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  1. 13 minutes ago, Jartsev said:

    This is a known problem, caused by combination of several factors(including source data), which was addressed with  large degree of success in 4.2.



    This is going to be fixed in 4.2? 😮

  2. 6 hours ago, JUST said:

    I know we use Teamspeak for multiplayer. Have the use of SRS been thought off. Like in DCS it can be integrated with Unit's radio system. It also gives you control of volume on different channels and you can also decide to listen to channel 1 in left ear and 2 in right. Would be cool to have the radio working.

    Perhaps this should had been posted under wishlist.

    I have tested SRS in my small group and we approved and took it into use.  It is very good and easy way to get good and proper feeling radio system to games.  Especially if some players are doing multicrew, or in different missions / areas / teams of operation.    I hightly recommend it.

  3. I have been thinking of control handles a lot last few years as well. Well... Until the point when I actually accuired some from AFV sim. Love the quality on those. But back to original topic.


    I used to play Steelbeast a lot with my  old and rugged logitech 3d extreme pro joystick and using SB controls set for control handle.  As it makes in my opinion big difference of how you use some vehicles (Leopards & cv). Difference i did to be able to do this I changed palmswich to be activated by trigger instead.. and firing to be from usual Lase button on side. It was bit awkward at times but worked mostly... (To a point when it didn't) because some vehicles have very specific control handles and trying some functions caused bizarre unexpected effects at the time. This is because of existing keybinds for control handles. 


    Anyways... I think that key difference in normal gaming joystick and control handle is palmswich. So I think... If you have a 3D printer. Why not to just build a sort of lever  to add to side of existing old.. (sacrifiable) joystick and somehow relocate one of buttons to be connected to that? Wouldn't that be most easy? 


    7 hours ago, Grenny said:

    ... as the 2A5 has an electrical emergy drive for the turret, this is to be expected


    3 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    The video shows it all.


    It works as intended in pretty much any scenario - just not in the tutorial that's supposed to demonstrate how it works.


    Eeeer...   yes and no?  


    Do you still remember this reply from Volcano?  



    On 9/11/2020 at 10:43 PM, Volcano said:

    Sorry for any confusion in this thread, but...


    "Turret drive" damage causes a loss of powered traverse, not loss of all turret movement.  With turret drive damage, you still should be able to traverse in manual mode. If that is not the case, then this is what would be a bug.


    "Turret" damage is what should cause a vehicle to lose all traverse capability, both manual and powered. If that is not the case, then that would be a bug.


    (Yes, likely confusion might be from the possibility that "Turret drive" could have been named "Hydraulics" long ago).





    To be clear there is a bug here with the Leo 2A5 (the user should be able to traverse manually like the AI can with Turret Drive damage). This is under investigation.




    So...  As I understand....   if I understand it correctly.  At some point there was made simplification where  "Turret drive"  means that you are supposed to enter to manual mode and move turret slowly (aka to use back-up power), am I not correct?     And "Turret"  means that motor / gear is broken.   


    Atleast that is how it works on all other vehicles (to my knowledge) in Steelbeast.  >.<


    So if that is so...  In steelbeast   Leopard 2A5  should be able to traverse turret when player gets damage announcement "turret drive"  as that means main control and is indication to go to use manual  slow mode instead. 


    Currently that isn't so, because of the confusion of how different people interpret what "Turret drive"  damage means.       To be clear...  as I understand it -  damage to turret drive as you guys seem to understand it exist  (Where you lose all power and control of turret rotation)  but it is  named under   "Turret"    instead. 


  5. 1 hour ago, Ssnake said:

    Wasn't the Apilas discontinued for harmful overpressure on launch?

    I don't know.  But I suspect that would be true.  I served in 2006   so...    its been many years since I was there.   Also, there was rule that one was forbitted firing it more than 2-3 times during peace because of possible internal injuries.    Boom when firing that thing is shocking    😵

  6. 12 minutes ago, DimiGod said:

    so, this works... kinda. It seems when i focus it INSTANTLY goes out of focus again, unless i hold down the focus button the entire time. as soon as i let go of the focus button, it comes all the way into the closest focus again no matter what, as if i was cranking down the focus close key

    Do you have similar problem on gunners thermal sigh? And on other vehicles too when using thermals or is this exclusive to m1a2? Sounds that it should reoccur on All thermal sights. 

  7. 34 minutes ago, DimiGod said:

    Exactly as said in title, the CITV is incredibly blurry, making it nearly impossible to effectively TC without just dying as soon as an engagement happens since its more effective for me to spot with bino's than the CITV

    Try using alt+ scrolling with mouse wheel or alternatively just pressing numpad del to get sight to focus. Perhaps that's the reason?

  8. 1 hour ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

    Looking at the map + receiving reports = how leaders make decisions at every level above the platoon. Company commanders are most times not afforded the luxury to be 'in the fight' , and if they are then they're missing bigger elements (condition setting), and then Battalion and Brigade commanders aren't given the luxury of being in the fight.  Maybe in the 17th and 18th century, with much more limited technology they could get closer, but not anymore. 


    US Army Leaders at the battalion and above use a tool called a Decision Support Matrix that requires simple reports to make battlefield decisions (IF, AND, THEN)

    The Donovian Mechanized Infantry Battalion in the Attack: A Vignette on  Decision Points in the Offense — The Tactical Leader



    This, absolutely. SB is really difficult to play in SP for Company and above. I'm pretty quick on the trigger with RTS-style gaming, but even SB can be very challenging for someone with more than 2 platoons of combat power. 

    Yeah... SB as in now is overwhelming to almost all the guys in my discord group. Anything larger than platoon usually causes all but me and one another to lose situation awareness and become overwhelmed. Where they start to use F8 + map + manual driving and fighting against AI... (As there is too much to handle  they no longer arent able to make good decisions to make best of it and begin to feel  as if AI cannot  be  relied instead ) And as result... They lose faith. Much of it. 

  9. Recently I have played quite bit of DF90... and first I though that you can easily burn laser range finder like on M1s, but futher testing of that theory made me baffled. Turns out that DF90 just turns laser range finder off for a moment preventing damage to it, to such degree that it is nearly impossible to do so.  However, occasionally even on tank range, or on mission, you get laser range finder damage quite easily.  On missions I though that it must have been because it was hit by frackment,  but how could that be true on tank range???  


    So I have kept my eyes open, and done some abusive testing   And it seems impossible to get laser range finder damage... until it isn't and then it is again.  I just don't get it.   I have been on tank range trying to abuse DF90s laser range finder.. and it seems to have something to do with dust or focus on thermal sight?   


    Here is two videos I have recorded of it.  Sadly I don't have videos of this happening on missions, as I have been on commanders spot on those and don't have knowledge of what exatly my friends as gunners have done to get that happen. 


    Has anyone else seen this happen?  does someone know why? 





    I play lot of Steelbeast casually with friends.  Small missions, and testing stuff...  and quite often we get some good laughs, WTF moments, wins and fails and so.   Heres some recent that I trimmed and though to be  "fun"  or enjoyable.     Though...  I think that most of stuff here is hardly surprices to veterans in community who know how the sim works.  But those newer players in our community hopefully will have some good laughs.   (if ones like these are enjoyable...  i can upload more like these in future too.) 










  11. On 9/22/2020 at 12:18 AM, Gibsonm said:


    If it takes moderate (no idea what that is 30%, 60% ... ) casualties

    This is what had baffled me as well. What is moderate loss in Steelbeast? And what happens if unit is alone on waypoint with defend tactic? What then is moderate loss? Is it when unit is no longer operational?

  12. On 9/20/2020 at 3:44 PM, Apocalypse 31 said:

    Try double tapping the W key. It turns off auto pathing for manual movement.

    Eeeer, no?   I tested and all it does it gives command for driver to go for top speed.. and even on that there is automatic pathfinding after a moment.    I can't seem to find way to disable it for manual driving and generally..  only by making a route and setting it to have no pathfinding? (or using scout or breach route)  


    When's comes this that double tap would disable auto patfinding?  From infantry controls? 

  13. 2 minutes ago, Gibsonm said:


    Pretty sure that is not right.


    The Vehicle will go where you tell it to - of course if you have "shift clicked" so the route is locked the the road then of course it will follow the road.


    If you are in the Commander's seat and the driver isn't going where you want them to you can always get them to drive exactly where you want with the relevant keys.


    Or maybe I'm not understanding what you are trying to say?


    Im trying to say...  that I do not find any way of disabling automatic pathfinding from my vehicle to situations where I would want to drive next to road manually with A, D  keys, for example to Cooperate with another tank trying to clear a road together so that both tanks come  to bends of road same time.    Only way to do so, seems to be to make a route that one selects to have no pathfinding.    

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