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  1. Yep, they're all working now, thanks!
  2. Duck, not sure if you can see it on your end, but a lot of your pictures aren't working.
  3. Hedgehog, just in case you didn't see it, Grenny's comment was refering to a post that was since deleted, not you.
  4. Finer control of map updates would be nice, with options to set friendly and enemy map updates: For a players occupied vehicle. The only enemies shown on the map would be ones your vehicle has detected. For a players occupied unit (platoon or section.) As above, map only shows enemies your platoon or section has detected. For a players owned units. Again, map only showing enemies that units you own have detected. For command vehicles only. Then only the CO vehicles, or maybe only command vehicles like the M113G4-DK OPMV, would have full map updates.
  5. Attached is a very simple scenario showing how to make a unit jump to four different waypoints at the start and then pick one of two more routes after that. First, the overview: The four grey routes have the jump conditions: At the end of those routes is a short unconditioned route that leads to a waypoint with two conditional routes that are randomly picked at the time of arrival (using the "New" variable instead of a fixed one): I've found that using the "jump to end" condition to go directly to a waypoint with multiple conditional routes doesn't work as expected, which is why I add the short unconditioned route. Jump2End.7z
  6. There hasn't been any changes as we've been on the same version, 4.023, since December 2017. The next update will hopefully be ready in June, but the only publicly confirmed features so far is the higher resolution terrain and some map editor features related to it. They've been keeping very quiet about any other features of the update, so I guess it's just a wait-and-see thing.
  7. The German manual included in 4.023 is much more up-to-date, but has the slight problem of being in German.
  8. It's the M830A1 MPAT round. When in impact mode it'll explode with an HE area effect when hitting the ground, but when it hits a tree it goes off as a frag round instead, as if it was triggered in proximity mode.
  9. The map was Greek Island 02-ICW, or some variant of it.
  10. I spent some time this evening helping someone clear up some disk space on their computer and discovered there were over 50 gigs of AARs in their SB AAR folder. 😱 So, just a little reminder to check your AAR folder if you haven't in a long time, it might be bigger than you realize.
  11. Caution - Video may not be representative of any future, present, or past versions of Steel Beasts. We cannot be held liable if the video is accidentally assumed to be legitimate due to time zone differences that indicate it was posted on any date other than April 1st.
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