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  1. In my email with the update link it says I should have the latest version of SB installed. If I attempt to update my license before 4.1 is released will it screw something up?
  2. I've noticed that The T-72M and T-72M1 gun barrels jump instantly from the loading position to the firing position. There is no animation in between these states. The non-crewable T series tanks do not do this, nor does the T-62 which also has a set loading angle. This is very odd. Any idea why those two tanks in particular behave that way?
  3. Unfortunately, you have no control over the loading of the gun in the T-62. It is a bit of an awkward beast to use. Because the gun immediately elevates to a set loading angle upon firing, the only way to observe the fall of your shot is to switch to low magnification with your N key immediately after pressing the trigger. Everyone thought the T-72 was so primitive when it finally became crewable. The T-62 shows us how relatively advanced the T-72 really is.
  4. I just had a tank range session in the T-62 and there were two instances where my TC reported that I hit the target and then told me to re-engage. My understanding is that any hit to a vehicle and it is "dead" regardless of whether it would have been killed in real life. Both times this happened I was shooting at a Centurion. I looked at the AAR to see if these non-killing hits would show up but they did not. Very strange. Has anyone else encountered this?
  5. Hopefully he would never export it, because it could never be re-imported. The Feds in all their wisdom have decreed that no American armored vehicles can be imported into this country. You can import foreign stuff all you want but not American. It makes zero sense. As for having live weapons on it, I kind of doubt the DoD would have released it into civilian hands with weapons intact and even if it had, it says this thing was deployed to Kuwait which means it was in service after 1986 which means there's no way the MGs could have been registered to anyone but a Class 3 dealer even if the DoD was in the habit of selling machine guns to civilians. M-60s are rare as it is. Lots of them ended up as artificial reefs. Even a de-milled one would be a prize. If I'm lucky enough to be able to buy something like this someday, it'll be something Russian most likely. T-55s can be had for less than 50 grand, and then there's the shipping from Europe.........so it's most likely to remain a pie in the sky dream.
  6. I've had good results with Steam. Only time I have problems with it is when I lose my internet connection and that is very rare. I haven't bought a PC game on physical media in years. Steel Beasts is a very specialized product and doesn't really need the mass marketing help that Steam provides. If you are the kind of person who's meant to use it, you will find it.
  7. Well, in the sheer size department, yeah, but you can't park it on your lawn and annoy your neighbors with it, like this guy with a T-55. So jealous of this guy. I have this thing for T-55s.....
  8. I know most of you don't know me. (Sean remembers me). I mostly lurk the forums. This is definitely the coolest thing to ever be sold on eBay. Damn me for not being rich right now....... This is definitely relevant to your interests guys. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1984-M60A1-Main-Battle-Tank-/170884210066?pt=Military_Vehicles&hash=item27c97e1d92#v4-40 He has a link to a video of it in action too.
  9. Thanks for the info.
  10. I've looked all over for it and can't find it. This is very frustrating. Is there any way I can get a replacement disk without paying full price? I wish I could just download it but understand why I can't. Is there a way to prove I own it and get a new disk for the cost of shipping or something?
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