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  1. Heh, guys. Turns out, my last minute scrambles caused quite bit of problems. Someone might have noticed that the theme didn't match one in the pictures posted here. Thats because the map change changed also my modified theme - something that I totally didn't realize. Hence I had lots of problems with traction and getting units to move as I needed. But most importantly... map was littered with stones, and trees were awfully... bushy as on normal map. On my modified theme, those were supposed to be High vis, and with snowy ground. Fortunately I had some cheats... I was able to keep momentum on for you guys. Not to run it to a stalemate as so many times before. But sadly I think it probably wasn't very fun with the bushy trees. And that I had to cheat. Something that I was supposed to be able to go without. But it's good that it was there. I honestly don't understand how I managed to pull this off as well as it came. End result was pretty much what I had hoped for, that both parties were severely depleted.. but that soviet steamroll was "nearly" unstobbable. You nearly made it stall for good in several occasions. I hope you guys enjoed. I am sorry that I managed to fuck up with the theme... and sorry for Wiesel guys... I actually found it from my memo to have it M113 tow instead that it would be playable.. but in my rushing get this ready I had not forgotten how awfull it might be to have AI vehicle there. Perhaps next time this will be on American cold war forces. M1A1s.. and M113s... and hopefully... on correct fucking theme that time. If we ever play this again. PS.. I think I did run out of waypoints for redside. I had nearly 500 preplanned waypoints. And I found myself deleting useless waypoints just in case since my units seemed... unresponsive at times at half way of mission. 😂
  2. Heres the mission file for Host / CO https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CJss5QctTD0sCHUWoG7jDJ-vdAY3PgDw/view?usp=sharing
  3. There's just one recon platoon, not two. Nice. Ill try to get my hands on the map then to embed it to final scenario version.
  4. Tankograds Blog he has discord channel too. https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/p/home.html?m=1
  5. Out of curiosity, in game is it worse when looking to sides while traveling cross country vs looking direct front?
  6. That would be @TSe419E He served on those for many years. anything he says you can take pretty much as a fact. And he did just confirm that those were... ungainly. Yeah sucks but that's how things sometimes are on Armor. Also about Track IR It's slightly better but not much. You cannot move your head sideways only in depth. So in essence it's same as with N key just bit.. smoother.
  7. I'm pretty sure there's no such option or it's missing from M60. Probably for some reason perhaps because physical distance to vision locks? That in needs to lean in like This how ever is really slow and ungainly. And pretty much reason why I was swinging commander's cupola back and forth on first place.
  8. Hi there. Today I got this idea that could it be possible to change some mission editor placeable object into a landmine / IED? Like perhaps one of signs, or maybe that Claymore mine? It would still require mission editor to actually place IED on that location, but atleast it could be possible to have something "Fishy" on the ground on a small "Point" area. And also make it feasible to use engineers to disarm the danger. In Finland in antitank unit where I served each squad of troops of heavy reqoilles riffle was issued with 4 landmines. To either scratter on dirt road (prefetably buried) Or to make a stacked big bomb, to destroy possible plow / roller tank. Currendly in steelbeast its sort of possible to have single landmines on a road... but it requires lot of em being outside of road. So I was thinking what if using wismod for Claymore or one of the signs that are placeable on mission editor. That way even the person without the mod could still see the anomaly and get feeling that it may not be good idea to drive over this spot.
  9. I cannot promise anything as I am about to return from UK day before and am still sick with cold plus weird occasional stinging flank pain I'm am going to Doctor for on Monday. But if I can I'll try to participate. Also Harry's Sick too and may not be around either.
  10. I do understand problem with Saurons all seeing eye. Though... I wonder could I wish for a test pilot feature for community to see bu trial and error if it could actually be usable to have such autonomyous drone. Could be like quadcopter or something, with limited mobility and range of view (or ability for scenario maker to decide its range of view). Then by trial we could actually judge better if it... would work like that or and what else would be needed to make such um... developmental feature to work better in future. Such feature could actually be desirable to scenario makers in some situations. And it could also help those who control opfor with one to few players in community games.
  11. I think that futher developlent of detection system, and adding some more elements to it would be sufficient. - Use of dummies Wouldn't it be possible to give existing units, option to be a dummy? Aka.. no value, that wouldn't apply to scoring.. and that perhaps would have burned texture added as default? - the use of camouflage This is find very important. However adding camoflage to all units would take very long time. With Camoflage though there is the other side "Concealment" And effective use of shadows during movement. Also... "leaving track trails. / destroed vegetation". What I would love to see to be futher developed on detection system is that players could in future find it rewarding to use shadows / concealment - the use of decoy troop positions Isn't this already possible though? And especially so if we would get dummies? Isn't it like same thing? I think that it would be beneficial to think players perspective from point of AFV crew view of what they need to train to, and especially of what would be important to rehearse often. As for electronic warfare, unless Esims is going to implement VOIP, id leave lot of that for users to find out how they implement it. Thought... VOIP, seems to be a thing that eventually may become necessary. Im looking at the other services and how things are going and have a chilling feeling that it isn't coincidence that a great many games have VOIP in them. Before I wondered why to bother to use those, but as things are going, it's actually starting to make more and more sense to use such services build into games.
  12. @Raven434th make sure you get your hosting set up, because I cannot host next week as I will be in UK. I wish you guys a great game there.
  13. 2 minutes stare off.. without firing NLAW, no matter what I pressed and did. + Fire at will + Shoot this target and nothing.
  14. Unless guys protest a lot. I think Delta 2 platoon goes on following manning. D21 / Platoon leader @Commissar_Martin aka Harry Team Saber UK D22 / platoon leaders wingman @Hedgehog D 23 Lumis wingman @MTLB-CMDR_Finn aka Leafy (FIN) (Maybe) D 24 Platoon sergeant @Lumituisku Team Saber (FIN) we may swap things up yet.. but I am thinking like this because Harry is really good at listening communication and in tactics and he can chat english with Hedge. And on second section I can chat Finnish if need be with Leafy. This time seems that I didn't get anyone else to come and even Leafy isn't certain yet.
  15. Thinking that I would try to get my guys to man D2 CV platoon. Not sure about it yet. Hopefully tomorrow I know for better. Lot of guys couldn't make it, or are unsure at such short notice.
  16. I'll come. I have 2 weeks vagation starting at 11th so I don't need to wake up 4am. And also I want to participate on this event for Swordsman's memory. + It doesn't hurt that scenario is in Finland with Finnish units ❤️ I don't what to sign up for at this time. But I will ask my guys if they are interested of forming a platoon. I could be able to scramble almost Finnish platoon of something.
  17. How about to have primary method as mouse and emergency mode as key presses.
  18. Ill participate. And I'll try to find myself a full crew. Thinking about doing mech infantry or recon this rime, but I'm not sure about it yet. Depends whom I get as grew.
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