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  1. Working on it. I am slow reader because I want to learn the stuff. Thanks for clarification! I suppose my problem is that sometimes I hear commander to use word / phrase "From my position" when they engage with main gun. So that has kind of got me confused too. Awesome stuff! Thank you!
  2. Excatly, and there is still degraded mode gunnery where it is necessary. Not to forget tanks like T-55 or Shotcal. Also great many players do not want to commander to override turret as they feel like fighting the turret not understanding to release. Of course there is other side of coin that TC needs to tell that he is going to override / designate And speaking of those two words... What is the difference?
  3. So I am wondering what would be good communication for crew in different situations in English language? For Commanders it goes something like this? Ammunition type - Direction (clock) - Landmark - Target - Distance - Fire order ? Heat - Eleven - Right from crossroad - PC - Two hunred - Fire There are some problems in this. Because of wide spectrum of vehicles.. from cold war to modern, commanders and gunners have different cababilities. So I suppose, ideally fire order should include things like: - Estimated need for lead, How to fire (from move, or stationary), How many times. Ammunition type... and Callsign Then there are communications for actions. For example for situation when current place is no longer safe and AFV should pull back and relocate. In Finnish word for this is "Irti" but I do struggle to translate it to english. "Pull back" "Break contact" "Retrograde" ? I suppose I truly am most interested of what is AFV communication vocabulary and for what situations? Over the years I have seen a very broad spectrum of words and methods used, so I suppose there is no correct one, and truly I would love to know... what you guys use or would prefer to use and hear used. What do you think would work best in Multicrew situations?
  4. No he didn't. He just means that from his point of view... Incapacitated driver is a mobility kill. Especially... When incapacitation often happens during combat.. in witch case driver is almost unreachable to other crew. And according to my friend.. recovering incapacitated driver is... Difficult and time taking. Though... I personally can't help but wonder why the level of incapacitation in drivers case seems to me more like... Unconscious / dead compared to for example... Gunner... *Shrugs*
  5. You can also buy 1 year license for less than half a Price i believe. And yes you just need one licence. If you want to buy a stick benefit of that is that you can use it on any PC. Time limited licence's to my understanding are bound to single PC. As for what tanks. A lot of different tanks. There are a lot of variations of Leopards 1 and 2... Abrams and t55,62 and lot of different T72s up to B1 (85) model. More modern ones are in game but not crewable and AI controlled. There are lot of other tanks and AFVs to play too. such as Cv90 family IFVs, BMP-2, BTRs. Lot of m113s... Etc... Not to forget that there's even more AI controlled vehicles. 3. Umm no, no mods to my 20 year knowledge that would truly improve graphics. That resolution should work just fine. 4. Check multiplayer section from forum. We have 4 regular game sessions. TGIF (PVP) on Fridays, Team sabers small game on Saturday, Kanium big game on Sunday and BG Ansag on Thursdays? All games are on different time slot too .. and if not. Poke me and I can arrange something for you. Usually someone has to organize game and let others to know about it. There are no servers for multiplayer games. Welcome to Steelbeast! Also for vehicles check out SB wiki you can find it from bar at top of forum. Cheer's!
  6. There's just 2 regular problems we face constantly. 1 - what commander sees can often be different. Usually distance is correct but lead isn't. Aka on moving target commander May actually sometimes see shot miss (land where target was) and still see turret pop. 2 - Dust on many missions blocks observation of fall of shots. Hence i am going to recommend wingman tactics where wingman observes and then reports, and fires when you would in turn observe. For all who read this: Also very important. We do recommend multi-crew. But don't force people to do it. That is, as long as it is possible and there's enough vehicles to allow freedom. And even then we have members who are can be drivers. We intend and encourage teams and crews to form up. Aka, those who want and or are good to play together will get priority. It takes time for crews to form up. Not everyone is good to go with just anyone. We do encourage Change of positions at times so that there's variety but I'd you don't want to. You should tell that you don't want and then you won't need to be in positions you didn't want.
  7. Some tips and tricks for lazy reader's about Shot'Kal For Commander to help estimate and convey better distance estimation to gunner: Shot'Kal Commander periscope aiming at T-55 to estimate distance. (Lines set on level of turret roof) 1000m 1500m 2000m For Gunner: From @Commissar_Martin for the gunner, this is the 'Lethal box' for the GPS: if you put your target between thos two sets of horizontal lines, you should hit anything at most reasonable battle ranges for very long stuff, longer than that tank in the image, put the lower horizontal lines just a bit above the target the round seems to be about 20% slower than the 120mm rounds most players are probably used to using, so you need to lead a little more than you'd think, about a full target's length in front for the range shown in the image on a target moving medium speed (edited) purely based on the tank range, not looking up the actual reticle stats, the lower horizontal lines of the 'Lethal box' are about 1800m for a sabot round, and the cross of the little T shaped marker above is 1500m From Wiki: The GPS main gun KE aiming reticle is used to engage targets with main gun KE ammunition. The reticle is located in the upper part of the sight picture and consists of two T symbols (the top one is inverted) with a series of six dots and two horizontal lines. The top inverted T is not used. The top most dot is the aimpoint for 800m KE targets. The second dot from the top (the one bracketed by two horizontal lines) is the aimpoint for 1100m KE targets. The third dot from the top is the aimpoint for 1425m KE targets. The fourth dot from the top is the aimpoint for 1620m KE targets. The bottom most dot is the aimpoint for 1800m KE targets. The bottom T is actually dual purpose as it can be used as the aimpoint for point blank HESH reticle, or used to gauge the extreme range KE aimpoint (such as in the 2000m at top of the T, to 2200m at the bottom of the T), although the actual aimpoint for this range would be to the right of the T symbol. The KE sight tapers from left to right due to ballistics of the rifled round.
  8. Saturday 19th scenario. Operation Muppet from @Hedgehog (3 days from now) In regular time 16:00 GMT just as before: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Casual+multicrew+with+Saber&iso=20220319T16&p1=%3A&ah=1&am=30 Countdown timer for those who find value from it: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=1440&iso=20220319T16&msg=Casual multicrew with Saber Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 In scenario we have: Platoon of 4 Sho't Kal's (Isreal modified Centurion no FCS, or laser. -> estimate distance -> elevated gun according to stadia lines -> fire and pray.) Platoon of 4 M113AS4's (personel carrier with MG turret) For all who intend to come I recommend to check how to Aim and fire with Sho't Kal: https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Sho't_Kal#Firing (this time I pray that the time and date is correct) Here's the briefing (copied from Download section) (Map snipped to avoid extreme colors ) Scenario Summary: Take on the Warsaw Pact in 1950s “East Germany” in World War 3 Pre Nuclear scenario. For Single player use: Play as a Multiplayer session with yourself as host and pick player "Blue side." Pick the T31 callsign. Scenario Briefing: OPORD Operation MUPPET 18-09-1955 17:00Z – 18:00 Local Time 1. SITUATION: A. ENEMY FORCES: 1. S2 Intelligence estimates you will encounter a Reinforced Tank Company in prepared positions with Light Artillery and Light Air Support probable. 2. Enemy defensive capability is limited to damaged equipment collected from previous offensives in this area. Reconnaissance has identified a reserve soviet tank unit in the enemy's rear which is road marching into the area and might be deployed in reaction to any friendly force advance. There is a high likelihood of this happening. Enemy is currently adopting an offensive posture and has been attacking since dawn this morning, as part of this offensive they have used chemical agents as marked by the GREEN area (vicinity 69 northing and 30 easting) Enemy is not likely to withdraw or delay as they are currently on the offensive. 3. Enemy's Most Likely Course Of Action is an attack in full force from Objective MISS PIGGY westwards into friendly lines. 4. Enemy's Most Dangerous Course Of Action: As point 3. B. FRIENDLY FORCES: Friendly Forces in this operation will consist of Task Force 31, consisting of your Sho't Kal Tank Platoon, an M113AS4 Infantry Platoon. And 1st line CSS assets. 1. Higher's Mission & Intent: Ajax Squadron has been pretty well wiped out, only 3 vehicles made it back and they're all busted up in some way, Badger Squadron is taking over the fight and your troop is being used to plug any gaps we might have. 2. Adjacent Units: To the north is 5th RTR, to the south is 3rd RTR to our rear is 62nd Panzer Battalion ready to act as a Reserve. C. SUPPORT UNITS: 1. Artillery: Access is granted to the following artillery assets: 4 x 2S9 Nona 120mm SPM Battery with HE & Smoke - 25lbr battery Proxy 4 x 2S9 Nona 120mm SPM Battery with HE & Smoke - 25lbr battery Proxy 4 x 2S9 Nona 120mm SPM Battery with HE & Smoke - 25lbr battery Proxy 4 x 2S9 Nona 120mm SPM Battery with HE & Smoke - 25lbr battery Proxy 2. Aviation: Air parity is questionable, you may get air support later, but as of now, No air support is available at this time. D. Civil/Terrain considerations. NATO and WARPAC forces are in a state of WAR, Unnecessary killing of Non Combatant Civilians and destruction of civilian property is to be avoided if possible. Civilian convoys of refugee are present in the area, these are NOT to be fired upon unless posing a direct threat to friendly forces. 2. MISSION: Task Force 31 is to conduct a hasty attack on the enemy units defending Objectives MISS PIGGY, KERMIT & GONZO the Terrain Objective is for orientation purposes only. Primary objective is the destruction of enemy defending units with minimum casualties. Destruction of enemy command posts, artillery, logistics, or air defence units should be considered a secondary objective. 3. EXECUTION: Task Force 31 will operate in the zone defined by the following Phase lines. Left and right boundaries are shown as Phase Lines BUNSEN and BEAKER. Jump off point is defined as Phase Line FOZZIE BEAR, and the limit of advance is shown as Phase Line ROWLF. A. Commander's intent: Repulse enemy attack on own line by Badger Squadron with assistance from elements of Cyclops Squadron (Task Force 31) 1. Center of gravity: is likely to be Engagement Area (EA) BIG BIRD, Priority of fires are to be in this area. 2. Critical vulnerability: The area south of hill 329 is lightly held. 3. Exploitation plan: Bypass Hill 329 to th south and hit the Soviet Southern Flank as they attack into EA Big Bird. 4. Desired Endstate: Soviet Attack Repulsed with minimal casualties. Objectives MISS PIGGY KERMIT & GONZO cleared of all enemy forces. B. Concept of the Operations: 1. Scheme of Manoeuvre: Up to you, as you are the Task force Leader. 2. Fire Support Plan: You have priority of fires. Liaise with G10A with any fire mission requests. C. Tasks: Attack the enemy defending Objectives MISS PIGGY, KERMIT & GONZO D. Coordinating Instructions: 2nd Squadron will hold Devils Dyke laying fires into EA BIG BIRD, Friendly Infantry are dug in on the main ridge line running north south at this position. 4. SUPPLY AND SUSTAINMENT A. Enemy POW's are to be left in place or directed to a holding area* Casevac to be handled by own CSS assets. *Stay where they are or move as a group under script control. B. Regiment command has set up a replenishment point in the vicinity of “Bismark”. Task Force 31 will secure Class I, III,and V supplies at this location. (Your Tanks have a full Main Gun ammo load, and about 80% MG ammo, You have Low Fuel Levels) 5. SIGNALS: A. Signal 1. Primary -28.250 2. Alternate -28.350 3. Contingency -28.450 4. Emergency -28.750 B. Command 1. Location of Key Leaders: Command Post Able (Sunray Sunray Minor & Shelldrake) 2. Succession of Command: T31 > T31A > I11A > T31B > T31C (If present) End of Briefing. Scenario specific changes / mods: Engines and Tracks repair after 15mins "Field Bodges" / "Short Tracking" If the Tracks are short tracked in this manner suspension is damaged to reflect being short tracked. Each Combat vehicle (T31 & I11 platoon) has vehicle has 2 "Extra lives" (identified by "-" suffix) I.E. T31 has T31-a & T31-b T31A has T31A-a & T31A-b etc So if you lose: T31, T31-a & T31-b, you won't get another T31 callsign and will be reduced by one vehicle.
  9. Could really be any... but I feel rebellious enough to answer - Driver
  10. Umm. So... what am not understanding? Gunner that is incapacitated and in many vehicles just as, if not more difficult place than driver can be instantly switched to from commander seat. And same applies to commander... actually WTF? Really. What is the deal with driver? On tanks there could be a barrel on the way like on T-72 if tank has taken serious damage and barrel cannot be moved.. then I could understand this. But there are lot of vehicles where drivers place is accessable perhaps even with more ease than that, and also from inside.. M113 for example. So now I am mystified. How comes that gunner that is between commanders feet on Abrams or leopard.. can instantly be swictched to? And not driver? Player can at once jump to gunner seat from commander spot and start blasting. without need to learn how to use weapon position from commander position? Also.. Loader being damaged is bit weird too. that tank can still load and player can switch instantly between gunner and commander positions at will. But really the inconcistancy that why we are allowed all that and being punished with tank becoming immobilized with driver damage I don't understand. Okay.. On M1 the driver is laying back and that position can be awkward. but then again, is it really that much more difficult than other positions on other vehicles? Drivers on IFVS or some other tanks are not that difficult to access.. and in some armies they have these special straps to lift incapacitated crew member out of vehicle. I am not a AFV crewmen. So I don't know what is the big deal here. Please enlighten me. What is the point of... this inconsitency?
  11. Moon. Sun. Doesn't show up on tank thermals either. : /
  12. @Ssnake Ught, I just realized that I had not very good tittle for this. This is what I meant. Just that were in same page. My pictures showed Enemy intel. of position when set to rought / I assumed it is supposed to be randomized and not.. eerm.. like it currently is.
  13. Good to know. And if you and others would prefer hour later time. It is occasionally possible. Just needs to be set before hand. Waking up very early is tough. So appreciate the effort and want the experience to be worth it. Currently these sessions are tad bit casual and we have some losing interest and some gaining it. While base crew seems to be around 4-5 regulars to build on and slowly growing. My future intend is to pair same or similar guys together whenever possible. And occasionally have them to switch roles to get feel of others role too. Turns out. Training and welding crew together really matters.
  14. Hey gyus and especially @JAG-11A I had marked wrong day for the mission. It was supposed to be today not 19th. My head was in wrong day mode for some reason. <.< We played Zipulis Bad Santa mission today. And it was a wonderful success for once. Hedgehog played with us and recommended us to play one of his mission, to what I agreed so on saturday 19th we will most likely play his Operation Muppet. Platoon of Shotcall's and infantry.
  15. Also.. very long time ago I think it was @dejawolf who replied to me about why I cannot access to incapacitated drivers place something along the following lines.
  16. I just tested. This. I shot driver from a leopard 2A4 and tried to access if from other positions via multible methods. I tried multible methods from F6, F7 and F8 positions. Including holding down the F9 to access drivers place for over 2 minutes. And wasn't able to. I also tried to access drivers place from drop menu above. No luck.
  17. Umm... Currently driver being incapacitated = vehicle is immobile. No crew will assume drivers position and player cannot either.
  18. Does this mean that players should be able to change position to drivers location from other positions if driver is incapacitated? Or is Driver exeption in this?
  19. Okay. Because mission is on custom map and I have not yet contacted @Sean about map uploads. I give you guys link to these delta maps that are "Stolen snips" from @Zipuli original maps that i do not own or have access to. Due to these being only scenario sized "Deltas" I worry that these are noth worthwile to upload to server either. To play only needed delta map is FAKE_EASTFIN2 I have included all the deltas I have from Sweden1 [autocreated base] to this folder, that those who want can access them too for possible later use. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19Vk6EssuyAm4THvR6h8imKFNJcOe2Dce?usp=sharing To get map working. Download atleast FAKE_EASTFIN2 and move it to following folder in location where you have installed maps if not C drive. -> C: \ ProgramData \ eSim Games \ Steel Beasts \ maps \ packages \ sweden1 [autocreated base] \ deltas End result should look something like this. Any questions of problems about this. Do not hesitate to contact me. (Discord is fastest way.) ----------------- I anticipate people want access to scenarios for these maps. So here is. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z54eD31ag0N2o2XxHfsLUGMTfDPgYPl-?usp=sharing Note.. these are still WIP and not mine. All these are originally from @Zipuli. There are problems I have not been able to solve or things I should change. But all these should be "playable" to some level. So there may be stuff that doesn't work.
  20. Awesome. Okay heres the mission details for coming mission. Saturday 19th 12th, at regular time. 16:00 GMT ( 11:00 eastern US ) https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Casual+multicrew+with+Saber&iso=20220312T16&p1=%3A&ah=1&am=30 Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 Scenario: Bad Santa ogirinally by @Zipuli I have updated to work on current version, and done some modifications.
  21. This is something is discovered long time ago, but I didn't have energy or strengh to dig into. Until now by accident as I was trying to get picture of mission map for tomorrow, and wasn't happy that all units loved to be in the body of water. <.< Let pictures speak for themselfs. - How to re procude.. place or choose a missions where enemies on locations that are shown to their opponent. Observe especially areas Koskela and Niittylä. Pretty much at somewhere around center is point where enemy platoon is supposed to be.
  22. Asked for Tangograd for source to TKN-3 elevation he replied with following: The source for the elevation range of the TKN-3 is a 1988 Yugoslavian manual for the M-84 and T-72, "Pravilo Tenk M-84 i T-72: Prvi Deo", page 255. Technically it is actually for DNKS-2, but the range of elevation angles is the same for both TKN-3 and DNKS-2, as they are interchangeable.
  23. umm... I do have a friend on the hotzone. I could bribe him to get measurements. Atleast for T-72s, and perhaps BMP-2. If so.. what would you need? Any kind of idea how it could be measured and proven to be to your liking. Photos? For T-55.. I can ask Finnish company that does "tank rides" and visit there to get measurements. They may even have BMP-2 What would you need?
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