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  1. A zany question: With the new way maps are going to be handled, is it now possible for different parties to work on different regions of a common height map, and then later, combine the completed regions back onto the single height map. Is that even possible now, using the map 'refresh' function? I can give this a try now, actually, but hard to imagine that this kind of collaboration is not floating around already.
  2. In general, Soviet Cold War vehicles have always intrigued me. While I admire BRDM-2s, T-72s, BMPs, and Hinds as much as the next guy here, it’s the rear-echelon vehicles that have a special place in my heart. I’m still giddy we got the MT-LB, BM-21, 2S1, and 2S3 a few years back. And now we’re getting this gem!? F’get about it...😀 Anyway, I think in an old BRDM thread you mentioned you were possibly gonna get a ride in one (ACRV/1V1x). Did you? Hmm, I wonder if you modeled this after it?
  3. Out of them all, this is the one I’ve got my eye on:
  4. I don’t know how much fun to play it would be neither. Oh man, I really didn’t need to see another WW3 book! 😆 Thanks for the links, Gibsonm.
  5. Wow, thanks for bringing that issue to my attention Panzer Leader. I've been browsing through the ARMOR subscription from the 80's (ever since a link to the magazine was provided...perhaps by you as well, years ago). Haven't quite made it to the 90's issues yet, but thanks for the link...it works from my cell and my desktop, btw. Nice skin, Dark. I'm guessing that's the urban camo Ssnake mentioned above. Since you're here: A Berlin map would be impractical wouldn't it? Too built up for good fps.
  6. Interesting points, Ssnake. I'd actually just seen on TV the story about the tank manuals. I was brainstorming for scenario ideas (Fulda map), OOBs, tactics, etc., and somehow got to thinking about Berlin. Perhaps my research on doctrine prompted my curiosity about how strategy and tactics would (or not) apply in this location. Thank you for the feedback, gentlemen.
  7. Thanks Gibsonm. Deterrence or Die In Place huh. I’m wondering though, how much effort or credibility was put into defense. Or were the units simply a peacetime garrison?
  8. What was expected to happen in Berlin, had the balloon gone up during the Soviet era?
  9. Most excellent. C’mon hi-res terrain, get here already! 😄
  10. Handy features, thank you. I couldn’t find this info in the latest manual nor in SB Wiki. There are other editor functions/shortcuts I need to look up again also and that’s a matter of scouring whichever readme (and prior inquiries here). Hopefully all this information will be consolidated in the new printed manual. 🤞
  11. In the objects menu of the map editor, the buttons for line objects have selectors at each corner of their buttons. What are they for? I've asked a similar question before (I searched to no avail) but I think it just covered two functions, not four. Thanks in advance...
  12. I was asking about the change from DirectX9. I shouldn’t have clipped that part off of Ssnake’s quote. Will try to edit it... Edit: Nope, I don’t need to edit anything. You took my quote (and my question directed at Ssnake) out of context. If you look at the quote I selected from Ssnake’s post, it is clearly talking about DirectX and not the release date. Edit part deux: But my fault for highjacking the thread. My apologies.
  13. Sorry for the late reaction here, but out of curiosity, what will SB be transitioning to?
  14. Nice to see AMD competitive again! I see that the Ryzen 5 3600 has incredible single-thread performance. I see it in a future upgrade as well!
  15. I was looking forward to being able to install 4.1 on my SSD while installing the map files elsewhere on a secondary drive. I guess I read too much into the installer and map files being available separately. 🙂
  16. Thanks for keeping your scenarios current.
  17. At least a couple of us did. I have a thread regarding this in the support section.
  18. My payment being declined and now showing Invalid Required Domain alerts. Thanks for verifying. EDIT: Nevermind. Switching browser solved my issue (Firefox to Chrome). Order successful!
  19. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll be buying the upgrade & map bundle as well with the bonus “Volcano’s Secret” poster. 😀
  20. Yes, for the traffic jams (edit: and parking lots of course) I can use disabled neutrals. But since my experience lies in map editing I want to share my creation via ter, not scn.
  21. With 4.1 imminent, I’m getting back into my map-editing project. An idea popped up: Civilian vehicles as map objects available at design time. Simply as stationary objects for parking lots (especially large ones that look odd being completely empty). Also to represent traffic jams with abandoned vehicles because, surprise, it wasn’t a Russian exercise.
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