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  1. All the more why it's pretty neat SB was mentioned by the site. : )
  2. Yeah, it's an old article but I never knew about it. Did you? Just wanted to share and give SB it's due.
  3. So I was researching parts for my imminent PC upgrade and found this at Tom's Hardware: https://www.tomshardware.com/picturestory/837-best-simulators-pc-gaming-community-picks.html
  4. Here's to twenty more! Happy 2020 to you and all.
  5. May he rest in peace. My condolences.
  6. Showcasing a submerged tank on the previous User's Manual covers always struck an odd chord with me. There has been a nice evolution here too! 😀 Petty much?
  7. MOPP-1 posture around these parts then!
  8. Thanks folks. I had no idea this variation feature existed in the editor! Now I know it exists and happens randomly. I guess I'll find out which other objects do this as I edit.
  9. Hello folks. I was putting several of the industrial object #702 (some sort of storage silo?) on a map and I noticed one of them was different from the others. In the picture, there are three of the same object from the list but appear as two different types on in the 3D world (two are covered the one in the middle is exposed). Is there some way to control the variation of the same object?
  10. I suspected something like this was happening. Hardware upgrade is the solution but thanks for the workaround suggestions. I have 16GB of RAM, BTW.
  11. It’s not because I am not finished editing it.
  12. I noticed the suspect package is some 65GB in size which my rig is obviously unable to process. What I'll do for now, until I upgrade my rig, is continue work on a previous iteration of this map which fortunately works fine. For now, NO road leveling!
  13. Okay, I think this is the right log: BTW, my SSD has over 13G left and secondary hdd has over 90G. DebugLog.txt
  14. Thanks Rotar’. Would a log be created even if Windows did a forced shut down?
  15. The map editor hangs when I try to load a package I've been working on. Windows says there isn't enough memory. Offline sessions work fine, other maps seem to be unaffected. The last time I used this package I had leveled a stretch of road. Attached is a log. My hardware is in my sig and I have SB program files installed on my primary drive and map files on a secondary, both of which at about 85% capacity. I know I need to upgrade my hard drives but just in case there is something amiss here I thought I'd post this. Thanks. DebugLog.txt
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