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  1. Yes this was made in 2006 The most worn part of this seems to be thick USB cable. And this cable too is heavy duty, with quite thick cover around what ever is inside. On paint there are few tiny scratches... beside these, there is nothing visible or that i would have noticed when using this.
  2. I had been dreaming of getting a control handle for many many years. And it happened to be that when I finally had courage to email to AFV-sim of my intention, of that I was set to and to find out if my current savings for this purpose would be enough for any of their products. Sadly my savings were barely at the starting prices of their product range. However there happened to be such a coincidental extreme luck that on a next day they received one that had been used for demonstrations in Europe by one of AFVsim representatives for update - (manufactured in 2006.) And decided to instead replace it and to offer old one for me in significant discount while donating 100% of this money to Help the Heroes charity. https://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/ So... two weeks later here we are. Its a 13 year old, rugged piece with partially worn painting and yet it works perfectly!
  3. Yes. Time limited subscription are always up to date and don't need upgrades.
  4. I still remember when I was on my first medical exam for army service and asked if I could apply to tanks and doctor looked at me and asked am I not bit too tall to fit inside those things. And then showed me Finnish army guidelines for tanks I was chocked how small one was supposed to be... but those guidelines were old from time when we had Bmp-s and T-series of tanks.
  5. Oh yes good spotting! What caught my eye was that enemy troops seemed to fire randomly machine guns at some direction. As if they didn't know precise location.
  6. Thank you Ssnake for your reply! And Assasin for your link, that would have been tough to find for me as its so old. Just what I was thinking! I am also wondering if this is true on other vehicles... like T-72
  7. Further question - This time, about Leo 2A4 emergency mode. Is it supposed to work just as in normal mode but without stabilization? Or Is is supposed to be reacting only to "extreme" mouse and joystick input on 2A4? like, moving a mouse along of slow to normal movement speed range doesn't make sight move at all... it only seems to move at fast speed range. Pretty much just like on Warrior IFV when using mouse for power traverse. I tested Leo 1A5 and 2A5s and on those Emergency mode works just as on normal, there just isn't stabilization. So 2A4 seems oddball of all Leos in this matter. Though... there seems to be that when on emergency mode in 2A4 gunner can use hand cranks. So maybe... hydraulics are supposed to be used to turn turret on desired direction and then used hand cranks for more precise aiming? Then again, same is case on leo 1A5 but on that gunner has precise control of hydraulics unlike in 2A4 where only extreme input makes turret and gun to move. So i think that something is a miss here
  8. So the unit that is hit turns transparent on AAR. And if vehicle is not destroed by hit we will see alive crew inside it.
  9. Assasin told me that it is in theory possible to use hand cranks same time with hydraulics (with danger of dislocating ones arm) - I believe that this what you just said, is reason why. That gunner can rabidly switch between hydraulic and manual handles for final adjustment if necessary. Perhaps more likely if there is some combat damage to tank -wonders.-
  10. I am terribly sorry that I didn't notice your full reply and made you repeat yourself. I am sorry. Sometimes I forget that I am not a tanker myself, even when I very much would want to be one, one day. There are things that only true professionals / equipment users know. Old saying "pride comes before a fall" Proves to be true once again. from a game or simulation, it is very easy to assume things to be possible. Truth, is much more complicated. Yes, I can understand what you mean. And so many of those vehicles have fairly different systems as well, there are bound to be conflicts. Umm. Perhaps this topic should be about why down arrow doesn't have effect that up and side arrows do. Though. Maybe retaining mix of some smoothness and clunky behavior on this simulation would be desirable.
  11. Um, yes I can understand that. However... There are at-least two vehicles that this affects very badly. T-72s, on emergency mode where it can power traverse turret (with mouse) and has to elevate or depress main gun. Where elevating main gun with arrow keys makes you to lose mouse input. M1 abrams commanders 50 cal. Commander can turn 50 cal with mouse input but has to elevate or depress it with arrow keys. once again, up arrow key makes you lose mouse imput, making tracking target very difficult. Also on Leopard 2 - Commanders periscope using up arrow key makes you lose mouse input. (inconvenient if you are tracking target) Oddly, this doesn't happen on t72 commanders antiaircraft machine gun. Up arrow works perfectly there.
  12. When using mouse to control turret or sights, pressing UP, LEFT or RIGHT arrow keys makes you lose mouse input.
  13. "One way the soldiers in their smaller Strykers successfully overcame the much more powerful Marine tanks and LAVs was to hold them off with a 30mm cannon, which the Army began using last year. Meanwhile, dismounted soldiers moved into position to take out the tanks on their flanks with shoulder-fired missiles." Interesting. - I wonder how it was possible to hold away tanks with 30mm cannon.
  14. Oh chees.. Assasins list is so very tempting, I wish it would be so. That would be super awesome.
  15. I'm curious. What would be most realistic estimation of when this mission will end? How long do these Sunday missions usually last? ~ Lumi
    This is very nice mission with great story and materials to be inspired 4 stars. And truly for single player +1 star. I agree with Mirza there. Would be nice if enemy would begin to maneuver a little bit instead pushing along of road full of burning wrecks. It would likely be a bit better if tanks would drive alongside of the road and trucks on the road. Also, would be more challenging if enemy would open fire sooner. As it is, its bit too easy once you get your aiming correct. Still I enjoyed this mission greatly even when I discovered yet another new pug. Apparently in Shotcal players are unable to change to emergency mode to continue fighting when they get stabilization damage. (AI does this well enough) So brief jump to f8 or driver position should help if you face same problem I did.
  16. +1 That sounds like very, very good idea. Thus I still would like to be able to adjust size of that in game text box.
  17. For defense of Zero and Gibson. They had even more burden since of me and Moose there. I'm not sure how much units Moose had but i am assuming that not much since he got Steel beast hours before TGIF, and I as myself, I go with very little since I suck managing more than platoon. So really... rest 5 players basically had to divide blue force with 5 with except of what 2 platoons for me and Moose? Also... me and my one platoon... I just am not good enough or something since I was feeling much like Zero, Gibs and some others. Especially enemy troops at woods were chewing me apart with no apparent trouble to them, though I do suspect that fault is at my improper use of routes to guide AI. I do wish for map updates too, at least to try it to see if it would make difference on such large scale mission as this.
  18. After todays TGIF I have following wishes from me, and my friend Harry - More detailed AI reporting if map updates are off, maybe not voiced, but the platoon commander's could give text reports on enemy type and estimated strength at a grid location - Possibility to configure size of message box on bottom of screen. - And option when right clicking on a unit on the map for it to produce a sitrep, including their damage and ammo state This all, would not only make Multiplayer (where Enemy map updates are off) but as well Would all make it easier to manage company+ sized missions in single player
  19. As soon as I am able to. I will do some testing and see if I can locate under what conditions this spotlight effect can be replicated. (At least in old version). Thank you all. Very much appreciated you take time to investigate and make things right. That makes me happy, and joyous to do better for all of us.
  20. So these are yet additional weird things I found from Leopard 2A5 (these bugs seem to have connections with some of the previous findings btw) Earlier I found out that turning of commanders TIM, greatly improves quality on both daysight and thermal image on EMES, and that I reported in forum. Now I found out following. 1# New Focus feature is connected to EMES daysight quality. If gunner adjust focus on thermal, or commander tells AI gunner to - Daysight quality on commanders monitor (EMES) is affected. And turning TIM off, turns off this connection between thermal focus and poor EMES daysight quality on commanders monitor - 2# and 3# are related to having or not having a player as gunner in vehicle you command. 2# If there is player in gunners position Commander will see reticle on Gunners auxiliary extension (EMES) when on high magnification on thermal. - When there is no player as gunner but just AI - Commander doesn't see reticle when zoomed in. 3# When there is player as gunner, Commander is able to have an extra level of zoom on gunners auxiliary extension in thermal imager mode by doing both pressing N key, and telling human player to go to high magnification.
  21. So when you are in cupola or commanders mini turret, however that is called. Pressing default zoom in key (N) makes you to softly sit on chair instead. While Q and Z (up and down) seem to take you up and down at instant between turret and cupola. But from cupola to up to stand out of hatch it is soft just like how N key makes you to sit.
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