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File Reviews posted by Lumituisku

  1. This is very nice mission with great story and materials to be inspired 4 stars. And truly for single player +1 star.


    I agree with Mirza there. Would be nice if enemy would begin to maneuver a little bit instead pushing along of road full of burning wrecks. It would likely be a bit better if tanks would drive alongside of the road and trucks on the road.   Also, would be more challenging if enemy would open fire sooner. As it is, its bit too easy once you get your aiming correct. 


    Still I enjoyed this mission greatly even when I discovered yet another new pug. Apparently in Shotcal players are unable to change to emergency mode to continue fighting when they get stabilization damage.  (AI does this well enough) So brief jump to f8 or driver position should help if you face same problem I did. 

    CG04 Beidenbeck Bridge

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    Good, not too difficult mission for 4+ players 


    For single player this mission is rather taxing, and I would not rate this mission as easy either for that reason.


    Beside all that, I liked this one. It felt immersive, and terrain was nice, and so was weather. Enemy movement was sup-ricing, though I did end up wondering why they did not pull back after suffering casualties.


    This would be very nice mission for a group of players, where each has a front line platoon to take care of, and on such Id say that this would be much easier too.



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