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  1. Company CO or any other commanding post
  2. I'll be there too. CO or any position in a tank platoon thanks.
  3. Well I could make an exception to play with an bmp with you ?
  4. Hey bro, come with me to an bmp2 platoon ?
  5. Edit: Sorry, got mixed up the words invade and occupy.
  6. Naah these things are for people wanting their moment in the spotlight. I've had mine so I'll pass...
  7. So would this be what you are looking for: An Hungarian-Finnish-Australian person hosting from a server located in Siberia using Swedish language an scenario which main idea is "Hide&Seek with tanks" where one player has an T-90 and needs to touch the other players with his main gun while the other players are blinded and using only M60s in an area bordered with minefields. KT would you arrange this?
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