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  1. For a moment I thought this was the solution, but then it extends the window to both monitors :bigsmile:
  2. Because I am seeing the border. It is easier to believe if that is not there, mainly when looking outside the tank. I never had the need. You cant also move in when you are Full screen, that is the effect I'm looking for.
  3. Windowed mode without borders. For users of several monitors, this increses inmersion and is more difficcult to move the game screen when you click where you must not. On a related note, when SB window loses focus, the sound stops. It would also be nice if this doesn't happen.
  4. So, am I awarded the combat badge? :bigsmile:
  5. Great battle. Thanks to Ronin, Kingtiger and everybody that participated. Waiting eagerly for the next one. :gun::bigsmile:
  6. Happy he is ok now. Best wishes.
  7. Welcome back, Wiggstaz.
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