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  1. Ssnake, do you now have a good estimate of how big the installation file will be? In an older thread you mentioned possibly 20GB. Has it increased well beyond that size? I'm curious since my primary drive is an 80GB SSD which SB resides on (for speed) along with Win7.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I like your strategy of constantly polishing the legacy stuff and I think it's kept SBProPE reliable as a product and reassuring to its fans. With the upcoming update, you are addressing some things I think were becoming graphically dated, and also addressing some badly needed functionality in the map editor. With these items fixed, and a few more Cold-War era vehicles 🤞, personally I could accept SB as a "finished" product. Keep up the good work! 👍
  3. Thanks Ssnake. In the 'patch ETA' thread, you reiterated the difficulties involved in reprogramming legacy code. Out of curiosity, how much of the legacy code has been reworked up to this point? I mean, if there's such a thing as completion, how close are you folks to it? Do you see a day where the needs of an entirely new program/engine will supersede the need for backwards compatibility? It would suck to lose maps and scenarios but it sounds like a new program/engine would make updates easier? Edit: Also, thanks for adding a new comment in the 'hardware requirement' thread. Great news there.
  4. I'm confident you can find an existing height map that would suit your needs. You can then erase it of all terrain features, buildings, roads, etc. and build it from scratch. If you're interested in a particular real world location, you can try your luck requesting for it in the map request thread.
  5. Are the emojis new? If so, thanks.
  6. I've been holding back on asking these questions about the upcoming update (been waiting instead for the update to arrive), but it turns out I couldn't bite my tongue beyond Q3 2019 😋 ! 1. How will the new terrain affect hardware requirements? 2. How did the bridges, on-ramps, and adjustable height features turn out? 3. Any new 3D objects for the map editor? 4, Has the map-editor changed in functionality whatsoever? 5. Any new vehicles included? 6. How much for the new printed manual? What's the new content? I hope these questions are harmless enough. Thanks in advance 👍...
  7. I hope it is a productive and successful 2019 showing for eSim.
  8. Thanks for the update and the upkeep!
  9. How about screen-shot worthy? Get well and rested soon.
  10. Hahah, sounds like a major bug to me . Keep those fingers crossed and eyes squinted!
  11. 2019 is upon us, Happy New Year everyone! Any sneak previews of the next update?
  12. There's an update in the works. ETA Q1 2019, hopefully. I've no problems with mouse and full-screen mode. Edit: Just saw your other support thread mention 4K. Disregard second comment above.
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