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  1. Bug #8052

    Hahah, sounds like a major bug to me . Keep those fingers crossed and eyes squinted!
  2. Hi, I'm new here

    Welcome GaryO.
  3. Any new crewable content since 2016?

    2019 is upon us, Happy New Year everyone! Any sneak previews of the next update?
  4. Has Steel Beasts Died?

    There's an update in the works. ETA Q1 2019, hopefully. I've no problems with mouse and full-screen mode. Edit: Just saw your other support thread mention 4K. Disregard second comment above.
  5. Merry Christmas - 2018!

    Belated Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. Wargames

    Gold versions of John Tiller's Panzer Campaigns Normandy '44, Bulge '44 and France '40 are out, courtesy of WDS.
  7. Playing simulations is good for stress.

    Hell yeah. Anytime I can train my focus away from the wife and kids (just for a short while, mind you ) and onto my PC, my BP goes way down immediately. Immediately starts rising as soon as I hear the SB exit/credits soundtrack (cuz' playtime is over)!
  8. We love videos

  9. We love videos

    Thanks for that five-minute clip, Rotareneg. Some of these videos are way too long for me to watch let alone browse through for the action. Your clip cuts right down to where the metal meets the, uh, metal.
  10. I think my Dongle is Dead

    If you were a (U.S.) car dealership you'd be rich from diagnostic fees. This would've been a $195 post...just to find out what was wrong.
  11. M1 damaged during PMCS...ceramic composition exposed

    Haha. Sorry for the click-bait folks. Mirzayev, I had to dig up the iM1A2 CD for the photo opportunity. I really wanted to like that sim and would like to re-visit it but it won't run in DOSBox and probably neither on my Win7 and Win10 PCs. The damaged mug is survived by its table mates: A Bradley, T-72, and BMP.
  12. Basra map

    Impressive work, Daskal!
  13. Not playable, but the T-64B is available in SB (T-64A too).
  14. ITEC 2018

    Goodluck at ITEC this year (in Stuttgart it looks like), eSim Games! I hope it'll be as (or more) productive and prosperous as previous ones.