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  1. Based on my experiences with new guys I bring to Steelbeast... and their feedback to me. - More simple missions with grew positions mostly gunner (with freedom to go to other positions / not limited to) - More missions that are (graphically) simple, plain, with absolutely minimal briefing (few lines) - Missions where they get to blow up stuff (pop turrets [t-tanks and bmps] because it is satisfying to them) - Very short missions usually less than 45 minutes are preferred as that often feels like strech. As short as..5-20 minutes would likely be what they ofte
  2. - Small missions that would be of aproximately platoon size or less... where you do not need to jump from unit to unit. Where you can stay within platoon leaders vehicle and use key commands to command your platoon. - Missions that are short 15-45minutes and simple. Like... Border patrol and Platoon recon - Missions where even radio messages are english So often I feel that I miss something important when I have no clue what radio messages say when those are in foreign language Also... More and differend kind of Tank ranges / tables to test your skills -
  3. I wrote this earlier in reply but didn't send it as i thought it should be send somewhere else. Thanks for splitting thread btw. --- do you mean as what i feel about infantry in sb = too slow and gets bogged down way too much. where it either does next to impossible and deadly precice snapshots wit rpgs on the open or far more often bogs down in presence of afvs on terrain where it should do well but doesn't and becomes just a bunch of sitting dugs... as a new guy so recently complained to me about how uninteresting fighting against even scripted infantry
  4. Umm... I haven't uploaded any of mine because I am frankly scared of negative feedback. My missions seem to be those kind that... Well... I'm not sure how to put this right. I'll just quote some feedback's over the years. - "are not realistic as in don't use realistic tactics or unit set ups." - "are often located in restricted terrain (Finland) and hence it is often though that tanks shouldn't even be there on first place." - "are often described as missions you'd expect to see in Arma." - "user has very small amount of units and freedom because friend
  5. Uh... I just remembered problem i thought regarding making missions for money. Once one who has paid for such decides to share or play with others that hard work goes to basically free circulation. Thought honestly i prefer it that way. And yes, i would be willing to pay donations for missions i find to my liking. Problem is though... I find very small portion of missions to my liking. Usually those that i don't like... Are too overhelming in one or more ways.
  6. 👍 awesome screenshot too, Welcome to Steelbeast!
  7. 😮 I would have though round to come from higher angle even in AAR. On video it seems to have sugh high angle. I was thinking that it probably hit upper hull plate on deep angle and thats why penetrated. Because roof armor isn't that thick on most AFVs Awesome shot and great video clip! Well done sir *salutes*
  8. Incredible shot. - Where was target hit to?
  9. Still wishing for loader position to be crewable... one day hopefully. Also wishing for identification pictures / numbers. In Finnish army they use "Hearts, Spades, Diamonds ja Clubs" as platoon vehicle tags. I am not sure witch one is witch though. One day perhaps. I am pretty sure these both have been mentioned many times, already over the years, but sometimes one wants to get bit of feel of these places so got bit of screenshotting done while wishing. And heh.. I am not only one... most of my friends I play with rough
  10. What I find odd is that rest of the tank is seen through the mesh, even moving lower hull. 👍
  11. As tittle says Leopard, loaderx isn't rendered trough the mesh curtain around the gun problem occurs on all leopards
  12. I agree with Ssnake on almost everything he says there. And if you look at AFV sim handles... You find that there is Soo many categories too. what i disagree Is play style . To my experience what ssnake says applies to most people here. But then again I'm weirdo who chooses to stick to leopards and crew positions. Hence i can get by with one set up without need to bind different keys for every different vehicle. 😉
  13. Just to let you guys know here is one more choice to consider.. https://virpil-controls.eu/shop/flightsticks.html Virpil they make really good sticks and also button boxes. Though base and stick are sold separate and prices get salty very quickly.
  14. Thanks, so, in your opinion, a one hand control handle (= joystick) is better for SB, because there are so many other things to control with the second, free hand? With a "rare" two hand control handle, this would probably be not so easy. Except when just playing in the position of a gunner and nothing else... It has 12 buttons on the base and 4 (+ 8-way hat switch) on the stick. So more are needed for SB? The two hand control handle from 12Alfa has only 4 buttons. I come to the "interim result" : it will maybe not be so easy, t
  15. Having tried many solutions... I do recommend mouse and keyboard or Joustic that is easy to use along with mouse and keyboard. Thing with steelbeast is that you need mouse for so many things. Especially for commanding units that are separate from your platoon. A platoon... you could command with joystic too. There are simple commands that could be mapped to joystic. Though the biggest problem with choosing a joystic is... well. Almost all AFVs have different kind of control handles and logic behind buttons. You can easily get your joystic to match your favorite.. or several favorite veh
  16. Following missions as well lack milans from milan teams. PZgren Assault PZgren Defence Meeting Engagement
  17. Atleast these missions, show that problem.
  18. We just noticed that with track damage AFV can only move intact track forwards and same happens when turning steering colum to either direction. Basically with left track damaged you can only turn left... even if you press D key to turn to right ( and W and X do nothing) right track damaged you can only turn right... even if you press A to turn left ( and W and X do nothing) I am pretty sure in past perhaps long time ago, you were able to reverse "X key" with intact track as well as turning tank to other direction lets say left, while going for
  19. Also mission "Border patrol" has this same problem too. Marder milan teams have no missiles. I believe that this may be more widespread than expected.
  20. Some vehicles on offroad are terrible slow. What vehicles were you controlling as commander?
  21. I made a gameplay music video. Listened this (in my opinion awesome music) and got permission to use it on Steelbeast video. Lil different one this time, ahahah. no F8!
  22. We have threads for "we love videos" and "photos" I think it would be great idea to have one for Streams as well. We have after all several streamers in our community right?
  23. I believe that de-sync is caused by something else than join in progress. To my exprerience it's likehood is increased every time host opens new session on Steelbeast. So to have best change for least DE-synch I recommend that who ever is host. To very least, restart Steelbeast, perhaps whole pc, would be good to be restarted before longer MP session. If not.. likehood for... weird De-synch stuff increases. Especially if clients have little bit of lag or packet loss. I have done lot of join in progress and it doesn't seem to be cause to de-synch, I have a hu
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