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  1. Perhaps we could get some new slideshow photos too. ? Maybe some tankers here could share some of their photos?
  2. Doesn't seem to be any help. I am still quite rookie with road leveling though, so I am not sure if I have done everything correctly. I tried as well raising road slightly higher in hopes to help smoothing, but it doesn't seem to help at all. And To be honest, I am less worried of road, and more concerned of terrain. Though having bumpy roads makes it extra annoying. >.< Yeah, Road leveling doesn't help to these "bumps"
  3. To my experience setting bumpiness in theme settings does nothing to these bumps. These seem to be part of height map.
  4. Currently most Finnish maps from areas where there is even a tiny bit of elevation looks like this. These bumps are annoying especially when experienced from vehicle position. Could one dare to hope to get rid of these "Elevation bumps" anytime soon?
  5. Do as I might. As close to Assasin's video as I get it, same scenario, same ammo, same spot... I cannot re-produce that at all. I shot a lot of rounds and got just 1 kill. Could it be that gunnery ranking somehow affects this?
  6. I just realised that Ammunition on Colebrooks test mission wasn't BK-31 Heat-FS-T. So I changed ammunition to that and re-run test. BK-31 Heat-FS-T faired much better. Even when so rarely killed Leo2E on first hit. Most of the time leos took 3+ hits. Also kill shots were almost all at the hull, near ammunition compartment. test-of-BK.31 HEAT FS-T_7056_081319LUMI-PC1604.aar
  7. I did both scenarios.. and my results were quite different. Most of the time Leopards were able to take many hits before those were destroyed. 8 8 11 4 On other test.. I hit leopards with like.. 25 rounds and was able to kill only 2 leopards before I got fustrated. Though... most of the remaining Leopards were severely damaged by then. thfgh_4256_081319LUMI-PC1354.aar
  8. I May have had same issue in the past... Several times. And a friend helped me But to get rid of it. I'm not exactly sure if it's same although it sounds same. Could you record a bit of video to show what kind of flickering you mean?
  9. Big thank you for beta-testers! You have done awesome work by finding so many bugs! I am confident that we will have a very enjoyable version of Steelbeast waiting. Thank you guys! Thank you Esimgames, looks like there is one hellish awesome version of Steelbeast on its way!
  10. Great mission. I very much enjoyed participating to this mission. It was great. Observing EA Hammer... no enemy activity, besides occasional civilian vehicles and a weird big thing... but it turned out to be just a buss. (With potentiall enemy in there, hmm? ) And no dust to be seen either... and as it is early morning sun is about to get up. Bradleys waiting to ambush potential enemies, would those be spotted. So far, so silent, but how long? 3A has already had plenty of action. One of those M1s is reversing to get more ammunition. (on the right) 2 Alpha likewise has had plenty of action. Some rather close! So ammunition needs to be resupplied. Enemy might rally at any moment! 3 Alpha is in position waiting for enemy to approach, perhaps not the most ideal location? All silent on EA Hammer that my 2 Bradley are guarding. - All action seems to be at south where tanks have had ton of action already. 3 Alpha gets multitude of bitter greetings from enemy. Ouch! Phew.. all still good... New try! INCOMING! Ouch... Umm.. CO is not going to be happy. Unfortunately... No body informs supply trucker who sits there not having a clue before suspicious dark shapes of enemy bmp-2s creep from forest! Fortunately COs suspiciouns and warning message alert him just early enough and he survives with pair of spare trousers. Tank from 2 Alpha moves forwards to gain touch to hiding enemy forces... lets see how that goes? So far so good... there seems to be more luck than with destroyed 3 alpha platoon on background at the forest line. Tracked!!! Yet another wave of enemy comes! See those BMP-2s at low grounds. Enemy danger close! Well those were dealt with and then there was time to get my selfie camera again and to take photo of our brave Javelin team. Who now keeps over-watch, in where tanks no longer dare to go. Lets wish luck for these brave soldiers! Lets see... Uh uh, enemy company at the far distance, and some tank movement. Friendly artillery landing spot on! Keep it raining, good hits good hits! Fate of solo tank from 2 Alpha... Alone in the middle of battlefield without anyone able to rescue him... and later taken out by enemy. After a long silence, a riffle squad and javelin team are send forward to observation position. Enemy makes yet a final attempt, and hero infantry is able to give warning of enemy attempt, remaining friendly tanks, give them a warm welcome! While two dismounts dive down, between firefight of friendly and enemy tanks. Tank on left was destroyed just meters away from them! Tank guns, Arty and Javelin fire have done good work. Last few enemy units are quickly eliminated before mission in ended. This was very good mission. I am looking forward towards the next one!
  11. I'll come. These Sundays have been very nice.
  12. YES. What I have read here points and discussions are valid. Also my English has been descriped horrible in past in such way that left me no doupts of it. So yes. That too is valid and awknowledged point. However... As is see this is not as making one of your extremely detailed and realistic missions better. No. That I cannot do with my voice. Not even with my native voice as even that is questionable to many native Finnish people I have met who keep insisting that I am a foreigner when I am not. >>>I am accent hater because of that. <<< So obviously I do not qualify for painstakingly created scenarios. However.. where I believe I do more than qualify to is as scenarios for beginners. To make things more beginner friendly and more easily approachable. That is where adding voice clips from various people could be taken to good use. And to such I am devoted. I look forward to making creations that are meant for beginners and casual players more easy to approach and user friendly. And yes. I'd be more than happy to use voices of others as well. That actually was intention from very beginning. To offer mine and to have access to others. This accent discussion is one major benefit of this thread. That I might have overlooked later on. So I am very happy that is was mentioned and it's importance to some people was pointed out. So clearly. Would there be list or topic created of voice actors. Accent would be one major thing to list and required sample from by those who offer their voice acting to scenarios. I wonder... What else will come up.
  13. Interesting. I don't know what that is but it sounds good. I have Audacity and in past I did some filtering there or something to get my test samples to sound bit more like radio messages. I take it that you have know how on these matters? Anything that will help me to create better results is welcome!
  14. ROFL - My first (instinctive loggers) reaction to what I saw was that chees.. theres fallen trees to be worked on with forest machine (thing that I do nearly every work day)... then half a second later my mind processed what I saw and I realized that those were barrels and there were tracks. :3 Sooo yeah, that's pretty immersive camouflaging there!
  15. I have tested how the mission is with voices that are added to events, and I liked the results I got. It is rather easy actually, and there cannot be that many voices in the end as there cannot be that many events either. 64 is limit I think, if every event would have voice file added. And yes. I am aware of these problems you guys have mentioned. All those things have ups and downs. Some significant some less so. In the end, this adds lot of workload to one who makes scenario, and I think it is worth it if done well. Hence I am offering my service to such. And I hope that later others would as well. BTW when I added voices to my scenarios where I have tried this. I did editing of sound to get it sound like radio message. It is not that difficult to do. Though... I think that would be best for Scenario designer to do to get it to ones liking. Would someone be interested to have my voice or someone else's voice on your scenario. What would one want to know of them / their voice / and so on? While I am somewhat experienced as actor and have some minor record to proof that (although old). I am not good enough at immersive play of two or more different persons. At-least not yet Also I am very interested of putting great effort behind such offer, as I have high trust that it would add immersion to Steelbeast. Especially so if such would be used for tutorial, step by step scenarios of learning things like systems or tactics. Maybe it would make Steelbeast slightly more user friendly, as I have itch that not many new users are that interested of reading walls of text From my own part... when I would be asked to do voice acting. Id aim to do it roughly in a week. Given that there would not be too many hours of it to do. Small amount of such could be done within same day on ideal circumstances. You can try me if you wish. Just give me written dialogue and knowledge of what kind of role and situation the person is I am supposed to act on each scrip. That It would be as immersive as possible with my voice.
  16. I have been thinking for this over year and half already. Mostly because I would like to have others to voice act roles on missions I would do. So as thinking goes, to get something, offer it first to others. So here it is. I am planning to create a topic. perhaps to Scenario and Maps section of forum. Where I'm thinking that I would place my offer, and anyone else who is willing to offer their voice for voice acting on missions could do likewise. I think id like it to be pinned as well. And not for discussion, hence this topic you're now reading. I do wonder as well... what should be included on such... perhaps sample of my voice of mimicking different situations and radio messages. I wonder what such examples could be? Perhaps something that everyone on that topic could use as default so that difference in voice and style could be more easily recognized? Maybe as well so on different languages as addition to English I am native Finnish speaker. In what form such sample could be posted to this forum - youtube video? or perhaps to upload it somewhere where audio can be played. One thing i am wondering as well need. Is there need / interest to use voice messages for scenarios beyond my own? I could as well do a voice pack for audio messages to replace some crew voices, like... maybe a commander of tank, to make gunnery tutorial more easy and immersive. Or maybe... maybe to do a collection of words / pieces of sentences from where a full sentence could be build up. Like putting together different call-sign words, number words, place names, task sentences to form a full message. how would that sound? Thoughts?
  17. I got GPS and Turret drive damage.. so I was told to hide... I did, and well... You just don't want to ignore change for shots like these. They probably didn't ever realize what happened. I'm there at the red houses on the left
  18. also on default settings in cv9030 R key should open that unity sight
  19. Umm... So on 4.1 medic vehicles can revive only vehicles. and medic troops can revive only troops - Correct?
  20. I really enjoyed last time. So I'll be there unless something unexpected turns up.
  21. Very nice little session. Thank you guys. I am definitely looking forward for more sunday action.
  22. Indeed though that felt quite immersive back then... There was one more tank game before Steel Beast though. I think it was Armored fist 3? But even that.. umm.. graphics may have been better but it felt too arcade too... gamy. So yeah when I saw Steelbeast gold on marked shelf and got to play it for first time. - That was it. Something click and I have been fond user of Steelbeast ever after because SB feels so much more immersive. Not always visually, but in so many other ways.
  23. Oooh... I just remembered.. I-magic games was producer of Spearhead.. the first ever tank game (wannabe sim) i got to play... chees it was good back then.
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