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    SITUATION: The Battle of Birmingham took place on Easter Monday, 3 April 1643, in and around Birmingham during the First English Civil War. In the skirmish, a company of Parliamentarians (Roundheads) from the Litchfield garrison with the support of some of the local townsmen (Clubmen), approximately 300 men, attempted to stop a detachment of 1,400 Royalists under the command of Prince Rupert from passing through the unfortified parliamentary town of Birmingham. A barricade was put up at the entrance of the town. MISSION: Royalist Forces are to p
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    OPERATION LAM SON 719 by Connaugh Operation Lam Son 719 or 9th Route - Southern Laos Campaign was a limited-objective offensive campaign conducted in the southeastern portion of the Kingdom of Laos from February to March 1971. The objective of the campaign was the disruption of a possible future offensive by the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN), whose logistical system within Laos was known as the Ho Chi Minh Trail. MISSION: The Airborne Platoons will air-assault to FSB 31 and FSB Lolo. The 1st Armored Br
  3. Enjoyed playing with Dboy for many years. He always complimented my scenarios that we played and was appreciative of my "Battle of Largs" scenario because "it was nice to have one on the home turf". I had planned to go on a tour to Scotland last summer and wanted to meet up with him, but the Covid pandemic cancelled that. I will miss him.
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