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  1. Thanx! Did not know that.. really looking foreward to that feature.
  2. What happened to the "High Command mode". In this video it was shown starting at 3:00 .. It says "Press F8 again in observer position to enter this mode"
  3. Thanx! I don't need the exterior skins anyway.. Will give the interior textures a try. Cheers Peter
  4. Hi Guys, I've looked everywhere and am not even sure if It exists. Is there a skin to change the spanish LEO2E interiour to english for 3.0? I found a german and danish one, but english would be nicer! Thanx! Cheers Peter
  5. ah, so that's why upgrading my license don't work I'll wait for tomorrow then.
  6. Ah, that's great news! Finally can fire up my computer again.. the days are getting shorter.. I'm out of work next week.. so plenty of time to pick up SB again. Stevo, when do we start practicing!
  7. I like support for the oculus rift in the future please. And track ir would be nice in the mean time.
  8. is / will there be support for Bump and/or normal mapping in the new gfx engine??? That will make a huuuuuuge difference. Parallax mapping
  9. hmm, I was somewhat shocked. Maybe my expectations where too high.. but when I hear "new engine" I at least expect that also the models would be upgraded to 2013 standards by making the models higher res, higher detail. I see the same model, same texture. What's wrong with the bloom effect? Can you dial that down in options? Where's the grass? And the ground textures are the same? Maybe I'm playing devil's advocate here.. but I'm not really impressed what I'm seeing here. yet?
  10. Zip, I am unable to make it the 29th.. Sorry guys. And to my Platoon Commander Tjay.. Sorry mate.. just cannot make it.. I will check in with UK Armour at the beginning of next year. Good luck guys!
  11. I'm not sure if I can make it on the 29th.. was also a bit busy the last few weeks so missed any training (sorry UK Armour :biggrin: ) But I if I am able the make it the 29th.. with Tjay's permission.. I would like to join his CV90 platoon.. if he is willing to bark me around.
  12. I always loved T34 vs Tiger. Iron Front Libertation 1944 is indeed a nice one for a couple of hours. Still the ArmA engine.. and I always get a fuzzy feeling with the controls in arma. But the hit detection etc is much better over the basic armour stuff in ArmA. They actually implemented a nice penetration system for the tanks in IFL1944 Maybe we can put a Tiger in the new Steel Beasts engine.. :biggrin: I'll volunteer for the modeling part..
  13. What about parallax mapping? :biggrin: We covered normal maps.. time for the next phase!
  14. Nice report Mark! Mybe I should also make a short piece about my time in Mechanized Platoon C :biggrin:
  15. yes, we can use a combat camera man.. I never have time to record anything when I'm playing.. too busy trying to stay alive. :biggrin:
  16. How about this as recon or troop transport? :biggrin:
  17. nice! and since saterday we know we can do coop with at least 30 people. Looking foreward to a mission on this map.
  18. I can see this would work well.. I just need more time training some basic communication stuff.. Will work on that for the next one. Thanx
  19. Yes.. thanx a lot. I know what I need to work on. The radio chatter was disorentating for me when the shit hit the fan. So need to work on my communication skills and filtering out the stuff I need to hear. Sorry for not replying Hedge If I needed to. I was lost most of the way.. just trying to keep track of what was happening around me. So was hard to keep track of my Platoon leader, keeping situational awareness AND getting my infantry to do what I want them to do.
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