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  1. This is what had baffled me as well. What is moderate loss in Steelbeast? And what happens if unit is alone on waypoint with defend tactic? What then is moderate loss? Is it when unit is no longer operational?
  2. Eeeer, no? I tested and all it does it gives command for driver to go for top speed.. and even on that there is automatic pathfinding after a moment. I can't seem to find way to disable it for manual driving and generally.. only by making a route and setting it to have no pathfinding? (or using scout or breach route) When's comes this that double tap would disable auto patfinding? From infantry controls?
  3. Im trying to say... that I do not find any way of disabling automatic pathfinding from my vehicle to situations where I would want to drive next to road manually with A, D keys, for example to Cooperate with another tank trying to clear a road together so that both tanks come to bends of road same time. Only way to do so, seems to be to make a route that one selects to have no pathfinding.
  4. Do you mean this? if so... No it affects not at all of vehicle pathfinding that youre commander of, especially if youre giving lot of orders with A D keys. ----- yes to some extend but I would like it to be refined... a lot. it could possibly be made a lot better and user friendly avoiding need of extensive mouse moving and clicking as is necessary currendly.
  5. More wishes 1 - As Commander of Inside the vehicle to have ability to Turn off automatic pathfinding or select what pathfinding player wants driver of his vehicle to use No automatic pathfinning / Follow roads / Cross country. Currendly if youre in commander position on vehicle, AI driver will automatically follow roads, and there are situations where this is not desidable. (Some maps [Especially finland] are worse in this than others. With lot of aligned roads next to each other) If one has single vehicle, this often results that if player want's to stay in line with other vehicles, AI driver will constantly try to drive to road. Alternatively it would be nice if driver in vehicle could assume tactics of route.. for example Scout or breach route and stick to those even if commander of vehicle tells him to deviade from route. But the moment he deviates from route, AI driver will constantly begin to try to use roads. Even if connected route would be Scout or Breach route. 2 - I would very much love to be able to plot routes without going to map view. Like same way as you do it in "overhead view" and even better if one could set his own hotkeys for routes... like engage and retreat and so.. and just press hotkey and you could be able to plot route and waypoints while for example out of hatch.. or visionblock view. Yes I know that this is possibly by mouse clicking on some extend, and more so on some vehicles than others. (for example Leopards where commander can do this from day peri view. While not so on most if all other vehicles.) But this would be even nicer if you could use or choose hotkey to do these. 1-0 numbers do not seem to be currently used in Steelbeast and perhasp could be used for quick commands for AI. 3 - ability to choose and rank priority target types for your own vehicle / platoon so that your vehicle would save its ammunition for what it can and other vehicles nearby cannot deal with instead of shooting and focusing on everything possible. 4 - More stamina to infantry... lot more than even Elite forces currently have. While current stamina is somewhat within reason, it still hinders infantry way beoynd what I and my friends find reasonable because of game mechanics. More stamina (especially Yellow bar) would be forgiving and make using troop forces more usable rather than a burden. 5 - Concertina vire option to more vehicles. It seems that mostly only Danish vehicles have that option currently. 6 - More small force / Single player friendly scenarios (Platoon size) And more "Easy" but heavily randomized scenarios 7 - Alternative "noob" friendly more visual "game" manual bit like original Steelbeast had. (This is something that I may take to be my project in future... ) 8 - On vehicles with machine gun or missile mounts that swing freely and can also rotate with cupola.. alternative way of turning cupola.. perhaps arrow keys. Im sure I could go on an on... but heres for now. 1 is most important to me
  6. I should send CTD more often and promp my friends do so too.. we have had that event several times. But it seemed unimportant at the time.. and we just shrugged it off and continued.
  7. Eeeeer... I can do that, if I am making mission yes. But let's say if I join to mission that is in being played (Live / runtime)... and I have multible units to take care off... I can't, can I? I am in understanding that mission that is live you cannot scrip embark conditions. What happens to me so often on live missions... is that I have such tunnel vision.. that I forget that I have some asset that is doing something and I might not remember to monitor it in time. Hence to me... those notices I did, were a big thing. Well.. One more thing to learn.
  8. Because besides scripting it to mission, I find this useful feature for ongoing missions too. It would be wonderful if I could just tell ARV to go and recover vehicle and bring it to base with single routing loop... and not having need to give it another route after it has hitched damaged vehicle or to tell it to proceed from waypoint with tactic. As said.. without tactic ARV won't stop to hitch vehicle if there is unconditional route attached. And with tactic one needs to remember to tell it to proceed to already planned and attached route.
  9. So for others reading this and or having had troubles with this. besides if vehicle intended to be hitched is not immobilized, I noticed following stumbling blocks to myself... and I suspect these are intentional choises made during development. It seems that if waypoint with "ARV options - Hitch nearby vehicle, if" is in Stay tactic, ARV wont proceed to hitch vehicle. but will stay. On hold, Defend, guard and supress tactics ARV will proceed to hitch nearby vehicle. If there is no waypoint tactic, and there is already another unconditional route connected to waypoint. ARV will prodeed to next route without hitching vehicle.
  10. On manual it says that when you set waypoint option Hitch nearby vehicle if it will adjust to show possible hitching range. And by look of it that range circle is way larger than I'd expect to be possible. I suppose because ARV will move to nearest vehicle and then will hitch it? However that didn't happen. Also vehicle in question wasn't broken... But would it even matter? I suppose one problem could be that I made unconnected waypoint 1 and route to vehicle on waypoint 2 where I want it to hitch it, then setting ARV option to if. And only after that made route for ARV to travel to waypoint 1... So technically it wasn't connected to route when I made those options so range ring might not be correct? But does it matter in this case?
  11. So... we have this option in waypoints, but for some reason. I cannot find out how to get this to work. I suppose I am doing something wrong? I have tried it with ARV but for some reason... ARV just doesn't do anything when it arrives to waypoint with ARV option set to "hitch nearby vehicle if - not towing vehicle" What I am doing wrong?
  12. I think.. I have seen those in more tutorials and missions when I was still using high resolutions. I didn't register it back then as I thought problem was on my end. So it might be worth to check more of them.
  13. As a training tool for correct procedures that (as I understand) it was intended for... not for... fictional / movie scenario stuff that is reckless and dangerous IRL
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