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  1. I suspected something like this was happening. Hardware upgrade is the solution but thanks for the workaround suggestions. I have 16GB of RAM, BTW.
  2. It’s not because I am not finished editing it.
  3. I noticed the suspect package is some 65GB in size which my rig is obviously unable to process. What I'll do for now, until I upgrade my rig, is continue work on a previous iteration of this map which fortunately works fine. For now, NO road leveling!
  4. Okay, I think this is the right log: BTW, my SSD has over 13G left and secondary hdd has over 90G. DebugLog.txt
  5. Thanks Rotar’. Would a log be created even if Windows did a forced shut down?
  6. The map editor hangs when I try to load a package I've been working on. Windows says there isn't enough memory. Offline sessions work fine, other maps seem to be unaffected. The last time I used this package I had leveled a stretch of road. Attached is a log. My hardware is in my sig and I have SB program files installed on my primary drive and map files on a secondary, both of which at about 85% capacity. I know I need to upgrade my hard drives but just in case there is something amiss here I thought I'd post this. Thanks. DebugLog.txt
  7. I wish...the map editor would allow me to overwrite existing map packages, so that I can save maps under a back up file name and then continue to "Save as existing..." without having to exit the map editor and jump back and forth between a work-in-progress map and the back up one. 🙂
  8. Scrapper_511

    CTDs ?

    Fortunately not. The only issue I’ve had was in the map editor when I tried to “undo” like twelve steps back and SB froze and I had to reboot. How’s your RAM and hard drive space?
  9. Thanks (downloaded and installed without a hitch).
  10. Thanks, it's been a while since I've used it. However, it does require two different segments.
  11. Could've sworn there was a shortcut to connect the endpoints of a circular segment. Somebody please refresh my memory.
  12. Thanks for updating them Ben. I'll check them out ASAP.
  13. Since my household jumped on the Apple ][e bandwagon (thanks in no small part to Oregon Trail and Lemonade), I did not have the pleasure of playing the original Gunship and M1TP titles. I did however thoroughly enjoy M1TP2 and European Air War. I got Gunship! and surprisingly it still runs on this rig, but it's never held my attention long. Now, X-Com UFO Defense, that got plenty of my attention. Not sure the revival of this publisher will have anything for me though. I've got plenty of nostalgic titles from GOG, newer wargames from Matrix and JTS, and SBProPE remains the only sim I use with any regularity.
  14. Status: OK. Sorry TOW, not this APC. Wrecked recce. Towns too bumpy in 4.1 terrain? This thing levels them.
  15. I don't know if this part of Poland is just hilly in real life and/or I'm just not used to a HGT map with this kind of height detail, but the "issue" is prevalent in all urban areas of this map. I don't think it matters in the remote towns but I would imagine a built-up city such as Suwalki itself should be generally level. Never been there and can't tell from Google Earth/Map so I can't be sure. But I do think Suwalki city would benefit aesthetically from flatter roads and rail lines. If you can "automate" this, great, otherwise I can try to fiddle around with the 'level roads' editing feature. As for the "buried" buildings, I can't foresee any real issues with them aside from looking odd. I don't know how much work is involved so I'll leave you with this feedback (broad strokes, I know) and let you decide if any changes are worth it on your end.
  16. I've rebooted SB actually, and the old name remains. Have you been able to do it, Gibsonm?
  17. Ok DA, I will buzz around the map and get back to you. Bond Villain, unfortunately this means I have to forgo using what you've done so far. Yikes, sorry!
  18. Is it possible to change the name of a package as it appears on the Map Package selection menu? I’ve changed the folder name in the steel beasts/maps/packages directory but the old name remains in the Map Package selection menu. Also when I try to edit the name trying to save the map as a “new base package” I get a “ package already exists!” message. Shall I just delete the package folder and start over (edit: it’s a recently downloaded map, I’ve done no work on it yet).
  19. Thanks for the explanation, Ssnake.
  20. So I'm probing into this project and have run into my first dilemma. I would like to use the package that uses the JAXA hgt map since, as I understand it, it is higher-res and perhaps takes advantage of the new 4.1 terrain. However, it produces an unsightly side-effect in the city; Buildings look buried into the ground and roads can be quite wavy. On the other hand, the 30M has a more acceptable appearance in urban areas, but likely a more bland terrain overall. (above) JAXA HGT. Note the wavy road towards the horizon. 30M HGT
  21. Yeah looks to be working...computer is still busy converting! 😆 I’m still concerned that SB was looking for an hgt in a ter directory though.
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