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  1. Belay request to host. Dr Hat will do it.
  2. Not much I can do about the clocks! Are yours about to/have just gone the other way? Both our holders of 8+ licences look doubtful for Sunday. If push comes to shove, could you host?
  3. Well I'd be surprised if it wasn't! I'm sure you'll agree there's a lot more to teaching than simply knowing your stuff. For what it's worth, when I was 'taught to teach',(both in the military and civvy street) the procedure was as follows: 1. Explain to the student what the lesson will cover. 2. Brief the student on what he will learn and how he will learn it. 3. DEMONSTRATE whatever it is you are teaching so he can see and hear how it is done correctly. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT 4. Invite the student to replicate what you have done, stressiing that you will help and advise during this first attempt. 5. Debrief and give the student the opportunity to ask questions. 6. Invite student to have another go - this time without any help or advice from you. 7. Debrief 8. Rinse and repeat as necessary within time constraints. 9. Resist the 'And another thing... ' temptation at all costs. If you don't, you run the risk of information overload, resulting in him forgetting essential parts of the lesson. 9. For Lesson 2, recap on lesson 1 before proceeding as he has probably forgotten at least some of it. The two 'imperfections' last night concerned items 3 and 9 IMHO. But overall it was a good job. AsI'm sure as a current military trainer you can add useful information to the above.
  4. Will do Zaphod. Final version of .sce not quite finalised.
  5. Hi Rhys. Did you see the AAR and the movies for out CT Heavy Delay last Sunday?
  6. http://www.gizmag.com/british-army-40-mm-gun-sideways-loading/42405/?li_source=LI&li_medium=default-widget
  7. Cav Gunner - how about a promotion to T31?
  8. Very nice videos. Apart from the entertainment value, there's good training content in there. Matsimus, your stuff is VERY professional; I hope Esim are paying your a marketing fee.
  9. Zaphod, I know you sent me a PM with a link or attachement but just right now I'm not able to get into my PM folder. Will get back to you asap.
  10. TIME CHANGE Please note that due to European Daylight Saving Time starting this weekend (Sunday 02:00), the time of this event has changed to 18:00 GMT to preserve a local time of 19:00 in UK and 20:00 in Denmark.
  11. This is an excellent mission for a 'first time C.O' as it doesn't involve a complex attack plan but is basically the management of a defense. Additional annotations have already been applied to the map to make things even easier. I suggest the main tasks are: 1. Allocate Engagement Areas for the various battle positions. 2. Allocate two resupply areas for the Western and Eastern battle positions. 3. Have a rough idea in your head as to how you will manage resuply during the mission. (Hint: start early to avoid a log jam later!) As this is a fairly short mission, I'm sure people won't mind if you would like to seek assistance in drawing up your plan with assistance/advice from one or two more experienced players. I will send the .sce file to whoever volunteers so they can have plenty of time to suss out the terrain and general situation. So, a volunteer please? If no one steps up you will have to put up with me for the second week running - and I'm sure no one wants that!!
  12. MANNING LIST A66. Leo 2A5 C.O Tjay 1st Platoon Leo 2A5 Tango 11 O/C Swordsman Tango 12 Roerbaek Tango 13 Tango 14 Major Duck 2nd Platoon Leo 2A5 Tango 21 O/C Gibson Tango 22 Tango 23 Tango 24 Tank Hunter 3rd Platoon Leo 2A5 Tango 31 O/C 12Alfa Tango 32 Tango 33 Tango 34 Cavgunner 4th Platoon (Mech Inf) CV9030-Fi India 11 O/C King Tiger India 12 Wiglif India 13 India 14 India 15 (Javelin)
  13. APOLOGIES FOR SPELLING KANIUM INCORRECTLY IN THE THREAD TITLE BUT I CAN'T SEE HOW TO FIX IT. WARNING ORDER This Sunday we are doing a first mission by Xboxtrollen of Kanium but as Swordsman and Co are busy working on upcoming Kanium missions UKA will do the admin - like creating this thread and managing the manning list! When: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=UKA+27%2F03%2F2016&year=&month=03&day=27&hour=18&min=00&sec=0&p1=%3A Where: TS Server: teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 The Town That Was Callsigns updated.sce Excerpts of the Battalion Commander's orders for defending the town against a heavy and sustained assault. 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: Reports indicate a large number of tanks with support vehicles and APC's coming from the north. We have no indication of then enemy's primary attack direction. b) Own: 3 Platoons of Leopard 2A5 1 Platoon of CV9030-Fi plus additional CV9030-Fi with Javelin team 2) MISSION: Defend the town at all cost. Reinforcements have an ETA of 1 hour. 6 Apache's are on their way to assist but their ETA is unknown. 3) EXECUTION: Move your assets around in order to meet the various threats as they appear. There a number of scrapes for enhanced defense. Ammunition usage will be heavy so be sure to preserve your resuply trucks and manage your replenishment programme carefully. Although the idea is obviously to kill as many enemy as possible at long range, the Mech Infantry may come in useful if any make it to close range by clever use of approach routes etc. 4) Game: The Scenario will end in a little over an hour or if Red gain control of the town.
  14. NARRATIVE AAR. 15 players present, including a couple of new players courtesy of Kanium. A full two hour mission ending with a major victory. The focus this time was on breaking contact and pulling back to a position where the leading elements of a a replacement force (Fox Force) would take over from us. As always with Panzer Leader missions, this version was full of surprises. The first phase was pretty quiet until the engineers completed their minefield and withdrew over Causeway. We immediately initiated our carefully prepared phased withdrawal plan, whereupon a second, very heavy enemy assault materialised from the East and North East, putting the cat amongst the pidgeons! Ist platoon managed to break contact pretty cleanly and thanks to a heroic rearguard action by 2Plt on the East side of the river the Mech Inf platoon was able to withdraw through their positions and across Causeway without loss. 2Plt were then faced with a fighting withdrawal in contact across the open ground to the East of Causeway in the face of vastly superior odds and consequently lost all their verhicles in the process. Their account was at least 3:1 in favour so it was not in vain. The heavy second wave also caused 1Plt to divert across country rather than retreat down the main road in order to remain in dead ground, and on regaining the road West of Hill 106 encountered the enemy lead elements who they successfully ambushed and destroyed before resuming their withdrawal. At the final BP they set up, together with the Mech Inf platoon, a highly effective defense, turning the approach road into something reminiscent of the Highway of Hell. By the time the cavalry eventually turned up in the form of an advance section of the replacement main force, 1Plt had had two vehicles immobilised but were still racking up kills. Once Fox callsigns were in position, the Mech Inf withdrew to Town and 1Plt was able to recover both immobilised tanks and withdraw the whole platoon intact. At this point Main Force started to enter Town from the West and we were advised to stand down having 'done a good job' and completed our task successfully. A key factor in our success was Duke's role as F.O. Without hiis expertise in laying down blocking fires of ICM in front of the enemy during the withdrawal phase it is unlike we would have made it. From my point of view having to adapted the withdrawal plan 'on the fly' in the face of the strong enemy second wave was quite challenging, but made a lot easier by excellent performances from the platoon commanders (Swordsman, Zaphod and KT). This was the first time most players had seen this mission played out to the bitter end, justifying the decision to focus on the second phase and and attempting to make a clean break back to BP5 to prevent the enemy crossing Phase Line Mars. All in all, a very enjoyable and satisfying evening. Links to the higly modified .sce file and the .aar file will be published later today.
  15. Have just logged in but find I am now unable to edit my previous posts and when I click Reply - hoping for a blank posting box - I get an unwanted quote like the one above. Doh. Anyway, this is just to say that the platoon callsigns have been amended in the mission to run from 11 to 14. But, as I say, I am unable to edit the manning list. Oh look - I am able to edit this post but not previous posts. WTF? (In the nicest possible way, of course).
  16. Tjay

    New Site

    Me too. See my post above. This was a result of a straight 'Reply' attempt - not clicking on the Quote button.
  17. Tjay

    New Site

    So far the site wörks better onme mobile phone. Lets see how der forum wörks on my PC. Just FYI for everyone, if you dislike the background colors then press the black and white background button at the top. Anyway, nice site with powerful tools I see. Awesome show, great job My problem is that quoted text is too faint to read, being very light grey. Anyone else have this problem?
  18. Recon or CV90 for me too please.
  19. CV90 dismounts revert to NLAW 1/1, but the platoon has an extra vehicle with Javelin teams. Start time changed to daylight (0900) to allow for some terrain analysis prior to start. Please DO TRY to be on time! There will be no 'Pause and Restart' after start time +10min.
  20. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR MECH INF CV9030-Fi will have two fire team dismounts, one of 4 persons, one of 3. Each fire team will have NLAW with 1 ready and 2 stored. This is one more than normal but will give the Mech Inf plenty of shooting opportunities!
  21. Tom, Duke. I'm sure we can find you a slot on the night.
  22. NEW MANNING LIST AS OF 18/03/2016 Please excuse unconventional c/s system but I can't seem to get the platoons to start with x1 rather than x0. 6 Leo 2A4 C.O TJAY 0B Leo 2A4 XO 10 Leo 2A4 O/C 1 Plt SWORDSMAN 11 Roerbaeck 12 13 Plt Sgt Major Duck 20 Leo 2A4 O/C 2 Plt 21 22 23 Plt Sgt Cav Gunner 40 CV9030-Fi O/C 4 Plt KT 41 Wiglif 42 43 Plt Sgt Grenny
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