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  1. I could not find a recent "up to date" hardware thread in the forum: Im planning to upgrade my rig to i5 8600k or I7 8700K with a 1070TI. Whats the commen sence on this subject SB-whise? Thx for all kind replies
  2. So where do i find the information which maps do use which resolution? Anyway, having lower resolution maps doesnt mean you have to use them in the same condition you bought. Like Rotreneg demostrated u can smoothen each map with some form of algorithm. How did u edit the height map?
  3. KillKess


    Dont foget: IT IS SO UGLY
  4. Which is meaningless if u dont provide customers with high resolution height maps. In most scenarious i see plenty of those jaggies and often "ridgelines" look like beeing cut with a chainsaw. At least when we dont talk about very flat terrain.
  5. While SB Pro might offer more modern grafics SB1 did a better job recreating a natural feel to the terrain. One of the big drawbacks of the new engine is that it tend to create very sharp changes in height differences which simply looks awfull/unnatural. SB1 created nice rolling terrain with kinda "gentle" changes in elevation. Or look at how streets are placed in uneven errain and how it intersects with the terrain, that looks not less weird than the whole grafic of SB1.
  6. Yeah, the use of IR-lights is like a big "here i am sign". But the whole system used without active illumination is like trying to see throught closed eyelids. BTW which western vehicle has a IR sensor on board these days? the TIS should not be able to see the light itself so what is left is the NV googles of the crew? Are these commonly used?
  7. I think the main problem with the IR-system of the 72 is that we are currently not able to switch on the IR-ilumination-light. The IR-system isnt a passive sensor like the thermals, it needs an active IR-source to work properly. BTW what sais the "LIST" to adding this feature?
  8. What will be the dispersion for shots at 10km? Would it be worth to take a shot at all?
  9. I am sorry but 23 pm is out of scope for me.
  10. I am highly interested as long as the timezone fits.
  11. I still think that SB Pro isnt suitable for simulating mout situations. Infantry doesnt have the needed AI and capabilities nor do we have a realy good representation of cities.
  12. Quick important question: is it planned to include shadows as a mere candy or will it have influence on spotting and AI behaviour?
  13. First: I am not mad about anything, i just pointed out, that changing the theme doesnt help anything if you dont change the whole mission scripting for computercontrolled units. And sorry if i reply to "false" suggestions which were made within the thread. And honestly: your way of getting personal doesnt help to stay on track with this thread either.
  14. It is simply not enough to simply change the theme-settings. Due to time restricitons i mostly play offline against the "AI". One would have to change the whole mission scripting for the AI plan to get something usefull. Otherwhise the AI will still drive cross country.... Its been a very long time since i played online last time. Which settings are mostly used online?
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