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  1. I think @Commissar_Martin is probably going to take A65 slot. But it isn't fully sure if he is able to come. He is my right hand on Team Saber. this mission will be demanding for artillery so i am hoping to see someone experienced to be interested of P66 / FO position. At minimum I'd wish FO to keep track of available ammunition / tubes and batteries. Since it's limited and we have only 2 supply trucks that most likely will be prioritized for tanks. @Simcoe if you can be bothered to do that aka to keep manual list with pen. And won't drive UAV to enemy AAA zone. Then welcome. Best ways to help me out are probably to pick platoon leaders position and lead platoons. So that i don't have to. But that... Can be even more difficult since there's going to be huge obstacle belt and breach lanes to cross.
  2. And will help against fire from tanks as well. 120mm... Is quite effective at downing helos... Even if unorthodox use for such.
  3. until
    Hi there. If you are new to Steelbeast this time I reserve for you. I can show you around to how multiplayer works in Steelbeast share some of my my favorite missions with you, show how to add custom maps Help you with just about any problem you may have with Steelbeast. Give you taste of Steelbeast as a gunner (or any crew position, on any vehicle you may want to try. [I have decent competency to pretty much anything in Steelbeast]) Can guide you to different multiplayer groups / communities. Just about anything. Feel free to come join me and others who may be coming, lets do some casual introduction to Steelbeast and try different things that you or others want to try. And if you want to have private time with just you and me. Contact me and lets arrange time that works for both of us. Come to meet me at: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077
  4. until
    Casual multicrew as usual. New players as most welcome. We will play some small mission, or perhaps two. Kanium TS as usual: teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 More info here:
  5. Will play as usual on Saturday. With exeption that I will start 2 to even 4 hours earlier with casual training sessions for new players. So if you are new and would try to practice or just test if you can join to multiplayer or pretty much anything. I will be there to assist you the best I can. Then at regular time will have steelbeast mission as usual. Everyone is welcome.
  6. What would be biggest factor for speeding up map editing? Currently i need to wait atleast 10 minutes.. even an hour to level couple of roads. I think i recently upgraded graphics card to 2070 super. And i have 32 gigabytes of ram on current. So that's what I'll stick to. Sadly that's about as far as my PC knowledge gets. based on packaging i probably have Asus prime Z270-A motherboard as for other stuff... I have little idea of what i got. I just dream of creating my own versions of Finnish Maps to update those to be more playable and immersive. (Within SB limits and artistic freedom) and I'd like to have small roads and such leveled as well. Especially near multitude of bodies of waters found from Finnish Maps. Last time my bugged was capped to 1500€... This time i could potentially double that if it would offer significant boost in performance. one of my biggest grief is running out if hard drive space for recorded videos and game installations. So that is something I need to address as well. I think i have like 3x 500gb flash drives that are almost full due to games getting too big. Especially flight simulators and Arma. Hence I have prioritized to most important and that is Steelbeast.
  7. So i have tried some map editing but right now it is really slow. Especially if i want to level roads. I also am starting to have other problems with my current PC so i am thinking for a new one and naturally my biggest consideration is Steelbeast. From past i have understood that SB uses only one core? Is that something to pay attention to? I have almost no understanding of PCs so i need some clear descriptions guidelines that other my friends can understand when they help me to get my next rig in future.
  8. Agreed! True lasting love ❤️ and hope that it will get better and better. oops I forgot to hold my breath.. oh noes
  9. Okay... Now you have me. Drivers position got some love too ❤️ There seem to be having a lot of small things included. That no one is mentioning anything about. But that have been wished Soo many times. I hold my breath now hoping for lots of bug fixes.
  10. Yeah I agree... there also is Riffle grenades, But I think what we also need is somekind of method to see what our troops carry? For example a great many times players haven't known or seen any que or info just misses from the briefing that there are riffle grenades available. I have actually seen same happen with Tanks just last week. Played one mission that comes with the game and some vehicles had Canister rounds and others didn't. We didn't know to use them before one accidentally discovered that we had those. (it could have been seen from the list at bottom of briefing, but it didn't apply to all units.) So I suppose a sort of method to see what you carry would be good, especially for infantry. (on tank you can just go trough hotkeys (insert, del, home, end) but I think... it would be nice to be able to ask (get list) from loader (or team leader) what we (they) have in inventory. Over the years I have seen many ways for games to do this. One is to have small icons for different ammunition and amount of quantity. Or separate pop up for inventory. I think... perhaps list above on top right could be expanded with couple of rows to show what ammunition there is available.. atleast for infantry.
  11. Seems like it has also.. image tracker.. and lead
  12. Casual multicrew as usual, nothing fancy this time. Will probably play scenario Zugswang again but this time on center or left side, and I will CO. More information about saturday multicrew missions from here.
  13. + stackable containers that have randomized logos (no longer ssnake shipping) And if I'm not mistaken... Civilians got slight facelift too. Or maybe i haven't looked hard enough before.
  14. Brilliantly hidden new things on plain sight. took me a while to realize what was new.
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