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  1. What i still want to point out is that these things even happen to me on 800*600 or 600*400. I dont think anyone who posted about the FPS-drops in this thread has a rig so weak that it shouldnt be possible to play on decent FPS in 600*400. And even on this with settings set to 0 it gets almost unplayble.

  2. Ok it might be possible that the tanks switched to coax. Just short after or before i got a report off infantry on my 12oclock some hundred meters away. But i never realised before that the gun moves completely up and than down. Imho for some hundret meters you simply dont need to elevate the gun that high. I will check this tomorrow.

  3. Ok here one more observation: From time to time i recognized my LEOs rising and lowering theire guns without any reason. Looks quit strange and i thought maybe my tanks are just relaxing a bit ;)

  4. I also get very dramatic FPS drops as soon as there is artillery fire causing massive smoke.

    The reason why its so dramatic from the TC view is imho simply because there you have the biggest FOV to calculate. If i use binocs or button up or use optics FPS goes up again.

    Hell, even on 800*600 my rig gets down to ~ 12-15 FPS.


    C2D 6600

    4GB RAM

    NVIDIA GT250


    Ssnake: Is this more a problem off CPU-demand or GPU?

  5. They are. Still, Paul's internal, more detailed papers (which he doesn't want to see published before finishing a certain project of his own) describe the arrangement of components behind the outer armor plate to the extent that they contribute to the overall protection value. The single biggest element here are fuel cells which, if filled with fuel (not always the case...) offer a substantial amount of protection especially against HEAT jets.

    Just because it fits into this place... what are the documents available from Paul Lakowski, where to get them and which are the most valuable?

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