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  1. Note that IEDs are a much faster way to dig pits for defense.
  2. You can dig vehicle emplacements with engineering vehicles now.
  3. There are smaller ones around the size of a wireless mouse/keyboard dongle: https://www.wibu.com/us/products/codemeter/cmdongle.html
  4. In 4.167 there isn't a way to directly add medic teams, so to make a medevac choppa: Disintegrate the chopper's troops to make room, add an ambulance, detach its medics, attach them to the helicopter, and then rename them so they match up (not strictly necessary, but saves on confusion.)
  5. Move up and move down, in the movement category.
  6. Not in this case, it's just plain old 1920x1080.
  7. The default keys haven't changed, Q and Z still move up and move down, GPS is F2, view 2 in controls, TC's .50 is ALT-F3, view 3 (alt) in control list, and o to override, TC designate in controls.
  8. Also, if you copy that tutorial into the regular scenario folder and load it as a normal single player scenario the briefing text is fine, it is only corrupted when launched through the tutorial interface.
  9. A picture is worth a thousand words, so:
  10. In the attached scenario, the blue platoon's lead tank will continue to fire on the red tank after it retreats backwards into cover behind the hill, breaking any plausible line of sight. AI_LOS_problem.7z
  11. Just checked and it's not the bumpiness in this case, it's the rocks. I tested .1, .2, .3, and .4 meter tall rock clusters (type 47) and with the .1 ones I couldn't get any track damage, but the larger they got the more likely damage was to happen when moving quickly (faster than "fast" speed.) Also, the .4 meter rocks were sometimes solid obstacles, adding an extra layer of hazard. The rocks on that map were .33m on the hill tops, so there was a pretty good chance of losing a track if the vehicle was going fast enough on the rocks.
  12. I haven't messed with that scenario for a long while as the enemy routing is completely broken (can't use new random variable in the same way now.) But the only penalty zone is outside the marked boundary, so that shouldn't be it. If I remember right those rocky areas are a bit bumpy too, maybe that's causing the problem? I'll load it up tomorrow and see if I can figure out anything.
  13. Turret damage appears to disable turret rotation completely (gun elevation still works.) Turret drive damage disabled normal traverse in 2A4 and M1A2, requiring hand cranks. In 2A5, the AI can still traverse, but player cannot.
  14. Run SB as an administrator (right click on icon). Then in SB, Options > File Paths. Click on "Map Package Folder" to select a folder.
  15. Just bumping this as it's still current: The Spike SR "RPG" is unguided in SB when it should have a fire-and-forget guidance system.
  16. Attached: sce_CENTRAL GOLAN.7z It's a delta for the stock Golan_Revised map.
  17. My AAR from last nights TGIF won't load properly, it appears to finish the various loading steps and then just drops back to the main menu without any error or anything. Included in the linked archive is the AAR, the scenario, a debug log trying and failing to load the AAR, and the normal log from the session where the AAR was recorded. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GSCIxLV2os2MzPwz-Jpd_48c-FtV3s7D/view?usp=sharing
  18. Sounds like your computer is overheating, either the CPU, GPU, or both.
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