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  1. @JAG-11A @TSe419E @Hedgehog @mpow66m I am sorry but I am not going to host this event this time (at least it is very unlikely) Im having a rough time and this seems just a little bit of additional stress and worry that doesn't feel worth it. ---- For those who are interested to have fun with some friends. Here is previously played version of Cough Surup Delivery Rally. - Feel free to play it, edit it and have fun. Its for giggles, not for serious play. Armored Cough Suryp Delivery Rally 2021 v02.sce
  2. Uh-huh. That's beyond me. Best i could try to do would be to make skins for vehicles but even that would be though with time my work demands. After December 15th. Copy
  3. Lumituisku

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    @Higgs question. Does this happen in single player too? And in tank range / instant action? Or only in multiplayer?
  4. Lumituisku

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    Thank you. Ill try to test if I can get problem re-produced so far on default settings I wasn't able to.
  5. Lumituisku

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    If you have specific joystic button configuration hkf file , could you share yours to me so I can try with that same one?
  6. Lumituisku

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    I have that same stick so i can test.
  7. That's the thing. Id like to find time and date that suits most people. Though that can be difficult and perhaps impossible. I am even thinking that perhaps Kanium would be interested of having this event before their mission as sort of warm up for those that are interested.
  8. What the hell is - Armored Cough Suryp Delivery Rally Armored Rally event where we escord a truck carrying "Something vital" as quickly as possible. While speeding ahead up to 100 Km/h and supressing (even destroying) enemies that are shooting back and trying to slow us down (we will be repaired but with delay that is basically time penalty) When truck reaches finish, that is our time. Previous times we around 32 minutes mark, so this is fairly short mission! So guys. If you are interested of me arranging this event. (also possible for someone else or VU arranging this on their own time slot for their own guys for competative time perhaps) let's discuss of the desired DATE and TIME. I am open for suggestions. I also am planning to edit the mission so that it would be atleast slightly different this time. I probably cannot be bothered to make a new rally course at this time, so this old one has to do. If you are interested. Write down below or hit a like. Ideally each vehicle would have more than one player, with atleast player driver (focuses on the path) and someone else on the gun. Drifting with heavy war machine is great fun!
  9. Uh Sorry, event went already 4 hours ago. Next time Ill try to put in aprox time when. If you have interest in these kind of sessions, I can send you PM when I will arrange next one. Problem is before winter these will be happening haphazardly if it all. - Lumi
  10. May have some Casual multicrew today: If there is interest, let me know.
  11. Would be nice to get a reload rate to "Unlimited ammunition" Currendl: Main gun -> needs to be reloaded in order to fire it. It just has unlimited rack of ammunition. All others are endless... and you can keep spamming endlessly. As I vision it... Smokes / Grenades-> Some kind of reload rate to smokes and grenades would be nice. Even if there would be ghostly loader putting smoke / grenade charges in place in that slow rate constantly. but same idea.. supply of those would be unlimited. But you couldn't just keep "Tapping" endlessly for grenades or smokes. 50 cal -> has small belt. I think it is necessary to learn reload belt. Even if supply would be endless. Though this could be exception in some cases. Even when I think it would be more consistent if one should change belt every so often. Coax -> especially on light machine gun it would make sense to change belt every so often. Even when there would be endless stock of belts. On tank.. loading machine gun takes very long time.. so on that I think it would be reasonable to have one endless belt. Or perhaps similar belt change time as on light machine gun. Missiles -> Is part I didn't think about... How about that one would have to wait a small time before being able to fire. Similar to smokes.. where there would be someone quick to load a new missile in place right after firing without anyone issuing a reload. This would be considerable change in game.. and I am not sure what people would think about it. The way how I see it... is that it would make endless training possible without fear of running out. / and would take away cheaty childhis aspect. Basically.. encouraging concern of how to and when to use assets, and yet giving possibility of keep going on and on... with the training. For example.. Learning to use missiles.. (that are usually limited stock) or How to tactically use smokes with consideration.. but not in spamming way.
  12. Also... another thing seen at the end of video is that I have experienced lot of situations where player is on gunner or TC position and continues to remain in one even when on damage list is disabled / incapacitated. It's visible at the end of video too. Basically. Often when this happens player is able to continue fighting. Not in video case though, because by then tank was inoperable. But it just shows it does happen. And when that happens if player switches away from supposed incapacitated position he is not able to return. As should be. But in my opinion when player position is listed as incapacitated, he shouldn't be able to use that position. And since this was instant action i played... It does happen on single player as well. Not only as multiplayer anomaly. I did change position from gunner to TC when optics got damaged, perhaps that has something to do with it. But then again i am almost certain that i have seen Multi-crew cases where friend as gunner has stayed entire time as gunner when this has happened (possible F8 tabbing though)
  13. Probably my best ever instant action score.
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