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  1. Dongle just arrived!!! I cant wait to fire it up this weekend!!!:luxhello:
  2. Hard copy is another $15 but good point. There is a copy on the disc, but without the disc I would have no copy at all.
  3. Okay I think I am ready to bite the bullet and get SBPro. I, like many, want to have a disc avail in case of ____ (insert disaster here), but with the downloads not costing anything why would i want to spend more $ to get the disc? ... or am I missing something.
  4. Thanks Tjay I did not know that! Ive got it loaded up and will take a look at it tonight!
  5. ahhh Skybird"03" no wonder i couldnt find you lol. That username has been w me a longggg time and i thought it was time for an update :red: @Gibsonm I got an email from Sean directing me to download it and i will config the codemeter tonight when i get home to give it a go! I cant wait. Thank you to all who helped out! (Ssnake, Toyguy)
  6. Hello all...new to the forums and have a question. I saw the system min requirements on the SB website. The processor lists the P4 and says or its equivalent. I have an Intel Core i3 M330@2.13 ghz and wonder if that would run it? I dont understand most of what all of the numbers mean so I wouldnt even begin to know how to compare them. My graphics card is a Radeon HD 4330 as well. Any idea if that is sufficient? Any help would be appreciated.
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