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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMArt_155 Nice...
  2. The DM33 PELE rounds are acting very strangely, hitting tracks on a tank for example causes many separate impact events from multiple angles in the AAR with far more penetration than they're supposed to have, easily destroying or completely crippling the tank. I'm guessing they've not been ported over to the new frag model and they're doing the same thing as that old HE frag bug where the fragments were being calculated like they were hugely oversized. Attached is a simple test scenario, just shoot the tracks on the targets. PELE test.7z
  3. A note for players in Europe: Daylight saving time is still in effect in the US for tonight's TGIF so it'll still be at 02:00 GMT, Saturday.
  4. I believe so, if you want more you'll need to use separate conditions that link together: engage if (a and b and cond1), cond1 : (c and d and con2), cond2 : (e and f and g), etc.
  5. It's quite possible for X1 to be 50, X2 95, and X3 9, at which point the vehicle wouldn't take any of those routes.
  6. Rotareneg

    CodeMater info

    Correct, it's not going to wear out from being left plugged in.
  7. I can see that now clearly, I was just looking at the problem from the wrong angle.
  8. Yep, I didn't know the trick was to stare directly at the vehicle you're going to tow to assert dominance over it. Only then will it submit to your attempts to hitch up.
  9. Found an odd one with towing when I couldn't figure out why sometimes towing wasn't working for me: If the vehicle you are trying to click on to tow is mostly off the edge of the screen it won't try to hitch it up even though the vehicle label cursor shows up as normal. First screenshot is the angle where it won't hitch, second when it will hitch.
  10. Zero, would it be possible to get the scenario out to the COs like a hour or so before game time so they can start planning a little ahead of time? The planning on these has already been taking over an hour, and if I'm not mistaken this next scenario is going to be pretty big which will surely make it even later before we get started.
  11. My 1660 Super has been doing good with 4.1, if you want a newer cheap card.
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