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  1. Okay. So that others can test and re-produce all. Here is download link to custom published delta map I made. Download it.. and put it to. and unpack it there. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h1dd_LJkszLIK-UQ7lou3jgzaVzG7Rh_/view?usp=sharing And here is scenario I used for testing and making this post. I used network session and used 3 licences at same time to get all these pictures as they are. TKN-3M-elevation test.sce
  2. So long time ago I was fustrated because T-72 commander couldn't elevate it's periscope over seeming 0 degrees. Back then answer I got from developers was as I remember it, something along these lines: "Commanders periscope elevation is limited because of the physical movement of the periscope." Back then I accepted it, because I had no access or could not find any information or source that would prove that statement wrong. Over the years I have accuired Russian speacking friends and pestered them to search "proof" for agaisn't that statement with no success. This data just simply isn't mentioned on manuals of the vehicle, or anywhere I was able to access. I even tried contacting museum to get peace for myself about this matter for once. (My messages weren't replied to or when face to face, I was said that if I join the guild I might get change to... etc) The best source I have been able to find was from this blog called "Tankograd" https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/p/home.html I have linked it several times over the year. Problem is that sources are not mentioned. I could and will ask, if need to. - I do hope that this what I am going to write and illustrate below with pictures is enough to convince you developers of the issue, that I wouldn't need to. In his blog he gives following values and descriptions for commander periscopes in various Soviet / Russian armored vehicles. T-72 - TKN-3M To scan in elevation, the TKN-3M can be elevated by +12 degrees and depressed by -8 degrees. The full range of elevation is 20 degrees, and the total vertical field of view is 30 degrees. This was a noticeable improvement over preceding medium tanks, which had an elevation range of only -5 degrees to +10 degrees. https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/2015/05/t-72-soviet-progeny.html#tkn-3m T-62 - TKN-2 "Karmin" The periscope could be manually elevated upwards by +10° and downwards by -5°, and the cupola would have to be manually spun to scan horizontally. https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/2015/12/t-62.html#tkn-2 BMP-2 The range of elevation is +10° to -5° https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/2016/05/bmp-2.html#tkn-3 Mine and my friends honest opinion is that commander periscopes on T-72s, T-55, T-62, and BMP-2 are next to useless because those cannot be elevated over 0 degrees. And because those can depress in some cases.. insanely much. (I think in past, I argued that there must be a bug because one can see trough turret roof [Now you can't but elevation didn't change]) Now I am going to try to illustrate problem in the game: For all my testing and these pictures I made custom delta map on the "FLAT MAP" And i edited terrain to be all hard and bumpines values to 0 I also for double measures, put in highway, that I leveled. This is picture of T-72 on flat surface, taken with binoculars from other vehicle some distance away. Notice that horizontal line goes from commanders periscope to buildings "doorbell" that is located to left side and center in height. So that is effectively 0 degrees elevation. Aiming commanders periscope first down as far as it can we will see the stairs ( I moved vehicle until croshair touches the stairs. ) And now aiming it as up as it goes. Notice.. it has effectively 0 elevation Now.. the problem is not only lack of elevation. But also that this makes this range measuring tool below reticle in commanders periscope practically useless. This is from direct front. You cannot elevate it more than this. One simply cannot measure distance with that range finger. It makes no sense. And when you cannot elevate periscope more than this... any hill or anything.. makes this sight practically useless. Back to the argument. "Commanders periscope elevation is limited because of the physical movement of the periscope." I also toop pictures from Gunner location how commanders periscope actually looks when fully elevated. notice that it is upright "Vertical" And when fully depressed Okay. I get it, kind of what is the idea here. But I am not bying it. No... Thing is on the source I found that says that TKM-3M can be elevated +12 degrees and depressed 8 degrees. It seems obvious to me that there is mirror in an angle that makes it possible to elevate the sigh picture upwards? Also.. here is what gunner can see in comparison. This is what gunner can see when gun is elevated as high as possible. Red line shows where optic center is. And as depressed as possible. This problem that commanders periscope doesn't have elevation. Is present on all crewable tracked vehicles of Soviet / Russian origin. (Not a problem on wheeled BTRs or RDM-2 as these are okay in my opinion) But for example.. BMP-2 commanders periscope.. can depress insanely much. And it too.. cannot elevate more than 0 degrees. Values from https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/p/home.html make sense to me. T-72. TKN 3M -8 degrees depression and +12 degrees elevation. T-55, T62 and BMP-2 TKN-2 and 3 -5 degrees depression and +10 degrees elevation. The way how things currently are.. DO NOT make sense in my opinion. 😔
  3. If i have understood correctly. Turret popping is actually hellishly violent and fast explosion with tremendous shock effect. What little i have seen of ammunition exploded tank hulls. I highly doubt it to be survivable even if you were in somewhat protected capsule. The hulls of tanks have so badly deformed... That when that happens instantly... I don't think it is survivable. On world war 2... Big enough artillery shell landing on bunker roof without penetration.. was still able to cause men's ears bleed... If not more. And when we're talking of ammunition explosion... Behind you... Behind a resonating armor capsule person would be inside...
  4. Head's up. We are going to play something at Saturday 19th 12th!, at regular time. 16:00 GMT ( 11:00 eastern US ) Currendly I am planning that we would play old Platoon sized ( 4x leopards ) mission from Zipuli named as "Bad Santa" That I have updated and made to work (perhaps too well) I will do a better post of it to this topic later. Please notice that this mission is about 1 hour mission, and may take slightly longer due custom map I have saved from original pre4.1 scenario. I will likely look for alternative back up mission for just in case if that turns to be too much problem.
  5. Not sure about that survivability part.. In my books. Taking sabot round on face is pretty epic.
  6. @Apocalypse 31 Wonderful. Awesome work with these missions. 1,2 and 5 are Totally worth 5 stars. Perhaps not the Truck ones 3 and 4.. but I will give those re try on my own one day Not that well fitting for MP session. (especially multicrew because commander position is... nearly worthless.)
  7. Hi @Apocalypse 31. I am sorry for not replying earlier to your Discord message. I sort of forgot... and been rather... absend minded and then having need to scramble up in a hurry. I am intending to write you full replies to all scenarios. I already wrote one feedback for first mission. On this fift one we didn't notice anything major besides that friendly forces didn't advance at all like on first mission. That was a bummer, since we faced, I suppose.. worst difficulty because it wasn't a campaign. (then again we kind of wanted to, so no real problem there.) Besides that.. there was problem that on Truck missions.. 3 and 4 the terrain themes are horrible for trucks.. making woods practically impassable for trucks. Perhaps on purpose, maybe not. Also there was no mention of enemy trucks patrolling about, so those came as awfull surprice. Oh.. also I think missions didn't have list of what types or how much indirect fires we have at our disposal? On top of these I would suggest following, unless those are there already. - To have "Friendly ID" for all missions. To me it equals text or number written on tank. Ground moisture to 6% or larger. 8 bein slight movement dust and shooting dust. And 11 being almost no dust. Even from firing. - I really hate excessive dust that blocks one from observing hits. (I haven't noticed dust to be problem on your missions, or atleast I don't remember it being so. Then again.. modern equipment.)
  8. http://dogsofwarvu.com/forum/index.php/topic,7924.0.html User Rinix has made some great job gathering all that is said about Steelbeast future developments, especially regarding version 5.
  9. Okay since so many have shown interest to come. Lets do @Apocalypse 31 Operation Talon Strike Ph 5 my initial plan...
  10. Eeer. Version 4.3 coming at some point. Possibly summer?.. + expect very long delay. Version 5 with new engine is in the works we have gotten some rough ideas what improvements to expect, namely new UI. But so far all of this is only on "Hints and intentions state" Of it there is no actual public sigtings with any kind of radar, satellite or by any secred service that I am aware of. ( I may not have squinted hard enough )
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    + T-72 is one if not only tanks in SB that can fire over rear deck. And... Umm... Quite bit more survivable when engaging enemy by reversing. I mean... Often you can survive quite few hits. When doing so. (- the Fack that you're a statue afterwards) or in lucky case that you achieve your mischief without being hit . You. Drop enemy's jaws by cruising away full speed... Showing your mighty log strip to them. Tested and proven. It works to engage enemy like this... Although turtle speed.
  12. Casual adhoc game this saturday 5th of March likely around regular time 16:00 GMT - Most likely on Kanium teamspeak as usual for public games for now. With high likehood were going to play something this saturday, however at this point it is not clear what or exatly when. We have members who would like a later time at around 19 GMT, and yet some who would prefer older time slot of 16 GMT. @Maic @Commissar_Martin have experessed interest to come. But Ghostboat is unable to come this time.
  13. Hi @Nike-Ajax I think @Maic is sleeping (I hope) and I would recommend a Leopard for him. Perhaps a wingman for @Higgs ? I have a feeling that they would get along really well.
  14. This too I reverse just in case for Future use - Sorry for spam.
  15. Games: Coming: - 07.05.2022 - Unknown but likely something small this time. Details even day for mission may change. - Unsure at this point. History: 29.04.2022 - OP_Samovar by @Hedgehog - Major defeat - We got our ass kicked hard time. 23.04.2022 - Platoon Attack 02-HV-C by @Volcano - Victory (We did lose 2 out of 4 tanks though) 16.04.2022 - None this event was cancelled 09.04.2022 - Tank platoon in attack (Leopard 2a4) by @Zipuli - Victory (we lost almost a platoon but somehow managed to vin this.) 02.04.2022 - Platoon in attack (Winter) by @Zipuli - Defeat (all parties got horrible losses) 26.03.2022 - Armor Attack Counterrecon by @Koen - Defeat (all parties got horrible losses) 19.03.2022 - Operation Muppet by @Hedgehog - Victory 12.03.2022 - Bad Santa mission by @Zipuli - Major victory (Not a single loss) 05.03.2022 - Op Talon Strike ph5 by @Apocalypse 31 - Major defeat 29.01.2022 - Hannover mission by @Commissar_Martin - Victory (2/4 vehicles operational) 15.01.2022 - Contest 1 / Excalibur - Victory 31.12.2021 - Armored Cough Suryp Delivery Rally - take 2 by @Lumituisku - Completed in 33 minutes 31.12.2021 - Casual mission with Leopards - I don't remember what mission we played. 18.12.2021 - Armored Cough Suryp Delivery Rally by @Lumituisku - Completed in 36 minutes 11.12.2021 - Border patrol @Bluewings - Victory 27.11.2021 - Winged Dagger @Tacbat - Victory
  16. This topic is to announce open (for everyone) Team Saber games as those come Currendly often on Adhoc basis with little warning or briefing. But expect these games usually on (every other) Saturdays at roughly time 16:00 GMT Intended missions are small size (around platoon) and no larger than a company at best. Planned duration for missions is around 1 hour (2 hours being max limit) For now we will be using Kanium Teamspeack and in turn when possible reinforce their games with our presense. So for now -> Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 Next event: - Probably on next saturday. There may be changes coming. About team Saber: ____________________________ Team Saber ”Europe evening / America morning” Group of wannabe AFV crews Usually active in European evenings and weekends (Fri-Sat). Regular gaming day Saturday evening. Were usually most active UTC (GMT) time: Monday-friday 14:00 - 17:00 (19:00) Saturday and Sunday 3:00 - 7:00 and 11:00 - 17:00 (On Fri / Sat occasionally even up to 19:00) Team Saber is focused on Multicrew and Small missions where the largest AI unit on your control would be a platoon. In missions we play, our aim is that commanders would be able to guide their units without leaving the commander's seat. Having NO need to jump from unit to unit constantly to get things done. That commander can use commands to his platoon by a verbal order or at very least pressing a key Multicrew is our focus and what Team Saber is about. AI on games is limited on what it can do, while crew members can support each other in so many ways. When the crew / platoon binds together, they become a unit. A multi brain / sensor entity. On top of all this crewmembers are such a high morale boost to each other that problems and difficulties matter less. And when the shit is done, it is good to go and have time together and chill and joke about. “Do you remember when” That is what Team Saber is about we are a team. It is what we thrive to do to become. What we are recruiting for. Steelbeast is our main though not only platform for doing that. We are a group of friends. What else could we be? To sit on a tin can taking hit’s and doing our worst to respond in kind. Team Saber is about Freedom. You don't need to join to play with us. In a sense, Team saber is just as name says a Team. At our best we reinforce other groups as Team of members who want to play in same vehicle, same platoon or perhaps one day... same company And when you play with us as result, there is good change that we will contact you and ask if you would want to join us for more. To join: you don't need to sign anything. Merely that you contact @Lumituisku ( on discord Lumi#1215 ) So that we get to chat casually to get a feeling of you and ask from our group if someone has concerns about you joining, before we invite you to our Discord server. We prioritize the health of our group over numbers of members. We do not have an exact age restriction but we are unlikely to accept or tolerate people who behave immaturely. We don't require participation or activity and we don’t limit what our members do or where. Whether they prioritize playing other games or Steel Beast with other groups instead. We do not accept strife or bullying inside a group. Whoever is first observed to do so in our group, Will Be dealt with. We do not have laws written to stone but we use common sense and fairness in our leadership.
  17. I met and played with @Maic today and found out that he would like to play multiplayer sessions. I recommended that he would come to play with Kanium. He is a former Leopard commander on wingman tank, I think he would go really well along as wingman to someone. He has played a lot of single player missions over the years and has very good understanding of Steelbeast, and has I good enough english too that it shouldn't be of any problem. His times work nicely with Kanium missions too. I already promised to brief and get him familiar with Teamspeack. I think he will be very good reinforcement to you guys.
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    Agreed. Also For some bizarre reason. I think T72 as a sort of proxy to modern "light tank" that is able to take IFV fire frontally and still intimidate troops. Problem is... It has those lacks. Or some of those depending of version. Also... 125 even with older ammunition was punchy enough to modern armor from side. Though... Active protection systems probably mitigate this threat to some extent... Making T-72 possibly obsolete unless.. turret bustle will help with ammunition related problems.
  20. Lumituisku


    I think that T72s biggest lacks are in mobility. - thermal imager. And in future - limit of ammunition Length due to carousel. It is very good and effective tank even on today's battlefields (with right tactics and good users) sadly, what were witnessing all around the world's conflicts is that one just cannot choose the battle or even place. Hence where it's poor ability to reverse becomes terrible hinterance. Ammunition on carousel is actually in a sense very well protected. It has cover above and it is very flat and placed low unlike (t80 or t64) And about extra ammunition. One gotta remember those are two piece where explosives are on separate from inert pieces. There are "wet" stores for ammunition around carousel on fuel tanks. Though as Snake mentions problem is it increases surface area of ammo (and fuel) storage and as we know.. explosions or impacts have tendency to cause burst of fluids and likely catch fire too. However to my understanding all this kind of makes it survivable for crew.. okay you may be in fire.. but you probably have some time to escape before catastrophic explosion. That is as long as you don't have all the extras ammunition stored on walls.. having explosive charge between your feet.. >.> (What a brilliant location for such) So i suppose... If one thinks it from point of view of most insides being filled with flammable stuff... Even if not explosive not so good or survivable... : / On contrary M1 and leopard have comparatively smaller areas or rather.. snug areas for ammunition and fuel. Either way. My biggest grief with t72 is lack of thermals and reverse mobility. Maybe in future models we will see fuel tanks more snug and ammunition placed on behind turret like M1. Extra armor? Uuum... Sorry. I just don't see point for additional armor behind ability to resist IFVs kinetic energy ammunition.
  21. Terve Maic! Laitapa mulle viestiä discordissa jos sulla sellainen on niin pistän sulle edelleen kutsuja eri ryhmiin jos kiinnostaa?
  22. Hei Esa. Hienoa nähdä että täällä on muitakin suomalaisia! Jos kiinnostaa Suomi pelit steelbeastissa niin laitapa mulle viestiä discordissa (löydät mun id profiilistani). Tässähän voi kohta oikeesti tulla tarve tehdä suomenkielinen Steelbeast discord. Mulla on joitakin suomalaisia kavereita Team Saberissakin.
  23. My first time in SB1 that I actually managed to win a battle I think. It was on M1s, a platoon I think.. agaisn't roughly a company or two of enemy T-80 advancing towards my platoon over a hill and open field, and even using smoke screen. My Platoon in command was pretty much.. unoperational at the end... but on text there was text "victory" and it felt sooo good.
  24. OOookay... there is something fishy there. If guy gets killed when top hatch is open. And if you try dismounting.. troop door will then stay open. That much I was able to reproduce on first try.
  25. Disrecard. It seems to be fixed now. So your bug is something else. Tried to re-produce, wasn't able to. I got the door to stay open when I started moving before both guys were inside. But in that case other guy just kept running after Vec "Wait for meeeee style" until it eventually catched up. and then door closed. Perhaps this has something about being in combad (where unit is fixated to enemy) that causes the effect you had?
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