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  1. Thanks... :drink: I wish I had a dedicated Windows Machine so I could spend more time with you guys, plus work has been a b$$$ ... :bigsmile: Regards, Doug
  2. Never mind... Give me a coffee break and you have to retrain me... :c: Apparently I needed to download a newer version of the software to support OSX EL Capitan... http://codemeter.com/us/service/downloads_mac.html So, if anyone experiences this with upgrading OSX, that should fix you up.. Regards, Doug
  3. Hi.. I just upgraded my MacMini Codemeter Server to OSX 10.11.2 and now my Codemeter has stopped working, yet dongle is connected to machine.. When I click on the codemeter application, instead of the license information I get nothing (see attached pic). It's been a long time since I've had to play with this stuff, so I'm a little confused as to what to do next... Thanks for any help ... Regards, Doug
  4. Is this the one you refer to? http://www.amazon.com/Last-Citadel-Novel-Battle-Kursk-ebook/dp/B000XUDI3S/ref=sr_1_9?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1384349944 Thanks .. Regards, Doug
  5. Thanks Mark ... Good to know as we use Hamachi LAN... Regards, Doug
  6. Maybe, but I'll have to check with the IT staff... I thought that too, but that doesn't explain why I simply start it up (changing nothing) on my local LAN at home with the dongle plugged into another machine on the LAN, and SB3 starts up fine with all the folders (tanks etc) appearing on the tank range just fine and no "SB2 has stopped responding" error.... :confused: I need to get someone to try and connect across the Internet and share one of your licenses, to see if they can start SB3 and use the tank range etc. Thanks for the feedback ... Regards, Doug
  7. Ok, did some testing and everything works fine on a local LAN hardware connection using Hamachi virtual network IP's. Still doesn't work properly across Internet using Hamachi virtual network IP's. SB3 starts fine, but still no tanks show up under Tank Range and when I try a scenario, I get the SB2 not responding error. I winder if it has something to do with a firewall being used on the LAN at work where I'm connecting across the Internet to the CodeMeter server? Regards, Doug
  8. Thanks guys .. I'll test the mouse thingy when I get a chance.... I'll continue to look into the Hamachi issue ... Regards, Doug
  9. Ok, reader's digest version... I got 3.0 installed and running just fine on my MacBook Pro using Bootcamp and it runs pretty well. Thanks to Mark who taught me how to use it, I was using Hamachi with 2.654 to share licenses across my LAN and sometime across the broader Internet. Today, I was at work and had some time, so I wanted to test 3.0's load times because my MacBook Pro uses SSD as it's hard drive. So, I booted up into Windows 7 under Bootcamp and ensured Hamachi was running, which it was, I could see other Hamachi network users such as Mark and also the CodeMeter server across the Internet. I clicked on SB 3.0 and it loaded in about 25 seconds to the main menu. So far so good. I did notice one anomaly with my mouse on my small MacBook Pro (15") screen in that resolution, which is that the mouse doesn't line up with the menu options to select on any 3.0 screen? You actually have to move it around to get an option to light up, usually placing the mouse pointer above and to the left of the option item. I don't have that problem on my 27" Apple Cinema screen when I run SB 3.0 at home. Anyway to fix this when running on my smaller 15" MacBook Pro screen? Anyway, I digress from the real problem... I located and clicked on the Tank Range so I could test the load time of a scenario. There were no tanks displayed to choose from? :confused: I hit ESC key back to main menu and selected tutorials. Tanks appeared there so I clicked on M1A1 and as soon as I did, Windows 7 popped up a message saying SB2 had stopped responding?:confused: Yes, it said SB2? I then tried a scenario and picked a downloaded one. As soon as I clicked on it and tried to start it, I got the same Windows 7 message. When I was testing SB3 at home on my local LAN with Hamachi etc., I didn't have these issues, so am I missing something, or doing something wrong? Thanks for any help ... Regards, Doug
  10. There's a simple image re-sizer mod available for vBulletin that automatically scales referenced [noparse][/noparse] images in threads, so the thread display doesn't get screwed up. A user simply clicks on the image to view it full size on his screen. Link to vBulletin add-on.. http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=237650 We've used it used it on our forums for the past 7 years ... (see pic) Regards, Doug
  11. Thanks Mark... Downloaded it, but will wait for review before installing ... Regards, Doug
  12. At 65, I still get up in the morning and look into the mirror and see an 18 year old paratrooper (transferred from armour for $60/month extra risk pay .. more beer). I could run 5 miles a day and life (and the girls) was great !!! :luxhello: Then I come out of the bathroom and unfortunately my wife brings me back to reality usually with the comment "don't even think about it"... :frown: The moral, you can't live in the past, so enjoy what you have. I used to complain about having no shoes until I met a man with no feet. Regards, Doug
  13. I had that error, but I also have the primary license and 4 additional licenses... To get the manual upgrade to work, I had to run it against the basic upgrade ONLY first .... After that was done successfully, I then redid the manual update adding the 4 additional secondary license and that worked as well... I think that my problem was that the manual upgrade process can't handle the main and secondaries at the same time, although I'm just guessing at that ... Regards, Doug
  14. Ahhh.. so that's why I have two containers now ... One virtual and the other permanent with my 5 still 2.654 licenses... Regards, Doug
  15. BTW, it's not you ... It is an awful ecommerce payment program, but the game itself is marvellous and worth the effort ... Regards, Doug
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