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  1. Umm. @Maic cannot come he didn't remember that he had other duties. I was bit fifty fifty myself because sleep has been poor this week. So I'll drop away too. Sorry for inconvenience.
  2. 1 wingman M1A2 (Sep) for @Maic to command and @Lumituisku to be gunner.
  3. Hi guys. I am sorry but this saturdays mission is yet undecided. There are quite few options to go with. So we will see. I think I will pick based on how many let me know they are coming. You can sign in here or just drop message to this topic. Coming: @Lumituisku @Commissar_Martin @Hedgehog @Maic Maybe: Cannot come: @JAG-11A @Alika
  4. until
    Casual multicrew as usual Mission is yet undecided this event will last aproximately 1 hour +/- 30min Where - Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 Please refer to this topic for more information, and latest messages in topic for latest information about coming mission. Link to topic
  5. Suggestion / consideration for future Allow players to modify map/BMS -callsign in multiplayer session. So that for example. Player who lost A/11 vehicle.. but got reserve vehicle C/13 could be seen for example A/11- (C/13) Or that latter part would be only visible when clicking unit. or something. On a MP session when there has been casualties or damages and reserves are pulled into action / units have changed owner I have often witnessed a horrible mess recarding callsigns where players of not just 1 but many units have troubles to keep up what is going on, and what unit is doing what. Basically.. what I am seeing is that Keeping cohesion becomes very difficult towards end and there is lot of struggle to stay up to date what is happening. I believe that modern BMS systems probably allow changing callsign (it would make sense) if not, I think it would ge good to consider to allow that difference to PE version. To make a better multiplayer experience.
  6. Current sketch of my initial plan. We have two rivers to cross. (Fairly narrow but too steep banks) we need to use bridges for our movement. Market sector has most operational freedom due most tank durable bridges, and we possibly will be able to gain and maintain control for path to resuply / air transports. Current idea that I am forming up is that. Mech infantry will decide speed of advance and tank section will support them. Tanks assist bradleys but if need or opportunity comes up will move to destroy enemy movement that endanger my intend. Vamtac sections will do recon at flanks and each would have one Centauro as extra fire power / protection that ourt flanks can secured We will secure blue path for air movement / resuply If possible We will Neutralize Enemy stronhold Valorsk of eny AFVs We will Neutralize eny stronghold Stolya of eny AFVs Prior PL-Charlie we may divide our forces to two. I expect especially Vantacs and Centauros to be instrumental gaining knowledge of enemy past this area. Especially at north. We will gain high ground forest patches just west of airfield and move to objective.
  7. A very good points about effects only tanks can provide.
  8. I know all this. I am actually most interested training use / comparison of units with / witout Lazer warning receivers because missiles or bombs home into laser that designates target.
  9. I wish for Ability for Drones / FAC to call indirect ( ATG missiles from choppers and or guided bomb from planes [perhaps from ground units if such capability exist?]) _____________________ Why? After watching this DCS Apatche tutorial for indirect missile firing. https://youtu.be/RtEGuTgouUQ I kind of now understand why AFVs would have Lazer warning systems. Before I though it was kind of useless novelty thing. That warns you 2-4 seconds before you are going to die. but this.. that guy on ground or UAV actually paints target for indirect (Helo / aircraft Missile, guided bomb maybe even or drone missile?) Then the system on T-90 and Armatas start to make sense. Break line of sight block lazer with smoke to get wrong or no returns. know where you're lazed from and report to other friendly forces. This is what would be most useful for ground forces to practice. We do currendly have cv9035 NL DF30 and DF90 T-90 and Armata series of prototypes Possibly something else? That can detect when those are being lazed. So number of those vehicles is very little for effect of this training for ground forces. However if we would get some artillery kind of way... from outside map aircaft guided bombs support.. or perhaps ability that helicopters like Apatche could fire missiles indirectly to target. Perhaps there are ground systems that can do that as well (maybe classified stuff though) -> This possibly could add one more valuable training aspect to ground forces threat simulation in steelbeast and make FAC team / drones more useful and even more deadly and give more value to these systems in existing and future vehicles.
  10. Thank you for letting me know All the more reason to play old Zipuli mission So that fresher missions can be played when theres more coming.
  11. Casual multicrew with Saber as usual on Saturday 16th https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ This even't will last approximately 1hour +/- 30min Where - Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 Please refer to this topic for more information, and latest messages in topic for latest information about coming mission. Saturday game discussion
  12. Casual Multicrew on this saturday (16th) as usual. This event will last aproximately 1hour +/- 30min Regular time. 15 GMT https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ Where - Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 I have been contacted by Maic and Hedgehog that they have missions somewhat ready. But to my understanding those still need some tuning. So I am thinking that we will play something older this weeked. Currently I am planning that we would play yet one more mission from Zipuli to get those done with This time Niinisalo version of platoon in attact. After that I think we will start having more interesting missions. However this is not sure at the moment so bear with me. Also I will likely tune the mission a little bit to have slightly more vehicles in there just in case. Coming: @Lumituisku @Hedgehog Maybe: Cannot come: @Maic @JAG-11A @Higgs @Gibsonm Being listed here is mere sign that you have shown interest to this / these type events at this particular day / time / generally. In long term it helps me to plan, and those who are interested to see who was there / may know more about these events. (If you do not want to be Hastagged or listed here let me know someway and you wont.) If you have no interest to join this or future events, please don't bother notifying me that you cannot come - because that gives false signal of pontetial interest.
  13. It was pretty good game from Gunner point of view. I liked the terrain. To me huge bonus was that trees weren't restricting visibility as much as usually. Being farmost tank on north had it's bonuses. Especially with @Maic being agressive commander.
  14. Sometimes most mundane feel's actually most worthwile to watch ~
  15. And here old dog learned something "new" once again Thank you @Ssnake I can see it now. Marder 2 that followed M60 was also so heavily armored that it could not have been penetrated. Though what I find strange is inconsistencies. Especially with chemical energy warheads where any even very distant fracment can result a kill.
  16. Okay. I find this very strange On tank range usually any hit destroys target but today with BMP-2 that didn't happen. I fired Sabot / Heat and targets didn't get destroed from clear hits. Missile hits destroed targets alright.. but armor piercing or heat.. not so much AAR as attachment Here is also video from what I witnessed.. all works as normal until 2 mine mark in video.. 00:01:48 mission time where I fire at M60 with armor piecing and it got tracked. ? and then I fire a lot to it until finally it dies after lot of rounds hitting it. And then problem keeps occurring with other targets. BMP-2_6484_041022TUULI1141.aar
  17. origin of mouse cursor appears to some players from where black line is drawn What makes this odd... is that this doesn't happen on all vehicles. For example Cv9030 (fin) and T-72 do not have this problem.. but Leopards, Abrams, RBDM-2, pirantha DF30. Have this problem to my friend. He likes to use mouse vector but finds it disturbing that it is not on center of reticle. I did try just about everything possible to get this solved but failed. We tried checking resolutions. Using full screen / windoved, Centering joystick (alt-j) with no luck. Also.. apparently this may be commom problem.. but people just don't use mouse vector or don't see this as a problem.
  18. @Nike-Ajax Maicou is from Finland and is currendly in no VU.
  19. So.... I don't know if this is intentional or not. I find it kind of weird so I though to ask. Maybe this is automatic process. So basically, Either when Gunner fires maingun or when commander presses fire ready. Display unit view changes to Gunner one quite... eeer strangely? Situation 1. Commanders peri is slaved to gun and is on daysight. -> Gunner looks on thermal and fires -> commander display unit changes to show what gunner sees on daysight. -> Commander rams round in and presses fire ready -> Commanders display unit changes to show from Gunners daysight to Gunners Thermal sight. Situation 2 Commander peri is not slaved to gun and is looking some other spot on daysight. -> Gunner uses thermal and fires -> No change.. -> Commander rams round in and presses fire ready. -> His display unit changes to Gunners thermal. This happens as well with AI Gunner. Also... Another odd thing is that when you're on commanders place. AI crew yells instructions as if you weren't commander there. "Telling to load Sabot" - Though I suspect that this could be beneficial and how it is planned to help Commander to choose right round, as commander may be too busy to keep up whats going while trying to scramble rounds in during engagement.
  20. Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 Please visit calendar link and looks at top left to click one of options "Going, maybe or Decline" It helps me a lot for planning what mission to choose. Coming: @Lumituisku @Hedgehog @JAG-11A @Maximiliano Caceres (New player) @bloodycut @Lusik EvilFox Maybe: @Higgs @Assassin 7 @Major duck @Maic Cannot come:
  21. until
    Casual multicrew as usual Where - Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 Please refer to this topic for more information, and latest messages in topic for latest information about coming mission. Link to topic
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