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  1. Just seen this, not bad mate :luxhello:
  2. Oh ok nevermind thanks dejawolf
  3. Have been looking for this cross hair dds file or whatever it may be, could someone point me in the right direction, thanks... I just wanted to change the colour, thanks in advance.
  4. Back to your skins daskal, i like em and will be using em in my desert campaigns, cheers...
  5. Yeh its not a looker but sold well, any addition would be welcomed, the more hardware the better imo
  6. Great program Daskal, ive only watched part of that episode before, now will watch the rest of it, 2.5+ mile kill, impressive, good stuff, cheers ....
  7. Challys advancing through a forest clearing in the excellent Ft Hood terrain map, still hasnt improved my shooting, took out 3 T72's just after this shot but took bad damage, still was fun ...
  8. Still on course for a release at the end of this month? Looking forward to giving this a go mate.
  9. The file is correct fellas, 4.06MB has three versions in it 2048 dds 1024 dds and original version 1.0 all with images, just tried it and is ok in the chally 2 section ... at least is for me can do it again if you want me to np but seems ok here.
  10. Yeh the future looks promising for SB, for the time being just a personal thing, rather than see a black hole across my turret thought why not, its not an eye candy thing really but a black hole void of any detail didnt grab me, uploaded file gives the choice with or without so just a personal preference. Look forward to all the new features etc that will be implemented, sounds great, cant wait.
  11. Couldnt resist it had to have some kind of compartment,Uploaded to download section with both 1024 & 2048 dds files also original included without hatch pictures. The End! Just thought may do second hatch with different picture, sometime.
  12. The future looks bright, excellent, which reminds me I think i need a better pc, things are moving real fast .....
  13. Lots of pages here looked, not sure if its been said before, but would be neat if your in gunners position when pressing up key you could pop up through the gunners hatch and mabey use the 7.62 or whatever, hey half the world drive on the left, right ..
  14. @ Darklabor, clever vid, a bit mad too LOL
  15. Version 1.1


    CR2 Shown here in a more common green, all optics and vision blocks updated, reworked hatches and added packs on rear. Decals displayed seen from a recent visit to Catterick, fairly dirty look and good to go. DDS file is 1024 if you want an 2024 DDS file contact me via Forums. Regards Javelin
  16. Javelin

    Green & Mean

    Gone as far as i'm going to with this now, been changing bits and pieces here and there, she's dirty but not in a bad way me thinks, hope some will like to use this, depicted as seen from a Catterrick visit fairly recently, Regards .... Added Packs ... Reworked Hatches Will upload to Download section soon, Regards
  17. @ Daskal nice one had a chukkle at that, strong ice @ Tankhunter some vid, if it's real ... all small arms fire then ....
  18. Javelin

    Green & Mean

    Here's a quick update, a bit more dirty, almost done i think, if anyone would like a 2048 dds version let me know, i tried it on high resolution just to see what it's like, dropped my fps a bit, guess i'll stick with 1024 ish, if youve got a high end rig then i can provide high res if interested. Anyways hope to bring this project to a close soon ....
  19. Javelin

    Green & Mean

    No problem , thanks for the kind words, will keep ya posted,
  20. Javelin

    Green & Mean

    CR2 in a more common seen battle green, been working on this for a while now, need to do some more weathering yet .... Seen these markings on a CR2 while up at Catterick visiting a mate so thought why not give it a go, more work to do, but will crack on with it soon, just need an internal compartment now, pls ... PS my next project is an M1 so not all Chally LOL
  21. Just found this http://www.army.mod.uk/equipment/fighting-vehicles/1475.aspx# It shows a 360 view of a Challenger 2 inside and out, as long as youve got Java installed you can view it, dont know if anyones seen this before, but interesting for full internal views if nothing else.
  22. Yeh nice one, drop Max and i'm in, lol
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