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  1. Because this adoption of host settings seems to happen randomly i wonder if it may have something to do with user profile in records. I have made myself username And Ltn default still exist i haven't touched it. And i don't have problems with settings being randomly adopted. Mine has always stayed as it has been. However i believe as i saw screenshot from other guys profile that the one who's settings had Changed doesn't have Ltn default anymore and only has profile on his own name. So i wonder if that has anything to do with settings being adopted. @Higgs if you look at your profile do you still have Ltn default there?
  2. I actually made similar post.. so deleted mine and posting mine here as it is about same matter. I had Kanium game today and I was a server host. Before mission as I was going to be FO I went to practice and test some things as FO to fire some missions and practice how adjust fires. So I wanted to see how those would work, so I changed realism setting to low and forgot it to low level. I got moaned after mission that server settings were on low realism and then some guys went to check their settings and told me that their settings had changed to low realism. Even when they always keep their settings on high realism. Then I got told that this is observed to happen sometimes and not always. And some others went to check and their realism settings were not changed. So there is something here. Also apparently it sometimes changed as well graphical settings for clients too. There was no observed network issues or packet loss warnings.
  3. @Ssnake Another question. Does.. users performance in steelbeast affect to what packets are send? Could it be that drastical frame rare issues magnify the effect of anomalies on multiplayer? I have heard complains of momentary freezes from 2 seconds up to almost 5 minutes in some extreme cases. Is it that during those times packets are not send? and False or dublicate information from Client in session might.. cause even false reports of units that are not there? And if so could redusing graphic settings be viable way to ensure more smooth, less buggy multiplayer experience to everyone?
  4. Also another thing i am wondering is... Is there easy simple method people could use to help us out to find what are problems with low performance / frames or such? Could shift + F12 = screenshotting be a viable method? When such is observed, like when person observes that darn i have low frames simply to take screenshot and later it could be possible seen what guy was doing looking at or from mission time stamp (if it's visible on screenshot.. i dont remember) location and movements be backtracked a bit from AAR? Would that for example be viable method to help sourcing when /. What might be causing low frames? (Ofc there may be external factors too that might cause that) Asking since low frames seem to be a thing that pops up in discussions with friends / buddies here and there.
  5. Hey Ssnake would you please be so kind and explain in detail what does it mean in this context if there was network bandwidth / packed loss? I am asking because I have hosted Kanium game two times now and I have observed atleast one person to have severe network problems momentarily. His PC like froze and he told us that he might have dropped. But after like 5 minutes his client suddenly catched up. I think i observed it happening twice. I also host lot of multicrew games and i have seen that message pop up quite a bit on those. So what does that message mean and should we be really concerned about it whenever we see it happens? Or when should we be concerned at low packed loss or after some limit? Is there Any way of getting everyone synched up if problems happen? Save in progress / restart session? Or maybe it's just enough that guy with problems drops out and we do pause and re-join to minimize problems? Then again... These suggestions have at times caused problems of their own too. *Wonders*
  6. I'll probably be there even earlier. Good to know LSA meaning. I'm sometimes bit lost with these terms and i bet I'm not only one.
  7. Umm just a thought as i am going to sleep... It occurred to me that your new craphic card might take more power. And if your power supply is weak / breaking it might be causing all kinds of weird problems. It's bit like with forest machines... If electric power in cables are low funny things start to happen and things get slow.
  8. You don't have other heavy ish programs / games on your PC do you? If you do those work at all? Is this solely Steelbeast matter? I really suspect that something is not good on your PC... I'm a novice but based on stories i have heard and couple of times i had troubles of my own I would guess that something going on with motherboard / CPU... I hope you will get it solved. Dont give up yet!
  9. Okay. As I will probably be FO, I am planning to move along yellow route I think. For best line of sight, to get best use of my Forward observer vehicle. Um.. what does "LSA" mean?
  10. Umm. Since I have not heard back from any of my crew guys. I probably wont be able to have Crew. My other friend lets me know tomorrow if he has recovered enough to join as my gunner. If not.. I would like to take M113-FO.
  11. Does this map use custom theme? I like especially ground textures. Though ground seems extremely bumpy at times. That is probably my main concern.. the bumpiness of terrain. Otherwise this looks freaking awesome!
  12. I actually dont see this as a bug. But just though to inform that this does kinda look silly. Currently it is possible to have Cupola / gun shield together with weapon station and it looks like this (hatch actually is closed if you start mission, this is from mission editor) With gun shield I tested this and it didn't actually seem to limit view at first. Then I zoomed out and well, then it does. Again, I don't actually see this as bug, as I doupt anyone sensible would have this kind of set up in the scenario (hopefully atleast) though accidents do happen. This is just ridiculous set up that is possible to make to some M113s that allow weapon station to be added.
  13. Correction. Debug start up can be found from Debug folder at installation location.
  14. Some questions that may be helpful for others later. What method of installing you used? Bundle installer or separate file method? Do you possibly have a custom shortcut created for SB? Did you try to start SB from exe files found from installing location? Did you try to start it in debug mode? I believe that to do so there is another Exe file at installing location named debug? In debug folder - Those skins Steelbeast wasn't displaying. We're those mods in a mod folder? And those were vehicle skins right?
  15. If it doesn't work and problem keeps reoccurring... Maybe at some point we could get somekind of notifier of conflicting inputs. -> Brake and throttle used same time also I'd wish this topic to be renamed more closer to actual problem. And tagged accordingly. Or just change Abrams to Vehicle as this is problem about driving.
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