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  1. Starting with Version 4.377, my GPSE view from the Gunner will "burn out" (if that is the correct term) displaying F999A ONLY in Multi-Player online games, and render accurate shooting impossible. In todays' game, this occurred about 30 minutes into the game and continued for the games' duration. In the past, sometimes the GPSE would become operational again but would burn out subsequently. I have checked the Controls and no other Joystick or Gamepad command utilizes the Lase button while looking for conflicts. For the Kanium game last week, I played without my Logitech Game Pad to see if it was interfering but the F999A situation arose then as well. This never occurs in single-player mode with the Leopard 2's except when continuously lasing but corrects itself very quickly. And it does not occur with the M1 Abrams in Multi-player. It appears to be associated with only the Leopard 2 tanks.
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