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  1. Also, using the "new" variable to pick random routes from a waypoint won't work as you might expect as it rolls a fresh "new" random number each time it checks instead of comparing one roll against each condition until it finds one that matches.
  2. Ah, I see what I was doing wrong: Those functions only work on infantry, vehicles always have whatever camouflage is set on the top of that window, you can't have mixed vehicle camouflages.
  3. It's a bit unclear what exactly the difference is between the "OK", "Apply", and "Apply to existing units" buttons on the camouflage setting window. Hitting "OK" changes the camo on all existing units anyway, which seems to make the "Apply to existing units" pointless?
  4. Testing with the attached scenario: Periscope, wide angle: 4.167: ~62.5 FPS 4.250: ~18 FPS Periscope, narrow angle: 4.167: ~50 FPS 4.250: ~24 FPS Commander, unbuttoned: 4.167: ~42 FPS 4.250: ~27 FPS Fullscreen, vsync off, same (default) graphics and terrain settings on both Steel Beasts versions. Video card is GTX 1660 Super, 461.51 drivers. CPU is i7-860 @ 3.4 GHz, 16 GB RAM. Windows 10 Pro 20H2.
  5. That would be ASUS's Sonic Studio stuff, which is related to Nahimic.
  6. Maybe we should consider how other games handle this? Summer Games on the C64 is a perfect example, its controls for running would translate perfectly to Steel Beasts! Another example might be QWOP if you're looking for more precise controls.
  7. I originally had typed "unless this is really how it is IRL, in which case, wow..." at the end of my first post but removed it as I assumed they wouldn't have bought their thermal imagers at a Dollar Tree.
  8. The thermal imager on the Fennek's OHWS is extremely noisy, as if it's not being cooled or otherwise working correctly.
  9. Key tapping works fine for anti-aircraft usage in the scimitar:
  10. Explosion sounds in general have been changed, not just artillery.
  11. How about mouse control for slower, precision control and holding arrow keys for full effort all-out cranking?
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_simulator
  13. I downloaded the new installer about 30 minutes ago and it went at 10 MBytes/sec, or a bit under 100 Mbit/s.
  14. Something about the BRDM-2 seems different: The terrain bumpiness appears to need to be at 90% to get them to drop down.
  15. "I can't connect!" "There's a new update!" "There's a new update?" etc.
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