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  1. Manual scan direction overrides are supposed to be temporary. The gun being high issue is probably because AI tries to take the surrounding terrain elevation into account when scanning. Unfortunately it can get out of hand when there's significant topography near the vehicle, leading to AI gunners leaving their guns at maximum elevation trying to scan mountains, etc.
  2. With the inclusion of every other vehicle on the Armata chassis, I'd be surprised if the T-14 wasn't included.
  3. Also, just in case it wasn't clear, the time limited licenses don't need to be updated for new versions.
  4. I'm betting this tank will be in 4.1: http://blog.modernmechanix.com/super-war-tanks/
  5. Just noticed something else new: THAT'S A BIG ROCK!
  6. Nice! I was suspecting so as one of Grenny's screenshots that had an "AFGANIT" percentage listed below the fuel level. Presumably this means a T-14 too if the rest of the Armata platform are here. Also, at the end it appears the AI used a fragmentary warhead version of the AT-14 against the troops?
  7. That's how SB used to work back in 2.6. In 3.0 it was changed so that you'd have to add a new side that was neutral to get the same behavior. Some kind of ROE control that can change during a scenario might work, ( Attack civilians if event "Commit genocide" is true... 😛 ).
  8. IIRC, you can directly transfer from your bank to PayPal.
  9. Unfortunately you cannot use the camera editor thingy while paused on the PE version, at least in 4.023.
  10. The ground clutter sways in the wind a little, interesting.
  11. Yeah, I got this picture a long time ago from that site. I think there are programs than can convert old QTVR stuff into more modern equivalents (html5 for example.)
  12. There's a simple solution to this, just put SB on Google Stadia...
  13. Hmm, the memory usage looks a bit concerning. I've only got 8 gigs, I hope that isn't going to be an issue...
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