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  1. This... I really wish that it would read more clearly what player is directly in control of. It would help soon much. So often descriptions are vague and even promising description "of a small force" can mean almost anything from some infantry to company+ It is troublesome because... Each one of us has different opinion and definition of what is "small" or "easy" or "difficult"... Recently i played a mission with friends that i though was very simple and easy.. but to them... It was very challenging and difficult. I suppose... For me a 3 times larger enemy force (t72s) pushing agressively forward is "easy" but to my friends who struggle to find good cover and lack confidence and get tunnel visioned... That is overhelmingly difficult and stressful to deal with. So i suppose... Clear definition of what player is in control of. Including type of vehicles... As unknown vehicle even if simple can be much trouble to some.. Shotkal and M60 to name couple notorious examples that new players struggle with. And of enemy... Approx size of what could be expected and quality / capability in comparison. Aka... How likely it is that mistakes become deadly errors instead of few more scratches on paint. Wouldn't need to tell exactly... Just to give idea of worst case scenario. Also... I really wish scenario designers would include mention if mission has map updates on? And compass or not. Because those are things that can overhelm new player so easily. But can be things that some are specifically looking for.
  2. I'm curious. Could this be reason as well why some pictures in wiki do not show up anymore? Like on this page https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Leopard_2A5-DK
  3. Why don't you just adjust delay condition on embark route... Giving it wanted delay before it moves?
  4. Make sure you have these settings set correct? I had this happen before... because it was set on "Stay outside"
  5. i wonder if that would be any good against drones?
  6. There is something really funny here... Sometimes.. It is as if I cannot spot targets with tag function (not in any way even when it is clearly visible). and then ... something spots targets that even I haven't or my gunner has not spotted? I spotted 2 tanks, my tank is facing north.. my gunner hasn't reported anything.. but something spotted those 2 pcs. Also in past when doing multicrew.. we have witnessed our tank.. even when fully manned.. spotting enemies from really long distances away (on regular basis hence we switched to use blind vehicles). Anyways.. my point is.. it is as if.. there is i don't know.. something really funny here. How comes I cannot tag targets (in any way) and sometimes those get spotted even when I haven't spotted those as commander, and my crew hasn't reported or reacted to those. And what bugs me is that well.. as I said earlier on whislist. Id wish that tagging target would make MY gunner aware of it, but it clearly isn't so. Then again.. I suppose I appreciate that even when targets are tagged... and marked.. those are not always reacted to because of how the spotting system and "Hive mind" works. Can't help but to think that this is yet one more shortcoming of the spotting system and "hive mind" Could it be that Tagging targets is not possible to some direction / orientation of vehicle because... of something invisible in vehicle somehow blocks it?
  7. There is something weird here.. it doesn't work like that for me. For me it is enough to press shift alone to mark targets and Shift + ctrl doesn't seem to do anything compared to just pressing shift alone.. and i am using default settings. Also sometimes it just doesn't work at all (to rear? Or maybe because red side is behind password?). Even when target is clearly visible and no trees are nearby blocking view with ghost branches.
  8. What's the actual difference with just pressing shift... And pressing both?
  9. Question. I remember having read something of sort that I should press both ctrl and shift? But pressing shift alone marks target? Is it necessary for designation to press both or is Shift enough? Because pressing ctrl makes tank assume waypoint on that location.
  10. ??? Oookay, here's something odd. As i purposefully tried to use this feature today exactly like that... And wasn't able to make my gunner aware of target that for sure was partially visible to him. Case 1 - Naturally he is pretty good at spotting for targets in his search cone. So i had to purposefully turn my tank to face away from target. And then to use tag function. He didn't become aware of target when i tagged it. He didn't come aware of target before I designated it with periscope. Case 2 target was danger close on gunners search area but on low grounds. Gunner was scanning on hill top. I tagged target. He didn't come aware of it before I told him to scan front. I suppose... More testing would be okay.... But there is something funny here especially when trying to designate to your own gunner. I say that because other units seemed to come aware and start to Engage designated targets even when there was barely any line of sight. : /
  11. Could we have this atleast on leopard commander periscopes. On 2A4 something like this feature exist and i often use it. It works nicely on Low magnification sights. And i think it as function for commander anyways. it is possible to right click unit icon and to designate point on terrain It would be nice to be able to do same with key. Id also love to be able to plan routes on periscope and out of hatch like is possible on double F8 view. So that i wouldn't need to go to map. This would be especially useful if I wouldn't know my location and would quickly need to be able to designate battle positions for tanks on my platoon.
  12. I wish for following. Tag function improvements (shift) levels of identification. 1 - Location of presumed obstacles bunkers, emplacements, containers and visible type. Aka... minefield abatis or so.. but it wouldn't tell lets say orientation or quality. (real or fake) 2- Actual identification would happen as it happens now.. by near touch but would include abatis and other types such as emplacements, bunkers and tank ditches etc.. 3- Tagging enemy succesfully... would reveal its location to your gunner as well, effectively telling him. "Target 2 o clock low grounds next to forest" 4- Tagging would also reveal mobile bridges "Move to" To be able to use this function from other positions as well such as periscope, vision blocks, even main gun sight.
  13. Could it be similar issue can cause as discussed here?
  14. Could it be that there is blue vehicle that is carrying a missile team of that call sign? That dublicade callsign warning seems to apply to blue side btw.
  15. I noticed the same thing on my studies. It was odd... that all off sudden traveling dustiness just disappears. Also... It seems as if there is just one kind of trengh to traveling dustiness... no transitions between as you can see from my video.
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