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  1. DarkAngel, Not only are you a scholar and a gentleman you're also a God!!! In no way did I ever expect anything a GREAT as this!! Thank you so much for the time you put into this!! I know my patience was thin at one time and that was mistake on my part. If there's ever anything you need done in the way website coding, design/redesign, fixing or developing in general don't hesitate to ask!!
  2. I know you're busy but I thought I'd drop you a 'reminder' message. When you get the time could you take a look at my request? Thanks, Eric
  3. Is there anything special one needs to do to set this up? I haven't done anything on the networking side yet...if that's what needs to be done. Thanks
  4. Sorry DA, that's really not my style...not sure what I was thinking or if that stupid message was even in the right place. Please accept my apology.... Eric
  5. Hey DarkAngel, Just another monthly reminder "Keep reminding me, i will get to it." Thanks, Eric
  6. Hey DarkAngel, My monthly reminder "Keep reminding me, i will get to it." Thanks, Eric __________________ "The future's uncertain, the end is always near." J.D.Morrison
  7. Hey DarkAngel, My monthly reminder "Keep reminding me, i will get to it." Thanks, Eric
  8. EMiner


    OK, too many damned European beers. From my home town of San Francisco, California the only style of beer native to the USA - Anchor Steam It's usually included in lists of the World's best :drink: http://www.anchorbrewing.com/beer/anchor_steam
  9. DarkAngel, "Give me a while. if it goes past another month then remind me." It's been a couple of months
  10. Thanks for the reply Dark Angel. Yep that's the area I'd like to get. Since it's within the US I suspect there's a lot of data available and hopefully roads and other items can be included. I'm not at all sure how that works but from the instructions it sounds like such items will be helpful. Let me know if you need more info. And, THANKS for your time on this!! It's much appreciated! Eric
  11. What's the polite way to check on whatever progress there is on a map request? Thanks... Eric
  12. Just an FYI DarkLabor - Win8 is a different kernel and much better than Win7. Oh and EOL for 'mainstream' maintenance of Win7 has just been announced: http://support.microsoft.com/gp/support-reaching-end-2nd
  13. As long as the subject is air support and this is a training simulator at heart: I'd like to see UAVs that reflect the large, stand off, heavily armed UAVs that have been available for some time now. Seems to me that would make for a much more realistic environment. and, as time goes on you'll see fewer and fewer manned CAS and more and more UAV based CAS. Just my US$0.02 worth.
  14. To keep my civies unarmed I click on "If this unit is ... anywhere" It's just another approach to the same solution.
  15. Try this - Select the spawn zone and right click it then Spawn Zone>Pathfining>Move on Roads That oughtta do it
  16. Hello Dark Angel, I'm going to take a shot at making a map request - I'd like to get a 60km sq map with the south-west corner at: LAT 37°37'10.87"N LOG 121°43'53.19"W This is an area in northern California east of the SF Bay Area so there should be a lot of extra data that can be included. "For the US there is a lot of free data available, this includes shape data (roads, rail etc) and land coverage. From these 2 data types I can make a rough terrain map and the road network too." If you can get info into the map that indicates where roads need to go I'll add them in myself. I know your time for this is limited so anything you can add to the map would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Eric
  17. Well, TankHunter the term "bad guy" is of course highly relative to the observer. Do nations like individuals make mistakes...yes. But, many nations that do, never rectify their errors or even learn from them. Instead they do all they can to revise their history and go on to repeat the mistakes. My country has, in hindsight, make mistakes and I've seen it go to great lengths to "make it right" and still it's hated even though millions upon millions want to immigrate to it....
  18. Within the realm of 'human affairs' the 'truth' is always open to bias / cultural and political beliefs / historical interpretation and on and on...and all of these are driven by the 'times' the observer lives in...The further in time from the event the less likely the truth is to be found. Then of course there's always the adverse effects on the truth of this famous quote: "'Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."
  19. Well under 8.0 they;'e in - local drive/program data/esim Games/Steel Beasts/maps...at least on my box they are :-)
  20. I'll change the topic a bit and ask for: The ability to specify a "no-fire" or a "return fire only" zone for all units including artillery.
  21. I see a new entry to the Wish List coming
  22. I just spent an hour or so searching the wiki trying to work this out. I could just be my aging brain but I found zip.... I want to tell any Blue units that move into a particular zone to switch to 'Return Fire Only' while in that zone. It may be me but control logic doesn't seem to be this general. I'd also like to tell all artillery units not to execute any fire missions into the zone. I'd like to be able to do this via control logic or at the custom region level rather. Any ideas or pointers would be very welcome. Thanks, Eric
  23. My 21yo son is studying Game and Simulation Development in college, I'm going to send him your URL....it's just his sort of thing :luxhello: I've read a lot of SF in my life...I'm a big Larry Niven fan and have known Dyson's ideas for many years. Very interesting extension and use of the Dyson Sphere in a game. Good luck to you!
  24. Damn, nobody's going to like the operation I'm working on right now :gun:
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