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  1. You should see crews on Leo 2A4 . And on M1s What version are you using?
  2. Take a screen shot of what you are seeing please. Then we can actually see and say if there is anything wrong there. Steelbeast gold is very old... and it is pixelated like this. If what you are seeing is like this. Then that is how the actual game was back then. That cannot be helped.
  3. Where they store all that stuff?
  4. Well... I believe that all that I mentioned happens during conversion. As prior to new version these maps had no palm trees. there are palm trees on version 4.029.. and for some reason I find this very odd.. I clearly remember playing these maps and missions on these locations without. Strange... Though on Salisbury plains case I can see why there would be palm tree on new version as well. >.< This old one in version 4.029 is easy to slip in.
  5. That's all that comes to mind at this point. I will be going to sniffing mode to hunt more palm trees once my chores are done for today.
  6. I am rather busy most of today so I am afraid I cannot be as much help with this as I wish I could. However I can point the spot where I see that palm tree. Also beside palm trees.. there is this weird tree or bush that doesn't behave as other trees when changing theme.. other trees change color whether it is Spring, summer, Autumn or winter.. this one doesn't And beside this.. Prior to new version I saw this happening on Finnish map named Pahkajärvi. But no longer in new version. That was really odd case back then as palms visibly appeared where there was no trees at all. I guess back then those appeared in place of a bush. But yesterday when I tried to reproduce that I wasn't able to. Also I have tried to recover some of Zipulis missions named "platoon in attack" or "Puolijoukkueen hyökkäys" and when I converted that I used terrain named "Puolijoukkueen hyökkäys.ter" That I had extracted from mission in editor. And height map "sweden1.raw" result was abundance of palm trees here and there. Sometimes in groups. If that is any interest to you.. i could upload that map here too... oh fuck. I could but that would be very little of use as that was the case where I removed those palm trees one by one. Oh... I have another one of those as Zipuli apparently made so many different map edits for each of the missions on same map area. ill upload a edited terrain map "FakeEastfin2" instead that as well can be used with sweden1.raw height map. On that there is palm trees so many here and there. Though I am not sure if that is any use to you guys. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lPoj5nm9IAQJxX_CAIM5jkc-seeUg6Gc once downloaded place it to and in mission editor you should be able to use "Fake_eastfin2" terrain on north east part of the map - very small area
  7. So here is the thing. I have stumbled upon this once too many times now. I am working or modifying scenario and want to change theme and then I start stumbling upon lone or sometimes groups of palm trees that are so out of place compared to rest of the terrain. This has happened when I have been editing some very old scenarios. But now I found palm trees from "Salisbury plains" map as well. So far I have spotted palm trees appearing on following themes on Salisbury plains map that i am currently using in mission I am working on. Esim Woodland Summer Esim Woodland Autumn Esim Winter I guess there isn't easy solution to this. Is there? I once went to such length as to remove / change tree type one after another. But that took so very long and I am not going to do that for missions that I intend to play with others.
  8. When using Warrior or Scimitar. Ammunition range reticle doesn't seem to match L14A2 or L14A3 ammunitions. But those shots when shot with the matching reticle distance - will fall short. This is easy to replicate by going to Tank range and choosing to play it on warrior. PCM 287 KERR seems to match reticle lines spot on.
  9. This thing has peaked my curiosity. As I have seen similar things happening in past. Would you upload that Scenario and AAR here for public so I and perhaps some others if they're interested, could take curious look at them.
  10. How about if F8 view would work same way as double F8 view when it comes to seeing hostile units? I cannot remember how that one was named,. But wasn't it made so that only enemies that unit could see would be shown?
  11. On Steelbeast PE version, there is very large variety on General buttons one could build a control panel for. That would be kind of Universal control panel for most AFVs. Much like keyboard is currendly. and it just like Ssnake said. AFV controls are so fractured that it seems to me that Esim's has purposefully chosen this way, to make Steelbeast usable and enjoyable experience, even with the large multitude of vehicles. As addition to those general buttons we can bind to keyboard. - There are on most AFVs vehicle special functions or buttons we can use in the sim, only inside vehicle by clicking those functions with mouse. For example cv9030 has multitude of these functions one can do. -> However what we cannot do is to bind any of these special things to keyboard or self made control panel or devices. That, is one big difference between Pro and PE versions of Steel beast. So... One can build a control panel for a chosen vehicle, but can only bind available inputs (that are numerous). If that is good enough. Then no problem. To me personally, i would likely build a control panel around what is available as general, rather than one selected vehicle. It would feel plainly odd to have to use selected range of switches and toggles from control panel next to me... and still have to click yet another range of switches and toggles from clickable vehicle special functions from F1 view inside the vehicle.
  12. Appears to work as desired. Very easy to kill those hinds with CV9035.
  13. Yes, that's it. Basically A and D keycommands are sticky. Either of them stays and Helo just keeps spinning to last chosen direction. Current way to deal with it while waiting a fix is to use shift+A or shift+D instead.
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