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  1. So I was seeking information of Russian vehicles and stumbled upon this. https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/p/home.html Though to share for you guys.
  2. I suppose that is very reason why it is said that some russian tanks have edge on longer distances with their tube lauched ATGMs Thank you all for your answers. Gibson, Dejawolf and Especially Ssnake. I have learned a lot and I find all this rather valuable. There is one thing though that still bugs my thoughs. On some vehicles and ammunition there is so called minimum range. I believe I saw piece of text in Cv9030(fin) tutorial where it says that APDS ammunition takes a little while to reach its full penetration potential, as sabot parts separate from the ammunition. Those videos I have seen from sabot rounds though, suggest that separation is almost instant, though I suspect it may not be same for every ammunition? Another instance where I have seen this minimun range is with some infantry weapons. I believe it was missiles and perhaps even RPGs? With RPGs what I have noticed is that if you fire those too close to tank... it can often be fatal to infantry nearby, because of fracments from explosion. So my question and wish is as follows... Is there do we have source or method to know minimum range? Could such data added to simulation in future perhaps next to ammunition range? edit: Oh, I just though that it could be that minimum range is more valuable with HEAT warheads? Perhaps it has something to do with arming distance? I may have messed some things up in my memory. 😣
  3. Cheesus... DM33 can fly up up to 130km.... And just loses about 50m/s velocity per kilometer travelled. 😲 Umm... So when most engagements are under 4km, is it safe to assume that in Steelbeast all tank sabot rounds have full penetration up to around 4km? or atleast to "effective range"? Unlike "in popular tank games like WOT and WT." where tank rounds seems to purposefully lose penetration very rabitly. I guess, and may have witnessed how... some older DM rounds seem to lose accuracy on long distances to be worth of trying to hit target without considerable change of missing tank sized targed beoynd the effective range?
  4. Right, Thank you Gibsonm. I wonder... as there are Rha penetration values on same column, does it mean that given Rha penetration is at that range or the best round can do on some other more optimal distance. I also wonder... how much I could theoretically expect to lose from tank sabot round penetration, lets say... if round has to travel one more km after the effective range? perhaps something like 20%?
  5. Sooo, I have recently been more and more interested of manual range finding, and estimating lead. I found this page from wiki to help me out to find velocities of different ammunition. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Ammunition_Data Then I noticed that there is "Range" and while in a way it seems obvious that it is somekind of effective range of ammunition. I got qurious if it really is so? I believe it is possible to fire these rounds more far than range is. Yet... I wonder, what does that actually mean? Should I take it that Range means that at that distance, given penetration value is still achieavable? If so, doesn't that mean that there is even more penetration potential on closer distances? I think I have seen this topic discussed somewhere, but don't seem to be able to find it.
  6. Thank you very much for answer. I suspected that something like that might be reason. But then again, it is very hard to see such point of view, when you really wish for something. And yeah, I understand and agree. Thank you.
  7. Above post makes me wonder if same could be possible with S-tank (Stridsvagn 103)? I mean, I would be prepared to travel to sweden to Arsenalen and to go quite lenghs to get to you what you need for it. It is the one vehicle I would really, really love to see in Steelbeast.
  8. A lot of people wish a great many things from products that appeal to them. That there is such much wishing means there is that appeal as well. Though that said, I do aprove what Ssnake said abobe. And I sincerely wish Esimgames stays true to chosen path. And, more over I love Steelbeast so much that if it ever happens (unlikely) that Id become millionaire by winning lottery or such, id donate huge portion of that for development of next generation Steelbeast by Esim games. As for the GHPC I believe it has gunner sights as well... to shoot things. There is video of such. And by what I have seen.. commander and possibly in future gunner position.
  9. Forwarding this from my friend Harry Martin who is relatively new player in Steelbeast. Harry Martin: The editors would be nice, particularly the map editor, and maybe a practical explanation of route and waypoint planning, as those were things it took me a while to figure out. Vehicle specific commander/Gunner video tutorials would be nice, in the style of the Chieftain's videos on the M1 and M60 Having those for some of the less popular vehicles, or ones with obscure fire controls that don't have very informative wiki pages like the CV90NL would be good The one thing I could never figure out is a non-clunky way to create a route path in a real time mission but not have the vehicle start to follow it immediately Or to have multiple units start moving at once
  10. Lumituisku

    is SB my new sim

    This may be helpful to you. If possible. I recommend you to join to Kanium's multiplayer session. There are many people from Denmark I believe. And I am in understanding that they have game later today. Also I would follow this topic on the forums
  11. Lumituisku

    is SB my new sim

    Before you ask.. as I understand it. Simulation is in small pieces that those can fit to cd/dvd and more easy to download on places with terrible interned connections. Not convenient but manageable. Updates usually come in convenient form of small patch that is downloaded separately and have own installer. Also future updates to maps works that you download SB Pro Maps Download Manager This tool is used to get maps from the eSimGames map server. If you have any previous versions installed, please uninstall them before installing V19. SB Pro Map Tools v19 And (as I have understood it) with new map ID given or found from forums you download map you are looking for that didn't come with base package. This map tools part is not necessary for testing though, only if you want to play new missions that use map that you do not already have.
  12. Lumituisku

    is SB my new sim

    To try SB you need to.. to download all the necessary things to run the sim. All the map parts. Yes all these you install one time only. These are separate thing but sim needs these to work. SB Pro PE Maps Installer – to install, download all the archives below to the same folder, along with the maps installer executable. Then run the maps installer executable once all the files have finished downloading,. Maps Installer Part 1A Maps Installer Part 1B Maps Installer Part 1C Maps Installer Part 2A Maps Installer Part 2B Maps Installer Part 2C Maps Installer Part 3A Maps Installer Part 3B Maps Installer Part 3C Maps Installer Executable Install actual sim. SB Pro PE 4.162 Installer The RELEASE NOTES are available. Download each part below, and once all downloads are complete, double click the part 1 exe to start the install process. Please ensure you have uninstalled previous versions of SB Pro PE first. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 If you just want to try it out. You would need to buy a time limited licence. Or ask someone to loan you licence temporarily (That person needs to be online for it to work. I can do that and many others too I am sure.) If you want the sim. Then either go for 1 Year SB Pro PE Time-Limited License. Or buy Steel Beasts Pro PE Classic License
  13. I have seen this happening when I was playing with extreme view distances on weather menu. I wonder if that's the reason?
  14. Chees that is cramped from inside. I guess this is video you refer to? And As said. I had no knowledge, I just read the text and assumed too much, sorry about that I'm glad that I was corrected right away. I gotta ask the museum staff about it next time when I visit there.
  15. I have understood that it was manual loading mechanically assisted or something of sort... Hence on t55 and T62 turret will stop turning and (if I don't remember wrong) gun will point up when loading.
  16. And here are some photos of a T-55M from training grounds.. I suspect that it may end up being practice target at some point. (Link may not be safe! Photos are linked below) https://pikdo.biz/p/finlandatwar/2018454920006430337_1350437717 Would be interesting to know if someone can identify if this thing still has mechanical loading or not?
  17. In the book there was mention that Russia didn't even offer never better heat rounds for sale. They offered only those with up to same penetration as offered sabot rounds. Also. Finland actually did try to buy equipment from pretty much everywhere. It was our major policy at the time to purchace things internationally from any country that would have equipment that would fit to our needs and conditions and most importantly... bugged. For example we wanted to buy British centurions but those were not sold for us. And when we bough Charioteers and comet's instead.. hoping to be able to upgrade those with better guns later on. Such gun was not for sale for us. In short... we bough from where we could, and what we could. trying to get best that would work for us and fit our bugged. For long time.. it ended up to be Soviet union, but it was never meant to be only source. I will likely read these books and after that I hopefully will be able to tell better why things ended up being as it was. Hah... you would be amazed how long those lasted in service According to books... I saw mention that usually we purchased some extra vehicles to cannibalize for spare parts. And we did try to do as much repairs and upgrades ourself as possible. Even for Stug we tried to re-rubberize those roadwheels.. but that didn't work out so in the end those were considered for wartime service because those road wheels would not have lasted in "training" As towards end.. when vehicles start breaking up.. more and more will be cannibalized for spares. As long as ammunition is capable to kill expected enemy targets. When that is no longer true, vehicles will be tried to find secondary roles.. as recovery vehicle or platform for anti aircraft guns. When that no longer is possible.. vehicles will end up to be targets on shooting range and later melted for scrap metal. Some will likely be saved for museum or memorials "statue like" roles. Usually empty hulls. Our Museum though has plenty of vehicles that can be driven on their own power. BTW... I found really interesting piece of text from our museum... This 100 TK is T-55 Turret... intended for our coastal defense. And what makes this even more interesting is.. that same Depot that did T-55 Modernisation and maintenance also did all these and maintenance to these.. So... I kind of wonder. Was reloading in our T-55s changed from mechanical to manual as well?
  18. Well... Sources I referred here on last couple of my post were from internet forums and from users I do not know... And would not blindly trust either. Soo there is that too. Also M-1000 could be... Finnish designation on it or so... I did see mention of Mecar there though. And how... Eeer... I guess reading all these books thoroughly could reveal it. What little I did read there was some really... Fancy ways of getting even adequate armor at that time because some nation's did not trust Finland because of Soviet / Russian proximity and poor information security. It was considered possible that secrets given would leak to unwanted hands and hence many sales of vehicles and possible upgrades of FCS or gun were denied because of that. Quite similar likely as how Soviet Union / Russia refused to sell some of their equipment or ammunition at times. And we're often it seemed to be political tool as well. But how did we get that ammunition... I have no idea... Yet. I'm curious though, so perhaps further reading will reveal that. Also on the forum I found lot of this stuff there was claim that Finland still has 9 T-55m (Fin) at use based on statistics publicly shown on Finnish Defense Forces site. And some of those were seen in exercise in 2016. There are many other wild claims.. too that I just do not buy at this point but history will reveal if those were or weren't true.
  19. T55m (FIN) Gunners controls https://ylilauta.org/sota/74651036#no95571871 Interesting post claiming that Finnish T-55 had better firecontrol than Leopard 2A4... automatic target tracking and very fast calculations.. but old "stabilization" meaning that shooting from move wasn't accurate. But once stopped, its claimed to be top quality. Though... I am bit suspicious of that claim... Ooh here I found ammunition information. https://ylilauta.org/sota/74651036#no115562517 MyÜs T-55M:n belgialainen M-1000 -ampumatarvike osoittautui paremmaksi läpäisyssään kuin T-72M1:n teräsnuolinen 3BM18. M-1000 kun läpäisee vielä 2 kilometrissä 350 mm, mutta 3BM18 vain 290 mm. So apparently T-55 used Belgium Sabot round M-1000 that has penetration of 350mm in 2km distance. And T-72 used 3BM18. M-1000 (Steel arrow) that penetrates 290mm in 2km distance. Here is a video of Modified finnish t-72 prototype..
  20. I found from interned discussion that was related to T-72 a following comment. "Päivitys PV:n vaatimalle tasolle olisi maksanut paljon (siinä oli mm. koko etupanssaroinnin uusinta), ja lisäksi Venäjä kieltäytyi myymästä parhaita nuoliammuksiaan vaunuihin. Suomalaisten piti tyytyä export-mallisiin ammuksiin, joissa oli vähemmän panssarinläpäisyä kuin viime vuoden loppuun asti käytÜssä olleiden T-55M FIN -vaunujen belgialaisissa nuoliammuksissa." In short it says.. Russia refused to sell Finland their better ammunition for T-72 and Apparently T-55 latest sabot ammo from Belgium was better than "Export (non russian)" ammunition used in our t-72s Found same info from this PDF document.. https://www.doria.fi/bitstream/handle/10024/172850/Ylijohdon_reservi-Petteri-Jouko.pdf?sequence=3&isAllowed=y Page 223
  21. This book says that T-72 ammunition had speed roughly 1800 m/s and penetration of 650-800 depending of type of ammunition. Perhaps that helps a bit. Also there is interesting mention that at same time with T72s being purchased from east german (and other armor vehicles) there was as well massive purchases from china... makes me wonder... could it be ammunition for T-72s? As I am not aware that Finland would have bough actual vehicles from China.. so it has to be something else.
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