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  1. On Steelbeast PE version, there is very large variety on General buttons one could build a control panel for.  That would be kind of Universal control panel for most AFVs.    Much like keyboard is currendly. 


    and it just like Ssnake said. AFV controls are so fractured that it seems to me that Esim's has purposefully chosen this way, to make Steelbeast usable and enjoyable experience, even with the large multitude of vehicles.  


    As addition to those general buttons we can bind to keyboard. - There are on most AFVs vehicle special functions or buttons we can use in the sim, only inside vehicle by clicking those functions with mouse.  For example  cv9030  has multitude of these functions one can do.  -> However what we cannot do is to bind any of these special things to keyboard or self made control panel or devices.  That, is one big difference between Pro and PE versions of Steel beast.  


    So...  One can build a control panel for a chosen vehicle, but can only bind available inputs (that are numerous). If that is good enough. Then no problem.  To me personally, i would likely build a control panel around what is available as general, rather than one selected vehicle. It would feel plainly odd to have to use selected range of switches and toggles from control panel next to me...  and still have to click yet another range of switches and toggles from clickable vehicle special functions from F1 view inside the vehicle.  

  2. 3 hours ago, Monkie said:

    I don't know that this particular issue pertains to that previous post, in this case if you press A or D the helicopter spins in a continuous fast circle. I can't imagine this is how it's supposed to work and hopefully is just a bug.

    Yes, that's it. Basically A and D keycommands are sticky. Either of them stays and Helo just keeps spinning to last chosen direction.


    Current way to deal with it while waiting a fix is to use shift+A or shift+D instead.

  3. Interesting.  Thank you guys. This seems to have solved it very well indeed. Units keep now moving nicely around the map once again.  :)  


    So basically problem is (was), when random variable new gets same value that is on two or more conditions , AI wont be able to choose witch one to take and will instead stay where it is due to that conflict? 

  4. Since 4.1, I have noticed that on many missions where previously were no problems units with "Random" routes now sometimes don't pick a route. 


    For example classic TANKS missions. -  It seems that even when there is two different routes leaving from way-point with "embark If" commands. One with "0<=random variable NEW < 50"  and another with "50<=random variable NEW < 100"   AI unit sometimes doesn't pick either. 

    So...  I wonder, if there has been a change in this that I have somehow missed to notice? 


  5. When player is in the vehicle as Commander, AI gunner behaves differently than when player is just observing.

    I have observed following happening from non moving vehicle to static targets that were 1500m away on wide open fully exposed.


    • With player commander AI gunner only shoots single shots, and often loses accuracy after first shots
    • When let alone for several shots, AI often ends up aiming off the target. Sometimes very high above
    • When player is on external view, AI gunner shoots twice, observes and engages.  And seems to good accuracy on first two salvos and sometimes after that accuracy goes wildly random.
    • Burst mode makes AI use burst mode only when player is on F8 view.  
    • Static target mode seems to make AI to forget to use Laser range finder, and instead to adjust based on where shots land - often ending aiming very high and firing over target.
    • AI manages FCS system like a monkey, ending up trying to laze, but ends up lazing below and above target getting no or false values. - And then seems to adjust firing based where shots land, and moving reticle according to that and sometimes firing when doing so getting constantly higher and wider dispersion. 


    Also...  AI gunner even when he sees target and says "on the way"   doesn't engage when

    • target isn't fully visible (even when player sees and could kill target with relative ease)
    • or is partially concealed (even when player sees and could kill target with relative ease)
    • As above but sometimes even when target is able to fire at cv9030.


    I remember having had this happening even on " almost fully" visible targets.  cv9030 AI gunner just seems very unwilling to engage targets that are not fully exposed. And will lose tracking very easily if targets are even momentarily obscured.




  6. CV9030 and 35 DK and NL   Drivers Left and center vision blocks have rather dark shading on them. (regardless of what direction vehicle is pointing.)



    Leopard 2A4 Commanders vision blocks have Dark shading on the sunny side.




  7. That's the thing. I don't have any of my own.  Yet very often, after steelbeast I stop to watch these slide shows, and marvel them.  Steelbeast is just a simulation, yet somehow, watching those slides after a mission makes me almost feel like if I would have been there for real. 

    These slides that come with credits music are so immersive.  It's not just AFVs, but life with / around those. 

  8. Doesn't seem to be any help.  I am still quite rookie with road leveling though, so I am not sure if I have done everything correctly.  I tried as well raising road slightly higher in hopes to help smoothing, but it doesn't seem to help at all. 


    And To be honest, I am less worried of road, and more concerned of terrain.  Though having bumpy roads makes it extra annoying.  >.<  



    Yeah, Road leveling doesn't help to these "bumps"

  9. 2 minutes ago, Bond_Villian said:

    Is this bumpiness inherent in the height map, or can it be reduced in the theme settings (under 'bumpiness'!)? If its inherent in the height map, perhaps road levelling will help, but i havent experimented with that yet so i cant say how/if it works.

    To my experience setting bumpiness in theme settings does nothing to these bumps.  These seem to be part of height map.   

  10. Do as I might.  As close to Assasin's video as I get it, same scenario, same ammo, same spot...  I cannot re-produce that at all.   I shot a lot of rounds and got just 1 kill.   


    Could it be that gunnery ranking somehow affects this? 

  11. 1 hour ago, Colebrook said:

    It would be interesting if some else test these missions and post the results.

    I did both scenarios..  and  my results were quite different.  Most of the time Leopards were able to take many hits before those were destroyed.  






    On other test.. I hit leopards with like..  25 rounds and was able to kill only 2 leopards before I got fustrated.   Though... most of the remaining Leopards were severely damaged by then.




  12. I May have had same issue in the past... Several times. And a friend helped me But to get rid of it. I'm not exactly sure if it's same although it sounds same. Could you record a bit of video to show what kind of flickering you mean? 

  13. Big thank you for beta-testers!  You have done awesome work by finding so many bugs! I am confident that we will have a very enjoyable version of Steelbeast waiting.  Thank you guys! 


    Thank you Esimgames, looks like there is one hellish awesome version of Steelbeast on its way!  

  14. Great mission. I very much enjoyed participating to this mission.  It was great.   


    Observing EA Hammer... no enemy activity, besides occasional civilian vehicles and a weird big thing... but it turned out to be just a buss.  (With potentiall enemy in there, hmm? )  



    And no dust to be seen either...  and as it is early morning sun is about to get up.





    Bradleys waiting to ambush potential enemies, would those be spotted.  So far, so silent, but how long? 



    3A has already had plenty of action. One of those M1s  is reversing to get more ammunition.  (on the right)



    2 Alpha likewise has had plenty of action. Some rather close!  



    So ammunition needs to be resupplied.  Enemy might rally at any moment! 



    3 Alpha is in position waiting for enemy to approach, perhaps not the most ideal location?



    All silent on EA Hammer that my 2 Bradley are guarding.  - All action seems to be at south where tanks have had ton of action already. 





    3 Alpha gets multitude of bitter greetings from enemy.   Ouch!



    Phew.. all still good...   New try!






    Ouch...  Umm..  CO is not going to be happy. 



    Unfortunately... No body informs supply trucker who sits there not having a clue before suspicious dark shapes of enemy bmp-2s creep from forest! 

    Fortunately COs suspiciouns and warning message alert him just early enough and he survives with pair of spare trousers. ;) 



    Tank from 2 Alpha moves forwards to gain touch to hiding enemy forces...  lets see how that goes? 



    So far so good...  there seems to be more luck than with destroyed 3 alpha platoon on background at the forest line. 






    Yet another wave of enemy comes! See those BMP-2s at low grounds.  Enemy danger close! 



    Well those were dealt with and then there was time to get my selfie camera again and to take photo of our brave Javelin team. Who now keeps over-watch, in where tanks no longer dare to go.  Lets wish luck for these brave soldiers! 



    Lets see... Uh uh, enemy company at the far distance, and some tank movement.  Friendly artillery landing spot on! Keep it raining, good hits good hits!



    Fate of solo tank from 2 Alpha...   Alone in the middle of battlefield without anyone able to rescue him... and later taken out by enemy.  



    After a long silence, a riffle squad and javelin team are send forward to observation position.  



    Enemy makes yet a final attempt, and hero infantry is able to give warning of enemy attempt,  remaining friendly tanks, give them a warm welcome!  While two dismounts dive down, between firefight of friendly and enemy tanks.  

    Tank on left was destroyed just meters away from them!



    Tank guns, Arty and Javelin fire have done good work.  Last few enemy units are quickly eliminated before mission in ended.  




    This was very good mission.   I am looking forward towards the next one!   

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