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  1. The "SB Pro Map Package Transfer Manager v31" link goes to the old SBMapToolsSetupV19.exe download, the correct link is http://dl.steelbeasts.com/MapTransferMgr_V31_Setup.exe
  2. Ssnake's so good he answered your post 24 days ago...
  3. Just checked and and no, it did not help. Had over 10 gigs of free RAM in the 3D view with the scenario in my post.
  4. Even after clearing the map of units and graphics on both sides and then loading the default blank map at the smallest size, it still freezes in the 3D view (attached scenario.) You don't even need to run the scenario, just viewing the 3D world in the editor or planning is enough. test.7z
  5. Rotareneg


    Steel Beasts Pro PE doesn't use d3drm.dll but the old Steel Beasts does, so I'm guessing you're accidentally using the wrong shortcut and trying to run the old SB. I don't remember if the current installer adds a desktop shortcut, but in case it dosen't you can launch SB from the Windows start menu, eSim Games, Steel Beasts Pro PE shortcut.
  6. Blackshark 3, Warhog 2? I guess they've seen how successful Bethesda has been at getting people to buy Skyrim multiple times and have gone the same route.
  7. A 1660 Super was a big improvement for me from a 760, and was relatively cheap compared to one of the RTX cards.
  8. As far as I know, the AI won't call artillery on single contacts, it has to be at least a section. Perhaps that was what was happening?
  9. Hit alt-w after starting to switch to windowed mode, then pick a different resolution.
  10. If you plan on hosting a multiplayer session your upload speed is probably not going to be enough unless you run only small scenarios with only a few players. If you just want to join a multiplayer session it should be fine.
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