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  1. Agreed! Wonderful idea, dearly wished by many many I know and play with... if not everyone xP
  2. I belief, this hardcoding of manual range entry to 1-0 was key part of steelbeast ever since it began? It was around in Steelbeast Gold when I began to play, and was used for manual range entry on Leo and M1 if im not mistaken. Both have since got 3D + Functional interior where you have to react to 3D enviroment to manually input range. Same is true with quite lot vehicles these days. Sadly not for Challenger 2 because if I have understood right.. "Classified" status prevented making 3D interior at the time when it was introduced and perhaps even now? + Huge load of high priority base game
  3. Eeer, could it be that 12345690 are used for Manual Range Entry? (See last page of pdf manual or keyboard chart) And cannot be allocated to other functions? In past I have had similar problems... also challenger doesn't have working interior, so there is need for such input mechanism on keyboard? Have you tried if this works on numpad instead?
  4. Yes. There is lot to do, and I understand well that priorities for such small team are and should be like that. However I think you misunderstood me, so I try to make myself better understood for my.... eeer, wish? that perhaps for such vehicles on wish list, community members who would like to help could perhaps do some detective work, get to visit place with such vehicle to get, what would be eventually needed, like... photos of vehicle / interior for modeling. I believe I once saw piece of discussion here where was mentioned that someone would get some dimensions of some vehi
  5. Out of curiosity... What could community do to make it more likely for Esimgames to add chieftain with interiors to sim? Or other AFVs for the matter? Perhaps Esimgames could add forum topic or section for the matter. Not that it would be promise to add such vehicles but to help you out to do so. And that we as users could see how to contribute and what is lacking and what is covered?
  6. I love the recoilles rifle really much. it is a wonderful addition to game. I do wish though that, truck version of it would have another version with brigger 4x4 truck for offroad. This Tojosa doesn't seem to do well on off-road. but the m113 version is awesome. ❤️
  7. It may even be that the last dragon hit thats on time frame was a ghost dragon one. I need to ask and confirm that from my friend when he wakes up.
  8. Here is unfinished test scenario we played where the problem occurred. + AAR and report. Problem occurred at the very end where we basically stopped playing, and did some testing and took those videos and then rushed in with M60 tanks and cave it up. Basically, problem started to occur after last visible Dragon hit to BMP on AAR, so after +01.06.52 time stamb 70s capture Troy.sce 1679409853_70scaptureTroy_16004_020621TUULI2132.aar 70s capture Troy.sce_16_02-06-21_21_32_14.htm
  9. Oh...I just remembered a possibly crucially important detail that could prove helpful. When this started to happen, my other two friends had just lost units, and I cave them two of my M113s that had dragon teams. And they, as unfamiliar with infantry cave those to my friend. Who then, had these vanishing missile problems with those teams afterwards. So perhaps it has to do with ownership change of vehicles and then ownership change of squads aligned to that vehicle?
  10. Networksessions as far as I am aware. My friend with whom problem first occurred has untrusty network with Steelbeast most of the time but like only with Steelbeast. And it doesn't seem to affect router as network of others of his household doesn't suffer when his session on SB crash. Odd part is, that the day of this "magic dragon" there was no problems with his network stability, he was able to stay whole session, with total 4 of us, and even some multicrew afterwards. So I dunno. With him, it is easy to think that it would be somehow network related... but then again there
  11. Odd part is. User didn't see it fly but others did. Though I didn't see it explode because of trees. But my friend did see mine hit the ground. So.... I suppose if this happens just keep crosshair on target and hope for the best? And maybe we will get some better data from AAR if macig Dragon actually hits something after all. Though problem is when this happened we forgot to keep aim on target. Because we got the reload sounds as if missile had already hit something. I have not yet been able to re-produse this bug either. will keep trying on my slow space as I have lack of
  12. Have any of you guys have has anything like this happen before? I was playing with friends, as me being a host on mission I made, and at first Dragon missiles worked just fine but at the end of mission, those suddenly started to disappear from user, and observer still would see missile to shoot out and fly but not explode. But user would just fire it and not even see missile. There is not much of value in AAR... We did fire over water, so maybe that has something to do with it? And in proximity of trees?
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