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  1. Very sad news indeed. Rest in peace, Dboy. I feel sorry that I didn't have time to get to know him.
  2. Merry Christmas to everyone! Hyvรครค Joulua kaikille!
  3. This is going to be fixed in 4.2? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  4. I have tested SRS in my small group and we approved and took it into use. It is very good and easy way to get good and proper feeling radio system to games. Especially if some players are doing multicrew, or in different missions / areas / teams of operation. I hightly recommend it.
  5. I have been thinking of control handles a lot last few years as well. Well... Until the point when I actually accuired some from AFV sim. Love the quality on those. But back to original topic. I used to play Steelbeast a lot with my old and rugged logitech 3d extreme pro joystick and using SB controls set for control handle. As it makes in my opinion big difference of how you use some vehicles (Leopards & cv). Difference i did to be able to do this I changed palmswich to be activated by trigger instead.. and firing to be from usual Lase button on side. It was bit awkward at t
  6. too many roadwheels.. but small barrel? wtf is that thing?
  7. And was originally cause of all this to begin with. As text says one thing and Sim works other way.
  8. Eeeer... yes and no? Do you still remember this reply from Volcano? So... As I understand.... if I understand it correctly. At some point there was made simplification where "Turret drive" means that you are supposed to enter to manual mode and move turret slowly (aka to use back-up power), am I not correct? And "Turret" means that motor / gear is broken. Atleast that is how it works on all other vehicles (to my knowledge) in Steelbeast. >.< So if that is so... In steelbeast Leopard 2A5 should be ab
  9. I don't know. But I suspect that would be true. I served in 2006 so... its been many years since I was there. Also, there was rule that one was forbitted firing it more than 2-3 times during peace because of possible internal injuries. Boom when firing that thing is shocking ๐Ÿ˜ต
  10. Those seem to be similar to Apilas112 in size and weight. It's one that I had to carry a lot.. you could carry two Alone. Third would slow and begin to wear you down or be on your way too much.. and you couldn't fight or move effectively. So if so it makes 2 for each team member.
  11. Also... It doesn't hey that so many Don't know of hotkey "jump to next engaged unit" and similar hotkeys (Too often because those are unavailable because being used by other programs like nvidia shadow play, track it etc..)
  12. I found following topics about similar problem. And Could it be controller conflict. Do you have some button being pressed constantly?
  13. Do you have similar problem on gunners thermal sigh? And on other vehicles too when using thermals or is this exclusive to m1a2? Sounds that it should reoccur on All thermal sights.
  14. Try using alt+ scrolling with mouse wheel or alternatively just pressing numpad del to get sight to focus. Perhaps that's the reason?
  15. Yeah... SB as in now is overwhelming to almost all the guys in my discord group. Anything larger than platoon usually causes all but me and one another to lose situation awareness and become overwhelmed. Where they start to use F8 + map + manual driving and fighting against AI... (As there is too much to handle they no longer arent able to make good decisions to make best of it and begin to feel as if AI cannot be relied instead ) And as result... They lose faith. Much of it.
  16. Recently I have played quite bit of DF90... and first I though that you can easily burn laser range finder like on M1s, but futher testing of that theory made me baffled. Turns out that DF90 just turns laser range finder off for a moment preventing damage to it, to such degree that it is nearly impossible to do so. However, occasionally even on tank range, or on mission, you get laser range finder damage quite easily. On missions I though that it must have been because it was hit by frackment, but how could that be true on tank range??? So I have kept my eyes open, and done so
  17. I play lot of Steelbeast casually with friends. Small missions, and testing stuff... and quite often we get some good laughs, WTF moments, wins and fails and so. Heres some recent that I trimmed and though to be "fun" or enjoyable. Though... I think that most of stuff here is hardly surprices to veterans in community who know how the sim works. But those newer players in our community hopefully will have some good laughs. (if ones like these are enjoyable... i can upload more like these in future too.)
  18. This is what had baffled me as well. What is moderate loss in Steelbeast? And what happens if unit is alone on waypoint with defend tactic? What then is moderate loss? Is it when unit is no longer operational?
  19. Eeeer, no? I tested and all it does it gives command for driver to go for top speed.. and even on that there is automatic pathfinding after a moment. I can't seem to find way to disable it for manual driving and generally.. only by making a route and setting it to have no pathfinding? (or using scout or breach route) When's comes this that double tap would disable auto patfinding? From infantry controls?
  20. Im trying to say... that I do not find any way of disabling automatic pathfinding from my vehicle to situations where I would want to drive next to road manually with A, D keys, for example to Cooperate with another tank trying to clear a road together so that both tanks come to bends of road same time. Only way to do so, seems to be to make a route that one selects to have no pathfinding.
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