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  1. Follow-up question to the infantry, Colonel. Would these need to be an attached unit to a transport vehicle in order to be picked up by them in a scenario? Example would be to have the infantry outside of their vehicles at the beginning of the scenario, then have to be picked up in mid-stream and unloaded at some other point. From what I've read so far, I don't see a generic 'load/un-load' being the option for all infantry and IFV/APC units... seems that you have to have the unit composition including the infantry at the start of the mission, and only those unit's IFV/APCs are able to pick them up.
  2. Got it. Then I suppose I'll have to work that out.
  3. Hm... so would it be possible to create a couple different fire teams and then separate them and delete the rifle-equipped squad, then join the MGs together in Mission Editor?
  4. Wasn't thinking of using MP5s or Skorpions... didn't even know those were options. Instead, I was figuring on replacing them with MG3/M240Bs and having them as stand-ins for M60E3s and the like. -Brandon F.
  5. Okay, so I've searched through the forums a bit to see if there are any answers to these, but I'm not sure if I can find them on my own. Anyway, since I have been thinking about joining in on SB Pro PE, I have been thinking up some different scenarios for a campaign that would be somewhat in the thread of Zipuli's Brave Rifles campaign. My ideas, however, also involve multiple company-sized units from different nations, just to give everyone a taste of the action. The question that I have, though, involves the infantry and helicopter units. Infantry-wise, is it possible to 'simulate' a special forces team with automatic weapons, such as LMGs, thus upping their firepower and giving them a distinct advantage against rifle-equipped opponents? The idea I had was to throw together an FO team, one missile-equipped team, and a dozen or so men equipped with LMGs. In addition, I've looked and cannot find whether or not the Hind-E can be equipped with unguided rockets... are there such rockets in the game, or are there stand-ins for them? If not, then it's AT-6s all the way for me, I suppose. I don't want to reveal my hand as far as the scenario itself, but these questions might come up for others as well, and I am curious. God bless, all. -Brandon F.
  6. BrandonKF


    -sigh- Why can't folks leave such things alone? Either way, the Lord remembers all those who give their lives in the service of others... prayers for the living and the fallen are always heard by those who make them known.
  7. Respectfully, Werewolf, I disagree. If both sides in MP are like Steel Beasts, with clear mission objectives and you are limited in the number of personnel (i.e. my terminology for the more common 'lives'), then I would think that more folks would concentrate on proper use of concealment, cover, as well as clearing buildings in proper ways. If Ground Branch may turn out like that, then it could be worthwhile. All the same, however, it is a tough market to break into, considering the fact that the weapons involved, while obviously useful and very much lynchpins in use by our modern-day special forces troops, are limited in number, and many of the newer ones are either focusing on creating larger arsenals that give both Red and Blue forces options in weapons. Still, I wish the guys who are building this simulator the best of luck and pray that God blesses them in their endeavors. If anything, it would be nice if smaller companies would band together and help each other to create these kinds of games together... it appears (to my untrained eye) that some of the folks over at Ground Branch have some experience with 3-D lighting and shadows, and since that is what the next installment of Steel Beasts might be headed towards, a cooperative effort would probably work wonders. Of course, your mileage may vary. Hopefully with the gas prices being what it is, it won't be 0.62 miles to the gallon!
  8. Doctrinally? The one who drew the short straw... No, seriously though, doctrine as far as who gets the mine plow is a toss-up and dependent upon the platoon leader (in American doctrine) or, more likely in the case of the Soviets, the company commander, since 'platoons' and 'companies' are used more like American sections rather than as independent groups. That being the case, the guy equipped with the mine plow depends on experience and the decision of the officer commanding the unit... some officers may choose to use the lesser-experienced tank crews to go first, but most will want a more experienced and 'gelled' crew which can operate coolly and efficiently while performing the dangerous duty of clearing a minefield for their fellow tankers to breach up from behind them. In the case of expecting minefields, yes, one tank per platoon is equipped. This isn't an officer speaking, just a veteran who had some prior knowledge of procedure while in Camp Casey. Hope it helps some.
  9. In the words of Sergeant Shultz, "I see nothing, I hear nooothing, I did not even get UP this MOR-NING!"
  10. Thank you for the suggestion, CalAB. I am looking into it now, along with a few other sites besides... but all of these are indeed a little more pricey than $500. So, considering everything besides, I may have to look around Frye's after all and see if someone else can help me out with a deal... or something. ^^ -Brandon F.
  11. Here's hoping he goes for more 'Black Hawk Down' than 'Lara Croft'. -Brandon F.
  12. Work with what you got, right sir? I trained up on both M1A1 AIMS and M1A2 SEPS configurations... when my TC pushed the override in the A1 AIMS, he was in charge, and the gunner knew it. The SEPS configuration, meanwhile, was meant to allow for double the eyes out front. Once the gunner took a target out, the TC could bring the gun immediately onto the next target and all it would take is for the loader to give the gunner the 'up' to have another round downrange. Effectively cut engagement times in half, but of course it makes gunnery ranges more difficult for the gunners, since they're expected to hit what they're aiming at in very short seconds. Unfortunately, that's not possible just yet here in SB Pro PE. -Brandon F. PS: My congratulations on skipping two whole generations of America's main battle tank in process of thinking, by the way.
  13. That's the M1A2 SEP and SEPv2. They have a separate 'designate' button that slaves the gun to their CITV (Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer), thus overriding the gunner and bringing it automatically to bear on whatever they're designating. The M1 and M1A1 chassis, meanwhile, cause actual manual overriding, which means the TC has to be just as good as his gunner where it comes to slewing the turret onto a target, since he effectively takes the gunner completely out of the equation when he does so. -Brandon F.
  14. I know that I don't own the game, but... with a mouse, I would figure that it would probably be best to simulate slow, smooth movements, the same as a gunner would while inside the turret of an M1... fast, jerky movements on the gunner's cadillacs tend to upset the turret hydraulics. The same would go for the TC, since he can override the gunner. Of course, I wouldn't know how things are in the game myself, but unless it's some sort of flicker problem with your download or your computer system, I really cannot offer much else other than that. Sorry I can't be of more help, sir. God bless.
  15. Mm... I see. Or rather, I don't see, but I understand. Sorry, little punchy right now. Need to go help a beautiful woman with a cabinet. But sshh, don't tell her I told you, I'm already trying to get out of hot water as it is!
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