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  1. Four. I kept on running into this issue during a scenario (An updated version of Zipuli's Tank Platoon In Attack) where a vehicle would start backing away from a stay order line formation BP.
  2. In the attached scenario the Ulan platoon seems to somehow be in the wrong order and tries to rearrange itself with strange results. One of the vehicles just reverses off to the side until it automatically gets detached from the formation while the other two park next to each other. formation_problem.sce formation_problem_4276_081122COMPY1410.aar
  3. A couple nice things I noticed in the mission editor: "Engine off, if..." and Embark on route if "Unit this is done with fire mission". Also... boats as an category of units?
  4. If you already have a 4.1 license on your dongle you just need the "Upgrade License from version 4.1" one with is $40.
  5. Ah, yep, that's it, I was testing against the Camcopter. It works against all the infantry deployable UAVs, but not the two "stand alone" UAVs.
  6. I can't figure out the Bullitt drone. You can deploy it but it just sits there, not doing anything as drones go overhead. Is there some trick to getting it to work?
  7. In the T-90 the commanders NSVT doesn't fire from the muzzle, it comes out above the base of the main gun: In the T-80 the NSVT is locked forward and seems to be controlled by the gunner. Attached is a scenario showing both issues. T-xx_NSVT_issue.sce
  8. It was in normal play, not test mode, which was why I found it very strange.
  9. I noticed a particularly odd behavior related to this issue: If you turn on time acceleration in the attached scenario it won't automatically switch back to normal speed until the (blind) enemy tanks are a few meters from the blue ATGM vehicles even though the enemy tanks have been in clear line-of-sight long before that, as if the blue vehicles don't properly "see" the enemy tanks until they're at point blank range, ATGM_test2.sce
  10. The commander's TIM on the 2A5 has lower noise and goes up to 24x zoom while the gunners TIS only goes to 12x.
  11. Gamers Nexus just did a video on GPU power transients: https://youtu.be/wnRyyCsuHFQ
  12. Like you mentioned earlier the Terrain detail distance General setting needs to be very low for this effect to be so obvious. It happens sooner with the C2 daysight because it's got a bit wider field of view, making the angular size of the tanks smaller so they drop below the threshold at a shorter distance compared to the M1 daysight.
  13. If I remember correctly, those have only ever been available when testing a scenario in the mission editor.
  14. Yeah, I just checked the BRDM-2 out and something is up with that: The MDZ and MDZ-M ammo has an enormous amount of muzzle blast, roughly on par with the CV90/40 I used for comparison while the default AP ammo didn't kick up any dust.
  15. Ah, just checked and SB's CPU usage goes way up when that window is open, it just didn't have an effect on the frame rate in the map view.
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