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  1. Interestingly, it's the same thing, but without permanent consequences (usually). All aboard, folks, we're going to Liverland!
  2. gotta love the "Schyttes". one of the worst video clips ever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFGzGfym-7Y and there's this one, of course: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8610362188397291938 yes, fun times in Scandinavia!
  3. So, he's the #1 armored mega-troll. nice! At some point I was thinking about registering as TheGavin as a joke, but I guess it will irritate too many people that were already exposed to lethal levels of BullSparky.
  4. Nothing to see there, really. Mishaps, wrong turn, and ambush, and idiots commenting according to their C&C experience. I know I haven't been around for a while, but WTF is Sparky, and what's his story?
  5. although it might have been interesting shooting our opinions about democracy back and forth,this thread is nothing but political. locked.
  6. isn't this forum supposed NOT to be political? all participants, please change your tone, and rephrase, or this thread is locked. It would be a shame.
  7. Loud noises > neighbours :heu:
  8. but I can feel uncomfortable that: 1. that reporter can't differentiate between the sides fighting (while other reporters can) 2. he is arrogant enough not to say he's not sure about what he's saying (a "probably" would have been nice). 3. his editor doesn't cross-check.
  9. It was all over the news here, since that Ossetni shot israeli reporters (hit one's shoe, and fired over the head of another), and hijacked their car. the car was retreived by a russian officer after 15 minutes or so. it was nothing like that reporter describes.
  10. EVERYTHING would be suicide for the Georgians. The trick is how to bleed the gorilla, with severe air inferiority and virtually no naval force. If it will be slightly less easy for the gorilla, it might lose heart. such tactic needs: 1. ability to manuever unseen. with superiority of 1.5k aircraft against you, this might not happen. 2. having where to scoot to (i.e. strategic depth). when your capital is 100 miles from the border, it's a problem. it might have worked if condition 1 was met, and if your enemy doesn't have ten times as many troops to throw at you, and completely flood you. I think not trying to stop them cold is not fighting fair. giving them air superiority and then staying underground is not fighting fair. relying on armored vehicles when you have no air defense is fighting dumb.
  11. since Georgia has a small military force compared to its most agressive neighbour, they should concentrate on almost-stationary defenssive capabilities to bleed the russians should they try it again rather than manuever assets, since they will not win against Russia by out-manuevering them. It's doubly so, because the Georgian force has air inferiority, and is a naval gnat compared to Russia. they need a strong fortified infantry force on the borders, significantly better anti-aircraft and anti-ship capabilities, and a small manuevering force, to fill gaps when the front line is breached and to deter Armenia and other smaller neighbours against an attack. can they afford such a strategy? will the western powers help with that?
  12. chucky cheese > chuck norris two days without WAG activity? bad!
  13. or for you to lick clean, if you had married my wife anyway, I'll still go with a stun grenade just behind your head. the same ringing ears, the same disorientation and confusement (just imagine the "WTF??" after being hit when you least expect it), not as lethal, but just as spouse envigourating ase the gravel machine. you can get the stun grenade even if you're merely hit, and a full bleeding-from-ears package for a kill. as a sidenote, I think the person who invented that vest should be dressed up with it and sprayed all over in a FPS. that would be so much fun!
  14. you get the same impression as that dude in the picture, I guess.
  15. where's the recoiling PLATFORM for tank simulators? just thing about it: you're sitting on a pneumatic platform. when you fire, you get jerked back. I can think of an equivalent for the vest: A flamethrower and stun grenade package, to simulate a hit :twisted:
  16. 21 Jump Street > Mullet haircut
  17. That's true, but it is not impossible. politics can get into that. being able to put on a good show for superiors while being lucky enough to have subordinates that save your ass can help. it isn't always too easy to spot duds before you test them under fire. There's one Coy CO that comes to my mind in this conversation. He was my Coy XO at one point, and a CO of another company later on. He's a nasty person, that doesn't care at all for his troops, and his NCOs could have done anything they want to without any control. he was a bad person and a rather bad CO. it got to the point of rebelion a few times when he was a CO. he commands a battalion now, that bastard. of course, but some popularity helps with motivation problems. anyway, an incompetent commander is not very popular, usually, aspecially in operational units, where everyone realizes that having an incompetent commander might cost you dearly (although he might be a nice guy).
  18. Böhse Onkelz > The boys from O.N.K.E.L.Z. > The man from U.N.C.L.E.
  19. Mogwa, maybe that "AAAAand" is due to using voice-activated radio? that bugger makes you add all sorts of vowels since it just won't transmit your whole message otherwise. HT, there are incrediblly bad COs. They are not that common, but I had the honor of meeting such. other than that, the higher up the chain a particular CO is, the more his soldiers expect him to be better. when that doesn't happen, the soldiers consider him much worse than he really is.
  20. "Stealth Bomber" "Tehran declares: The advanced aircraft we never had". Intelligence organizations around the world investigated a series of pictures in the Iranian Foreign Affairs Ministery site (NE: WTF do such pictures do in a ministry of foreign affairs site??). ...It is a demonstration of force, upgraded lately as part of increasing tension between Iran and Israel. Promptly after exposure of these pictures, specialists identified highly advanced weapons no-one knew the Iranians had, such as F-16 and F-14 with highly unusual armament. Those pictures, titled "Innovative Iranian Armament", got enthusiast patriotic responses. ...Tal Inbar, head of the airospace center in Fischer Institution for Strategic Research identified the models as carrying impossible armament. "Iranian Airforce did purchase F-14s at the time of the Shah, but we don't know how many of those are still operational, and typical armament, like Pheonix missiles, is beyond the grasp of Iran anyway." he said. He also claimed "there are also pictures of models of Mig-29s, that were received from Saddam during GWI. It is possible that those aircraft are inoperational too, and that's why they presented models instead of the real thing." Apparently, the guy that's building these models showed off in western enthusiasts forums. that's the origin of the picture of the sedan-portable airfield.
  21. looks like the New Model Army.
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