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  1. #1 Playing in my first TGIF during the SB1 days. I was taken under the wing of an old SB vet named Lonestar. He had drawn up a plan in which our forces would take up 2 positions on hills separated by about 2 kilometers. I was part of the southern group. I pulled my tank up to a battle position and started scanning left and right. Almost immediately I spotted a platoon of tanks to the north about 2100 meters out and let loose a snap shot. I ended up hitting the tank and observed what would be a common sight for several years after, which is the satisfying drop of a barrel and a burst of flames. I was filled with a rush of adrenaline. I remember the sounds of the radio reporting that our units were taking fire, so I radioed out that I had engaged the enemy and had popped two more tanks. Lonestar gave words of encouragement, telling me that I was doing a good job....but soon after he was cursing that he had lost his whole platoon. It turns out that my crack shooting was friendly fire and I had wiped out out my CO's units...lol. Sorry LS...and tell Battledog hi for me. #2 All the friends and acquaintances made. Lonestar, Bluewings, Elf, Shermans War, Tankhunter, Delta/Assassin, Vaquero, Wahrborg, Sean, Greevil...and numerous others.
  2. Why would a person who has been here for 10 years break V!!! you are full of yourself!!! my god!!!
  3. But the thing is...I never say specificaly what the problem is V...but you know already! you know what your faults are!!...you spell out the problems because you know...I just got tired of hearing you falsly pretend what what you think others hate....fuck you...you have done more to fuck up this game than any one..my god!!!..how canI be the one to shit on this....it is you!!
  4. did you know this guy sucks so much that he lost at his own cheating game?.....that takes alot...
  5. Why talk shit...you don't feel anybody else can Co?.... you put other SB players down Volcano?...you talk a lot of shit...why...this guy is this the only one who plays CO...says nobody else can come up with a plan!...you have allheard him yell at others!
  6. I no longer up and speak what role I play in the SB community!!! I have been here for years and have helped many a new person....!!!!! But these assholes who think they can show up and talk shit for the rest of the folks..they can go to hell..and I wlil spread the word against them...SB sucks!!!! ..Did you know your own beta team talks shit about you?....being German sucks...at least to them?.....I hate to do it to them...but their word=s strike against them when they want to hold against me..!!!!5 years of recording!!!
  7. The thing is you never considered that others put months in mission design? I told you that I had a mission months ahead...your words...crying..I am have worked on it for 3 months...I want to do mine? ha ha to forward the a ha ha...cry baby bitch V!!!! As a representive of ESiM...you only job is to forward the game...not be a bitch!
  8. we can't have new if the estabilishment crys that their scenarios get prioritiy over old blood! ! lol...I am not spiting venom at you V...the internet is funny...peace!
  9. yep!.. but are you only going to post scenarios that will past the mustard of tried and true? or is "new" more important than "balanced"?
  10. Maybe badge award time again? You might get a shiny forum medal! Maybe trade in victory for a extra company?
  11. except loaded inf...unless you unload them, then changeand then reload them?
  12. The biggest barrier we have to doing this, is that I belive that scenarios are not alway created far of enough advance to always post them. One issue is that there is not that many mission creators out there anymore. At one time TGIF only had first run missions played each week. Then over time I think we lost some of our mission designers and had missions with random replayability more and more. Those are good and fun....but I think they served their role best in a backup capacity. What can we do to bring back new missions again? Maybe by breaking the format of Head to Heads only and introducing scripted Co-ops. I know a few people who are great at making unique co-ops, but flounder with HtHs. Lol...it might even force tradtional enemies to get along......edge runners unite!
  13. This is going to run on Droids and tablets right? Any chance we will see it on Linux?.....hmm can Java interpret Android?
  14. You should ask GaryOwen over here..... I hear he has his own version that is just as good as that BlueSixGolf guy
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