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  1. If any of you are familiar with HPS/JTS Modern Campaigns and Panzer Campaigns operational wargames, the man behind them has passed. RIP John Tiller.
  2. If there was no Soviet thrust towards Frankfurt (and beyond), I imagine then that V Corps would be nuked to neutralize that flank. Thanks for the maps and discussion, gentlemen.
  3. If the Soviets were not able to conceal mobilization, would American (and German?) units deploy as far east as Point Alpha (Rasdorf, Germany) to meet the invaders in force? Or will this location still serve as a speed bump at best? I just got curious while brainstorming credible scenarios for this region I've pegged on the Fulda map. Or maybe this area would best serve an American counter-attack after the failed Soviet conventional campaign?
  4. What is that terrain feature along 3rd Platoon’s advance? Depression?
  5. LOL. Actually, Spahpanzer Luchs found the T-64s and were indeed flanked by the Leopards. The Tiger neutralized artillery elsewhere. 😁
  6. Nevermind the tanks. Look at the nice texture on that tree trunk. ; ) One of my favorite skins (by Tacbat).
  7. Yeah, the GPUs just take too much juice from the battery alone. Glad you got your fps up! Happy gaming!
  8. On my laptop, if the charger cable is not plugged in, it will not use the discrete GPU. Perhaps, yours has a similar feature?
  9. Thanks for the update, SB Team!
  10. I don't see the Map tab in the map editor. Edit: But after some more very deliberate clicking, I was able to activate annotations and edit/delete them!
  11. This method wasn't working for me last night but will try it, and the Refresh Map way. Thanks Bond'.
  12. Is it possible to delete old annotations on a map?
  13. Interesting. Is this scenario available for download? 😆
  14. Home-schooling. The struggle is real. My boys will often catch me playing SB during their class breaks and they enjoy watching the scenario unfold. Must be a nice break from their Roblox, Among Us, and Geometry Dash. 😁
  15. I lucked out that I was able to build two new computers just before prices sky-rocketed and supply became scarce; from Best Buy of all places (I got an MSI 1660 Super in Nov ‘20 for $265). I’d gladly recommend parts but as others have suggested, it’s just better to wait for prices to come down. However, if you are not building and instead ordering an assembled PC, some may be priced competitively enough. For instance, the latest GPUs are going for around $1000. Now I have seen articles/ads where computers are being sold with these GPUs for not much more than $1000...for the entire computer! I have not checked those out myself but you may want to.
  16. For a tank sim we have some very fine helicopter 3D models.
  17. Ah, good to be home again. Thanks Sean.
  18. This blue and white forum design is nice but I do miss the previous style. I thought this was temporary for maintenance. Just curious.
  19. Anyone else experiencing units staying in their starting points instead of continuing on their waypoints when you start your scenario? I'm seeing this in the scenario editor where I'm having to make units Continue to get them moving. Prior to the latest update, they would just go at Start.
  20. I've immersed myself in just a handful of maps and all of them, if I'm not mistaken, were created by DarkAngel. So I thank him. One map was the original Fulda map, the other another Fulda map shifted west which a version included forests, water ways, roads and buildings. Falli had a version of the original Fulda map which was a faithful recreation of the actual location and the late Eisenschwein did a realistic version of the Hunfeld area. I thank these fellows for their amazing work too. I've been chipping away at the Suwalki map which was provided by DarkAngel as well. So thanks again to him.
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