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  1. Thanks for trying to open the scenario, Gibsonm, yeah, if your guess is correct, then a discontinued unit is probably available only on an early version. Sure would be nice to get it open and replace all the units with ones we know were carried forward into the later SB editions. I'd still like to get into it. Anyone have a 2.654 or earlier?
  2. Attached is an error log text file generated today. Two messages concern me. 1). [23:18:20,268] CActorListArray WARN : Scenario has duplicate combatant IDs! [23:18:20,268] CActorListArray ERROR: Error: Scenario has duplicate combatant IDs! My concern is that the error log does not explain WHERE to look for the duplicate combatant ID’s, 2). [00:17:47,578] CGame ERROR: [LOCAL] Exception trying to create delta map package with path 'C:/ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Salisbury Plain [autocreated base]\deltas\Salisbury Plain\metadata.mrf' (Could not find base map for delta map!) I looked and confirmed that the metadata.mrf (that the error log says cannot be found) is, in fact, in the correct folder… C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Salisbury Plain [autocreated base]\deltas\Salisbury Plain\ Can anyone offer a suggestion on how to repair these errors? Full debug text is attached. DebugLog_0.txt
  3. it’s a given that using the ‘legacy’ scenarios and maps is a dicey proposition. However, even knowing this I still get frustrated when I cannot determine how to open a scenario. Even using my best powers of deduction, I am blunted. There is a scenario under the Single Legacy ‘easy’ category that is a perfect example.., KFORCE PROTECTION by Charlie Zero-Five (circa 2007). When I attempt to open the scenario I get the following message from both vers. 4.161 and 4.023, “Error loading the scenario! It may be incompatible or its artwork (map) resources may be missing. Please see the log for more information.” There is NO option to replace the map file. I’m stuck! The log has the following info… [13:55:26,887] WARN : ------------------------------- [13:55:26,888] WARN : Steel Beasts Log File v4.023 [13:55:26,888] WARN : Sat Oct 12 13:55:26 201 / 4036 [13:55:26,888] WARN : ------------------------------- [13:55:26,888] WARN : +--+ MEMORY USAGE INFO (SteelBeasts START): [13:55:26,888] WARN : | | Process: 235 MB (0 % of 8.0 TB total, 8.0 TB free) 235 MB min/125 MB max [13:55:26,888] WARN : | | Physical: 3.6 GB (22 % of 16.0 GB total, 12.4 GB free) 3.5 GB min/3.6 GB max [13:55:26,888] WARN : +--+ Pagefile: 4.1 GB (12 % of 32.6 GB total, 28.5 GB free) 4.0 GB min/4.1 GB max [13:55:53,599] WARN : +--+ MEMORY USAGE INFO (LoadFileToPlay start): [13:55:53,599] WARN : | | Process: 946 MB (0 % of 8.0 TB total, 8.0 TB free) 235 MB min/946 MB max [13:55:53,599] WARN : | | Physical: 4.2 GB (26 % of 16.0 GB total, 11.8 GB free) 3.5 GB min/4.2 GB max [13:55:53,599] WARN : +--+ Pagefile: 4.8 GB (15 % of 32.6 GB total, 27.8 GB free) 4.0 GB min/4.8 GB max [13:55:56,196] ERROR: Unknown type (0x24). Cannot create unit! [13:55:56,196] ERROR: Invalid formation size 'Size: 1; 0x80024, '! [13:55:56,197] ERROR: CGame::ReadScenarioFromFile failed [13:55:56,197] ERROR: Error setting up new game! Can anyone aid me in getting this scenario to work? If files such as these are of no use, should the SB Forum do a purge of the files that are irrevocably ‘broke’? kforceprotection.zip
  4. Hi Panzer Leader, Yes, I downloaded your map files and initially it did not work but, I reworked the files and was able to generate a good copy. I have attached the working files. You need to copy them into the correct location... C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\OTW AI [autocreated base]\deltas\(files go in here) Open the SB mission editor and choose the Heavy CT Delay v (Contemporary) Tank Battalion FD v2.3 (4.161).sce . When asked direct the editor to the location I mentioned (above). metadata.mrf OTW_Beaudesert_ver_3.ter
  5. Thanks for the insights. Hopefully the scenario author will contribute the map program. Cheers!
  6. Hello, On the main forum screen I noted that today there is a new downloadable scenario. I downloaded the updated scenario "Heavy CT Delay v Tank Battalion FD v2.3 (4.161).rar" The map UID cannot be found located on the server by my copy of SB 4.161 UID # d87bfd19-f78d-4153-ab4c-d7c9935c454b any thoughts?
  7. To get the patch to work I first created an empty folder on my Desktop and then directed the patch to dump it's files into the empty folder on the desktop. I then copied the contents of the folder into the "C:\Program Files\eSim Games" folder . When asked by the computer if I wished to overwrite existing files with the new files I said overwrite all. Got 4.160 installed this way.
  8. Installed the 4.160 patch. Opening SB the top right corner still says ver. 4.159, is this okay?
  9. I have scoured the available vehicles in the 4.1 mission editor and do not see the German GD240 or the M1025 HMMWV. Where are they? Thanks!
  10. HI Ssnake, ver. 4.169 ? that's available? Full installer. Am I correct to assume we will delete SB 4.1xx and install a complete a fresh install? When can we expect it's release?
  11. Well, I was about to install the 4.159 upgrade but now I'll wait til the 'All Clear' is sounded...
  12. Thanks for the file Rotareneg . Really do appreciate your help. Best wishes, Wax
  13. Hi Guys, I have fourteen scenarios titled "TANKS_v3a_( tank name here).sce" The Map tool wants a legacy file named 'tanks.ter' Anybody got a copy I can have?
  14. I apologize for not being more active of late. I sold my home and bought a new one in another state. I have been packing and attending to real estate matters. Moving truck comes tomorrow. I hope to be back on the multi-player sessions in a few weeks. My best to all, Wax
  15. Hi Guys, I am out of town since last Thursday for 12 days. Will join the next TGIF when I get back. Monitoring the forum til then. Have agreat week! Wax
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