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  1. the map UID 3ac7b9f5-9cf8-4ce4-acdf-45b13d45ff95 is not on the server so this scenario cannot be played. sorry.
  2. I too have a problem with this file. Downloaded to the map packages directory okay. When opened in Map Editor it displays a featureless map devoid of buildings, trees, roads, bridges. Just a green map. The screen shots of the map show it has these improvements. What is wrong?
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Companion map file to "Droysiger Forst" scenario. 12x12 mile² area. Detailed towns, rivers, rail yard, agricultural fields, etc. Excellent for urban warfare/defense. To download this map, enter 5cdf46a5-47dd-43a9-9b8d-3d0576837416 as the map package into the steel beasts map tools UI. If this map is used in a scenario, it will prompt the user to download as long as they have SB Pro Map Tools installed.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Companion map file from "UN to the Rescue" scenario. 12 x 13 mile² area. Detailed town, roads, waterways, rail line. Nice map for many scenarios you may design. To download this map, enter bc6068d8-3b78-4cac-aa4f-d864546807fc as the map package into the steel beasts map tools UI. If this map is used in a scenario, it will prompt the user to download as long as they have SB Pro Map Tools installed.
  5. I can get LIDAR map files in "Arc ASCII Grid" format. I that what you need?
  6. I have nothing but time. Where could I get LIDAR data files? There must be one LIDAR map out there to practice on.
  7. I'd pay triple or more to get a version with this map format. Does the classroom version of SB have this mapping capability? Should I buy that version?
  8. with only 24 units ever placed in service, its unlikely we need to train against this specific unit.
  9. Sure would help when making new scenarios. Having agreed, why do I get a sinking feeling that an overlay feature would be a Herculean effort for the boys in the back room?
  10. Absolutely love it! 😃 Thank you for the early Christmas gift. Wax
  11. Thanks to both of you for responding. With Rotarneg's help I located the 'lines of fire' option within the 'OPTIONS' pulldown in mission edit 'test' mode. (SB 4.268 main menu/mission edit/test/options/lines of fire) To jArvis; I did not realize 'lines of Fire' was hidden unless I opted for a 'low' realism setting. Thanks for the education. ...Wax
  12. Thanks Sean, overwriting the docs file (as instructed on the esimgames download page) brought back the lost png graphic files.
  13. Has the feature to display Blue and Red lines of fire been deleted in the latest upgrade? In pre-planning and/or execution phase I can no longer find where I check the option to ‘view lines of fire’ for friendly and /or enemy units when viewing the map screen. I read the first 110 pages of the manual in hopes I’d just forgotten where to select the option but, unless the location is called out somewhere further in the SB manual, it’s not mentioned.
  14. Whom can I contact to forward me the png images? Regards, Wax
  15. Any program tech got a handle on why the png graphics files have disappeared?
  16. One of the useful files for viewing SB graphic map obects has always been embedded in the 'program files' as follows ... "C:\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\docs\MapObjectCatalogue\index.html" Unfortunatly, the PNG images located in C:\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\docs\MapObjectCatalogue\img are all blank. All the images are listed but, the img graphic is just a black square. Anyone else having this display issue?
  17. Seeing the new server badges reminds me of parents dispensing trophys for participants in children's softball... "Everybody gets one" Is there any way to opt out or disable the badges ?
  18. thanks to all who responded. SSnake solution of pressing the keys Alt+J while in the game screen solved the error. Immediate relief. Thank you! Wax
  19. This just started. When “in game” the screen image slowly falls and I end up looking at the dirt beneath my feet. If I click the cursor so I am actively using the mouse to pan, the cursor arrow disappears and screen does not ‘fall’. If I again click the cursor so I am not using the mouse to pan the cursor arrow reappears and the screen begins to fall. In looking for a solution to the falling screen error, I have installed the latest video card drivers, deleted the mouse software, reinstalled the mouse software, tried the sim with the mouse attached and the joystick disconnected. The screen falls in both windowed and full screen mode. I do have a TrackIR plugged in but, it is not turned on. I don’t use TrackIR with steel Beasts. Any one venture a guess?
  20. Hi Mezentis, Way to go eagle eye! That was the problem and your instructions fixed it. Works great now! WooHOO !!
  21. Hi Mezentius, yes, I am able to drag upward to “LOAD PAGES”. The ‘load pages bar’ will not open and the counter shows zero files available to load. Yet, within iTunes I can see the Steel Beasts.TBMS file is loaded into TB Midi Stuff Documents.
  22. Hi Mezentius, I am having difficulty getting your preset (Steel Beasts.tbms) to work. Using process of elimination, the rtpMIDI driver seems to be working. My screen is displaying the same info as your photo. Your steelbeasts.bmtp file seems to be correctly loaded into Bohne's Midi Translator Classic. The iPad has TB Midi stuff installed and I set the application settings identical to your instructions. I copied your Steel Beasts.tbms presets file into the documents section of TB Midi Stuff using iTunes as the interface for the file transfer as you instructed. How do I instruct TB Midi Stuff program to find/open the Steel Beasts.tbms file? The only option that opens when I click on the white 'plus' icon on the TB Midi Stuff controls is to create a new preset from scratch. The TB Midi Stuff user’s manual states that the white ‘plus’ icon controls "Add/Load/Import/Export Pages & Canvas Snapshots". How do I get the TB Midi Stuff program to use your file?
  23. Hi Guys seem to have lost a height map somewhere. Please look in you height folder for this one,.. Gudauta50.hgt If you got it please send me a copy,,, Thanks guys. Wax Savage
  24. Just sharing here,.. Were I doing it, I'd copy the file, 'maps' from... C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps to the desktop. and also copy the file, 'My Scenarios' and 'My Operations' from... C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Scenarios C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Operations to the desktop. Recopy those files back into the 'eSim Games' directory after your reinstall/rebuild. Others will chime in with any stuff I neglected to remember. Wax
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