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  1. As far as I know, it only accepts plain old PCM audio in a .wav container.
  2. Spacing didn't change anything, but it was worth a check.
  3. Yep. Try using ALT-Q to make the camera stay at a fixed altitude instead of elevation above ground (I think that's a default binding, if not search for camera and you'll find it.)
  4. The trailing units of a helicopter platoon in column formation tend to get "stuck" in place, just kinda wiggling around until the lead vehicle is far enough away to break the platoon apart:
  5. The AI can use "regular" on-map artillery, but not mortars, missiles, etc.
  6. The camouflage list in the mission editor has the full name of the country along with the country code.
  7. I seem to remember reading about the same issue with this building in the past... Ah ha, I was right:
  8. I couldn't find a "Tanks! Again v2", but if you mean this scenario: Attached is the map for it, extract into the Wolfsburg_Germany [autocreated base]\deltas folder sce_Tanks Again.7z
  9. I would switch SB to windowed mode and monitor the task manager to see if some other process is busy when SB is loading, like AV software, etc.
  10. The only way I was ever able to get SB1 running 100% reliably was via running WinXP in VirtualBox. I hadn't had much luck with dgvoodoo either.
  11. The log you attached isn't from a session where you loaded the map editor, it'll contain a line similar to this: [21:17:03,565] CGame INFO : +--+ MEMORY USAGE INFO (LoadFileInMapEditor start): However, it's a good bet you ran into the same issue I found in this thread, where SB uses an enormous amount of memory and drive space when working on maps that have had the elevation edited:
  12. During the TGIF last night I killed a SA-9 with a HE round from a VEC at 1:50:07, but a few seconds later it returned to life and drove away. The vehicle did not have a revive condition. TGIF_CUANAVALE_SBv4160_FMU_V1f_2088_083019COMPY2148.7z
  13. Were red side air defense units supposed to revive? I killed an SA-9, 1/SPAAW/HQ , at 1:50:07 and by 1:50:18 it has came back to life and drives off as if nothing happened.
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