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  1. Hi guys,


    this is the first mission of 4.

    We start with a delay mission to stop the first echelon of an attacking tank regiment and to give our bn time to dig in.

    In mission 2 we defend with a tank company (situated in the centre of our BN defense, main effort). We will facing the 2nd echelon of the tank regiment.

    Mission 3 is the same time but we play the PzGren coy to the left of the tank company from mission 2.

    In mission 4 we are the bn reserve (former delaying force) have to resupply and to prepare different task. One task can be a counterattack to destroy the 2nd echelon in front of our bn.


    Here the map from mission 2 with the BN plan. You can see our BN is in position. So we will fight together.


    Have fun