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  1. Another thing that makes T-62 gunnery tricky is the range scales are aligned with the ballistics of the original rounds (BM-4 in case of the sabot scale and the HEAT scale is calibrated for BK-4M). It's particularly noticeable when in the gunnery range scenario you're forced to shoot the BK-15 HEAT round - even if you get your range estimation just right you still have to "translate" it to "scale range".
  2. Oh, no worries, I can wait . Thanks for fixing it.
  3. I couldn't find a bug report forum or topic, so I'm posting it here. I apologize if I missed anything. The BRDM-2 gunnery range mission seems to be broken. After I start the mission, I'm placed in the commanders place and I cannot switch to gunner to engage targets.
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