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  1. I wonder and am just speculating here. Maybe there is something to do with ownership change, and from jumping from vehicle to vehicle? Like, on @Mirzayev case as can be seen on video how the towed tank changed owner when hitching was being applied or just before. Also prior accident he changed view between different units on the map, and returned to view on towing tank and somehow when towing, and there was bit of lag, he jumped to tank being towed (that he owned) and witnessed eeer.. LAG sling shot? I don't know what is the case in case @Gibsonm tells us. Could it have been that person changed point of view to towed tank when it happened?
  2. https://youtu.be/zU-Og7I5nMI?t=2188 Here's the link. I think this is similar event? (note I wasn't there personally, I was just told about it.)
  3. Umm. I heard that something similar happened on Kanium session just mere week or two ago. I think it is visible on video too?
  4. As a reminder. We have a mission today in 4 hours. Another Zipuli mission. 15:00 GMT (Summer time!)
  5. It's a meme thing. I loved the narrative. I hope that you did too
  6. How to tow tanks with tractor.
  7. I think he was speaking about interiors not being modeled.
  8. Aknowledged Heh, that can already happen when doing multicrew on CV9040, Warrior, Scimitar and DF-90. So such events are part of the simulations naturally. As for clicking buttons... it really depends a lot. Um to my personal experience it is actually fun. It is vital thing to do in order to be able to fire the maingun. And the stress and hurry to get things right.. feels so rewarding when gunner presses trigger and yells "Target - cease fire" On DF90 one can actually do it pretty quickly too, so there is reward for that. Then again my best friend things that loading DF90 is masochistic experience because the "Strings and levers are so small targets for mouse cursor to click on (he does wish those to be larger, or have larger mouse "Hand") Um.. Truly I don't care if there is interior or not. Interior and buttons to click would be nice to have.. but at this point I truly only want position for loader. That one can unbotton and look around... and button up to be able to load or service what ever needs be. Perhaps with keycommands like on " CV9040, Warrior or Scimitar" by pressing shift + ammo button. Also a some sort of vision block periscope if there is one.. would be nice to see tank movements. Actually.. looking to vehicles. I see that Shot'Kal, and Challenger-2 have sort of rotating vision block? American tanks have nothing at all for loader. Leopard 1s loader have either couple of vision blocks 1A5.. or possibly a rotating one on AS1 version? Leopard 2's seem to have only fixed front left pointing wide vision block. Centauro... have several pointing to sides. And that is about it for crewable vehicles that have AI Loader. I think shift + hotkey would do well at that Bit like manual firing with the main gun! Indeed on CV9040, Warrior, Scimitar and DF-90 loading can only happen while buttoned down. Heck.. even on Commander stations on tanks with commander MG.. one has to be on right level to service the weapon. So naturally like this. Yes! One could add some simple mill range card inside for loader to check corresponding distances for crew. Im fine with this. Same with not clicking buttons and such at this point because truly.. what we really need and want is a low responsibility crew position, that is vital and can play important role if other crew so chooses. The point is.. there a lot of new players who want to try this sim. Loader position would be nice for them to feel being part of the crew and to be allowed to contribute. It also is cruzial because without doing things right, maingun wont fire or fire fast enough or right ammunition. Also, it is nice place for players like me to monitor and instruck new players. I could actually see what they see without having to guess from F8 position. As for F8.. I don't like turret fairy position.. that alone gives human player tanks unfair advantage on multiplayer when a turret fairy joins up and starts telling where enemies are. Loader unbuttoned view could solve that problem too. I have one last important point here about multicrew. The big reason why MMO games like World of Warcraft and such are soo good greatly comes to multiplayer and teamwork. This is where Multicrew is so special.. you depend of each others, Driver and Loader have their special roles where they as players are crusial just like Gunner and Commander have. In a tank you are all in it together.. like a sport team. Also.. on multicrew because: This! This is probably one of biggest reasons why I think SB is so much better simulation than any other than I am currently aware of. It doesn't kill the game for others if one crew member has to go in middle of game. Or if he doesn't know how to do something. Because AI can do things "Well enough"
  9. This sounds wonderful, and pretty much what we would like to have. I can understand this. Escpecially since all the other important priorities in development. For me... this would be nice to have, but again... not what we want most desperately. Well.. aside being able to more MG away from blocking commanders peri Function to move it aside as placeholder for controls perhaps? I am not fully sure if I understand what you are referring here? Do you mean, that AI has to be able to use all the same things as Human player does. MG for example? I am curious about those Design principles.
  10. Well one could simply bring his own civilian ones.
  11. Loader position please. Even if just extremely simple like driver basic driver position with simple (almost useless) vision port and ability to get out of hatch and access binoculars (Commander shares his ones), if need be to manipulate loaders machinegun if there is one. Loading could be same way as on cv9040, Warrior or Scimitar. By pressing Shift+insert / del to load Reason why Team Saber is asking for this is because that 1 more crewman tank can make such huge difference in battle, and to make it so much more fun too. Often inexperienced players are slow or troubled with things. In this case loader can step up and give driving instructions. Or do valuable spotting to areas of less interest while not buttoned down. He can also monitor radio channels and alert others if they missed a call And he can help gunner by reading from tank mill chart the corresponding distances to target. + This position also could possibly help to get rid of turret fairies and need of F8 view https://youtu.be/WDzT7p1G3Gc?t=4280 time 1:11:20 @Hedgehog talks about why driving can be a nice experience. time 1:12:07 @Assassin 7 Talks about why Loader can make such huge difference.
  12. Casual Multicrew with Saber #12 - On Saturday 2nd of April - 15:00 GMT (Finland changed to summer time!) Please if you are interested of our session. Hit the "GOING / Maybe / Deglined" on the calendar page below. It truly helps me out with planning these events! Thank you! This mission uses custom map! Please check out this post on instructions on how to download and install FAKE_EASTFIN5 map. Per usual we will play mission on Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 If you're new to Kanium TS please come 30 min early. This time we will play Zipulis legendary mission Platoon in attack (Winter) Platoon of 4x Leopard 2A4s (and possibly some bmp-2s) Leopard 2A4 wiki page: https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Leopard_2A4 BMP-2 wiki page: https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=BMP-2 It is highly recommended to get basic understanding of how to operate in degrated "Emergency" mode on Leopard. _________________________________________________ This time mission briefing and map are rather simple and plain. Enjoy the simplicity. Time for old classic and hard to beat mission to be played yet again!
  13. until
    Hi there! Interested of some Casual easy going Steelbeast? Small and short missions, and perhaps a single role? Then this is for you! We're going to play heavily updated classic mission from @Zipuli known as Platoon in attack (Winter) We have 4x Leopard 2A4s, and possibly some BMP-2s. Were first going to man the Leopards to have Commander's / Gunner's, (Driver pos is optional) Intend is to pair guys together so that they get most enjoyable experience. New comers are welcomed to be gunners, we usually have a plenty of experienced commanders to give you a good time. For best experience it is highly recommended to have completed Leopard 2, Tutorials, or to have learned to operate the system on basic level, both in normal and emergency modes. Per usual we will use Kanium Teamspeak for communications Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 If youre new to Kanium TS, please be there 30 minutes early. Also please check out this topic for more info about Casual multicrew with Saber. Usually last post in the topic is about most recent scenario. There is also link on first post of the topic.
  14. Okay. I wasn't expecting to have 9 players coming >.< I was hoping to get 6 at very best. 2 were flexible and / gave their positions to others by lack of positions. Kudos to MD and Ghost for this, in theory we had room for all.. but 2 players would have needed to become drivers. I would BTW, highly recommend driving for people doing multicrew. It is a whole new world. About the mission... umm... we were terribly out matched 3 player controlled leopards.. available at a time.. umm. Regardless, @Assassin 7 and @Maic did really good work! Look at Assasins hit percentage and Maicou was a terminator. As for that 300% Hit percentage... this picture may explain a lot. Also those tank size bushes were major pain in the ass for us. And T-80s were firing for move better than we did. >.< And we were overhelmed by assaulting enemy that gave us little or no regard and just pushed forward on mad charge. Wave after wave.. depleting us to extinction.
  15. As of this time. Since were low on manning, I think were going to play small 30m - 60min scenario: Armor Attacks - Counterrecon from @Koen Lieutenant, * You're in command of a Leo-tankplatoon, on a counterrecon mission. * This scenario is based upon the great book of John F. Antal : "Armor Attacks - The Tank Platoon". -> As in the book you will be required to make several tactical decisions ... -> Stealth & observing may be more important in this mission than shooting. ---------- We have a platoon of 3 Leopard 2A4s our PLATOONS mission is to work along with 4x AI controlled M901 ITV scouts to locate and destroy enemy RDM-2 scouts - before they penetrate into our defences and this way prevent enemy to identify where our battalion defences are most weak. Our platoon orders are at the bottom of this post! Leopard 2A4 wiki page - https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Leopard_2A4 2008 / 7 / 1 General situation & Battalion orders: Situation on map: Orders and execution for our platoon:
  16. Awesome youre most welcome. Someone will have you as a gunner, no problem there welcome to Steelbeast multiplayer. Please show up, 30 minutes early so that we can set up your coms on Kanium Teamspeak.
  17. Thank you for letting us know. Starting to look like time for a small mission.
  18. until
    Hi there! Interested of some casual Steelbeast with small roughly platoon sized multiplayer? This event would be for you then! heck out more from this link: Check out this topic for more information For my convenience. If you are coming. Please sign in or PM me! Cheers! Sincerely ~ @Lumituisku
  19. Heads up we will have a game on Saturday 26th, at regular time 16:00 GMT At this point what scenario /s we will play is mystery, but intend is that something good and different for @Commissar_Martin so that we can play more mundane missions during his 3 week absense (such as Zipuli ones) Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 Will post briefing and more information at the point I come to decicion. I am open for mission suggestions. (Preferred duration aprox 1 hour +/- 30min, size of aproxzimately around 4-6 vehicles as currendly we can man 4+ vehicles with commander gunner.) Please let me know any way you want if you will come to this session. (hint you can just click calendar event "Going") Coming at this point: @Lumituisku Team / taskforce leader unless someone else chooses to give a try. @Commissar_Martin any role / pos @Maic @Yamas Unsure / maybe: Ghost Cannot come this time: @bloodycut @Lusik @JAG-11A @Higgs
  20. Pikku pelejä on ollu mun discordissa. Simumiehissäkin löytyy kiinnostusta mutta ongelma on ajoitus. Perheet ja työt tekee ajoituksen tosi haasteelliseksi. Voin kutsua sut vaikka simumiesten discordiin. Laita mulle privana sun tägi tai ystävä pyyntö discordissa.
  21. Thank you. I didn't know that. Goes to show that it isn't safe to assume anything.
  22. 0:00 - Briefing and getting set up 14:33 Setting up Teamspeack channels for each 18:35 Scenario begins 19:37 Spectacular scenario effects 22:08 I jump the gun and order movement too early to wrong hill 25:11 arriving to correct hill, but alone! 27:43 At hill, proceeding to engage from BP with Colebrook 33:28 Starting a flank attack 42:30 Enemy dismount hiding inside a burning pc 45:45 tank contact on north 52:55 Significant emotional event 54:20 Making quick decition to break contact and go support mech infantry at Obj Gonzo 58:54 All weapon problems as those refuse to fire 1:01:50 Join in progress to get Cavgunner with us that fails as we forgot to remind him to choose blue side 1:12:00 Mission continues 1:25:40 Attack on objective Kermit begins 1:29:20 Second life, loong driving ahead. 1:30:00 Commissar Martins prediction of incoming indirect fire was spot on. Bravo mech inf suffers losses. 1:39:50 Gandle is lit - Colebrook fell to and RPG 1:41:00 Me and Colebrook have no idea what were seeing. A command post of somekind? 1:45:00 Mech infantry comes to assist and take over engaging enemy troops. 1:48:00 Mission over - Thinking that I crashed. 1:49:00 Impressions and Free discussion 1:52:46 I start playing AAR quick forward on the map to see all troop movements and contacts
  23. What I notice and am starting to feel, when comparing to what my Finnish friends why served on AFVs, that there are some significant differences in procedures that likely are due to several factors. Leopards have smaller Laser beam, and use last return by default hence, probadly more reliable on short distances as seen on Europe / Finland. Terrain... when typical combat distance is under 1000m, it does seem that every second is squuezed out making fire command and reactions as fast and effective as possible Modern equipment and significant crew training (trust / competency) makes a lot of parts from fire order, unnecessary. Cultural differences in leadership and equality. In some countries it seems that while they have some hierarchy, there is slightly less need to enforce it constantly with stiff byrocachy. While in others it sounds like, commander seems like all knowing and others are almost like blind followers. I would be really interested to learn how Canadians or British do their Fireorders and Crew communications. It seems that there might be considerable differences to US example. I also wonder... if Australian is as close to US version as I think it to be? They too operated some leopards in past, I think. But.. I suppose distances there are far longer. As for British, that is bit of mystery. And.. I would love to know how Russian, Ukrainian or Polish crews do their things too with older equipment to learn the differences there.. but that seems unlikely at the moment. (unless learning from videos... that I don't think I have heart to watch.)
  24. 👍 Kind of my fault really. A lot of people who host sessions are proactive to deal with these kind of problems we saw today. I really should make myself a checklist and deal with these problems before hand. Thing is that with small amount of players I have been able to get away with all my lacks, but as we have player numbers increasing, these things are starting to show up a lot and badly. @Colebrook with a Shot'Kal was a Terminator... Pretty sure that most of this was his handywork. Then again.. Those targets were focused on me and @bloodycut as my gunner on top of the hill... soo. Kind of worked out 😂 @Maic and @Higgs on second section in north had some kills too like 5-7 each and we all others were pretty much just ineffective with our fires, even when we shot a lot and hit too, just not well enough. Our mech infantry gyus @Commissar_Martin and @Lusik provided us quite lot of useful spotting too. ~ This scenario was a blast to play. Video coming soon... with awful lot of... mistakes from my part >.< ( Note to self.. ALT is not good push to talk key.. especially when moving. It ends up opening all kinds of funky pop up windows constantly )
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