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  1. In 4.0 and older, it generated one "new" random number on arrival to a waypoint and checked it sequentially against each conditional route, which let you have a bunch of routes fan out from that waypoint. Now that it rerolls "new" with each check that won't work anymore, so scenarios that used it break. Either use fixed random variables (X03, etc.) that don't change or a series of 50/50 splits.
  2. This x1000. Controlling platoons in narrow corridors is such a pain when BPs keep resetting to normal spacing.
  3. Just checked and on the same scenario and terrain, in 4.023 the AI gunner does a pretty good job of keeping the gun on target but in 4.159 the gunners aim point jumps around as if it's turning the stabilization on and off randomly. The terrain theme has little bumpiness, and the stabilization worked perfectly when a human is gunning.
  4. If I use --fullscreenwindow=true , SB does not actually run in full screen windowed mode, when in windowed it just uses a normal smaller than the screen window. Hmm, the --uiarea option also doesn't seem to work.
  5. I was misremembering, you can't skip it, but you can just ignore the error and then install the new Codemeter. But yeah, getting a newer version of SB is probably a better choice than running 2.6.
  6. The only overpressure damage listed is lost comms and immobilized. The part that indicates destroyed is just the direct impact of the round. Maybe it's just an AAR bug?
  7. Using Colebrooks "test-of-26.sce" scenario from this post: I was able to reliably reproduce the OF-26 round being extremely lethal. Then I put Leo2A6's in instead of T-72s and M1A2s instead of Leo2Es and found the DM11 to be just as problematic. Here is an M1A2 killed with a DM11 hit directly on the turret armor: I suspect the problem is indicated by the "RHA strength of fragments" indicator which says 6-67mm. 6.7cm of penetration for the fragments seems a bit excessive against armor.
  8. That is indeed the problem you're seeing. I put 2.654 on my Win10 laptop recently when 4.1 wouldn't run You just need to skip the built-in codemeter install and download the newest one from Wibu. SB 2.654 itself works just fine on Windows 10.
  9. It's because it doesn't like the "!" in the title. Seen that with maps that had accented letters too.
  10. I've noticed that many textures (some trees in particular) have a lot of shimmering from not using mipmapping on the specular and normal maps:
  11. Rotareneg

    Text Flickering

    Forcing antialiasing like that sometimes just doesn't work with some software because of the particular rendering methods they're using.
  12. Rotareneg

    Text Flickering

    On the first screenshot you are forcing 8x antialiasing and 2x supersampling transparency antialiasing on all programs. You might set those back to default just to see if it changes anything in SB.
  13. Rotareneg

    Text Flickering

    That's really odd. You're not running any kind of post-processing injector stuff like ReShade, etc. or forcing settings though either the nvidia control panel or a third party one like nvidia profile inspector?
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