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  1. Thanks Grenny! Looks like the culprit's been found in another thread...
  2. I got Spearhead by Adam Makos and couldn't put it down until I finished it. Revolved around a Pershing crew in WW2 (same crew that dueled with a Panther in Cologne).
  3. Hi guys. So I wanted to help investigate the performance drop some users are experiencing by using the 4.0 benchmark scenario. There is a 4.0 to 4.1 version of that scenario which I've downloaded but I am unable to open this .rar file with 7-zip (which I don't recall downloading so I'm assuming it came with Win10). I don't want to download third party stuff if I can get away with it, so before I did I thought I'd ask here if 7-zip can actually extract the 4.1 benchmark .rar file (Google says it should). BTW, I'm not seeing any performance hits so far, and I've actually cranked up t
  4. This was a treat. I love the pre-ODS Bradleys. Thanks for sharing Red'.
  5. Feels like I need to change from fatigues to Class-A's.
  6. Thanks, TS'. I'll check it out...
  7. Nice video. Love that Apache model. What skin is being used on the M1 (@1:00)? Nice map too, btw. I mean, the foliage and terrain is being shown to good effect in these latest vids.
  8. Was the actual card put on the live-fire range? A whole stack of cards and a single round? ; ) Well said, sir. Likewise to you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!
  9. Thanks for clarifying, William. I didn't mean to imply that armor facing was not taken into account. Rather, I meant Rob Crandall was speaking in terms of game scale and the scope of player control.
  10. The interviewee (edit: Rob Crandall) said that itโ€™s the scale where range still matters but unit-facing does not.
  11. Hey, I'm the one that just built a supposed performance rig from the ground up! ๐Ÿ˜‰ FYI, I just ran the Firestrike 3DMark benchmark and both it and my monitor's counters were identical, up until the combined benchmark, where 3DMark was showing half the fps that my monitor was counting. Also, Total War 3 Kingdoms has a built-in benchmark and when I ran the battle benchmark,Total War averaged 49fps while my monitor hung around 100.
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