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  1. Yes:-) I noticed a lack of african bush maps, and my plan is that it can be used for all type of bush related scenarios.
  2. I might have a mission ready for a later date, im currewntly working on a sequel to the lappland scenario, but also on some smaller ones. The Lappland one are however on a battalion level, so 2-4 companies and support units.
  3. look at the spacing of the road wheels... And then at the M1A1.. Doesent look that tall, the tarp makes it look tall, but it looks like that is just covering instruments. Maybe metrology instruments for the gun or similar.
  4. One guess so far have been pretty close:-) Its the area of the battle of.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cuito_Cuanavale. So far most rivers and swampland is done, now im concentrationg on ,maping forrest and dense forrest areas.
  5. D30's and FH77 would be nice :-) But my greater wish at the moment is a 120mm unmounted mortar :-)
  6. I would say it depends on what areas the maps depict, for instance there are areas that have a many maps, and then you have areas with no maps that would be extremly intresting to play in. For the maps not being finished i would say it depends on the individual mapmakers, but i also know that there is a few extremly good maps out there that are finished. I have made maps for a lot of games and in real life, and converting them to the game specific editor is the last step as i most often work in ArcMap, Qgis or Globalmapper. But if you would want to do a map from scratch, and find some one with pro to convert it for you, here is how i would go along. 1: Gather all possible geographical info about the conflict/battle, openstreetmap, old topographic maps, russian maps, photos (tourist photos give more info that most belive over areas to be mapped). 2: With all the info, now start up you mapping software, ArcMap and Qgis both support a rastermap overlay. 3: Now start by drawing all the features one different layers, roads, water, swamps, forrests, fields etc etc 4: Find some one to convert it for you 5: Make it look nice, since the height map and terrain dont always fit like do in real world a bit of editing is neaded to make it look more correct. 6: use photos to add flavour etc -------- This plan requires some one to convert the map you made for you, if you find one..
  7. Did the first of 3 larger swamp areas around the rivers, "major" roads done, now more swamp and tracks.
  8. Hello! This is still in its infancy, so im currently working on making a map for the area (A real world map as there isent any to be found online). The map is over a famous battlefield during the cold war. When i finish mapping roads, rivers, villages and forrest scrub areas i will try to locate some one to import it into SB for me. First, testing out Themes: I found that the Australian one works well, but still nead to make the water and some details better. Second, the mapping itself, not anything spectacular, the roads are few but long and straight. The area have some streams and wadis but are mostly small with swamp areas around them. This is a village half way between Blue and Redfor starting positions in the real battle(s). Som details masked out so it wont be so easy to guess :-)
  9. Were do you want me to send them?
  10. I have a few you can try out if you want?
  11. Sound great, would be there if it wasent that i have to work all summer :-( /Prof
  12. It has a MG3 and a camo net or canvas cover up front. So im trying to figure out were they come from :-)
  13. Hello! Im trying to locate what file the decals for the jaguar are in, i have spent 30mins trying to locate the file but still no luck.. Any one that could help me in my quest? /Prof
  14. Version 1.0


    The Russian army are going thru a large uppgrade, and a new type of brigade have appeared "New Image" brigade. This is a template for one of the Mech Inf Bns in such a brigade.
  15. My plan is when i get rich is still to buy 2 companies worth of armoured vehicles and a island. On the Island i will then have pay to play events were people can play tanks.
  16. I made something like a mix of it, now i have different fiering positions and AI controlled arty that after every fire misson move, well if you let them.. If not Counter battery fire! I also added a trigger to relocate them to new positions if the enemy gets to close. Here is a short video i made to demonstrate it.. i now realise thou that i forgot to write that after they fire you "give back" the fiering permission with the battery and they return to their ammo trucks. T7WU-HzULrw
  17. The problem is that i want to give it so the enemy knows the blue sides artillery positions if they dont move after fiering to simulate the arty localisationradar.
  18. As the title suggests.. Im working on a mission were the enemy have have artillery spotting radar. To simulate this i planned on making artillery visible to the enemy if in certain areas or if they fired and dident move.. Problem is that i cant find a way to do it, i was hoping for a conditional penaltyzone so i could use a "if" statement and conditions and events. But i havent found any way to do it, so what are your ideas of simulating counterbattery fire? Whats on my wish list would be a conditional penaltyzone, so for instance If unit XXXX in Area XXX reveal to enemy if timer friendly units taking indirect fire That way i was hoping the enemy arty would fire on them..
  19. Hello again! The mission is now finished thanks to the help of a lot of people. It should if everything goes ok show up in the downloadssection!
  20. I think UKA and or SVU have training nights tonight.
  21. Version 1.0


    A Swedish battalion with supporting artillery bn. are tasked to counter attack the enemy as it is repleneshing. Mission details: -Random enemy positions makin the mission slightly different every playthru. - Best suited for COOP or Single player. - Player have to make use of recon and artillery
  22. Dident find the ribbons on the wiki and cant edit it. How does one log in to edit?
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