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  1. I have noticed since the last upgrade (4.363) that after awhile, 20 to 30 minutes, my Laser Range Finder for Leopard 2's and STRV 122 will not register ranges anymore. My gunner's sight looks like this: And stays like that for the rest of the mission. I do not know whether I can reset the LRF or not. Thank you, Conn
  2. Version 1.0.0


    MITLA PASS – SUEZ CRISIS 1956 By Connaugh SITUATION: On 26 July 1956, Nasser nationalised the Suez Canal. On 29 October, Israel invaded the Egyptian Sinai. The IDF chief of staff, General Moshe Dayan, first planned to block the vital Mitla Pass. Dayan planned for the Battalion 890 of the Paratroop Brigade to drop near one of the defiles of the pass, Jebel Heitan. The rest of the brigade, under the command of Colonel Ariel Sharon would then advance to meet with the battalion, and consolidate their holdings. MISSION: The Paratrooper Force is to land near the Heitan Defile and capture it. 202 Brigade will advance and secure the Mitla Defile and hold it against any Egyptian Counterattacks. EXECUTION: Paratroopers are to land on either side of the Heitan Defile and maneuver their LMG and infantry teams to clear the Egyptian trenches. After the Heitan Defile is captured, 202 Brigade will arrive and the tank platoon is to capture the Mitla Defile. The PC platoon is to set up infantry and ATGM teams for defense. FORCE COMPOSITION: Paratroopers 1 Infantry Platoon with LMG teams. 202 Brigade 3 x Shot Kal Tanks 4 x ASLAV PC’s with Dragon ATGM teams Egyptian Force consists of T-55A tanks and BTR-50PK PC’s. Mission Score dependent on capturing the Heitan Defile, the Mitla Defile And destroying all Egyptian AFV’s. Message will be generated when objective is captured. Scenario takes about 35 minutes to play. Unzip MITLA PASS – SUEZ CRISIS 1956 and save in your Scenarios Folder Unzip CONNAUGH – MITLA and save in your Maps Folder.
  3. The new trenches in 4.357 are interesting.
  4. Replaced scenario in 4.1 Single Player Scenarios - Platoon in the Download section. JUNO BEACH D-DAY 2.0.0 You have to download the map package as well. CONNAUGH - JUNO BEACH.ZIP Action in scenario is immediate. No large scale movement. Set the 5 M60 tanks to blast with heat, send in the infantry after they disembark. Message that the town is captured will be generated if no enemy are present. Thank you, Conn
  5. 1. A single enemy soldier in a building is unable to be killed by assaulting troops. Setting the assaulting troops to the same level had no effect. They do not see the enemy. This affects the control logic Event requiring zero enemy troops in the objective. The enemy soldier Played the scenario again, and an enemy soldier in the church is not detected. Enemy soldier is not visible. Just his call sign. Second Problem: The enemy soldier does not exit the fully burning building. Friendly troops outside the burning building.
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