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  1. We love videos

  2. Installation of old Steel Beasts

    You can check what version of SB Pro PE you have a license for on your stick by following the directions on this post:
  3. We love videos

  4. We love videos

  5. We love videos

  6. Smoke?

    Well, the Challenger 2 default loadout in SB includes a few smoke rounds.
  7. We love videos

  8. Bug in 4.023: speed level in darkness?

    If you adjust the time and date so that there is a full moon, vehicles will drive faster at night.
  9. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    You can already ford water up to the hatch in the Leopard 2 in SB. The problem is finding water that you KNOW isn't deeper than that and which isn't so slippery that you get stuck in it even if you don't get flooded:
  10. Revive Dongle?

    Install the CodeMeter user runtime, that will let you check what license is on the dongle: https://www.wibu.com/us/support/user/downloads-user-software.html . Open the CodeMeter Control Center check that the dongle is detected: It'll be the one that says CodeMeter on it, not any that say ESIMGAMES (those are for the time limited licenses.) Select the CodeMeter one in the list and hit WebAdmin, your browser will open up and you should see something like this: 4.0 is the current license. If you don't have 4.0 already but do have at least a 2.5 license you can upgrade to 4.0 for $40. Do note that a new paid update is in the works, but may be some time (I think the earliest estimate was first quarter next year.) If the idea of paying $40 now for 4.0 and then another $?? in 4 months bothers you and you don't intend to play online (where you obviously need to have the same version as the other players) you might consider waiting a little while to see.
  11. We love videos

  12. Yes, 60 minutes from when I'm typing this now.
  13. Website downtime

    I'm seeing the same thing, Chrome and Firefox, mobile and desktop, and even after clearing Steelbeasts.com cookies. Also get an error when trying to link images or YouTube: The link could not be embedded because of an unexpected error: Internal Server Error: "Something went wrong. Please try again.".