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  1. Hi Bond_Villian and Jarvs, Mission editor is not at issue here. The sunken building problem is manifesting itself in the 4.162 Map Editor. The "flatten under selected objects” function works great in 4.161. It is failing (for me) in over 50% ~ 90% of the instances on 4.162. Plus it seems that buildings that were properly flattened in 4.161 are displaying as below grade in 4.162. To ensure 4.162 was properly installed I have deleted and re-installed 4.162 three times (I have 4.161 on a separate hard-drive for doing a/b comparisons) . As of now, I have decided to continue performing all map edits on 4.161.
  2. Using the Map Editor in SB version 4.161, I’ve been creating a detailed map for the past 3 months. After installing SB version 4.162 and opening its Map Editor, I continued working on my map project and discovered that the “flatten under selected objects” function does not place the structures at the correct above ground level (as it did in Ver. 4.161). The foundations remain buried too deep and the floors covered over by dirt/grass etc. Also, a very large percentage of buildings that were properly placed over the past 3 months (with version 4.161) are now showing grass in on the floor of the structure instead of the wood floors etc. It appears that buildings have sunk into the ground in version 4.162. Building #25 seems particularly affected.
  3. Hi, had the same problem. Was an armored vehicle deleted from the Steel Beasts inventory. See...
  4. Currently, to extend the variety of structures we must assemble multiple units to make one larger one. How about the ability to permanently glue these creations together and add them to the available inventory of structures? Cut and paste capability in maps would also be helpful.
  5. Wax Savage


    Version 1.0.02


    At 02:30 UTC, Libyan forces jumped our border near El Sallum. Reports are the Libyans surprised the 1st Armored Div which took heavy losses. The 1st BN of the 216th Regmt is currently in a head long retreat and will pass thru your A.O. The 3rd Regiment of the Libyan 6th Armored is right behind them picking them off one at a time. Your mission... Stop the Libyan regiment. File is a redo of an older Legacy scenario by a past member callsign Richard. This is my first attempt at working with the Map/Scenario toolset. Feedback appreciated. Regards, Wax Savage
  6. Used 7-zip as you suggested. Opened the zip file no problem. Thanks!
  7. Just checked in and saw your post. Thanks for putting the M60A3 template up on the forum! BTW, I did download it. There is a Password and Keyfile (?) required to extract the template from the *.rar file. Do you have the password and keyfile?
  8. Hi Dejawolf, Sent you a post for a template on Dec 15th. January 1st was my 70th B-day. Was hoping you would send me my template as a present! I need an m60a3 template to make a skin for. Well beyond my current abilities. Can you please help the project by supplying a template? Thanks and have a good 2020, Wax Savage
  9. Hi Dejawolf, working on fictional Egyptian / Libyan conflict scenario. Noted that there was no M60a3 in Egyptian markings. One of the forum members agreed to come up with a desert tan skin with markings for Egypt. It was then discovered that all the M60 a3 are pre-painted with patterns on them. To get a proper meeting of Egyptian / Libyan armor, I need an m60a3 template to make a skin for. Well beyond my current abilities. Can you please help the project by supplying a template? Thanks and have a Merry Christmas, Wax Savage
  10. Hi Splash, if you read FALLI's install instructions he included in the "German Buildings Woodland/Autumn (3.002)" download, he instructs us to replace the existing Normals and Speculars folders with his modified Normals and Speculars. This will enhance the display of his texture files at the expense of ALL the other SB graphic texture files that rely on the original Normals and Speculars folders. I would guess that SB has not been 'enhanced' to recognize user-modified Normals and Speculars folders.
  11. Hi guys, thanks for the insights into NORMALS and SPECULARS. You perked my interest and I will look into it further. Oh, yeah by the way... EUREKA !!!! I figured out how to use modifies texture files w/o having any 'global effect' as a downside. All one needs to do is to re-save the map with the modified files in it as a new base map. Use the mission editor to attach the new base map to the scenario. Now you have a scenario with a dedicated map that displays your modified texture files. The modified files will only display for this one scenario. Should work for network games, too.
  12. Hello Splash, To further clarify my experiment, I noticed no discernible difference using FALLI's modified 'NORMALS' and 'SPECULARS' files (included the SB forum "German Buildings Woodland/Autumn (3.002)" structure skins download) vs.. the original SB program files. Truthfully, I have no idea what the 'NORMALS' and 'SPECULARS' files accomplish in the SB program. If someone could tell me why the 'NORMALS' and 'SPECULARS' files are important, I might show them more respect.
  13. Hi DarkAngel, thanks for the spelling correction. I retested using the correct path as follows... C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Wolf [autocreated base]\actors\textures\woodland The modified texture files residing in the newly created 'woodland' folder were read by SB and the modified textures DID display, ..Yeah!! PROGRESS!! So,.. as of tonight I can attest that we can use structure skin mods from the SB Forum's mods downloads section. The modified texture files when placed in a given map’s BASE folder will affect all map variants (including any delta maps in the maps master base folder). This placement proceedure will not cause a global change in SB but, will cause a mini-global change at least within all maps held in a map’s master base file.
  14. Hello All, good to see there is some interest in this topic. If we can get a clear solution maybe we should make this a forum ‘sticky’. I tried to get the structure textures to display by creating the extra nested files as was suggested. I placed them sequentially deeper and deeper into the C: ProgramData/esim Games directory. Here are the three tests I performed: test 1 firstly, the file path "\actors\texture\woodland " was added inside the base map files directory modified texture files were placed into the newly created 'woodland' folder... C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Wolf [autocreated base]\actors\texture\woodland test 2 moved into the deltas map folder... C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Wolf [autocreated base]\deltas\actors\texture\woodland test3 moved into the specific map folder (that is nested inside the deltas folder) C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Wolf [autocreated base]\deltas\Forest 3\actors\texture\woodland At no time were the modified structure textures displayed by SB. The files will be read and will display in SB if they are placed as follows: C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\textures\woodland Of course this is not a solution as it will cause the modded files to be displayed globally in a maps using a woodland theme.
  15. Hi Gibsonm, yes, you are correct. I have the identical file structure as you. (See my prior post).
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