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  1. Hi Guys seem to have lost a height map somewhere. Please look in you height folder for this one,.. Gudauta50.hgt If you got it please send me a copy,,, Thanks guys. Wax Savage
  2. Just sharing here,.. Were I doing it, I'd copy the file, 'maps' from... C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps to the desktop. and also copy the file, 'My Scenarios' and 'My Operations' from... C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Scenarios C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Operations to the desktop. Recopy those files back into the 'eSim Games' directory after your reinstall/rebuild. Others will chime in with any stuff I neglected to remember. Wax
  3. Good scenario. Not difficult to complete. Classic multiple flank attack scenario. I would recommend to anyone who wants to get familiar with mech. infantry attack.
  4. Version 1.00.01


    Here is another detailed map scenario. This time it’s during the breakup of Yugoslavia. My scenario is a redo of a scenario from Jan 2004. The original designer was Colin Parkinson. The scenario uses the UN vehicle skin files (available from the SB forum Downloads) for the best immersion factor. FYI, I set the Buildings to already display euro white. Troops will already be in UN uniforms. This is not an ‘easy’ scenario. Not a ball buster either. Sort of intermediate in difficulty. If you get frustrated and need the scenario win solution, send me a private message over the SB forum and I’ll send you the scenario with the winning scenario added in. 😊 Read the instructions included in the zip file to set up the scenario. Have fun!! Wax Savage June 2020
  5. Love the ability to play with elevations and even make overpasses. I included a screenshot of a practical example
  6. Thanks for the guidance, stormrider, I also have an Asus (Maximus VIII Gene) motherboard. I deleted the Asus Sonic plug-in listed on the Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features page. SB windowed/non-windowed function works perfectly now. Great tip,.. Thanks! Wax Savage
  7. Ditto. I have this exact same problem. Symptoms and behavior exactly the same as you describe.
  8. Hi guys, I’m looking for a missing map called Kfor Protection, it’s UID is 4b9013f3-7faa-4739-b470-b62fd36cc2d1. I plan to fix/update the scenario for you guys if I can get the map. Anybody got it? regards, Wax
  9. Hi Ssnake, I love the tags in your posting. "Tell me how you REALLY feel... "
  10. good idea Grenny. I edited my original post and added the download link as you suggest. Thanks! Wax Savage
  11. Hi tankgirl72, the file package is available again. Sorry. Follow the readme.doc enclosed in the zip folder for a successful install of the scenario into your S/B. Would love to get your opinions/feedback after you've run the scenario. all the best, Wax
  12. Not sure what is AI pathing ? Would you explain please. Wax Savage
  13. Hi Guys, over the past five months I have been preparing a map and scenario for your enjoyment. This scenario is a variant of a circa 2004 Single-player session called ‘Droysiger_Forst’ (designed by forum member sbean). It involves a Russian incursion into east central Germany and defense by mixed NATO forces. I targeted the scenario environment to be visually realistic. I calculate there is (conservatively) 600 man-hours in the project. Little did I realize that in five months a 12x12 km map file would grow to 62 megabytes! The added details incur a cost. With older computers the ‘eye-candy’ may slow your frame-rate to unacceptable levels. Just reduce SB’s detail settings until the frame-rate produces smooth gameplay. (Maximize the in-game detail when you want to take screen-shots!) Get it here … Installation: 1). Unzip files to your desktop. 2). On your computer, place the scenario file Droysiger Forst Redux.sce into the following folder location … C:\Users\ (your users name) \Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Scenarios 3). Next place the map package Droysiger Forst folder into the following location … C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages Feedback /critiques are encouraged. Best Wishes, Wax Savage ps. If there is interest I can collaborate on a multi-player version.
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