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  1. It's all about the glorious '80s, Ssnake.
  2. I'm down with an all-new, from the ground up, Steel Beasts even if backwards compatibility is lost. Wouldn't I be able to run a parallel installation of 4.1 anyway (for legacy scenarios and maps)?
  3. M1TP2 was probably the first tank sim I really got into. But when SB came out I was sold on its gunnery model and amazing sounds. I still enjoyed the graphics even without 3D acceleration. Does a new graphics engine endanger compatibility with old maps and scenarios? What engine are you leaning towards?
  4. Nice! And IIRC there are now indicators as to where the support pillars will be positioned. Very handy when lining up roads under the overpasses.
  5. Alright Ssnake, I couldn't keep my hands off my keyboard since you alluded (in atrOx's thread) to a significant update in (maybe) a couple of years. I can't come up with a guess. The 3D world just got revamped, the terrain elevation can now be manipulated, and overpasses with on/off ramps are possible now. Going back just a little further, we got 3D crew, live suspension and improved pyrotechnics. Going back more we got discernible weather and a 24hr environment, and more or less everything is higher res. And always, we get new vehicles. Personally, as a casual user, I just can't find anything wanting from SB anymore. Sure, the Wishlist grows, some things take forever to load, some models are in dire need of an update (i.e. mine plows & rollers), and my personal craving for certain Cold War era vehicles are not available yet, but I doubt you would consider these items significant. You have previously discussed multi-threading and switching to a new graphics engine, which would be a major update, but I speculate these won't come to fruition until way further down the line. You did indicate elsewhere that SB has perhaps reached its halfway mark. Well, SB has been around a long while now and it was going to go over the hill sooner or later, but I'm very glad it's continued to evolve throughout the years and damn glad to be a part of it (as a user). Whatever evolution or revolution is coming to Steel Beasts, I am certainly looking forward to it. Thanks in advance...
  6. Consider my interest piqued. 👍
  7. Thanks for the patch!
  8. No, I'm not going to mess with that BIOS hack. Not going to be doing any overclocking whatsoever although the Mech OC GPU does have a slight factory overclock and my RAM is in XMP mode. Goodluck with your RAM!
  9. My RX5700 has been great so far. I've ran some graphics intensive games/benchmarks and temps are normal and no freezes/crashes. My card was not part of the thermal pad fix because I can still see the skinny pads on those two chips towards the edge of the card. Good luck finding RAM. Although you can't go wrong picking out a model from your motherboard's compatibility list, the lists are not always complete. For instance, the Corsair RAM I picked was not listed on MSI's compatibility list but it was on Corsair's.
  10. Thanks stormrider. I'm really glad the Tomahawk MAX detected the CPU and RAM correctly out of the box. No fancy cooling here. Just the two 140mm included in the Fractal case, and a Phantec (sp?) 140mm pointing out back. I'm also using the stock AMD cooler! Thanks again for the RAM and monitor advise.
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