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  1. I doubt that you will find official data on that topic. The armour estimates you mentioned come from here: http://collinsj.tripod.com/protect.htm The site is well known and also gives differences in armor between a1-a3 and a4.
  2. Danke! If i remember correctly they improved the armor inlets, the turret cavities remained the same.
  3. While i am not an expert i remember reading that at least the turret armor was improved with the a4 variant (and no, im not speaking about the a5). While digging can someone assist?
  4. Sure, but these for sure were not A4´s.
  5. One should not forget that in the early 80s the dominance of the western tanks was much smaller. M1s became available in small numbers in 1982. the Leopard A4 came in 1985, the earlier models had less protection and not all were equipped with night sights. Conduct an early 80 scenario with Leopard1s, M60s and just some M1s or Leopard2s and you will get a quit different picture.
  6. From my understanding this would also mean that penetration should also be within 85-95% off the penetration value at the muzzle. Am i´m right? Thx for all awnsers, ill give TankNet a try the next days.
  7. Since SB "only" provides us with penetration values for muzzle velocity, how can one calculate the penetration at various ranges? How to calculate the velocity drop vs. range for a given round?
  8. While we are at it, whats the reason that the gun shots left/right of the aimpoint while driving? Isnt the sights correctly aligned? Shouldnt it hit right at the target if the enemy doesnt move?
  9. I know thats its may be a bit to early to ask but what are the chances that we will see an upgrated version of the 72 in the (near) future? I mean something with better armor and some ERA? Doenst later version still use basicly the same "FCS"? Or in this case we may could live with not beeing able to use those fancy missles
  10. Sorry for the late reply... but it seems it was pure stupidity from my side. I deletet the exe file before unpacking and it worked.
  11. I know, i simply have to unpack the archive into my installation folder. But when i start SB it still sais that its the old version. Did i missed something?
  12. This bug is excisting since the release and is one off the most annoying. I reported it several times to SSnake. "Like he says jumping into the gunner's seat and back to the TC position fixes it and reloading continues as normal." This may helps if you are consantly in the tank who engages the problem. If you command a bigger force you easily find whole platoons idling somewhere in the green landscape because the leader cant end the loading-cycle.
  13. KillKess

    2.538 feedback

    Anyone noticed something strange with the t55 and t62? The penetration values off the ammonition seemed to be inconsistant. The 115mm with newer ammo is much worse than the 100mm with older ammo? BTW... performance is a dream now.
  14. So its quit realistic the way the m2 is simulated in SB....? Whats the technical limitation of the launcher? I mean why it has to be in store position on the move? Its a big tactical drawback if youre on the offensive and you have to wait for the launcher to get into firing-position. So whats going on there?
  15. Does the TOW launcher need to be in stowed position for the more modern Bradley's whenver they move? Also is the deployment time for the weapon to get into launch position still as slow as it appears to be in SB/Videos such as (See 0:30). Thanks!
  16. That might be the way it looks for the guys who plays as gunner most of the times. I mostly play as commander and the only thing which happens is that the commander gets killed and IIRC i still can man the commanders place without noticing anything about the killed commander. Even the gunner does his job and the driver doesnt climb out into the turret...
  17. This brings up one old question for me: Why is it possible to still man the commanders place when the commander got killed? Like it is, there are no reasons to close hatch or be carefull even under small arms fire. If you want you can alsways fight in the Wittmanns position. Imho positions from dead crew-man should not be playable anymore.
  18. Ok is it just me or is the Infantry-Behaviour still screwed? I had 2 M1s sitting 50 meters in front of a building occupied with a squad off infantry with pzf3s. Nothing happened. Neither did the infantry spot the tanks correctly.... nor did their shots went throw the house. I could drive even to 5 meters infront of the house... Nice work....
  19. In SPPro: Installing the next patch/update to find annoying bugs which were already solved before additionally new ones ;-)
  20. That might be correct but i want this to be a little pain in the a** cause i spent money for a update some month ago and have not received even the most basic bug-fixes so far. I know there were reasons for this.. ssnake already mentioned this but anyway my situation has not changed. I for myself was very very interisted in the new infantry behaviour... it is completely screwed in urban situations at the moment and securing urban areas is one off the most important things for infantry forces besides hiding in forrests.
  21. So.. no news about any progress? I was amazed that major bugs like the current infantry-behaviour in buildings again made it into the final of 2.460. And im even more amazed that it takes about 4 month to release a quick bugfix.
  22. Raskil, did you ever thought about a second OS-installation?
  23. Just wanna let you guys know that this also fixed the big performance problems for me. Now, even with massive arty and other smoke on the same map my fps dont drop below 28 to 30 anymore. Before in the same situation i got 12-15. A very noticable change.. For the record: Deinstall the old drivers first before installing the new one. I had to deintall my old drivers from the registry (using cccleaner) to get this work. First time i didnt cleaned the registry and got no changes. A yeah.. XP 32 btw. cheers!
  24. OK... After taking away this smoke1.dds-file my framerates are steady between 40-60 depending on the position im playing. Thats a completely different story than to get 15-20 with the same settings when SMOKE is on the battlefield. Ssnake, please take a look at this file. It seems like its causing all the masive performance-problems many people have. Thumbs up flanker!
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