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  1. I uninstalled 4.265 completely. Then I installed 4.267 and it's now up and running fine for me, including scenario creation and testing. Went smoothly following the PDF documentation instructions. Thanks to eSims for the update and bug fixes. 👍
  2. Sorry partner.. 🤕 I wasn't being disparaging about your reply, I was trying to ensure there was clarity to the issue and the incongruity of the event messaging text as it's used in manual chat mode, compared to how it's implemented for generally scripted transmissions. For example, I have GREEN allied with BLUE. If I send a BLUE text message from a scripted event, it only appears to BLUE. If I send a GREEN text message from a scripted event, it only appears to GREEN ... yet, the two parties are configured as ALLIES, so wouldn't it make sense the message in either case should appear on both BLUE and GREEN channels? Even if it did that, I would gain an extra 64 slots for use without code impact, and yes ... I do understand the code impact of a single byte register (2,4,8,16,32,64... etc). Thanks for clarifying that there aren't any current workarounds. I'll see what I can accomplish within the current confines.
  3. That doesn't really solve my problem of freeing up event slots. I would still need an event driven message added to PURPLE that refers to the GREEN event... it's a sum zero game? I need a way of being able to get > 64 BLUE events by utilizing events from GREEN or PURPLE that broadcast a message that can be READ by BLUE side, just like you can by sending to ALL from manual chat mode. Does that explain it better? If could turn ON the manual chat mode to ALL, but in my scenario script code right at the start, that would do the trick. It's just a switch I presume?
  4. You're welcome ... 😀 Thanks for developing such an enjoyable simulation for us "old' tankers.... can you model and add the Sherman M4A2E8? 🤣 Sorry for the late response, bit I've been busy with the my scenario creation. I solved the problem and in the process, discovered the underlying cause. Apparently, SB will ONLY show "event" driven messages to the same side and not to other sides. For example, BLUE events where you can enter an OPTIONAL message in that field, will result in ONLY BLUE players seeing it. The optional message doesn't appear to the RED side when viewing the scenario from their point of view and even GREEN, although confused as ALLIES don't see them. This characteristic of messages is not referenced anywhere that I can find in the printed manual, or the PDF. I guess I should have thought about the issue more as it is intuitive, but is confusing because you can type a CHAT message and specify ALL parties. That confused me. Unfortunately, to effectively create the type of realistic scenario I'm working on, I need a method of being able to SEND an event driven optional message that appears to ALL parties as well. Actually, what I really need is MORE message slots (>64) because of general messages to ALL I'm trying to implement. Bottom line... is there anyway of turning ON event driven optional messages so they appear for ALL parties? Or... getting more that 64 slots for a side... or prefixing an event driven message with a special charter that signifies that message should be broadcast to ALL parties? Unless I can find away around this, I'll be limited within my specific approach to scenario creation, so I'd appreciate any help or ideas as to how I can turn ON within the events the send to ALL, like you can manually do in CHAT. In other words a "Broadcast to ALL parties" type of optional event message. Thanks for any and all feedback. 👍
  5. Thank you Valleyboy. 👍 Appreciate the input.... very helpful.
  6. Ok, just checking the EVENTS options and there is a "Play Media" selection, which refers to a sub-directory called "media/". I put an MP4 file in there but when I choose the option to select and load the media file, no files appear at all? Can I assume that this function is for internal use only as well, which is why it doesn't appear to work?' Thanks ... 🤔
  7. Nils... I understand and I agree with the issue of trying to keep printed bound manuals up to date, but even the PDF shows this as a usable function/feature. .. but I think Mark's suggestion is a good one as a compromise. As an aside, I just find it so convenient to sit back in a chair and read an actual current and bound hard copy, which I for one am willing to pay for. Regardless, as Mark always says "... it's all good!"... 😀
  8. I like using the multi-ring soft cover version. Can we order that from eSims when the next iteration of the manual come out?
  9. Title says it all ... Has happened twice now when executing a scenario in TEST mode. I believe it's always when viewing through the gunner's seat image. Just thought I'd upload the information here. NOTE: there is NO crash dump log at all.
  10. Ahhh... thanks for letting me know. 👍 I won't wasted any more time trying to make it work. Perhaps the manual needs to be updated to reflect that.
  11. Thanks Nils ... 😀 For clarity and as a reference to others, I just did a lot of testing on this issue. It is not a "dozer blade". It's still called a "mine plow" as it's currently mounted using v4.265, on tanks ie: M1A1 (HA) or a Wisent (standard or wide version plow). The clearing of "steel beam" obstacles is accomplished using the "pop -up menu" in the bottom right screen and selecting option "breach to ..." A 5 sided arrow symbol appears on screen and you place it at a distance (left click) ahead and after "steel beam" obstacle. The tank (or Wisent) then moves forward and breaches the "steel beam" and the path is now clear. The Wisent leaves red signs and flags behind marking where it went through, whereas the tank does not. Hope this helps... 😀
  12. I just tried Ctrl+Shift+F12 and a red text message came up saying "image saved", although I can't find it and I suspect it's just a screenshot anyway.
  13. I may missing where it is, but I can't find a vehicle option for a "dozer blade"?
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