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  1. Thanks... it confirms my connection and port forwarding are reachable..... I guess the next step is to arrange a test scenario with a few folks. 👍 I've deleted the IP address ... 😉
  2. Ok.... It it took a little longer than I thought to get the install done, but I'm now up and running on 1.5Gb down and 900Mb up Internet bandwidth, which should be good enough for hosting SB games. So, I need to test to ensure I have it configured right for hosting. Some of the day, I'll be away from my computer, I have set it up with SB running in HOST mode and a sample scenario showing. I have configured IP access and port forwarding. The idea is for any of you who have the time to test connectivity, is for you to attempt to connect and see if you can JOIN. As a CLIENT join IP address (removed after testing) I'll leave the host up and running to get your feedback. Simply confirm if you can access The Assembly area and access the CO's tank (Observer Position). Leave any comments here ... Thanks .... 👍
  3. I'll be there ... ðŸĪ™ If no exercise, I do have lots of questions if we can do some training .... 😀
  4. Ugh!! ðŸ˜Ŧ 4:30 am for me... Mac will have to keep an eye on me from falling asleep sitting upright in my CC cupola. ðŸĪŠ
  5. Excellent ... a new recruit. 👍 As soon as we can arrange some time on Gibsonm's server, or I can get my Hamachi server running, we'll set up an small event. Thanks ....
  6. That would be terrific boss! 👍 Thanks ... 😀
  7. Maps! ðŸ˜ē ... we have maps? ðŸĪ” I can see I'm never going to live this one down. 🙄 ... although, it was a pretty unthinking move on my part ... so, I deserve to wear it. 😞
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys .. 👍 I currently have just 5 Mb/sec slow and sometimes unreliable Internet, but within the next 6 weeks they're installing 1.5 Gb/sec Fibre internet on our street. Once I have that, I'll be able to run SB4 and host better to arrange some times for small gatherings. Watch this thread for announcements. Regards, Doug
  9. Well, just watched the AAR ... and ... that certainly was embarrassing! ðŸ˜ē😟 Sorry about that Ash. 😞 No excuse.... I was observing what I thought was enemy frontage and all of sudden a tank came into view crossing from my right to left, which I wasn't expecting. ðŸ˜ē I was staring through IR and saw the silhouette appear out of nowhere, but should have been sharper on my AFV recognition. Laid two TOWS into it and then began to wonder as an afterthought ... hmmm... are any of my guys out front here with me on the recce screen? I didn't hear anyone screaming "friendly fire!" at me on the radio, so I carried on. Again, sorry about that. I should have been less trigger happy and more patient until I knew for sure. Lesson learned! ðŸ˜Ģ By the way, my radio comms via Internet were awful today, so I did the best I could maintaining SA and assuming what the CO wanted me to do next, with TEXT support chat relays from GibsonM. Regards, Doug
  10. Sitrep ... After a 5th install, but this time installing the Map Package first as suggested, then installing SB4 itself, I now have everything in a single directory like Gibsonm showed in the pics in his above post. 🙌 ... and SB3 is completely gone from my system ... R.I.P. I started this exercise for two reasons. 1. I wanted to find out where my printers went! ðŸĪ” 2. In last weeks Anzac outing, I loaded the map once successfully, but then someone who showed late arrived which forced all of us back to the waiting. When we all began the process of loading the scenario up a second time, may system alone crashed the scenario on loading. (see attached pic). I caused an embracing anf=d lengthy delay for everyone trying to re-start my computer and SB4 to see if I could get it loaded properly. Luckily, after a few more failures, it finally loaded successfully and I had a great time bumbling around in a Bradley, never having even tried it in the Tutorials. 😜 Fortunately, I'm still alive and ready for this Thursday's continuance. MY point? II wanted to try and fine out why my system crashed loading the scenario, so I went hunting in the logs while still tracking down my lost printers issue. I was able to duplicate it loading an Instant Action scenario. Here's the LOG of that crash. Instant Action M1A2.txt Not sure what's unusual about my system that would cause that error message, but it has something to do with a graphics call? Finally, the case of the missing printer list is solved! ðŸĪ™ Back Story ... I've been using a 15 year old Microsoft mechanical mouse, which for trying to sight and shoot is not granular enough. A friend bought me a brand new Razer Mouse with an incredible 1mm tracking capability, which has improved my gunnery a LOT! It came with software to set up the buttons, plus had an option to click within it and load any other application such as SB4. You simply told it where the application file was located and it did the rest when you clicked on it from its internal menu. I've had no issues using it with other applications, but apparently it messes with SB4's network printer listing. I removed SB4 from it's menu and instead loaded it directly. Now I have a functional network printer listing back in the SB4 map screen. ... and before you ask, no ... it's not involved in my scenarios randomly crashing on loading. Anyway, thanks for looking onto it Ssnake and Gibsonm, but it's obviously a self inflicted wound! 🙄 I'm printing fine again ... Regards, Doug
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