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    THE BATTLE OF LARGS: NORWAY-GREAT BRITAIN by Connaugh The Battle of Largs was an indecisive engagement between the kingdoms of Norway and Scotland, on the Firth of Clyde near Largs, Scotland. The conflict formed part of the Norwegian expedition against Scotland in 1263, in which Haakon Haakonsson, King of Norway attempted to reassert Norwegian sovereignty over the western seaboard of Scotland. SITUATION: It is now 2020 and Norway has landed on the coast of West Scotland near Largs in an attempt to re-establish its sovereignty over the area. Norwegian Forces have advanced as far north as Inverkip and south as West Kilbride in Ayrshire, Scotland. They have fortified Largs, Fairlie, Blair Park, the Peel Ports, and the Power Station and Hunterston Castle and have set up an artillery battery on Great Cumbrae Island. MISSION: U.K. Armored Forces are to recapture the lost Towns and eliminate the Norwegian presence in Scotland. The Norwegian Artillery Battery on Great Cumbrae Island is to be eliminated by the Helicopter Assault Force. OBJECTIVES: 1st Brigade is to recapture Inverkip and Largs. 2nd Brigade is to recapture Blair Park, Fairlie, and the Peel Ports 3rd Brigade is to recapture West Kilbride and the Power Station and Hunterston Castle. FORCE COMPOSITION: 3 x Tank Platoons. 3 x Mech Platoons 1st Brigade: Royal Dragoons (Challengers) Scot Guards (Warriors) 2nd Brigade Royal Hussars (Challengers) Coldstream Guards (Warriors) 3rd Brigade Royal Tanks (Challengers) Grenadier Guards (Warriors) Helicopter Assault Force: 3 x CH-47 Chinooks with Infantry (Delayed Arrival) Artillery: 2 Batteries, 6 Tubes each. CSS: Repair, Medical, and Supply Norwegian Forces are comprised of Leopard 2A4 Tanks and CV90/35 PC's and Infantry with anti-tank weapons. Message will be generated when an objective is captured. Mech Infantry must occupy Objectives to earn Victory Points. Note: CONNAUGH - LARGS.7Z is the Map file. Unzip and save in your Map Packages Folder. THE BATTLE OF LARGS - NORWAY-SCOTLAND is the scenario. Unzip and save in your Scenarios Folder.
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