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  1. The scenario attached will crash when you start it, at least on my system, and was made during an online session where the host themselves had just crashed. Included in the .7z archive is a crash dump as well. This is with version 4.259. Crashing scenario.7z
  2. I swear I'm not trying to find these problems. In 4.259, SB will crash to the desktop with the attached scenario if you switch to coax from the gunner of the second vehicle which has M61 AP ammo on the coax instead of the default ammo. CV9035_crash.7z
  3. So in Steel Beasts DM53 and DM63 is functionally identical? The release notes mention DM73 being available on tanks with the L55, but only the DM63 seems to made it into the update. Also, it does indeed run on an laptop with HD 4000 now, but not surprisingly I was only getting low single digit frame rates when looking at a forest through binoculars with every graphics slider at minimum, so it might be better suited for just showing the map on a second computer.
  4. Looks like the new DM73 got lost in the supply chain in this patch, although we did get deliveries of DM63 to 2A6 and Leopardo units.
  5. Just checked and it works at any angle. Attached is the test scenario and map I was using, it's got a raised road to test cant correction and a strip of bumpy terrain for checking stabilization. Stab-Cant test.7z
  6. Here's a video comparing the CV90/40 vs a M60A3 with and without cant correction enabled:
  7. Just to toss a wrench into the mess... I just tested the CV90/40 in 4.250 and it does automatically correct for cant, so something is definitely wrong if it's not supposed to do that. I'll get a video up in a moment.
  8. I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but some trees near roads (which includes the stream "roads") are still rendered in game but otherwise don't block line of sight or cause vehicle collisions, as if they're not actually there. Attached is a test map and scenario. Tree_test.7z
  9. Did you install the 64 bit version of KB29999226? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=49093
  10. Just checked and it works fine here, including the steam overlay.
  11. It would be a HUGE improvement, if you can get one for a reasonable price. The GPU market is completely bonkers right now, the 1660 Super I got a year ago for $240 is going for around $700 on Amazon and Newegg as they're mostly out of stock and only being sold by scalpers. Also, 4.250 has some kind of performance issue/bug that makes it potentially run quite a bit worse than 4.167.
  12. Ouch, that GPU is probably what's wrong, it's extremely underpowered for SB 4.250, let alone trying to record video at the same time.
  13. Without knowing what CPU and GPU you have it's kinda hard to guess what the problem was, but if you have a newish nvidia card you can try the NVENC encoder: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/guides/broadcasting-guide/
  14. Also, using the "new" variable to pick random routes from a waypoint won't work as you might expect as it rolls a fresh "new" random number each time it checks instead of comparing one roll against each condition until it finds one that matches.
  15. Ah, I see what I was doing wrong: Those functions only work on infantry, vehicles always have whatever camouflage is set on the top of that window, you can't have mixed vehicle camouflages.
  16. It's a bit unclear what exactly the difference is between the "OK", "Apply", and "Apply to existing units" buttons on the camouflage setting window. Hitting "OK" changes the camo on all existing units anyway, which seems to make the "Apply to existing units" pointless?
  17. Testing with the attached scenario: Periscope, wide angle: 4.167: ~62.5 FPS 4.250: ~18 FPS Periscope, narrow angle: 4.167: ~50 FPS 4.250: ~24 FPS Commander, unbuttoned: 4.167: ~42 FPS 4.250: ~27 FPS Fullscreen, vsync off, same (default) graphics and terrain settings on both Steel Beasts versions. Video card is GTX 1660 Super, 461.51 drivers. CPU is i7-860 @ 3.4 GHz, 16 GB RAM. Windows 10 Pro 20H2.
  18. That would be ASUS's Sonic Studio stuff, which is related to Nahimic.
  19. Maybe we should consider how other games handle this? Summer Games on the C64 is a perfect example, its controls for running would translate perfectly to Steel Beasts! Another example might be QWOP if you're looking for more precise controls.
  20. I originally had typed "unless this is really how it is IRL, in which case, wow..." at the end of my first post but removed it as I assumed they wouldn't have bought their thermal imagers at a Dollar Tree.
  21. The thermal imager on the Fennek's OHWS is extremely noisy, as if it's not being cooled or otherwise working correctly.
  22. Key tapping works fine for anti-aircraft usage in the scimitar:
  23. Explosion sounds in general have been changed, not just artillery.
  24. How about mouse control for slower, precision control and holding arrow keys for full effort all-out cranking?
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