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    Operation Talon Strike

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    Played this first mission TS_PH_I TS_PH_I_3656_021322TUULI1434.aar with friend. And had strange problems with forces on east doing weird things.  Leopards got to half way and didn't proceed after that.  And pizarros went forward in column, stopped and got slaugtered on the column.  Adding AAR to help you troubleshoot the possible problem. 


    I played mission twice, first time we got too many... well not casualties but mission kills, and was unable to continue as platoon.  

    Second time, was with 1 leopard lost, (at cost of lot of pizarros).  I feel that that mission is perhaps bit too difficult to be advertized to be for beginners (probably tells a lot about my level of competence too ahahahaah)  xD  


    Otherwise, I just want to say that first mission was a blast.  Loved it. You get 5 stars from me and other 5 stars from @Commissar_Martin

    The Defense of Ceuta

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    Tested if I could open this and I could.  However I noticed couple of things that may come as hiccups to unwary 


    If you get error that your steelbeast is unable to find the map package


    1.   You may need to restart Steelbeast becauce  at the start Steelbeast Scans map folders to see what is available, and if you added map while your Steelbeast wasn't running that new map is not in the list.
    2.   It is possible to effectively hide Connaugh Ceuta to yet another folder named Connaugh Ceuta when unzipping if using option  "Unzip to folder Connaugh Ceuta"    Make sure you find  folloving contents when opening that folder and not yet another folder of same nameimage.png.85c96da20328ba74d9720a5ada251c5d.png
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