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  1. WTF is going here. Do I need to whole plan again because opfor may be adjusted on the fly? Was it bad idea to show plan here? *Groans* I did see lot of effort to create planned routes for combat maintenance units to take that burden from my shoulders on saved plan and map overlay @Assassin 7 could you just please delete that opfor plan picture. Please? All i remember of it for sure is that there was forces on Apache pilot area. But it wouldn't have changed my plan anyways as me and Martin already concluded that there probably is enemy forces there. Because many reasons. 1 there's cap in green units in that southern part of Map. 2 apache was downed and it would be logical for enemy to push to Capture that tech / pilot0 3 enemy present market is indication / hint as well. @everyone please do not reveal AI enemy plan or routing anymore. - not fun! I probably... Should have posted my plan on PMs to platoon commanders. >.< I was and am intending to do so. For suggestions / discussion. That we would have a good game ahead.
  2. Btw. I discovered earlier that i didn't have this map so if you haven't updated to Criss map-pack-v4 it would be good idea to do so!
  3. Hi. This should show correct time. (or this) https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Small+Multicrew&iso=20220507T18&p1=1397&ah=1 You are more than welcome. We will play on Kanium TS as usual. Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 This time I will pick something small. So we will see what we will play when it is go time. Probably Leopards. So some leopard basics would be useful.
  4. Plan; My intend is to start clearing objectives from south to north. Coffee (to resque apatche pilots) 7up and Dew (To secure combat maintenance point 2) Fanta (To secure combant maintenance point 1) Coke (freedom of movement) and Pepsi (defense ring to fall to in case of counterattack) to surround Felix clear Felix and get ambush positions for possible counter attack. If need be, pull back to defensable positions along PL Steel and objectives, Dew and Pepsi R1 is divided to 2 sections. Named here as R1 (South with blue) and R2 (North with orange) act as eyes and forward exploitation force whenever possible Leos and CVs act as group orange "Initially" on north M1s and Bradleys act as group blue "initially" on south Each phase line repsesends defensable ridge lines. This is rought plan to give guidance. Platoon leaders have freedon to use their initiative and best judgement to achieve objectives. Note there is downed apache with possible pilot on objetive coffee. Watch your fires! C2 (M2 bradleys) and R1 (M3s) will clear objective Coffee supported / covered by A1 and A2. R1 (or 65) will reserve one unit to pick up downed pilot(s) and to deliver to Kanium AA. (if there is more than 2 pilots, then and only then C2) A4 Leopards, move to BP: A4-1 R2, A3, C1, proceed north clearing area between phaselines Copper and Iron. A2 supports C1 as it proceeds to clear 7up. A1 proceeds to hill 181 to get eyes to Dew. R2, A3, C1 hopefully arrive to PL-Iron, BP: A3-1, and C1 (CV9040s) proceed to start clearing Fanta supported by A4 Leos that move up to BP: A4-2 C1 hopefully can start clearning Coke, supported by A3 from BP: A3-2 R1, A1, A2, C2 assault Dew and Pepsi, C2 start's clearing Pepsi over watched by A1, A2. R1 proceeds hastily towards PL Quick silver to deploy ambush positions. A4 moves to BP: A4-3, A1 can proceed towards that same BP. A2, C2 start pushing towards objective Felix. C2 if possible will try to deploy javelins to 2 klicks north of Pepsi C1 starts pushing into Felix, covered by A3 from A3-3 BP, R2 proceeds to flank Felix from north to deploy forces to ambush positions just north east of Felix. ------------ Supply, maintenance units move to SPs ----------- If need be we pull back to PL Steel - Dew - Pepsi attempting to encircle counter attacking enemy. C2, R1 priority to hold area around Pepsi / hill 304 ----------- @Lumituisku (Me) acts as CO (66) and I probaly guides Supply / maintenance units as well. @Commissar_Martin acts as XO (65) and FO. Platoon leaders, feel free to start PM chains to brief your platoons / colored teams.
  5. I like to use Nvidia shadow play for anything quick (right now stuff). I also moved to use davinci resolve. And am probably going to use OBS later on for more purposeful projects.
  6. In 15 minutes. Going to play something small casual addhoc. If interested. Let me know.
  7. I must have been looking too much trees... I instantly knew where this picture was taken... Before knowing what the tank was. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/948420823327330325/971079072098713600/arrow22-challenger.jpg
  8. Uuuum. Disregard. It's been so long that I can't remember. And I am not able to re-produce what I described there. It could have been that I was in 2 positions at once on multiplayer and heard commander say Fire, fire heat. (Only thing that comes to my mind.) but Ill keep my ears up and see if there actually is problem there that can be re-produced. Sorry to disturb with that. Thank you. 👍
  9. until
    Going to play something small. What is yet uknown. Check this post for more details. https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/15505-casual-multicrew-games-with-saber-topic/?do=findComment&comment=224464 This time I would love to be able to bond regular crews together. Perhaps we will even play many small missions instead of one big one. Probably: Leopard 2A4 or M1A1 If you like multicrew. Please sign up, and all the better if you would think with who youd like to crew regularly. ~ Lumi
  10. Saturday 7th, we will likely play something small. I had discussion with @Commissar_Martin And after that I basically concluded that At current these sessions are not effectively working towards original intend of forming a crews that would know each other well Get bonded together. Instead it seems that way too often we get adhoc teams of guys who don't know each other or capabilities. Equipment consideration. M60A3 clearly was too complex for many, and that complexity took away from crew being able to perform their duties. Consideration -> Focus on simple but effective vehicles such as Leopard 2, T- series, M1A1 Abrams variants, Anything british , Marder 1A3 , Spähpanzer Luchs 2A2, , Basic troop carriers. Mission size - Couple of times we have had mission that was clearly too... time consuming and large almost like an operation. Consideration's -> Change focus from operation to training? Choose and purposefully create much smaller scenarios for training intent to have more effect for less time consideration. Down from 1 hour.. to 30min.. or even 15min. That we could run multible small scenarios instead of one big one. Many small more likely successess, instead of one big unlikely victory. Crew commitment? At current we're seeing low commitment, and past regular guys seem to be getting mildly alieated. As they are often put to go with new guys. Considerations: Instead of one regular mission, create calendar to find when people who are interested, would be able to play. So that their crew team could get to play small training missions together when possible. Not only on the 1 time slot. Ranks, duties? - I don't really feel up for such. Thoughs? Any other thoughs or feedback? I am intending to create something small for next saturday. Probably with Leopard 2A4. (It seems steady performer) Might also use M1A1. (I am unwilling to use eastern equipment at this time due to commander position elevation limit. That to my opinion.. significantly limits player usability of that position because it cannot see upwards. (might consider T tanks for flat surface maps)
  11. Here is beginning of my plan. All AFVs, deploy on north side of river. Eeach phase line roughly indicates favorable battleposition to leap to. A1 will lead the way along high grounds north of white line. A2 Will be on north of A1 on its left side. C1 will initially follow, and after PL silver will attempt to scout ahead. C2 will deploy its infantry to south of PL Bronze to block enemies advancing along highway. A3 will support C2. After enemy assault is rebelled. Or if A1 gains sufficient hold from PL silver before it. C1 will lead way to PL silver and along the southern part of white line.
  12. Current plan: Advande towards navigator and PL Ridge passing towns by atleast 400m Engage any armor and visible units at obj Navigator from afar as we by pass it. By pass Navigator from east, between it and Town 2. Check Yellow circled buildings for troops as we pass between. PL Wedge Partially start clearing obj Escalate. Leave other half for mech infantry Engage any visible enemy forces at Obj Bronco (support mech infantry if necessary) Proceed cautiously to PL Doorstep. Expect possible enemy counter attack - Chopper? Keep distance to Obj Tahoe 500m, and start advancing around it engagin any visible enemy forces. On all objectives. Focus on armor and visible enemy forces. Keep distance of +400m (Partially clear Obj Escalade) Leave mopping up for mech infantry. Assist if asked for.
  13. until

    Awesome will sign you up.
  14. @Hedgehog check also time 4:00 minutes from video. I would prefer using "Cross-Country" or "Follow roads" options. No auto pathfinding is to my understanding for aerial units
  15. That still takes long time. 100km / h sounds impressive.. but it is not anywhere near of Javelin or even TOW 1 min for 1.7~ km. 30s for 840~ meters 15s for 420~ meters Still it is a challenge. Perhaps... tanks will get minigun turrets like ships BBBBRRRT!
  16. Certainly... drones don't like trees. (or lets say.. even less than AFVs) And that enemy could even deploy drones effectively... it would first need to know where you are. So... be unpredictable, and avoid being detected. And if you are.. re-locate! If you need to be where there is risk of drones and no cover, hopefully you have method to deal with it -> Enough units guns to be able to deploy sufficient MG fire / High explosive programmable rounds, or some sort of anti air vehicle with small guns able to send huge volume to air. Or perhaps... Canister rounds on tanks (if by change you spotted drones on low altitude) . Drones are yet one more thing to constantly asses on battlefield.
  17. Okay heres the manning list to: Saturday, 30 April - OP_Samovar Where - Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 Mission details (same as on calendar post): Manning list: Coming: @Lumituisku Any pos, @Commissar_Martin Any pos, @Hedgehog (wingman), @Near Peer Simulations (Gunner or driver), @Lusik Any pos, @Yamas Gunner Maybe: Ghost (wingman), Cannot come: Maic, Mirzayev, Crow, JAG, Higgs ---------------------------------- Vehicles: CO/B - FO - M981 FIST V: @Lumituisku Primary: First to be manned 1B - Tank plt - M60A3 TTS - Blind! (+Thermal, Dynamic lead are disabled) [(KE) 16/14, (HEAT) 12/10 , (HESH) 4/4, (WP) 2/1] 1/1/B - Plt leader: Gunner: Driver 3/1/B - 1's wingman: Gunner: Driver 2/1/B - Plt sergeant: Gunner: Driver Secondary: 1C - PC plt - M113A2 (Carrying concertina wire) 1/1/C - Plt leader: A- 1/1/C - Riffle squad, Strengh=4 armed with (M72A1 LAW [1/3] Riffle grenades: M433 HEPD (HEAT) x10, M713 Smoke x10) B- 1/1/C - LMG team M60E, Strengh=3 PL- 1C, Strengh=2, (Platoon leader) 3/1/C - 1's wingman: A- 2/1/C - - Riffle squad, Strengh=4 armed with (M72A1 LAW [1/3] Riffle grenades: M433 HEPD (HEAT) x10, M713 Smoke x10) B- 1/1/C - LMG team M60E, Strengh=3 PSG- 1C, Strengh=2, (Medic) 2/1/C - Plt sergeant: A- 1/1/C - Riffle squad, Strengh=4 armed with (M72A1 LAW [1/3] Riffle grenades: M433 HEPD (HEAT) x10, M713 Smoke x10) B- 1/1/C - LMG team M60E, Strengh=3 Additional: 1/1/D - Mixed 1/1/D - Vector ATTV - OHWS - DShk A- 1/1/D scout team, strengh 2 3/1/D - M113A3 Medic A- 3/1/D Medic team 5/1/D - M881A MRV ---------------
  18. If things haven't changed... It used to be so that you could see the map at the briefing even when map was disabled. So I suppose guys could take picture of it with their smartphone or screen capture. And I too have been tempted to create such mission.
  19. So those black drones with 4 propellers are suicide interceptor drones to kill counter? suicide loitering drones? Counter drones with drones. Ahahah. I can't but wonder how all these are deployed. I suppose like micro UAV.
  20. until

    Awesome! Welcome aboard! ✌️
  21. until

    Alright will arrange that. I will try to find you place as a gunner from someone that is good to go with. Thank you for signing in! Have you played with Kanium before? Do you have knowledge how their TeamSpeack system works? If not let's arrange time to set it up.
  22. until
    Winter 1971 - A Platoon of M60A1s, and some mech infantry support, attacks trough a valley held by Soviet mech infantry company. We have priority of artillery, and lots of support and reinforces. Multicrew tank platoon leads the way and get's reinforces. This is proving to be lot's of action and various types of targets to shoot at A1s have NO THERMALS >>> This is a MULTICREW scenario Tanks are blind! <<< Everyone is recommended to get familiar with M60 - This ought to be a lot of fun. M60A3 TTS tutorial here https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=M60A3_(TTS) Heres some helpful tips! ----------------------- Map: Briefing: --------------- Discussion: You can Reply to this calendar post or to this topic below.
  23. Pedal to medal... shoot from the move! There is no other way to complete this one! Starting in bit over 20 minutes.
  24. Alright gentlemen. I have decided that coming Saturday we will play this old mission that comes with Steelbeast (multiplayer folder). This will hopefully be a shorter one and we don't need too many to play this one. And also this will be good practice for M60A3 TTS before next weeks mission from Hedgehog! M60A3 TTS tutorial here https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=M60A3_(TTS) Commanders please note how to use Battlerange! https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=M60A3_(TTS)#Battlerange Gunners please not the keylisting and especially key V = Stabilization toggle https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=M60A3_(TTS)#Key_listing_for_M60A3_gunner's_position For everyone it would be most helpful if you will get accustumoned how to switch between different sight views because this tank is littered with different options. 😵 Here is Chieftains helpful video about M60A3 TTS switchology for those who are interested. https://youtu.be/PW0uRHKzXhM ________________ THE MISSION! - almost forgot We are to take objective dragon! Naturally, can't be anything too hard. It's just a dragon. Right? (Original mission doesn't have map updates so Ill edit it so that blue force will have friendly map updates >.< Too masochistic othervise. )
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