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  1. No problem Grenny. That is the first time I've known you to be late on parade, and RL issues affect us all occasionally. However, some other players seem to consider it acceptable to roll up late routinely, perhaps assuming that we will always Pause/Rejoin to pick them up. I consider this to be impolite and inconsiderate and will not tolerate it in the future. A couple of months ago I brought the session time forward from 20:00 to 19:00 to better suit those in the GMT+1 and GMT+2 timezones, and that has resulted in our current very healthy turnouts. But we need to start at 19:00 sharp so that those players can get to bed at a decent time on a Sunday night. So in future we will only Pause/Rejoin for latecomers if they have a viable excuse, and not at all for habitual offenders. And H + 10 wiill be the absolute cut off for this procedure. I don't like laying down the law like this, but the actions of a small minority make it necessary.
  2. Obviously - as with all your scenarios - there is a good degree of randomness built into the actions of Red. We willl revisit this in a few weeks time, using Scandinavian equipment. However, the TOWs on the Bradleys were a significant factor in us achieving a victory despite the northern avenue of attack having to be abandoned. Achieving that with just conventional IFVs would have been much harder, perhaps impossible. White platoon fell victim to the 'AI gunner' bug (I think that is a justified description) where an enemy AI vehicle needs line of sight to just one tiny corner (single pixel) of another vehicle in order to identify and destroy it. Crusty's Bradley was taken out by a T80 at around 3km range despite being at least 0.5km inside a dense wood.
  3. UKA is starting a trial of the CV9030-Fi as a possible replacement for our current CV9035-dk, with a concurrent change of equipment for the dismounts. Further details and opportunity for feedback can be found here: http://ukarmor.do-forum.com/t121-change-of-vehicle-for-the-mech-inf#255
  4. Tjay

    Robot AFV

    More on this subject:
  5. Grenny, I don't see a PL Xenon on the map.
  6. I THINK he meant Red Section of the Blue side.
  7. I have never seen a quoted 'Recommended Retail Price' for any military vehicle. Where is it published?
  8. I'm not suggesting for one minute that this should be done, but is it theoretically possible for a repair zone to cover the entire map so that if a vehicle is damaged it would automatically be repaired immediately?
  9. Tjay

    TANKFEST 2016

    I am in! But I may have to sleep under a bush.
  10. Tjay

    Robot AFV

  11. Now, now Mark - don't try and lead us astray.
  12. Thanks for the advice Mark. Actually, we very rarely change anything other than the vehicle types (and sometime numbers) and c/s on the Blue side. So far, we haven't encountered any difficulties doing that.
  13. I see MD has already turned your thought into action and booked you in as C.O.
  14. Hitting a small tree at Slow Speed (Speed 1) often results in the driver sustaining injuries, particularly in an IFV. I know the inside of a military vehicle is full of sharp edges and hard surfaces but this particular piece of modelling does seem over the top. Even small, thin trees seem to act as if they were solid steel or concrete poles whereas in RL they would undoubtedly bend and provide a degree of 'give'. And the driver would see the tree coming and brace himself for the impact. But I have a feeling this has all been discussed before....
  15. WARNING ORDER http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20160221T19&p1=%3A TS Server: teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 Panzer Leader's very latest mission - Mechanised Infantry Company Attack on Gerhausen. First time as an open SB event after many hours of refining and beta testing! Team Bravo of TF 2-15 Cav, consisting of two platoons of four M2A1 Bradleys, one platoon of four IPM1s, a further two M2A1s in company headquarters, plus a M981 FIST vehicle is tasked with taking Gerhausen from elements of the 11th Guards Tank Division in order to use it as a jumping off point for a brigade attack on Kirchheim next day. Objective must be secured by 19:00 and then defended against expected counter attack.
  16. Or, 'Hey, it's really boring looking at the side of this hill - I'm going to drive up and over the ridge to see what's on the other side anway. But I'm going to wait until my commander is occupied elsewhere. Always makes me laugh when he comes back and finds me gone'.
  17. Yes it will. Whenever you quit an SB session you should get a box asking you if you want to save the .aar. If you reply Yes, then it will be saved to the AAR section of your Esim games/... directory. When you wan't to view it, start the game, select Load AAR and select the required file from the list.
  18. NARRATIVE AAR In view of the above posts I will keep this short. 1. Very good plan and clear commanding by MD. 2. Good decision to split the Mech Inf into two sections at the point the tank platoons went down different routes and give one section to each tank platoon for flank coverage, recce, air defence and clearing buildings. 3. Awesome indirect fire support from Duke. (Did we really need any tanks?) :clin: 4. Good comms discipline. 5. I didn't hit any trees. 6. Excellent atmosphere throughout and pleasant post-mission general discussion. Link to official .aar file to follow.
  19. Sword, how many vehicles is it practical to run at one time? Last time we used a single platoon in two sections (4 vehicles) which worked well. Might be tricky doing more although I guess we could have two platoons, each with its own instructor, separated on the map and in separate TS channels....
  20. In view of the fact that we have one less platoon than when we first ran this mission, the time limit has been removed.
  21. Excellent! Turn up at 19:00 and pick a ride. Swordsman looks as if he could use some help in 2nd Platoon. Oh, I now see MD has put you in 1st Platoon. But that could easily change before the start.
  22. Well, blondes have the most fun. Or so the saying goes. :clin: Look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening.
  23. Which is why there is a Worldclock link at the top of the Warning Order of every mission.
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