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  1. 1 tank from A3 leopards to Team saber Commander - commissar Martin (UK) Gunner - Rovel (USA) Driver - Lumi (FIN) We wont play in multible vehicles at once. We could in theory have AI one to follow us as spare.
  2. Also drivers hatch is on the left. And gunners old optic tube housing is visible on the left of the gun barrel. Also loaders cupola is rather distinctive too.
  3. So on nevest video about "Fun with Command promp" https://youtu.be/37RrEgFqqRo My steelbeast is installed on C drive and adresses on icon settings are same. I cannot figure what I am doing wrong. However, when I do it trough icon, it works. But how do I get this to work from command prompt? What am I doing wrong?
  4. Maybe you have some other controller giving inputs? You could try to center your joystic Alt + J? Does this happen on all vehicles or some specific vehicle / weapong system?
  5. Not sure at all if what Wartthunder X-ray shows is trustworthy.. could be made up. But what it's worth to give idea of possible layout..
  6. interesting gun. Recently with a friend I was thinking that in place like Finland... this kind of weapon with inexpensive even if almost unarmored but extremely mobile modular chassis, but with good sensors could be a serious threath to just about any AFVs. I actually was looking at german wiesel, but was thinking that caliber would need to be 60mm + and quick firing possible with quick reload magazine of atleast 4+ rounds
  7. Press Alt+C and find key command to "center joystick" that should help. That has happened to me many times.
  8. At first I had WTF moment of how interior has changed so much on new missions compared to old.. then I discovered that old missions use version 2017 variant. Somehow I had managed to totally miss this change.
  9. That does sound like good idea, thought, Perhaps.. it would only happen if hatch is closed? Because we'll... Vision blocks don't beat out of hatch view.
  10. I wonder... what should be deleted? I have posted lot of sceenshots to "We love screenshots" but I wonder if its worthwhile saving those as those are really old.. same for AAR screenshots... What makes me think that such has probably been wrong use of attachments on first place. Then there are lot of bug report related screenshots and snips. Making me wonder if some of those should be saved history vise?
  11. I think I once saw video of excavator operator that got shouted by its boss... got pissed off and pierced bosses car with bucked and tossed it to dumper truck. Though.. it could have been set.
  12. This... I really wish that it would read more clearly what player is directly in control of. It would help soon much. So often descriptions are vague and even promising description "of a small force" can mean almost anything from some infantry to company+ It is troublesome because... Each one of us has different opinion and definition of what is "small" or "easy" or "difficult"... Recently i played a mission with friends that i though was very simple and easy.. but to them... It was very challenging and difficult. I suppose... For me a 3 times larger enemy force (t72s) pushing agressively forward is "easy" but to my friends who struggle to find good cover and lack confidence and get tunnel visioned... That is overhelmingly difficult and stressful to deal with. So i suppose... Clear definition of what player is in control of. Including type of vehicles... As unknown vehicle even if simple can be much trouble to some.. Shotkal and M60 to name couple notorious examples that new players struggle with. And of enemy... Approx size of what could be expected and quality / capability in comparison. Aka... How likely it is that mistakes become deadly errors instead of few more scratches on paint. Wouldn't need to tell exactly... Just to give idea of worst case scenario. Also... I really wish scenario designers would include mention if mission has map updates on? And compass or not. Because those are things that can overhelm new player so easily. But can be things that some are specifically looking for.
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