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  1. Ah, just checked and SB's CPU usage goes way up when that window is open, it just didn't have an effect on the frame rate in the map view.
  2. Just noticed this while looking at the exploding moon issue: If use the ALT-S shortcut to open the mission time and date window while in the 3D view in the mission editor it cuts my framerate in half, from the 62.5 FPS limit to around 30. No other UI panel does this, and it doesn't happen in the regular 2D map view in the editor.
  3. At 16:31 on the attached scenario the moon suddenly becomes as bright as the sun and the sky likewise is bright like daytime, but the ground remains dark: Exploding_moon.7z
  4. Incremental time starts counting when a unit arrives at a waypoint, so if you have a route leading away from a waypoint with a embark if condition set to incremental time > 5 min they'll hold there for 5 minutes before moving on.
  5. Your SB install has gotten messed up somehow, this is what should be present along with the main SB executable:
  6. NTFS compression works extremely well on those files, so if you're going to be doing height adjustments on a map you might consider turning compression on for that folder. An 7.6 GB .hnt file created from leveling a couple roads on a map compressed down to 952 KB.
  7. Just noticed this problem still exists up to 4.259. I know the map editor needs a total overhaul, but this seems like a relatively simple to fix (famous last words) off-by-one error.
  8. Because the terrain types in a theme aren't fixed, you can change them as you wish including changing names, colors, type and size of random objects (grass, rocks, etc.,) textures, and more.
  9. Attached is a version of the map with a wadi terrain on the streambed, so it should be essentially impassable as the wadi terrain is set to be low traction/high drag making it a tank trap. If you want the wadi terrain to be a bit more forgiving unless vehicles actually fall into a deep part you can edit the Streambed drag and/or traction to make it less slippery. Map 4b - Koen.7z
  10. I roughly sketched out the hills and wadi in GIMP and saved as a greyscale .png, loaded that into Wilbur to do various terrain processing things, exported it as an 8 bit .bmp height map file, loaded that back into GIMP, flipped it vertically (for some reason SB1 maps are flipped on the N-S axis) adjusted the levels to get the elevations roughly where they need to be, saved that as a raw file and then used a hex editor to add the width and height to to beginning of the file, renamed the file extention to .hgt, put it on the maps folder where the old style maps are stored (not the new 4.1 style maps,) and then used the import .hgt function in the map editor.
  11. I drew up a crude map in GIMP, gave it some erosion with Wilbur and then imported it into SB as an 8 bit raw image, SB1 style. The map is "unpublished" so you can edit the actual terrain and theme however you like, I just tossed in some different terrain for the hills so it wasn't all the same scrubland. The grid lines are offset a bit and the altitude is way lower as the old maps are only 0-100m, but the relative heights shouldn't be terribly far off. Map 4 - Koen.7z
  12. What version of SB are you installing?
  13. It might help if there was a bit more to go on, like is it supposed to be a real world location vs hypothetical, desert/grassland/forest, etc.
  14. The scenario attached will crash when you start it, at least on my system, and was made during an online session where the host themselves had just crashed. Included in the .7z archive is a crash dump as well. This is with version 4.259. Crashing scenario.7z
  15. I swear I'm not trying to find these problems. In 4.259, SB will crash to the desktop with the attached scenario if you switch to coax from the gunner of the second vehicle which has M61 AP ammo on the coax instead of the default ammo. CV9035_crash.7z
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