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  1. Hi everyone, Is there a way to check platform's available/remaining ammo - each category? Many thanks in advance
  2. Oceola


    Yes, I did, and ran it.
  3. Oceola


    Thanks to all replied, renaming worked! Another issue though, please see attached. And yet another question - some scenarios require certain maps, which nowhere to be found, not in my old 4.023 installation and literally nowhere... In 4.023 it was possible to extract a map from a scenario, looks like it's possible no more with 4.1xxx. Maybe someone has a workaround? Many thanks in advance
  4. Oceola


    Hi everyone, Can someone tell me what a subject popup means and how to resolve it? It happens with some of the scenarios, I'm using latest SP PRO PE version. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks a lot,it does work.
  6. Someone can tell,how to get the view focused while using LEMUR screen? There seemed to be no problems with that in 2.654...
  7. Thanks for a tip,I'll check it later.
  8. Very often,when trying to assign a route to a new unit in map view,right click on it only gives a single option "Jump to this unit",no routing/other options. After jumping to it and then returning to map view,all options are back. Does anybody else encounter such an issue? It's pretty annoying,I must say.
  9. One can't switch from Gunner to TC position doing Tank range.It's fixed to Gunner's
  10. Surely no,it's been explained ages ago.100 m radius,no vegetation shadows.
  11. It is an old COOP scenario,though I've seen same phenomenon while playing around with some new vehicles on the new Finnish map.I guess "it is because the current particles are an intermediary solution".We shall wait until it is completed,which is imminent,I strongly believe so. Many thanks for the great job with 3.002,I was expecting something more modest.
  12. I mean one is being blown by wind,another one is vertical
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