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  1. After several uninstalls and installs of 4.162, the Map Package for this scenario is missing. I get the "Replace Map" error when I load the scenario. I have tried extracting the map file from 4.023, like I did originally, but cannot get it to be recognized in 4.162. I do not understand why. I will still work at it. This has been very frustrating.
  2. I believe the Greeks are interested in my views on how to land in London and take back the Elgin Marbles based on my scenario in the Downloads section - "The Elgin Marbles Reclaimed", where I had a Greek Armored Force land in London, battle the Scots Guards, advance to the British Museum and retrieve the Marbles and then fight their way back to the extraction point at Blackfriars Bridge, escorting the supply trucks with the marbles. My intimate knowledge of the British Museum, based on my tour to London last year, may be invaluable to the Greeks. Not sure what the Greek Navy will be composed of: Triremes? Quinqueremes? Of course, Greek Fire would be deadly to British Warships.
  3. I will not be able to play today. Having computer problems. Conn
  4. Sorry for my disconnect during the game. Since 4.156, my PC screen goes to vertical white/black lines and then the PC locks up during some Steel Beast sessions. However this time, I could not reboot my PC.
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