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  1. Thanks for the review, although I watched it after the fact of getting the early-release of GHPC a couple of days ago (the 1980's time-period, theatre, and tech was too irresistible). The models and terrain look great, and the sound effects are nice for the most part, but playing it will take some practice and patience so hopefully this title continues to be polished.
  2. Folks, don't forget to download the new maps released with 4.3. They're not automatically installed with the, uh, installer. You'll have to open up the Steel Beasts Package Transfer Manager, click 'Add package download', and cut and paste each map's UID (found in the 4.357 release notes), hit ok, and wait for each download to finish. Thanks for these interesting and nicely made maps, SB Team! I'm looking forward to using the new objects too.
  3. Still tinkering with 4.3 but so far I'm enjoying the heat blur (which I just noticed isn't limited to just engine exhaust) and the Hind (with their smarter pilots too).
  4. Thanks Ssnake, I just received your resend. Oddly, I did find the original License Fulfillment email from 4 July...but only through my iPhone. Ugh. Anyway, I'm activated now, so I'm off to check out 4.3 real quick!
  5. I placed a v4.3 pre-order on 5 July (I see a $43.80 charge on 5 July) and never got/missed the activation email links. Do those time out? Only after installing 4.3 and getting a failure message when attempting to run it did I realize I was supposed to activate my license (duh me). Anyway, I'll contact Ssnake I guess. BTW, Ssnake's email link in the 'Online License Orders' page produces a "Not Found" page. I'm off on vacation for a week with spotty wifi, so pardon my lack of communication from here on until I get back. Thanks in advance.
  6. Nice job. Thanks for sharing. I need to learn this.
  7. They've destroyed many a T-72 on my PC (edit: even in dug-in position). Thanks for the update, Ssnake. Looking forward to 4.3 at the end of the month (I pre-ordered 🙂).
  8. I'm on the same boat as the OP, and from what I gathered here is...if I wanted to pre-order 4.3, I need to choose the "Classic" license and choose "Upgrade License from version 4.1". Somehow I was confused between this option and the secondary license option, perhaps from wording or vague memory of previous purchases at $25. 4.3 is available for pre-order now at the eSim website, folks, if you're so inclined. I just found out about its availability and I just might bite. I don't recall pre-orders in the past, is this a new thing or just my memory failing me yet again?
  9. Not at all, it was beautiful. Whoever laid out the roads on this map did a great job on all those nicely curved turns.
  10. I found that switching to SSD greatly improved load times. I now have all SB files installed on an M.2 drive. I still use a traditional mechanical disk drive but it's 7200rpm and stores mostly wargames.
  11. I was going to say, you got that PSU swapped out real fast. Good thing your modular cables were plug and play with the new PSU. I've heard this may not always be the case, so perhaps it was a good thing you got another Corsair.
  12. Looks very nice. Thanks for the pilots. New rotors look great too.
  13. What kind of power supply do you have? I'm thinking maybe not enough power when your CPU and GPU demand it. This or heat.
  14. After a big move and finally putting together my new computer system, I'm finally getting back in the Steel Beasts game again. I go to the eSims website to download the latest installer and wow, I discover 4.3 videos. Looking forward to it!
  15. I got this a while back, but only recently did I get my new build, well, built. Thank you!
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