Reich grand strategy game, Tactics II, France 1940, Tobruk, Arab-Israeli Wars, Advanced Squad Leader series games, etc. There is a good list of many of these on Amazon.com.
  2. Looks like fun. I wouldn't mind learning to fly a real chopper. I've always wondered what it was like. Kenosha is a nice area. I pass through there on the way north to go fishing each summer. I was trying to follow his flight using Google maps.
  3. I realize that the mod pack is a work in progress. The T80 sound just drew my attention so much that I had to mention it. Thanks.
  4. I have the sound mod pack installed. I've been practicing using the "Tank Platoon in attack (M1A2(SEP), summer).sce" scenario. And at the end there is a counter attack by T80s. The problem, or , at least I think it is problem, is that those T80s sound like they are close to my position even though they are 1000m away. Jumping out to the F8 spot makes it even louder, of course. I would normally expect tanks at a distance to sound more attenuated and grow in sound as they got closer. The sound mod just presents a steady drone at a set volume regardless of the T80s distance from the player's position. I mentioned on TeamSpeak and a few of use ran the mission, but for them they seemed to think it is normal, perhaps they are used to it, while I still feel that the T80 sound is still too "strong" for tanks that are 1000m out. I switched back to the default FX pack and those T80s sounds are more muted at a distance. Several times I've sat in ambush for tanks I thought were right behind a building or ridge near my position, only to see nothing appear until many many minutes had passed. This makes determining how close the T80s are by sound alone very difficult if not impossible. Only the sound mod pack T80Rumble.wav file seems to present the problem.
  5. It is apparently an add on to the game "World of Guns", and it's available on STEAM. http://store.steampowered.com/app/262410/ While it's kind of cool to start with, I think after a few months dissasembing all the equipment could get old very fast. Unless you are trying use it as some sort of visual guide disassembling the real item it might prove helpful.
  6. I want to thank the guys on the Dogs of War TeamSpeak channel, especially Asid for spending all that time getting SB setup, configures and working for network play. They helped me through the various steps on setting up a static IP, and working around the various problems we had in getting it all configured properly. If you are feeling daunted give the guys there a try. They were helping several other new players besides myself. They take it all step by step so you just have to follow along and do what they ask. Don't be afraid to ask them for help, they are a friendly bunch.
  7. Fixed. Had to switch from Voice Activation to Manual Activation on mic settings for the SB Lobby.
  8. I was checking out TeamSpeak this evening with another SB player and could not voice chat in the SB Lobby. When we moved down to the Anzac Lobby there was no problem. What's going on?
  9. I found them...in the lower center near the Stargate ships. A chart with each empire's ships listed by size in a single column side by side with other empire/federation, etc. ships would make it easier to find them with. example: Star Wars Battlestar Galactica Stargate ========= ==================== ======== ship ship ship ship ship etc. ship ship etc. etc. Visually it is an impressive chart, but a bit of an eye-dazzler. It even includes ships from various games, such as "Homeworld", "Eve" and "Wing Commander", etc.
  10. There goes a lot of DM up in smoke with a bang! Those 1:6 scale tanks aren't cheap.
  11. With all those windows, it's a disaster waiting to happen.
  12. Funny :clin:....however, for me, it does grow old.
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