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  1. +1 That sounds like very, very good idea. Thus I still would like to be able to adjust size of that in game text box.
  2. For defense of Zero and Gibson. They had even more burden since of me and Moose there. I'm not sure how much units Moose had but i am assuming that not much since he got Steel beast hours before TGIF, and I as myself, I go with very little since I suck managing more than platoon. So really... rest 5 players basically had to divide blue force with 5 with except of what 2 platoons for me and Moose? Also... me and my one platoon... I just am not good enough or something since I was feeling much like Zero, Gibs and some others. Especially enemy troops at woods were chewing me apart with no apparent trouble to them, though I do suspect that fault is at my improper use of routes to guide AI. I do wish for map updates too, at least to try it to see if it would make difference on such large scale mission as this.
  3. After todays TGIF I have following wishes from me, and my friend Harry - More detailed AI reporting if map updates are off, maybe not voiced, but the platoon commander's could give text reports on enemy type and estimated strength at a grid location - Possibility to configure size of message box on bottom of screen. - And option when right clicking on a unit on the map for it to produce a sitrep, including their damage and ammo state This all, would not only make Multiplayer (where Enemy map updates are off) but as well Would all make it easier to manage company+ sized missions in single player
  4. As soon as I am able to. I will do some testing and see if I can locate under what conditions this spotlight effect can be replicated. (At least in old version). Thank you all. Very much appreciated you take time to investigate and make things right. That makes me happy, and joyous to do better for all of us.
  5. So these are yet additional weird things I found from Leopard 2A5 (these bugs seem to have connections with some of the previous findings btw) Earlier I found out that turning of commanders TIM, greatly improves quality on both daysight and thermal image on EMES, and that I reported in forum. Now I found out following. 1# New Focus feature is connected to EMES daysight quality. If gunner adjust focus on thermal, or commander tells AI gunner to - Daysight quality on commanders monitor (EMES) is affected. And turning TIM off, turns off this connection between thermal focus and poor EMES daysight quality on commanders monitor - 2# and 3# are related to having or not having a player as gunner in vehicle you command. 2# If there is player in gunners position Commander will see reticle on Gunners auxiliary extension (EMES) when on high magnification on thermal. - When there is no player as gunner but just AI - Commander doesn't see reticle when zoomed in. 3# When there is player as gunner, Commander is able to have an extra level of zoom on gunners auxiliary extension in thermal imager mode by doing both pressing N key, and telling human player to go to high magnification.
  6. So when you are in cupola or commanders mini turret, however that is called. Pressing default zoom in key (N) makes you to softly sit on chair instead. While Q and Z (up and down) seem to take you up and down at instant between turret and cupola. But from cupola to up to stand out of hatch it is soft just like how N key makes you to sit.
  7. As tittle says. This applies both to gunner and commander. When gun is elevated, backwards periscope on hatch turns to point downwards. When gun is being pointed down, it elevates
  8. As bonus material since I find this interesting and funny.
  9. These vision blocks are really really dark when compared to any other vehicle. Almost to a level where it disturbs seeing around.
  10. And what commander sees from those hatch vision blocks from those when main sight is pointing where gun does.
  11. Here is what driver sees from drivers vision block.. or rather.. when he sees.
  12. very slightly to rear yes.. but like 8 o'clock and ... HA actually that picture on video is perfect.. it points to play mark.
  13. I wanted to test manual range finding with commanders periscope on completely flat terrain, and wasn't able to. I can get reticle above horizon, but not the range estimation scale. To top that it seems that each t72 has different elevation limit on commanders periscope. On B1-85 I almost could use range finding scale, while on t72-m1 1982 I didn't even get cross-hair above horizon.
  14. 1# On T-72s, if you turn turret to around 10:30 - 11:00 o'clock you will see minor glitch both gunners vision blocks 2# Driver seat on T-72A-M1 1982 Drivers point of view looks like it should be just above seat, on all other T-72s it seems that drivers point of view is unnecessary close to main vision block, and so prevents player from observing to sides from two vision blocks on the hatch above. 3# Those two driver vision blocks on the hatch, show nice view of clouds and sky? instead of showing to sides of vehicle. 4# Commanders hatch has these narrow vision blocks too, and as well these show sky view as well?
  15. Oh wow... that's old. And you're very welcome. I love this sim a lot. Ever since Steelbeast Gold, this sim has been close to my heart. I was on holidays for last few weeks so had time to mess around with things. My holidays are supposed to end tomorrow. So I likely am not going to be so active for some time.
  16. On 1# i meant that it happens on daysight as well even when there is no magnification. Like pressing N - key makes those round corners to disappear and reappear while no magnification happens.
  17. 1# When commander uses sight extension to gunners sight and tells gunner to switch magnification there seem to appear there weird round edges. Even on daysight, while there is fixed magnification. Same happens on Thermal, but perhaps it is supposed to be so as there is two different magnifications. 2# When commander turns of his thermal, while looking sight extension to gunners sight, the quality of sight extension picture gets much better for commander in both thermal and day-sight
  18. Leopard 2A4 Commanders daysight reticle is in wrong size. Also, Lemur weapon stations 50x zoom seems to have very weird mill scaling on its reticle if it even uses mill scaling.
  19. It appears that on Leo2E and Strv-122 commander can turn protective shield in front of periscope when periscope is aligned with gun. But when so, in normal override mode commander cannot turn turret, but just move sight up and down. And in KW mode he can turn turret but cannot move sight up or down. Is it supposed to work like this?
  20. I was on a mission in a Leopard 2A4 as gunner and HE artillery started to come to my position, so I closed my sight shields. Moment later when artillery hit close I lost my Thermal, GPS, and laser range finder. Even when my sight shields had been closed for some time already. So I made myself a multiplayer mission where I joined to my own IP to test this out. And it turns out that on all other tanks I tested, Sight shields protect sights, but not on Leopard 2A4. other tanks I tested Leo2A5, 2E, and STRV-122, And M1, M1A2, M60 and Challenger2 and all those were fine.
  21. Yes. Ssnakes reply above says "please give this thread a bump after May 20th. Until then most of us are out of office," I failed to Understand that part, before I wrote my bump.
  22. LOL! You got me! Thank you Gibs. I was too excited when I saw reply from Ssnake that I wrote remainder for my calendar for today. Instead of being slower to read the entire message. Chees. I better to learn to be more slow, and to take it as matter of heart to fully understand what people truly message to me from their point of view.
  23. I find Gunners daysight reticle on Centauro to be really weird, is it purposefully like this?
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