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  1. Thank you ... 😀 Appreciate that .....
  2. Thanks Nils, but I have no file titled SBPro Manual.pdf anywhere in that directory or on my system? Where can I download it?
  3. Hi Nils ... 🙂 I have the bound manual you had kindly sent me.. thank you. 👍 I looked before I posted. What page number is that function referenced?
  4. Thank you... I didn't know that .. appreciate the feedback. I think that idea might work for me.
  5. Can someone explain to me how the "Incremental Time" option box works under the "Conditions" for Control Logic? I'm trying to get a timing function to work. I'd like to measure how long a unit(s) stays in one place without moving and if it exceeds a certain number of minutes, the unit will EMBARK. Conversely if the amount of time set has NOT expired, it will remain in-place. I hope I explained that well enough. 😀
  6. Hi Mark .. 🙂 Thanks for responding. 👍 1. No bunker... that was just a FOO unit that was on the screen I used for expanding the drop down box sequence. 2. AT4/AT5 Spigot 3. I don't think range is a factor here. (see pic) 4. Straight line to clearly visible target (I'm able to use Militia, Conscript and Untrained) in manual mode to engage same target. 5. I've sent scenario to Nils to see what his team think I may be doing wrong. BTW, notice how much I've learned from you in our training sessions. I'm actually enjoying this side of SB a lot, thanks to your patience with this old geezer. 😁
  7. I solved the first problem. There must ba a bug somewhere, but I have a workaround that has me back to creating my scenario. If I set the unit quality to anything EXCEPT Elite or Regular, the infantry computer ATGM unit does not fire, even if the enemy AFV is sitting 100 yards in front of them. I had my "quality" setting as Militia to match my there RED forces and the unit wouldn't fire. It also wouldn't fire on Conscript or Untrained. I still haven't figured out why I have a conflict with the Unit ID's, but that might be out of my control. This is a brand new scenario (my first) and not a legacy one. I will keep plugging away developing it and ask questions here, if I may?
  8. Ok, if the unit ID can be different from a call sign, how to I locate unit ID's instead of what is showing on the mission editor screen? How do I solve this conflict? ... and where is unit 05/-8?
  9. No... thanks anyway .. 1. The error message is the same whether it says BLUE or RED in the drop down boax. 2. BLUE has no missile teams at this point.
  10. Two questions.... 1. I'm having an issue with my first scenario where I can't seem to get an ATGM to fire with the "computer" set as the control. I think it has something to do with the LOGIC flow as the "debugger" shows the screen below. I've looked everywhere and I can't find where I have TWO call signs the same, which I believe that's what the error message is saying? I don't understand the "-8" number after the "05" number". How do I solve this conflict? 2. I'm still having challenges understanding the call sign methodology and system used by SB. Can some educate me with the pic below and tell me if I'm correct in assuming the number on the left side of the unit icon is the COMPANY formation and the number on the right side is the PLATOON formation? Thanks for any feedback ...
  11. Great catch Assassin 7 ... 👍 Never thought of that! I'd be looking forever for what I had set wrong. Appreciate the work put into the video and I hope it helps others.
  12. I just did a flat map test that Gibsonm helped me setup for direct fire arty testing. I set 4 M1A's to blind against a T80 and a T90 (separate tests). I set T80 and T90 main ammo to zero for each of primary and stored. I selected AT11-b Sniper Missiles with a stated range of 5,000 meters referring to ammo selection tables for each vehicle. Neither the T80 or T90 fired missiles until they got to 3,000 meters (almost exactly). No matter what I did, I could not get either the T80 or T90 to fire missiles at any range, if there was any main ammo available from primary or stored. A bug in the range selection tables, or is this by design for playability? Thanks to everyone for their feeback.
  13. Do you remember the effective range they told you it was modelled out to? Thanks...
  14. That's interesting .... thanks. Can I assume from both your answers that the AI T80 equipped with missiles will definitely use and fire them, assuming the LOS, type of target and within their effective range are all correct? To test, should I make sure I have no there ammo available and set up a flat shot meeting all the other criteria? If that still doesn't work, is there something else I should be looking at? Thanks for the help.. much appreciated...
  15. I think this is the place to post this stuff. With many thanks to Gibsonm who has taught me a LOT, I've been working on my first scenario. I've been learning the hard way by test. alter the code and then re-test method. I wish there was a faster way to move between the two functions of create and test, then back to create. 😏 My first question is .. how to I get the AI using the T80 with it set to "computer" operating it, to fire any of the 4 ATGM's it's carrying? I've tried everything but even when the T80 is our of primary and stored ammo, it still won't use any of its ATGM's. Thanks for any advice.
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