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  1. We have threads for "we love videos" and "photos" I think it would be great idea to have one for Streams as well. We have after all several streamers in our community right?
  2. I believe that de-sync is caused by something else than join in progress. To my exprerience it's likehood is increased every time host opens new session on Steelbeast. So to have best change for least DE-synch I recommend that who ever is host. To very least, restart Steelbeast, perhaps whole pc, would be good to be restarted before longer MP session. If not.. likehood for... weird De-synch stuff increases. Especially if clients have little bit of lag or packet loss. I have done lot of join in progress and it doesn't seem to be cause to de-synch, I have a hu
  3. As in tittle... have I missed some important change on how Air target mode in Steelbeast is supposed to behave? I remember that it was supposed once selected.. once target is aqquired and you laze... FCS calculates needed speed for air target tracking, and you basically only adjusted changes to speed. Making it to have reputation to be "wild and over sensitive" Right now though... when I laze.. reticle no longer follows target like it used to? And when I fire... reticle stops at dead still when firing but it does seem that gun keeps following target????
  4. Quick way to do it... is to press "E" = That makes your tank to face towards direction you are looking with binoculars, assume hulldown position if possible, and tells gunner to scan area in front. Ofcource that doesn't actually designate... and AI gunner may not find target you spotted.. but gives a good change that he does. Especially if it is clear target.
  5. Oh wow... I had not though to do that. Thanks! πŸ‘ ☺️
  6. Because my friends plead me to - Bump This is annoying multicrew bug, as my group "Team Saber" would love to use German IFVs more than we do currendly because of this. 😧
  7. Sooo I have been trying to find way to convert some of my old missions to 4.1 that used this map. I wonder if that is even possible anymore?
  8. Umm... We're looking into it. So far enthusiasm is pretty low. Greatly because were missing atleast 2 regulars this weekend. As they are busy with family meetings on Sunday.
  9. You should try multicrew xP Staying in your tank and role gets whole new meaning and immersion. Doing F8 is almost out of question if youre being depended on.
  10. Umm... Regarding BMP-2 there is one more weird behavior here on multicrew. In short if you watch video below. This is how things behave at the start of the session. To commander turret and gun visually lag behind really badly. However... when gunner toggles slow speed O- key, and then back to normal, things normalise. But only after gunner does that. Also, I noticed that there is weird speed difference for commander between overriding and fake overriding. It is visible on video on first post on this topic.
  11. Ah thank you @Grenny I suspected of something of sort. Thank you for quick reply. - Sometimes I think that safety measures go bit too far, to a point where it is actually less safe. That is yet one more thing for crew to remember under stress... when they get under fire and want to pull back with cover of smoke.. and happened to forget hatches open.. lets say for ventilation purposes or something. Also I think this is very important to mention on wiki as more casual steelbeast PE users will most likely be baffled by this... eeer "feature" would they happen to use fenne
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