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  1. Saturday multicrew as usual. Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 



    Feel free to discus here.  Also signing up really helps me to decide what missions to play together. Also if there is some specific mission or vehicle youd want to play with please let me know and I can try to arrange it to be on the mission.  This week were going to do more relaxed manner, since I am back to work (heavy & physical)  and I am not going to worry myself sick of what were going to play xD  


    New comers welcome as always.  


  2. 8 hours ago, Dakota7 said:

    Does anyone have advice, tips, tricks on how to function as a T-72 tank commander when buttoned up?

    I apologize if this has been asked and answered before, I did try a forum search first but most deal with tank gunnery.

    I've been playing SB for a bit over a year now mostly as a TC or gunner for NATO tanks (Abrams, Leo, etc..), no problems there (was an Abrams crewman IRL).


    Recently I'm trying to learn Soviet tanks, mostly T-72. After some practice I understand the gunnery part, but now trying to work as a T-72 tank commander damn is it difficult to maintain situational awareness and stay in formation when buttoned up (which I assume is how they fought and what I want to learn).


    I tried a custom Platoon Recon mission but those didn't go well. So I made a simple scripted scenario with a Soviet tank company that starts in column then deploys into line of battle, I've played several times as a wingman TC but still get lost and fall out of formation while buttoned up.


    The vision blocks only give a small forward field of view, for the periscope I use the "," key for azimuth stabilization but still bounces around too much on the move to make sense of anything.
    Is there something I'm missing?  
    Any advice? Thanks.

    There's currently bug that prevents periscope to be elevated over 0 degrees. Or to put it in other words. It is not known for sure how much it can elevate. That takes Peri out of action when moving. On real life crews can use their body mass to semi stabilize it too. Though it still would be very difficult to actually spot stationary objects.  The other method is vision block. Those are quite big and you can see quite Large area from each. However unlike real life on Steelbeast you cannot rotate cupola to scan around while observing from vision blocks. So .. that is goner too. 


    Only thing remaining is to be unbuttoned. 

  3. 6 hours ago, xReCoNsLaYeR said:

    Yeah lol, let me see what i can delete


    If you have cleared up atleast 20gb space from C drive (for temporary files) and from destination drive you can disregard whats written below. And just proceed to do full installation.


    Your problem probably was: 

    • During map installation you got error that you didn't have enough space available.  ( this probably means that C drive wasn't able to temporaly hold all needed data that is going to be installed to another drive.   Maps by default take just under 14 gb )
      • As result you probably changed default maps installing option to "custom" or more likely "minimum" 
        • Custom option installs only selected maps. - You will be short of some maps.
        • Minimum option I believe doesn't install any maps, or only one flat map. (It may however still create folders for all missing maps and that makes it difficult to keep track what you have or have not installed)
        • Selecting either causes that not all maps are installed. Fix is quite simple.
          • If you chose to save installers on disk find where installers were saved and in particular find "Maps installer" and run it.  This time, if you don't have enough space on C drive. Choose custom install and select amount of maps you are able to install. 
            • Maps size is just sligtly under 14 gigabytes if you select all the maps. So begin from top down or bottom up and write the name of last selected map, you're going to install.  -> You need to repeat this process by always selecting maps you didnt have installed, until you have all the maps installed. / Or you need to know and choose what maps you want to install and keep a list what you have installed
          • In case you didn't save installers,  use bundle installer / or download it again from 






    • When installing steelbeast to a custom location -> I hightly advice to create a separate folders for  "MAPS", "Steelbeast"  and "Map transfer tools"  
      • By default all the content is going to be installed into location you choose.  Steelbeast installer currendly does not create separate folder where it installs any of these.
        • MAPS is part that you install once and that you do not need to uninstall during updates. 
    • During installation progress always check and be aware WHERE you are installing and WHAT you are installing. 
      • "Do not install MAPS into Steelbeast base-game folder or if you do, at very least create folder maps in there before doing that!!!" (Only fix is to uninstall everything and start again)








    We need guide for installing SB or parts of it to different location. / How to install maps in 2 or more bundles   

  4. 1 hour ago, xReCoNsLaYeR said:

    I had to reinstall because i wanted to play scenarios but it said "Could not find the map this (legacy) scenario is based on!" so i thought i had to install the map package and well, that screwed up the Program. 

    Did you happen to be low on disk space and during installing maps chose to install "Minimum" required amount of maps? 


    Does your C drive  (one where Windows is installed) happen to be nearly full. Like less than 15gb free space?

  5. 16 hours ago, xReCoNsLaYeR said:

    I downloaded SBmapPackageInstaller and put in into the SB Pro PE and it just stay stuck on "file Paths" "map Package Folder, D:\SB Pro PE" and when i press ok it does nothing, and when i press cancel it get me out of the Program, Please Help!

     Did you get it to work?  

  6. 7 hours ago, Gibsonm said:


    Why not just join the BG ANZAC session?


    Umm..  indeed.  I am terribly sorry to not have realized that.  However the person who asked this mission told me the time when he would become available and that would be 1 hour late for you guys. 😕

    I did however just play with a new person from Europe, to whom I highly recommended BG ANZAG. 👍   Hopefully he contacts you guys.  

  7. 6 hours ago, 12Alfa said:

    Think you can adjust this, if I understand the question. Have you tried to select, and drag?


    Yes you can adjust it. Point is to be able to do it more smoothly and even if zoomed in. Without need to zoom out. 


    4 minutes ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

    Use the STAY command instead of Defend/Hold


    Not the point. Yes stay would take away unwanted movement, but again point is to quickly be able to adjust LOS bubble without need to zoom out or dragging it with mouse.

  8. I will likely host / play some Steelbeast at Saturday 14th, regular time at around: 



    Where - Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077   


    However this time I will not put calendar event, and have nothing pre planned.   If you are interested to join me then.  You can reply here / pm me on forum or discord.   ~  Lumi



  9. Suggestion:

    • When in map view, and making a route that ends to Battle position. It could be good to have quick method of adjusting "LOS" bubble distance  perhaps with N / shift + N   keys. perhaps by 500m increments?   
      • Currently all BPs seem to by default have very far  LOS bubble and this causes players to witness AI movements they didn't intend to happen. 
      • Currendly when player is zoomed in, the LOS bubble may be far away to even see, and if player is controlling multible units   hitting this  Shift + N   to bring LOS bubble closer   would help player to actually  grap and adjust it then with mouse.  Instead of them just ignoring setting it up  (what I see currently a lot )


  10. Right now I am still trying to tackle a case where new guy, very interested of Steelbeast is trying to get maps to install to D drive. But according to him  it stubbornly want's to install those to C drive.   o.O   


    It is very hard to sometimes understand what is going on, to help out these guys, and not everyone is willing to share their screen that I could understand what is the problem.  

  11. 10 minutes ago, Retro said:

    Hm I guess we could add a confirmation dialogue that shows the user where the maps would be placed?


    Not sure if that is sufficient because not all people have sufficient language or PC language understanding.  Problem is that these guys assumed that upon selecting location a folder for Maps would be created to destination location.  Instead of maps contend being installed to this location.  


    Once it caused horrible mess when a person wanted to keep everything in same place and wanted to install "maps" to folder that installer did for Steelbeast. What happened installer installed Maps content amongs folder where Steelbeast content was installed.  


    I believe even that could have worked out if first there would been created folder  "Maps"  and then installed map content to that folder.  


    Hence I advocate that these installers would create folder for files to be installed in. Instead of installing content to that selected location.  

  12. Dear platoon leaders and XO

    @Commissar_Martin @Assassin 7 @IrishHussar @Nike-Ajax @Colebrook @Kingtiger @Grenny @Mirzayev 



    Some conclusions...

    • Area around coffee..  south west of map  was not good terrain for Armor and heavily favored defender. 
      • Our force was tank  not mech infantry heavy!  Should have focused on terrain favoring tanks.  And focused clearing 7up and fanta first.. and then given mech infantry free hands with coffee.   /  CV90s  would probably have dealt well there with their 40mm bofors  
    • ROADS!  - I forgot importance of roads for quick movement.  I forgot to emphasize how important it is for quick and decicive mission that we secure and control important roads, to get supplies, and reinforces into action as quickly as possilbe. 
      • AFVs are fine on cross country and they are meant to do just that. Use the terrain to their advantage. However they do not have endless ammunition.. and moving units back and forth trough woods is hellish.
        • Note to self.  Assign / emphasize importance of critical roads to be captured and cleared for rabit deployment use. 
    • Communications, we had some problems but not too much.  Also here I think that having task forces actually worked great for me, de cluttering communications from my end. As for once I was able to keep up much better when my attention was required!  ✌️
    • PLAN safe and effective flight paths for helicopters.  I did that on the first mission I CO:ed, and it worked creat.
      • THis time I failed, as I placed apatche on top of one of most high hills on map and it got taken out in matter of 10 seconds. 
        • Previously when it worked I had planned it  so that effective areas were limited to "KNOWN" front sector
    • Next time, I better stick to plan and not panic too early. Mauler was doing great work, and enemy effort was on south, not on north.  



    • R1 did admirably.  Good scouting, you guys provided good intel and even participated to battle.  Well done! 
    • A1 and A2.  I am terribly sorry to have assigned you terrain that was NOT TANKY Terrain at all, and that favored defending enemy troops.  You gyus had bad cards but did good job with what you had.  Also you tried hard to guard mech infantry, and assist them.  👍
      • But alas they had just too powerful weapons that I had not counted as serious treath during planning.  
    • C2  had hard time and hellish losses along with A2, but you gyus did a lot of bloody fighting in Coffee that was - nearly impossible to take. Still we got it thanks to you guys.
    • A3 and A4 - Good initiative and coms!  Helped me a lot.  And you guys did great job!  
    • C1 - Good job at moving to Felix and rabitly deploying to defensive positions.  I am sorry that my orders at middle of mission were conflicting, but you guys picked up the role quickly and started to execute it well!  


    It is pleasure to CO Kanium missions.

    You guys show such good initiative.

    At around 40 minutes in I commented to Harry that what the hell am I even needed here for xD 

    You guys were doing all the work  without me needing to do anything. 


    At the end though there was decitions to be made, and I finally felt useful.   

    Harry did comment to me that my role was to provide plan, and to sit back and asses the situation. 

    And.. that's pretty much what I tried to do. Not that I was very effective with it before the end. 


    Thank you guys.

    It was a pleasure to play with you guys, and I cannot but to highly recommend to everyone to try to CO Kanium mission. 

    These guys make it easy. 

    Just Provide clear intend, and means and they do execute it  /  Provide suggestions on the run to make it happen.


    ~ Lumi 






  13. Today I had third time I have witnessed a new person who has installed Steelbeast to run to a problem where his maps where he chose a custom location for maps to be installed and didn't know nor realise that Steelbeast would install maps on that location without making a folder first. 


    Games and simulations take lot of space these days. And all the other things I suppose.  Hence I have noticed that many people choose to install maps on different location.  And amongs the bunch there are those who are less skilled with PC stuff, or just don't realise to make separate folders just in case.   I think this is really important and hopefully relatively small change.  Because were losing customers / players because of this.    Not a whole lot, but I do think every customer / player counts. 


    ~  Lumi

  14. @Nike-Ajax Heads up. I had discussion with Assasin.  We agreed that he will edit opfor behavior and post new mission later today.  He will send new mission for me and Harry that we can re do our plans. 


    That scenario he send.  Is for Mech infantry guys to check their loadouts and for platoon leaders to make overlays.


    I have send to assumed platoon commanders my plan.  So that they can develop their own overlays for scenario. So maybe I may not need to send mine at all. Or people can just delete parts that are irrelevant to them.    

  15. Oh.  This sce file Assasin send  is with only  Blue force.  There is no other forces.  So everyone can check their loadout from that scenario.  



    1 hour ago, Nike-Ajax said:

    There is NO OPFOR for this one and its the same scenario I sent you. Please verify that this scenario works with this one.

    Other wise we will roll with the one I sent you.


    Overlay works, plan however says invalid scenario.


    More over I think assasins version was just that people could check their loadout.   So I think it is meant that we go with one you send to me.


  16. WTF is going here. Do I need to whole plan again because opfor may be adjusted on the fly? Was it bad idea to show plan here? 




    I did see lot of effort to create planned routes for combat maintenance units to take that burden from my shoulders on saved plan and map overlay


    @Assassin 7 could you just please delete that opfor plan picture. Please?  All i remember of it for sure is that there was forces on Apache pilot area. But it wouldn't have changed my plan anyways as me and Martin already concluded that there probably is enemy forces there. Because many reasons. 


    1 there's cap in green units in that southern part of Map. 

    2 apache was downed and it would be logical for enemy to push to Capture that tech / pilot0

    3 enemy present market is indication / hint as well.


    @everyone please do not reveal AI enemy plan or routing anymore. - not fun! 


    I probably... Should have posted my plan on PMs to platoon commanders. >.< 


    I was and am intending to do so. For suggestions / discussion.  That we would have a good game ahead. 



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