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  1. Servus, I`m 100% in, wife at work, son in school. cheers D u k e
  2. Hi Mark, yes BG ANZAC Reforger, a mission with a platoon of 5 LeoAS1 against a couple of T-64s. cheers D u k e
  3. Hi Mark, count me in, put a mission in the dropbox. A not so easy one. cheers D u k e
  4. Sorry can`t make hit, beauty sleep after nightshift. have fun D u k e
  5. Moin, count me in. cheers D u k e
  6. Bug report

    Hi, joined the weekly BG ANZAC session this week and found something. I wanted to mark a possible crossing point with the brigde map icon. All good till now, I did it and wanted to send it to all players. This was not working. Right click on the icon, but I got no option for "send to all". If I marked the bridge icon on the map, in the submenue down left corner he showed me the texture for the Abatis "Baumsperre". cheers D u k e
  7. Sorry, can`t make it, have to do my beauty sleep after nightshift. see you next week
  8. Yes fun and challenging. I have to practise my mikromanagement skills and bridging...
  9. Servus, good mission, thx. cheers Duke
  10. No excuses, there is no rugby game on thursday.
  11. Servus, FO please and please 2 platoons with 3 tubes mortars. cheers D u k e
  12. Servus, so we have winter time now and I have a time slot to play with you guys. Count me in. cheers D u k e
  13. Servus, sorry I´m out for the next 2 weeks (holiday). cheers D u k e
  14. Where am I?

    greetings, to all cold warriors: Where am I. (yes it is in germany) cheers D u k e
  15. Where am I?

  16. Where am I?

    Rotar you are right. I was visiting Point Alpha today. Here are some more pics. cheers D u k e
  17. Where am I?

    Here the view from the other side:
  18. Where am I?

    good and you have an idea where?
  19. Dien Bien Phu map

    Hi guys, someone needs a new map project? If yes, I have one for you. I was looking through the map folder and found the Dien Bien Phu map. Unfortunatly it`s a big forest. But I searched a little bit in the internet and found something. In the dropbox link you can download 9x 1:50000 maps of vietnam and laos. All you need to make the Dien Bien Phu map. The time frame of these maps is 1965-1968. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2acukpkrrd7qop1/Dien%20Bien%20Phu%201to50000.rar?dl=0 So if someone create the map, we can make some Vietnam War missions. Here the website were I found these maps and there are a lot more: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/ cheers D u k e
  20. Servus, wife at work, son in holiday, looks like I can play. see you cheers D u k e
  21. Hi guys, nice pics, how was the static weappon show? Like last year or they presented new or other stuff? I fixed my holiday for next year, see you... cheers D u k e
  22. Mugs! Posters! Mousepads! Magnets!

    Servus, cool idea, hopefully one day they will have outdoor mugs. My wife told me, we need some for our next camping trip. cheers D u k e