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  1. We love videos

    Thanks for that five-minute clip, Rotareneg. Some of these videos are way too long for me to watch let alone browse through for the action. Your clip cuts right down to where the metal meets the, uh, metal.
  2. I think my Dongle is Dead

    If you were a (U.S.) car dealership you'd be rich from diagnostic fees. This would've been a $195 post...just to find out what was wrong.
  3. M1 damaged during PMCS...ceramic composition exposed

    Haha. Sorry for the click-bait folks. Mirzayev, I had to dig up the iM1A2 CD for the photo opportunity. I really wanted to like that sim and would like to re-visit it but it won't run in DOSBox and probably neither on my Win7 and Win10 PCs. The damaged mug is survived by its table mates: A Bradley, T-72, and BMP.
  4. Basra map

    Impressive work, Daskal!
  5. Not playable, but the T-64B is available in SB (T-64A too).
  6. ITEC 2018

    Goodluck at ITEC this year (in Stuttgart it looks like), eSim Games! I hope it'll be as (or more) productive and prosperous as previous ones.
  7. Wargames

    I mainly focus on WW2 and Cold War era stuff, but during one of Matrix Games' irresistible holiday sales I picked up some Civil War and Napoleonic games by JT and AGEO(?). Speaking of which, I got lured by Matrix yet again just last December and picked up CMANO, Harpoon, Order of Battle (Pacific & Marines), and good 'ol JT Campaign Series. I also happened to find out about GoG.com and picked up some old DOS/Win95 era games and just like that my PC is loaded like its 1999!
  8. Wargames

    Of all my wargames, the most accessible ones have always been titles by John Tiller. I recently purchased Budapest '45, Minsk '44, and Korsun '44 (shown below) from the Panzer Campaign Series. All Eastern Front titles from the series, with new team Wargame Design Studios, have now been updated to Gold versions (if you own versions from the previous publisher, HPS, you simply send pics to John Tiller Software of your CDs to receive the Gold download link and serial#). Refreshed from the ground up, with much improved graphics (the original personnel portraits were particularly awful) and many new scenarios (right, Volcano?). These are fast becoming my favorite wargames and I can't wait for the Gold versions to become available for other Panzer/Modern Campaigns Series titles.
  9. Are there other boys in the bubble, like me?

    I'm kind of in the same bubble. I spend most of my time in the map-editor and then creating quick scenarios to get a feel of the map. Maybe one day, when I know a vehicle as well as I know the map editor, I will be comfortable joining MP.
  10. Presidents’ day

    Thanks 12Alfa.
  11. I Took the Plunge

    Welcome (back). You've got tons more armor, choppers, and 3D infantry at your disposal now...
  12. In case you didn't know about this reference from the SB wiki: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Vehicle_timeline
  13. Almost 10 years since...

    Seeing your avatar did jog my memory. Welcome back and enjoy the "new to you" upgrade!