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  1. Well you popped turrets and worked nicely with the driver and got good score too. That mine detection was life and mission saving last moments call just in time! To think about it. Mines kind of feel novelty in missions. Usually those are less dangerous. in a way that those either don't exist or are more easy to spot. Same with Helos. More than likely future missions will be slightly more easy in these regards.
  2. No problem. We did have... very interesting mission. And very long one too almost 2h. We played "Contest 1 / Excalibur" mission with platoon of leopard 2a5s attacking very long assault during night, over multible objectives. Mission was very.. eventful in many ways. There was a lot happening there. Including helicopters, troops and mobile armor, static minefiels, dynamic fascam minefield that landed right in front of us..., precice ICM (took out 2 of our 4 leopards) And tight dangerous gulley with antitank ditches.. and huge enemy strong hold at the end. Commanders @Major duck and @Commissar_Martin did superb job following my messy orders. They had superb gunners.. one of @Figmo42 whom shot 2 hinds down from sky with one round. ("elusive double hind" aar screenshot by @Commissar_Martin ) Eventually, even when darkness cave us the edge over enemy... 2 leopards wasn't just enough, and perhaps almost 2 hours in the mission was too much, and we lost one more leopard to enemy due to poor communication / missunderstanding causing that one bmp-2 was left behind.. that shot missile from behind. And seconds later that bmp2 was last enemy alive... so go figure. Id like to call that mission success even when score said defeat. Lot to learn for me from this one. Thank you all who participated. And great thanks to my Crew, Ghost (Saber) who did great job covering my communication lacks, and making it easier for me to lead. And for @JAG-11A for precice and deadly gunnery. There are definitely needs for drills and training, but we do quite well together already. Perhaps In future I will include small mini drill before actual missions? So that over the time we could get better at cooperation. All this said, I am pretty happy to outcome, and especially to that people seemed to have good time. Thank you all, together we can make these even better. ~ Lumi
  3. That I do. It is my honest opinion. That said. I have been thinking about all this. See... to me I really like how it feels to change from main system to manual in emergency (mouse to arrow keys). This was really nice thing in my opinion on Leopard2a4 and M1. That said... it made me wonder... is it justified to force people use inferior accuracy and annoying clicking as main system for example Scimitar. Arrow keys have some really annoying features. And if mouse would be considered as main system. Then it would make Scimitar and Fennec more enjoyable even if those would still be slow like you suggested. But I totally want to keep arrow keys for manual modes when main power is down.
  4. I happen to have AFV sim hand cranks. And i do love those. Thought honestly often i prefer just smashing keyboard because AFV sim ones feel like being on a gym 😂 also.. those sadly only work on some vehicles. More than half those aren't working. Those are really accurate and smooth compared to arrow keys, but seem to be little bit slower on long term use (because i get fatigue on extensive use) Also i still need to use arrow keys lot of the time because hand cranks aren't supported and I am okay with that. It feels... Immersive perhaps even more so now when i have used hand cranks. I just wish there would be some way to have arrow keys more smooth / accurate and to be able to elevate and traverse same time. - And unless I really need to. Even with hand cranks i wouldn't traverse turrets more than absolutely need to. On scimitar for example as Gunner i have binoculars and am scanning with those around to spot targets. When one is spotted.. we turn vehicle towards that direction and then crank like mad. Not before. if i need to turn turret 180 in emergency... Eeer... Just no. Next to pointless. I rather tap arrow keys and drink coffee.
  5. Ability to bind a function to send "RF Transmissions" to keys that one uses for "Push to talk" on applications like Teamspeak - And that on mission editor it could be defined how long "RF transmissions" would have to be to reveal location of sender on varying levels from rough to somewhat accurate. This way player who uses teamspeak or similar could be sending "RF transmissions" when pressing push to talk key without need of adding ingame voice communications. I understand that Electronic warfare like this is "seen" as my friend says... more strategic than tactical. And that it would be more of a thing off when youre living on frontline and not figting. And generally seen as my friend says "the reason electronic warfare and emcon control isn't often modeled or bothered with in sim games ie because it happens at a level and time scale that is usually above what is being simulated - and because battles are loud anyways - And that there are lot more things to EW than emissions, such as Jamming blocking communication and EMPs" However... having read long article from Finnish tank magasine about use of loitering drones in recent tank battles azerbaijan / armenia I believe this "RF transmissions" keybind could potentially be valuable and perhaps not too difficult to implement to steelbeast. It would add one more layer to battles we already fight. Opfor player or even AI could be calling artillery on Hot areas. Or... alternatively.. Bluefor could potentially even deceive opfor with purposefully sending " fake RF transmisisions." bit like.. "Fake minefields" And reason for players "who choose to or agree to" use it to control their radio transmissions. I think this would be good idea because this seems easiest and most convenient way to get it to happen. And those who think it is too much, could either opt out by not binding it. And that controlling who have it bound would be up to game groups. Also.. because we cannot have hand signals on steelbeast currently. Perhaps we could eventually get signal flags for things like "Radio damage" "Problem" etc. Because those would be pretty good visual indication of why unit is there but not seen on the map. "Oh it has Radio damage flag" Or something like sort.
  6. until
  7. Casual Multicrew with Saber on Saturday 15th at 16:00 GMT https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Casual+Multicrew&iso=20220115T16&p1=%3A&ah=2 Roughtly 1.5 hour session. Will pick & modify small roughtly platoon sized mission(s) according to intel who will join. Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 Newcomers welcome. - Gunners are more than welcome as well we do have good amount of experienced players to be your commanders. We will play in relaxed / flexible manner - But will attempt to follow some procedures to ensure smoothness of session for everyone. Coming: @Lumituisku @Commissar_Martin @JAG-11A
  8. Not sure why... but those are actually quite nice screenshots? Perhaps because those are less.. made up and hence look more real?
  9. just your normal IP i think... if you write "My ip" to net browser it should give you page that tells you your IP below "Whats my IP"
  10. And better stamina modeling. Current one is horrible. That our infantry cannot move on jogging more than 500 meter is... Cruelty for mech infantry users. In army my platoon was said to be out of shape.. and we were out to do cooper test every Monday on full gear! We didn't get 3km... But we got around 1.5km - 2km in time given... But we had to do full 3km anyways... Just went that last bit.. on what kind of is bit between current jogging and crawling. And i was in heavy reqoilles riffle platoon. Not light infantry. So.... Please. *kitty eyes*
  11. I have afor many many years wondered how that system even worked in real life! thank you, I think your post makes pieces to fit together!
  12. Problem is... Something has changed since last update.. and I don't know the extra steps necessary to get it working on sharer's end. But this is how it used to be <.<
  13. Your son's PC needs to have SB installed. Codemeter software installed. Then Open codemeter "Webadmin" at bottom right. (you get this window by clicking this blue icon with white circles) Then.. Go to configuration drop menu and find Basic / Server search list And add your server IP to server search list... and remember to hit Apply.
  14. Happy Near year to everyone from Finland too ~
  15. Thank you everyone who joined this Casual Multicrew Session. More like this coming in future. Hopefully we can eventually get some crews working together nicely over the time of many sessions. You guys did good job! And big thank you for all those who Participated on ACSDR retake. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 🥳
  16. Team Saber (dedicated to multicrew and small size / short PVE missions) If you are interested PM me, and I will invite you to our dedicated discord. Otherwise you can follow Multiplayer section of forums for my mission announcements. Theres 2 for tomorrow.
  17. Opfor was absolutely terrifying.. just listen my voice when I finally saw what we were up agaisnt
  18. Np, I am aware of the inconvenience and this is most casual anyways... teaching bad habits to new players for you get mad about later on.
  19. Hi guys, I am arranging retake Armored Cough Suryp Delivery Rally on Friday 31th at 18:00 GMT - Will last aproximately 45 minutes (If you ask for a tank, you can get Leopard2, M1 or CV90 but only if you have player driver otherwise those are too SLOW!) https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Retake+tank+version+of+Armored+Cough+Suryp+delivery+Rally&iso=20211231T18&p1=1440&am=45 Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 This is for Fun and Giggles. If you're not sure what this missions is all about check out this post and video below. Let me know if you're able to come. (I know it is new years eve, but I will be busy on weekend so... 😅 bad timing as usual. )
  20. Hi guys. If there is interest for casual multicrew training with Saber 15:00 GMT at Friday 31th https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Casual+multicrew+with+Saber&iso=20211231T15&p1=%3A&ah=2 It will be About 2 hour session then 1 hour break and then roughly 45 minute session of Armored Cought Syryp Delivery Rally retake. (Tank version hopefully) Let me know if youre interested to come. I am organising possibly more than one small mission for my friends then. You are welcome to join up Going to update this post as I choose some missions to go with. Most likely something with platoon of tanks. (probably Leopards) Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077
  21. Umm.. heads up. It seems that nearly everyone from Saber besides me are unable to come some are sick, one got business things to do. - "Commissar Martin" will try, but he is kinda sick. So I probably gotta take lead anyways.
  22. Probably rare enough not to happen when you want it but common enough to appear when you don't. Yet insignificant enough to be shrugged off... Untill it happens once too many to someone and then... This. - I have and keep investing lot to Steelbeast in many ways. Such as telling people how good this sim is and bringing in new people. And i keep teaching them to use AAR tool to learn. And we go through our performance... And then something like this comes up .. that i just cannot explain coherently. I have developed few sentences for it. "It's likely a fault in modeling armor when projectile meets horizontal surfaces" "Uh these things can happen on all games when there's unexpected collision" "This is 20 year old base engine it has some limits" And so on... But I'm sure that you understand that it nags me every time when such happens. And that is... "Noticable annoyance" With friends we often laugh at it being just one of properties of Steelbeast. "Unexplainable to our common sense or real life physics but totally normal for Steelbeast" Thus i have been long enough in these forums to remember several examples where there's been .... Questionable stuff noticed from AAR. And sadly i feel like even when "surprising AAR results happens "often" it isn't or hasn't been worth of bringing up. I don't have numbers for it .. but if there's interest to get numbers... I humbly suggest creating a topic where people could post screenshots whenever stuff like this happens. Then developers could get idea of what this fuss is about. Perhaps users have missed some physics lessons. Or maybe it's because of something in engine devs know about. Or maybe it is mystery to all parties. Or better yet... Stuff is actually really rare not to be bothered. Of course we couldn't get all pictures.. but i have feeling that if I'm brushing this kind stuff of frequently. Others here might as well. Hence this suggestion that could perhaps over time develop into problem revealing behavior that developers could more readily detect eeerm .... "Problems" on "somewhere" I don't intend that devs should reply to each crazy AAR result picture. To explain it. It would be too overhelming and too much work. But... A topic where we users could post those kind of screenshots and devs could use for example this forum function of hitting "reaction" button to let one who has uploaded know that it's been "noticed" and perhaps even to use some specific reaction for or something like that. Anyways. Thank you @Poofydoodlefor bringing this up. Thank you @Grenny for taking it seriously. Sorry for long "rant"
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