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  1. Is that truck at 1:17 - Marauder? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marauder_(vehicle)
  2. Its patria AMV, hull. I supposed its command / communication version
  3. man, that seems to be hard tank to kill when its hull down. - Not too difficult to make un-operational.. but hard to kill. Very nice video! I like new effects of exhaust, dust, and even shots look different! In what way this new 72 differs from one we have already? Does its gunner have thermal camera? And maybe some reinforced armor at turret?
  4. Well to be honest...I have never used real thermal camera so I don't truly know if those are supposed to be visible. I could image those would? And well... yes its barely visible, now when you pointed it out.
  5. Aww... Smokes from engines doesn't seem to be visible on thermal camera.
  6. Somehow I have feeling... that Dejawolf did major work on this model If I remember it correctly he was very fascinated with M1 TTB when it was mentioned on forums. I could be mistaken. It sort of feels like joke, that we would have it on release. However, I would be very interested of seeing how these... unmanned turrets actually work! Now if this isn't trolling then we can possibly find out if these kind of tanks are harder to kill or not.
  7. Houses still partly sink into ground? And WTF... I swear I saw that experimental tank here on forums on one moment that we see on video at 37s time. - I guess we got something like USA designed armata mock-up to play with or against ____________________________ Reason why I wasn't cheering, screaming from joy of seeing all new vehicles here.. is that there could not be enough space on one post to do so. Great additions! I love especially patria-AMV! Thank you Esims! <3
  8. Could I be hopeful that with new map editor perhaps coming in year or two, we could get forest to actually look like dense forest, instead of a park / garden like currently? And that trees no longer would be Super Uber killer trees? But that such forest in future would be practically impassable cause of amount of trees. I also sort of would want to have gun barrel actually modeled. Perhaps i'm masochist when wishing that, but it would certainly add some immersion.
  9. I think that argument is going to be... does real SEP have GLOS button on joystick?
  10. Hi Storming Norman. - Nice video. I think that the problem here is that Steelbeast can currently only model small numbers of trees per editable area in map editor. And even at most dense forest looks like easily passable to any armor, with single trees sparsely here and there. While if I have understood it correctly. Game developers idea is to simulate dense forest, where tank simply would not go. Could not move around and would have troubles of finding path. Hence trees on such area are made to be solid like stone, to simulate group of trees.. not just one. Sure machine over 20 tons can take single tree down. Though there is risk of it damaging your vehicle, or lifting your front up so that you just can't maneuver anymore.
  11. Aaah. That is correct, I didn't remember cause I so rarely use it. Am I right that on SEP you talk about CITV GLOS and GPS GLOS button mappings that basically does same as ZU (down arrow) key on leopard?
  12. Nice! How is that key binding called on leopards then? Because i truly didnt know.
  13. Umm. I think it is same on leopards. To change between gunners view and TCs TI, one has to actually click the button in TI monitor. Changing polarity, Zoom, and so are key mapped on both. Also I think its same on both... Leos and Sep that F2 is commanders TI monitor view, and F3 is gunners view... wait. No. on leopard F3 is commanders day periscope! Leopard 2 doesn't have key to quickly to change to gunners view unless TI monitor is set to gunners view? or am I mistaken? Though I agree. It would be nice to have this button that changes views on CITV or Monitor.. how ever that is called - between gunners and commanders viewer would be much appreciated.
  14. Is it physically possible to fit more than just the crew inside tanks, and to maintain it operational. Even 1 additional person? lets say that person is extremely thin / small. Im pretty sure that on eastern tanks.. especially old ones. Interiors are really cramped, and after crew and additional adult man just could not be fitted in. A very small child.. perhaps. But I see it very unlikely. What is the truth? Have you ever heard of such happening, even during peace time?
  15. User score... 105 / 100... LOL I wonder if that potentially could meant that you command now additional 5% better friendly units in battlefield
  16. It would be awesome to be able to dismount tank grew member, to do forward scouting on a defile or lets say urban area where is a sharp turn or something. Like Commander or loader could go out of tank a small distance away and use binoculars to look around. Perhaps in somewhere distant future this comes possible.
  17. ATTENTION! All to knee How cadets will react to gas attack Cliff observing as passenger on vehicle 1 Observing reversing training from vehicle 1 Full speed road march - trying to maintain distance and column formation
  18. This mission I wanted to keep inside DOW cause of being so Experimental. On this particular mission there was manning roster for DOW members that closed week ago. If you want to join in future. Please at least day before, preferably few days and it should be alright I'm planning that this campaign will have three sides. Blue for platoons 1,2 and 3 That will do full multicrew. Commander, Gunner, driver + possibly dismount teams. Green for those who want to join (will be available later when campaign story makes it possible.) Red for enemy that I, or someone else will be controlling. Trouble is that I will not apply green side playable before campaign story makes it possible for Finnish army or border guard to be in the area. For now it's peace time training for those who signed in. --------------------------------------------------------- This mission was experimental.... and so far most funny one I have ever played. I have never had this much fun on steelbeast before. And with such good company. Thank you for all those who came, and truly I'm hoping to see some of videos you guys took. End of next month well play next part This time perhaps we get to fire some rounds as well. This was first training course for 1st platoon of cadets. Of whom some performed extraordinary well. I'm personally most pleased with good attitude of first platoon! Good job guys! John "ladybug" lightow___Jarod Gamba Obote_____Creighton "smash" AbramsAndre "Scaramouche" MoreauCapt. Michael Wittmann__John "Commando" Matrix_Antonio "El gamba" RecioStanislaw "Stach" SkalskiJohn Watson__________ All of these fine cadets showed ability to think fast on extraordinary situations, and I have good faith on them going to perform well on training and possible future battlefields. Special congratulations for Michael Wittmann for extraordinary resourcefulness and bravery against the man eating bear.
  19. Makes me wonder.. Will small ditches be visible now on, and actually be sensed from tank while moving over. Ones like these. Though I suspect it wont be the case. I know that these are not much of an obstacle. But those are good places for infantry to hide in. And well... if crossed carelessly, for sure tank can get stuck on these too, especially larger ones. Its just... Dunno I have been kind of annoyed of how those are just different color on map and ground and not actually visible. Because at work I drive large machines and know perfectly well that these can cause trouble, especially during rain seasons. And how about sloped sides of medium or larger sized roads? Those could be used to get hull down positions like here for example.
  20. Uhm I have for long wanted to ask this... On Steelbeast when there is crew damage such as lets say Gunner. Is he/ she considered injured, dead or just unable to fill that role? Also.. what kind of damage triggers this.. anything that even scratches hitbox of gunner? or does it need certain amount of erm.. from damaging effect?
  21. No. Not That I would know, and it would not make sense either.
  22. I'm just worried that drivers might be sticking their heads out too often and get shot too often. Hopefully there is way for commander to tell crew not to stick their heads out during combat or while enemy is known to be somewhere nearby.
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