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  1. The name "Morgan" does stirke a bell, but I can't remember much about them. There were a lot of strange cars coming out back it the 60s and 70s in the UK and US. I know of at least one 3-wheel design that never got off the ground production-wise. It was made in the US and I believe it was called the "Dale". It had one wheel at the rear instead of the front and was a front steer as well.
  2. Damn! LOL! Talk about "unsafe at any speed." How did Her Royal Majesty's government ever let such a rolling hazard on the road? You folks sure did make some funny cars. If the opportunity ever presents itself, I'll be sure never to take a lift in one. I've only ever ridden in one British designed car, back in the 1970s. A co-worker had a Mini Cooper and took me out for a spin after work one night. It was like sitting on the ground and the ground was moving at 40 mph. It was an interesting ride. When he wasn't driving it to work, he would race it.
  3. I see. I guess that does make sense. The Robin Reliant in "Mr. Bean" is the only one I have ever seen before.
  4. Interesting. What's the rational behind the center-wheel steer? It would see to be unstable in certain circumstances (as exhibited in "Mr. Bean", which I realize is probably purposely exagerated to cause the tip-over.)
  5. If it weren't for the tracks, it reminds me of the nemesis three-wheeled blue van from "Mr. Bean".
  6. The Hechtel-Eksel Sherman is apparently a M4 Sherman I used by the British. Early models of the M4 had vertical volute sping suspension (VVSS), a welded hull, but had a three piece bolted nose and a narrow M34 gun mount. Later model Sherman Is had a one-piece cast nose and a wide M34A1 gun mount with a 75mm short-barrelled gun, retained the VVSS suspension and early style "pad type" tracks. All were powered by the original Continental license-built Wright Whirlwind R-975 300 HP radial gas engine. This appears to be a later model M4 Sherman I with a Combination Gun Mount M34A1 and 76.2mm gun. The gun mount, gun and turret were probably retrofitted on this M4 replacing the narrow M34 gun mount and 75mm gun. The wide M34A1 gun mount protected the gun and provided a place for a co-axial machine gun and a telescope. The early narrow M34 mount protected only the 75mm gun. The vehicle was likely manufactured before 1944 when all M4 models were fitted with the new horizontal volute suspension (HVSS). The one pictured still has the old vertical volute spring suspension. The M4 Sherman I had a supporting roller on the top of the suspention bracket, some of the models were fitted with a roller offset at the back of the suspension bracket. This vehicle is the latter type. The battle damge being debated appears to be that from some sort of solid shot, not a HEAT round. I have a book that has a pair of comparison pictures of armor plate similar to that of the Sherman damaged from solid shot projectiles and a HEAT round. The damage from the HEAT round is round symetical and tapers inward from the outer surface of the armor plate to the penetration hole which is smaller in diameter. The outer edge of the HEAT round damage is slightly raised giving it a kind of small vertical lip that completely surrounds the entire point of damage. The armor plate in the inner tapering area of the damge displays a molten appearance from the effects of the HEAT round. The overall appearance of the damage is small, symetrical and very neat. The armor plate damage from solid shot displays the same sort of external "scabbing" of the outer surface layer being shattered and torn away by the force of the round striking the armor. The holes created by solid shots that penetrated the armor are a jagged. The outer layer of armor that has scabbed off left a irregular jagged perimeter around impact point. Even the shots that failed to penetrate the armor fully scabbed the external armor and produce a jagged hole in which the round is stuck. After seeing these images, the damage on the tank in question appears to have been caused by some sort of solid projectile. The round may have struck from a slightly lower angle off of the front and side striking the turret at an angle causing the external armor to scab and damage the surface area behind the penetration hole. The unpatched hole in the rear of the turret also displays the shattered scabbed armor effect of a solid shot round. Images of the damge test can be found in "Tank: A History of the Armoured Fighting Vehicle" by Kenneth Macksey and John Batchelor. p.127. Ballantine Books, 1971. Info on the M4 Sherman I comes from "WW2 Fact Files - Allied Combat Tanks" by Peter Chamberalin and John Milsom. p. 55. Arco Publishing Co., Inc. 1978. Wright R-975 info from Wikipedia.
  7. Unfortunately, he is likely the way that all non-computer types and non-gamers view those of us that play games on computers. :frown:
  8. I don't have the game myself, but it took me all of two minutes to find the answer to "Error 37" and "Error 3006" mentioned in the video on the Blizzard Diablo board. "Error 37 We're aware that some players are experiencing Error 37 when attempting to log in to Diablo III. This error indicates that the Diablo III server is full and is likely the result of high login traffic. If you receive this error message, please wait and try again." "Error 3005 and 3006 (time outs) Along with Error 37, we're also aware of players receiving Error 3005 and Error 3006. If you receive either of these messages while playing, please wait and try again." They had one other issue resulting in Error 3006 that they have already issued a hotfix for. So it appears that both errors are a result of overloaded servers. Since Diablo is a recent game that's not hard to believe. I had some experience with Blizzard when I was a beta tester for Sierra and Blizzard was working with them on World of Warcraft. Blizzard has usually had good tech support for their games. Too bad the doofus in the video didn't take the time to find out what was causing his problem.
  9. He should have read the system requirements before purchasing: "Will not run on a Commodore 64" :debile2:
  10. It's not that quiet at low altitude. I find it difficult to believe that you'd be able to sneak up on a target such as those depicted in the video at low altitude. You'd have to wonder about accuracy from operational altitudes or how stable it is in higher winds. I'm guessing you also don't want the operator to twitch or sneeze with that MG armed and pointing the wrong way. It kind of swung around toward the operator after he took out those manequins, hope he had the weapon on safe. It kind of reminds me of miniaturized 'Hunter Killer' from "Terminator."
  11. Only ten? I'm having trouble keeping under 100. 1 Master and Commander 2 Caesar and Cleopatra 3 Blackhawk Down 4 Under Ten Flags 5 Ben-Hur 6 Hamburger Hill 7 We were soldiers 8 Gladiator 9 The Train 10 The Day the Earth Stood Still (original) And those are just off the top of my head...
  12. Pretty sad. But the video was unnecessary to prove the point. I've seen all before with players from all the teams taking "dives." Such agony! 10 seconds later their on their feet just fine. All sorts of pro sports seem to have ways of "selling it" to get a bogus penalty. Some are just more ludicrous than others.
  13. I just went ahead and deleted them.
  14. The link doesn't work. There are a bunch of RC model Russian sub links, mostly Typhoons, a few Alphas, Kilos, and Akulas, etc. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=russian+alfa+class+model+sub&oq=russian+alfa+class+model+sub&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_l=youtube-psuggest.3...14766l19156l0l19344l14l14l2l0l0l0l187l1423l0j12l12l0.
  15. Damn, I think that is the recording I made years ago from my vinyl LP of march music sung by the German Officers Training Corps 6 from Hamburg (I think, I'd have to check that attribute.) I recorded it to cassette tape and then from the tape to a WAV file on the computer. It has all the crackles from my LP right where they should be and I recognize it. I put all the songs of the LP up on one of those file sharing sites back in the early days of Napster. The LP dates from 1961. There's a second LP too "More of the German Officer's Corps" with more march music too.
  16. Zork, Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, etc....
  17. My first game was a text-based "Star Trek", 1978, on a TRS-80 Model I, battling against the Klingon and Romulan Empire. Then later "Star Wars" that had ASCII graphics. [-0-] <-0-> (Tie fighters)
  18. China PLA Type 99 VS Japan JGSDF Type 90 MBT 5S-tARDgbt0 A modern tank design without gun stabilization in this day and age?
  19. Been ages since I've tried a flight sim of any kind. Don't have a console game player so unless the come out with a PC version I'm out of luck.
  20. I've seen that one before.... remind me never to get taken hostage in a region controlled by the Russian army. :cul:
  21. I wondered the same thing. I've seen other R/C controlled quadrotor "toys" and most commercial lithium-ion polymere (Lipo) batteries for them have about a 10 min duration. Some examples: http://www.hobby-lobby.com/erc_quad_copter_1036899_prd1.htm?pSearchQueryId=3421464 http://www.hobby-lobby.com/blade_mqx_quad_copter_rtf_1037039_prd1.htm?pSearchQueryId=3421464
  22. While chicken soup is the norm, in my family dating from when I was growing up, it has been Campbell's tomato soup served in a mug. That, and hot tea.
  23. Excellent! Thanks. I enjoyed the first series. I kept the "Greatest Tank Battles" in my queue, instead of deleting it after watching, in hopes that there would be a second season. Netflix will add the second season to it when the episodes become available for streaming. My guess is that it won't happen until next spring. I can always have them send me the DVD once it comes out, if I can't wait. Seeing the Golan Heights and 73 Easting episodes really cleared up how it it went down for me. I had some trouble visualizing them just from books and descriptions. It's hard for me to pick a overall favorite from the season one episodes. A couple of other programs I've recently watched were "Tank Overhaul", where a number of modern and WW2 tanks in were refurbished inside and out and put into running condition, such as the M-18, Centurion, Elefant, M-24, BMP-1. "Battle Tech", where in one episode they examined the Stryker and it's capabilities. "Elite Forces", where in one episode the covered basic tank school at Ft. Knox for Marines. This was shot in 2001 in August-September just before and after 9/11 occurred. I had to laugh at one point where a trainee drove his M1A1 through a flooded deep mud hole too fast with his hatch open and the water washed up and over the front into the hatch. He was covered in a thin layer of mud from head to foot. They didn't show the inside of the driver's hatch. Another driver broke a sprocket on the course. It cracked in one spot and popped clean off the tank.
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