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  1. Well, good you found a solution. Seems when I have a problem, I'm the only one reporting it, too. I end up feeling a bit dumb and a bit foolish. Very glad you reported your issue and then the discovery of a workaround.
  2. I'd like to smooth out the hilliness if the towns houses. There must be a way to flatten the towns so they don't look so extreme.
  3. yup, that second pdf you just directed me to works just fine 😊
  4. sending you an email now
  5. Hi Ssnake, I got the purchase receipt email but, no license ticket receipt as shown in the Youtube video came over. Guess it is not automatic?
  6. Hi Nils, I just read your post responding to my request for support with inability to open the new 4.357 program. You explained I needed to buy a license upgrade. I followed your instructions and just paid for the upgrade using Paypal. Where do I get the new license from and where do I paste it? WAX SAVAGE
  7. I uninstalled my copy of SB PRO PE 4.268 as instructed in the installation files and then installed the new ver. 4.357. I then installed the maps from SBMapPackageInstaller.exe. Lastly, I installed the extra maps listed in the Release Notes. Attempting to open ver. 4.357 I am getting the no license found message. Was I supposed to pay for a new license when upgrading from 4.268?
  8. Upon attempting to open the new 4.357 Release Notes I was greeted with this message from the Acrobat Pro ver. 9 program... “There was an error opening this document. An updated version of Acrobat is needed in order to open this document.” I discovered a real cute ploy from Adobe. The version of Acrobat your team used to create the new Release Notes was built with an ‘IED’ in it. The PDF will not open in any version of Acrobat except the current (perpetual pay to use) DC version. As a workaround I had to down load and install Foxit’s PDF Reader to view the new Release Notes. Suggestion: If you could generate the Release Notes using Acrobat ver. 9, or 10, (basically one that precedes cloud based) then it could be read by all SB users including those that have an aversion to cloud based pay-to-use systems.
  9. hey cut the language, your mother should have trained you better.
  10. What do you mean "5.0 will drop asa 4.3 is released"? Is there a ver. 5.0 about ready for release? I didn't know there was that big an upgrade in the works nearing completion. Just skip over a ver. 4.5 or, 4.628. We will just a jump to ver. 5.0? Holy cow.., guess that release will require it's own registration fee. $150.00usd (more?).
    One of the better single player scenarios I've played. Will take two hours or more. Go slow and leap-frog your units to give overwatch. Well designed. Thanks!
  11. Very well done map. Lots of details, complex ground cover and terrain. Plenty of visual interest. I couldn't do it better. Thanks!
  12. the map UID 3ac7b9f5-9cf8-4ce4-acdf-45b13d45ff95 is not on the server so this scenario cannot be played. sorry.
  13. I too have a problem with this file. Downloaded to the map packages directory okay. When opened in Map Editor it displays a featureless map devoid of buildings, trees, roads, bridges. Just a green map. The screen shots of the map show it has these improvements. What is wrong?
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Companion map file to "Droysiger Forst" scenario. 12x12 mile² area. Detailed towns, rivers, rail yard, agricultural fields, etc. Excellent for urban warfare/defense. To download this map, enter 5cdf46a5-47dd-43a9-9b8d-3d0576837416 as the map package into the steel beasts map tools UI. If this map is used in a scenario, it will prompt the user to download as long as they have SB Pro Map Tools installed.
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