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  1. D.O.W. Saturday Mission 09/01/16 @ GMT21:30 You can watch it live. You do NOT need Steel Beasts. http://www.twitch.tv/dogsofwarvu D.O.W. Fulda Gap 3 modified by Assassin7 for D.O.W. This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message. Mission Summary : Reclaim the territory lost in the recent red offensive, regain control! Map Date: Saturday Mission 09/01/16 Time: 21:30 GMT Time (local): Click Here Teamspeak IP: wait in lobby for access to other areas. Room: Dogs of War DOW members, by invite, or request in advance prior to mission. Our goal is to have the DOW session more immersive and realistic. For more info on the mission - Click Here
  2. Most often, just like this.. Yes.
  3. T.A.N.K.S. Multiplayer 20/12/15 @ 21:30GMT You can watch it live. You do NOT need Steel Beasts. http://www.twitch.tv/dogsofwarvu TANKS-mission Colebrook by Colebrook This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message. Mission Summary : Locate and destroy the enemy HQ, and kill the enemy general Map Date: 20/12/15 Sunday Time: 21:30 GMT Time (local): Click Here Teamspeak IP: wait in lobby for access to other areas. Session will be played on SimHQ TS Room: Dogs of War All Welcome For More Info on the Mission - Click Here
  4. D.O.W. Saturday Mission 19/12/15 @ GMT21:30 You can watch it live. You do NOT need Steel Beasts. http://www.twitch.tv/dogsofwarvu Capture Town Abullah by Lumi This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message. Mission Summary : Iragi forces have secured town Abullah near Jalibah airfield, and have fortified it heavily. US forces are tasked with attacking to defeat the Iragi forces in the area and to secure town Abullah. Map Date: Saturday Mission 19/12/15 Time: 21:30 GMT Time (local): Click Here Teamspeak IP: wait in lobby for access to other areas. Room: Dogs of War DOW members, by invite, or request in advance prior to mission. Our goal is to have the DOW session more immersive and realistic. For more info on the mission - Click Here
  5. This is great in all kind of ways! Finally some true love for multicrew / Navigation skills
  6. Sorry to reply here once again. I did try this long time ago when you posted this message but I didn't get it working then. I was so fustrated that I thought that I'm doing something wrong and it felt so difficult to do from keyboard. So I cave up at the time. Today I finally went to experiment again. as summary to all others who still have not understood how commanders position on cv9035-NL works.. here is how I understand it and how it works to me from default keyboard settings. For controlling commanders peri there is two keys. UP arrow and DOWN arrow... and these are sticky. So press once to activate feature. UP arrow key could be described as key that either makes peri independent or locked with turret. Down arrow key activates movement. Either peri will go to gun or gun to peri. ____________________________________________ So shortly how to assign targets to gunner in cv9035-NL as commander. OR... how I would do it currendly. (I recomment to) Have your peri locked to turret, None of keys UP or DOWN activated When you see target - in case if you're unbuttoned and looking around with binoculars. - hit F2 for Commanders TI - Thought personally I would Hit alt+F4 (commanders unity sight) and right after R to open shield in front of it. - This way you can see wide area and designing target is a little faster / easier. Hit UP arrow key to free peri - Then. - move peri to target with mouse or joustict. Hit down arrow key to move gun to peri. Hit down arrow once again when gunner says identified to stop over-riding gunner. Look around for more targets, or hit UP arrow to lock peri. So you will know what gunner is doing. While scanning with independent peri - If you dont find anything, and gunner finds target. quicly hit UP arrow to lock peri with turret and then Down arrow to move peri to gun. Remember to press Down once more after sigh is aligned with gun to free palmswich. (Not necessary but helps remembering) And in case if you want to continue looking around... once more UP arrow to have peri independent While scanning with independent peri - If you find target hit down arrow and gun will be aligned with peri. Then to continue scanning just simply hit down once more.
  7. Really... what is actually happening there on the video. It hit first at the berm, then way behind of target to where it had been long time ago. And after that... way front of target? Why? And I'm really interested... could cv9030 aiming problems have something common with this? Like.. something in environment causing aiming to go crazy?
  8. I found more cv90 series troubles, and updated those to my previous post. Sincerely ~ Lumi And sorry that Im such pest with looking these stuff >.< I just adore doing multi-crew with friends on CV90s
  9. Much thank you Retro! These two palmswich were driving me crazy. Now I think I can learn it better. I probably need to do some arrangements with keys to get it working better. - - - That view switch key would be nice, in future. There is this kind of view switch key mentioned on tutorials, right? - - - As for DAS confirm. I find it interesting feature as I want to use that system since it exist. I did a edited tanks mission today with cv9035NL and this DAS actually saved my IFV many times. - Im going to practice and to learn to use it even more. Especially since I do like doing Recon, and this feature can be life saver.
  10. I'm troubled by CV9035-NL commanders position. Commander has his own TI & day sights, that he can do hunter killer tactics. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't and I have troubles to understand how it really works? There is two palm switches, left and right. How do use them correctly? Also I noticed right over commanders TI monitor - there is very small knob that I can rotate, from where I can change monitor view between barrel camera, gunners TI, right side-view camera, rear view camera, left side-view camera, and commanders TI. Is there hotkey or could it be possible to have hotkey to use this knob? I remember that on cv9035-DK driving tutorial there was mention that one can switch between these views with some hotkey key, that I failed to find at the time (Finnish keyboard), and also I didn't find it from control key menu either. Reading from actual tutorial, it says that in VIS screen user can use menu arrow in lower right corner or (Num. *) key to switch between screens, and on each press it toggles between different views. I cannot seem to get this feature working. What I'm doing wrong? It would be very useful especially for driver, or commander who could quickly switch to rear view camera as controlling vehicle reversing in demanding terrain to avoid collisions. Also there is small buttom over commanders TI monitor where reads, DAS confirm. Is there, could it be possible to get there hotkey as well? (There seems to be one as well over gunners controlls.) Any help that I could learn this vehicle would be much appreciated. Sincerely ~ Lumi
  11. More to this same bug. If turret is locked or its movement is restricted, it doesn't matter if using joystic or mouse, interior rotates around in funny way as vehicle turns. just tested this on cv9030, commanders unity sight. I locked turret and went to unity sight... when turning vehicle, entire turret interior turns but not the place where player is watching, making him lose where he was watching originally. Also... same problem is on VIS computer screen. If youre looking at the screen and vehicle turns while turret movement is restricted, vehicle interior rotates in funny way. And urm... it doesn't really seem to matter where one is looking at. If turret is not able to turn. Like its locked, and vehicle turns. What player sees doesn't keep up. heres brief listing of places I noticed this to happen so far. cv9040 - gunners unity sight (happens even with mouse if turret movement is restricted) Cv9030 - commanders unity sight (not gunners), all VIS computer screens (exept drivers), weapon control panel. CV9035 both vehicles DK and NL have same problem with VIS, DAS and Gunners unity sight. Basically easiest way to understand trouble is that make mission with cv9040 / cv9030 with damaged turrets. Go to mentioned positions and try to turn vehicle or make vehicle driving circle and you notice that in those positions - turret interior / players view is not keeping up like it should. As addition... CV9035-NL squad leaders position. Vision blocks are black and not working. Cv9035 (both versions) Gunners Unity sight is baddly offset. FOV90 (CV observer) all vision blocks are practically useless as its nearly impossible to see around from them. They are pointing so much upwards on such narrow field of view. And one more. Thought I do not know if this is bug or not Cv9035 (both vehicles) From commanders / place for some reason it is very difficult to start reloading. AI gunner doesn't seem to turn turret to reloading position.
  12. Lumituisku

    Bugs x2

    version 3.028 and cv9030 unity sight bug is not fixed. Started to play with joystick again and run into this issue.
  13. That's great news RoloD.
  14. ??? Pardon. I have no idea what you talk about. wait... ahh there must be person whose username is Lumi here / there Correct? That is probably why I could not have nickname Lumi at the time when I signed. ------------- Ahh now I understand you. Had to ask from others of what you mean, or so I think at least if you refer to discussion of why TS is down in DOW forum. Then yes I'm same person, but I do not understand how any of my post would be considered as Derogatory. - I as well asked that discussion to be opened to public.
  15. That's funny. It is always so easy to point fingers at someone who is different to others. It begins to see that what ever this kind of person does it is all turned against one. No matter how humble and modest the actual act might been. In the ears of group pointing fingers it sounds just another good excuse to hate even more as it somehow magically is turned as act against community - by community that has closed this one out and socially continues bullying and harassing. That kind of behavior is called bullying. Look at the mirror dudes. And even worse, by what I have followed for some time already this bullying in here has started to have many racist features. Would it not be time to stop and think of what we could do better as our self's instead of thinking and pointing fingers at someone who we don't like cause of insignificant reasons? Perhaps we all should reserve more big boys pants at close range while at teamspeak or these forums? Peoples are different, they have different backgrounds, cultures, history, language and so on. The hell, there might be even some girls here without you knowing about it. All these different peoples make the community more rich, and can make it a lot more successful. One who thinks otherwise lacks ability to have success in life and keeps going on same old dirt trails without understanding potential that there is at the outside of small circles. Truth is that people are different, and world changes. If these people want everything to stay as it has "always" been they are wrong, it is not possible. If it has been so this far, that is nearly miracle, but it is not going to last forever. Learning something new. Of how to be friends, how to live and get along with those who bring difference is scary but there is unquestionable potential. If we keep looking back at how things have been, thinking that it is how things should be we are going to be doomed. We have to look forward! Face the new challenges learn of these potentials of unknown. Try new things. - - - That word "control" is said on such bad tune makes me think that some of us feel that they should be free to do what ever they want, when ever they want, and others should accept that. - Perhaps so, but to certain point. For example if I'm at work, I'm expected to follow guidance of my employer. If I'm in VU, I will follow rules of my VU. This should be clear to us all, isn't it? So is that control? Sometimes I feel my boss at work is strict and demands a lot, and it always doesn't make sense to me. The thing is, that there are good reason's for these rules to exist, and these ways of doing things. So, I do not understand what is so bad in "control". Other example - Freedom at community, even if there are no rules and no expected political correctness. It still should not reach to point where things I do or others do reach limit where someone get's offended - or gets feeling that I'm with purpose trying to annoy or harass him / her. Is this correct? Would you keep looking from side if someone, with purpose starts to irritate another. Bringing up something from where that other one get's offended? Is that okay? No, it's not. Thing is, that if we respect each others, no matter of differences, life is and gets more easier and community will have more success in future. It doesn't always mean that if I want to do something that other's might not like, would be out of question. I have many times seen that as long as I respect others around me, I can do a lot. So can you. We don't have to be politically correct always and all the time, as long as we respect others and their views. Sometimes it prevents us from doing something while with them but is that so bad thing? If we feel too outraged of something perhaps, instead of answering even louder tune than before - we should close computer. Turn to our loved one, give a loving hug and have some good time releasing pressures. Or to take manly equipment at hand that moves back and forth. - or some other non PC / non violent version of releasing pressures. Sincerely to all here ~ Lumi
  16. I went to try STRV 122 as well and so far only thing that I have noticed is that laser range finder doesn't work when day-sight is zoomed out. Then again there is same on 2E. Yet this doesn't seem to affect dynamic lead. but is more like feature. With wrong lase you have wrong dynamic lead. Make sure your daylight is zoomed in when you laze and add lead to target. Another thing that I can think of is that perhaps your fire-control mode is wrong? and that you're activating emergency, or manual mode? And make sure you're trying to add lead from gunners place, if I remember right dynamic lead cannot be used from commanders place. That is pretty much what I can think of. If it doesn't work by these then it might be problem in your mouse. Try change dynamic lead to right side and laze to middle button to test if laze works and if lead works then. And would be good idea to test do you have same issue on leopardo 2E - in case if it wasn't on list of other tanks. Sincerely ~ Lumi
  17. I think that most of we don't know problem behind, nor truly want to see it. we just seem to want it quickly solved and to continue same way as before. Thinking that there is someone or ones that are causing the trouble when problem... as I see it, is in behavior of community. Since when we started to judge others by comments or how we feel of them? - That is what I feel is wrong here. That we feel that there is something wrong and we point fingers at who ever we feel is doing things wrong, and that we get too easily annoyed and aren't willing to do "Sacrifices" from our own part, for others than our-self to be okay. Sometimes this means watching own words and tongue using. Sometimes it means that we share pace with peoples that are different. And that we do it without pointing them with fingers and laughing at their color, or their mistakes. In essence... if someone is different than we are he can still be vital part of our community and make lot good. Everyone has their good sides, those are just sometimes hard to see. Thing is that no one is perfect. We will always find some problems from others... from everyone. Difference is, that someones are more similar to our-self while others are not. If we just accept those that we get along with and murk others this will be getting worse and worse.
  18. Sound something that I can deal with. Or at least to stay away and ask help if I'm pulled to be part / unable to deal with it for some reason that I cannot foresee right now. My only concern is how situation will develop from current. I hope that things will not get worse.
  19. All Dow member's come to SimHQ as first option. I will be online on both SimHQ and Cupcakes (in case if someone is not able to come SimHQ, to let you know how situation develops.
  20. THAT IS GREAT IDEA! I wish I would have had this idea years ago when I was admin of game group I played at that time. If someone wan'ts to come harass voice chat.. they have many ways to get online even if banned / kicked.
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