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  1. Saturday 26th of July

    Servus, Mark good news, Falli will step up for COing. cheers D u k e
  2. Orders of march CT Achilles (2./203) BG ARMINIUS: 1. situation a)enemy: No update. RusFed forces, assessed as being at reinforced Brigade strength, have hit the Ukrainian Army's (ZSU) first delay line and appear to be approaching SUMY on three avenues of approach (North, Centre and South. Equipment: T-90, PT-76, BMP-3, BMD-2, BTR-80, MT-LB, 2S6, 2S3, Ural-4320, Mi-24 HIND b)own: ZSU in battle position in front of SUMY. They will withdraw along Route AJAX. Equipment: T-64, BMP-2, BMP1- Medic, BTR-80, MTLB, Wisent ARV, MT-55, 2S1, Ural4320 BG ARMINIUS: With all part in Assembly Area north-west of BILOPILLYA. CT ACHILLES: Intention of Cdr BG Arminius is to march, with recce units in front, to BHL and secure BHL no later than 050230BAPR14. We are the first CT during march, only own recon units in front of us. Behind us is the UK CT. 2.mission CT Achilles has the order to: First in OoM Occupy position on BHL Keep route AJAX clear for ZSU forces Deny BHL Be prepared to fall back on order 3.execution Rate of movement round about 15km. SP(Coy): 27681996 SP(BG): 30871896 RP(NATO): 36421256 RP(Coy): 35621191 march route to SP(BG): ca 4000m From SP(Coy) march along the small road to the north-north-east till main road. Turn to the right on main road and follow main road direction BILOPILLYA to SP(BG). march route TROJAN: ca 9500m Follow the main road in general south-east direction (SUMY) to RP(NATO). From RP(NATO) turn right and follow the road ca 1100m to RP(Coy). times: „engines on“: after mission start starting time for march: 050105BAPR14 BHL secured: 050200BAPR14 march sequence: march/ vehicle distance: between platoon vehicles 40m, from platoon to the next subunit 50m speed: from SP(Coy) to SP(BG) = 20km/h from SP(BG) to RP(Coy) = 40km/h Trawlingspeed = 60km/h traffic control: We use right side of the road. Left side only if it`s necessary. last callsign: XO arc of observation: every platoon secure 360° actions on contact: fire at will, hold down enemy and report. actions on air alert: 1st plt go right of the road in a hide postion 2nd plt go left of the road in a hide position 3rd plt go right of the road in a hide position XO left oft he road in a hide postion Inst/supply go in a hide position right or left of the road Fire at will against enemy helicopter. Don`t fire against enemy aircrafts. Actions on suddenly enemy air strike: Fire at will, increase speed, larger distances between vehicles, reports: first callsign 1st platoon reports passing SP(BG) to OC XO reports passing RP(NATO) to OC Every callsing reports: Enemy NBC- alert Air alert Accidents Platoon orders: 1st plt (ALPHA): Passing time SP(Coy) with first callsign: 050105BAPR14 Don`t overtake own recon elements on main road. After reaching RP(Coy) march along marked way to bp 1.1. From there over watch in general south- east direction. Fire at will, but minimise this risk through good AFV recognition skills. On my order fall back to bp 2.1. 2nd plt (BRAVO): Follow OC to RP(Coy), After reaching RP(Coy) march along marked way with 1 section to bp 1.2 and 1 section to bp1.3. From bp1.2 over watch with main effort to the south (highway) and prepare to support ALPHA. From bp1.3 over watch with main effort to the south-east (highway). Fire at will, but minimise this risk through good AFV recognition skills. On my order fall back to bp 2.2. 3rd plt (CHARLY): Follow SUPLLY to RP(Coy), After reaching RP(Coy) march along marked way with 1 section to bp 1.0 and 1 section (RESERVE) to bp2.0. From bp1.0 link up with UK and over watch with main effort to the south-east. Reserve in 2.0 prepare to support coy in all bps. Fire at will, but minimise this risk through good AFV recognition skills. On my order fall back to bp 2.0. SUPPLY/ INST: After reaching RP(Coy) march along marked way to Supply/Inst 1 area and establish supply point. Prepare to support tank platoons in bp. On my order fall back to Supply/ Inst 2 area. XO: After reaching RP(Coy) move tank to bp2.2 overwatch to bridge south-south- west. Establish company HQ 34011101. Fire at will, but minimise this risk through good AFV recognition skills. 4.Support and Supply Medic: First aid, Medic support via XO, mobility kill: try to go right of the road, report , flashlight red to mark vehicle, supply: no supply during the march, 5.leading elements After march I´m in bp 1.1 emission control / radio listening silence except for commanded messages Ok, guys this is our first task, think about we have own recce units in front along the road and we have ZSU forces around SUMY and maybe along TROJAN. If you shoot, check first, if you are not sure don`t shoot. Orders for defense and withdraw from BHL will follow. Questions? If yes sent PM to D u k e D u k e OC 2./203 CT Achilles
  3. Saturday 26th of July

    Servus Crusty, I know how you feel, in denmark we celebrated our own beer festival, it was hard too. cheers:drink: D u k e
  4. Saturday 26th of July

    Servus, who wants to step up for the CO? cheers D u k e
  5. Licence problems x64 open beta

    Servus, everything works now. Maybe the newest runtime version fixed the problem. cheers D u k e
  6. Video Thread

    Servus Zip, I like your desperado style.:luxhello: cheers D u k e
  7. Åben hede 2014

    Servus Paladin, from left to the right: Eisenschwein, Dr.Thodt, Falli, Erazor, D u k e, LtDan, Gladiator, Taz cheers D u k e
  8. Åben hede 2014

    Servus, Unfortunatly we have no pictures about our local futbol game. Our sniper Gladiator can hit a target over 4000m wherever he want, but to make a goal from 1 meter distance, no chance. And he is world champion, a desaster.:clin: cheers D u k e
  9. Game night?

    Servus, The TGIF EU night is an old idea. I think years ago I wrote to all COs of europenean VUs to start it. The result were the NBG battles made by Zipuli. I´m open for all discussions do establish the TGIF EU night. I´m not the boss of PzBtl911(v) this time, but I think my guys have no problem to use our new machine to host this event. It`s better to talk then to put the heads down in the sand. So if there is some interests let me know. cheers D u k e
  10. Åben hede 2014

    Servus, Yes and the Centurion was shooting too. If someone wants a picture in better quality let me know. cheers D u k e
  11. Video Thread

    Servus, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnOR0ocmq-0#t=81 cheers D u k e
  12. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Servus, You want condoms for armor cannons? cheers D u k e
  13. Servus Paladin, your guys are welcome and we will find a place. I´m back from holiday so I can say nothing about our server problems. So hang on... cheers D u k e
  14. Aben Hede 2013

    Servus, The shockwaves were very cool, especially during the last part of the shooting (minute 08:03 in the video):bigsmile:. cheers D u k e
  15. Aben Hede 2013

    Servus, back from denmark. Absolutly fantastic weekend. Shooting: Leo1A5DK Leo2A5 Centurion M41 Cv9035DK M109 Mortar 120mm M113 with 25mm Eagle IV with Lemur weappon station (cal.50) Carl Gustav and... more videos and pictures will follow soon... cheers D u k e
  16. Aben Hede 2013

  17. Aben Hede 2013

    Hi Swordsmandk, You will meet us on the Leo1, Leo2 and CV9035DK:clin:. After the event we will go back to our camping site and start our barbeque. You guys are welcome. http://www.stjernecamping.dk/index.html cabin 11, 12, 13 cheers Duke
  18. I'm back

    Servus Zip, Welcome back and you had some time to finish your new campaign? cheers D u k e
  19. Servus , sounds good, we can make a test for our server on the 18th (TGIF) of July. cheers D u k e
  20. Servus, Which date and time? cheers D u k e
  21. The Off-Topic Topic Thread

    Servus Daskal, congratulations, but the wedding is the easiest part. good luck cheers D u k e
  22. Aben Hede 2013

    Servus, thx Mark. Hey W@nker hope we see you and your crew again. We will have enough Steaks and liquid food:clin:. cheers D u k e
  23. Cold War Clash

    Servus, Very good teamplay on red side. Your recon battle was excellent. I think your recon guys had a big smiley in their face during the battle. Also your fight with the mighty T-62 absolutly well played. If I compare your perfomance in this battle with earlier games, I can say you made a big step forward. cheers D u k e
  24. Sir, the serverfiles are updated Sir.
  25. Orders for CT Achilles

    Servus, OC CT Achilles (KpChef 2./203): D u k e XO: Naggarond 1st plt (ALPHA / I. Zug): Falli, Erazor, Ricopico, LtDan 2nd plt (BRAVO/ II. Zug): Eisenschwein, Gladiator, MR_BURNS2, grayson_marik 3rd plt (CHARLY/ III. Zug): Froggy + friends, Induction cheers D u k e Edit: Sir, yes Sir.